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  • Can anyone else see this link?

    I've tried to contact an admin, but my post in fs/ft doesn't seem to work. . Any ideas. . Can someone try this page. . http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/0/clearout-making-space-for-baby-on-t/ 13 Comments

  • Merchant Search disappeared?

    I am not able to see it on home page or even after I am logged in...!! Am I missing something here.. or is its just with me... . There used to be a Merchant Finder based search.. like the Voucher Finde... 6 Comments

  • New look HUKD

    Cannot get used to the new HUKD look. Why was it changed? Prefer the old look :( 31 Comments

  • Location!?!?!?!? so annoying

    Can we please stop with people using massive lines of text in their Location field of their Avatar because its driving me bonkers having to scroll right....its not funny and nor big be reasonable. 31 Comments

  • Website Update: New Text View Tabs

    Find out more about our latest update to hotukdeals. Learn how to use our most recent additions to hotukdeals straight from the HUKD Development Team. . We've decided to get rid of our outdated icons ... 24 Comments

  • Why was a thread locked?

    http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/235151/samsung-a7-digital-camera/. . Not my thread, someone else's. It doesn't really concern me. . I presume it was locked because it was for sale elsewhere? Certainly, hi... 3 Comments

  • Can a mod please unlock my thread????

    I have pm a moderator and used the "contact us" page but no luck! Please can you unlock it and put a notice saying no bullying to members??. . http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/234688/omg-it-happened-agai... 3 Comments

  • How to unexpire deals

    How do we unexpire deals that are no longer expired. . This question has been asked before and seems like the thread should be reported. . However when I click on the report button, am told it is ONLY t... 9 Comments

  • Can we please BAN standard priced deals?

    Ok, so there's Sainsbury's tortillas on the front page, BASICS tortillas. . They aren't on offer, no price cut, no "deal" as far as I can see, so WHY are these "deals" allowed. . Everyone knows this stu... 28 Comments

  • I am liking the new effect on cold deals...

    ...I like the way that in cold deals the title now goes blue instead of being red. Nice touch I think. . However where did the merchant search toolbar thing go? 9 Comments

  • Why has my deal disappeared?

    I'm sure you get this question alot, but ive just posted a deal which I thought was very good, there was a similar one that is posted which has expired and this one is cheaper. It was for a transcend ... 7 Comments

  • Deal Alerts not working.....

    After several months working fine my deal alert emails stopped for no good reason. I contacted Admin a few months later (july 2nd) when it was obvious they were'nt for coming back of their own accord,... 23 Comments

  • HUKD 4th birthday celebrations??

    Will hotukdeals be having birthday celebrations again this year, like last year? 7 Comments

  • I'd like to raise a concern

    In this thread. . http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/228853/fs-nokia-n95-8gb/. . AV1985 Has given his bank details to one poster and his paypal details to another as per this post. . http://www.hotukdeals.com... 3 Comments


    Yet again £5 sale on Play is sprouting individual deals... . whats the rule on this before we start getting swamped...can we spam. . Surely if whole sale is put on then it includes ALL items and people ... 4 Comments

  • PHD whey thread

    hey mods, why was it removed? I ordered from there, just wondering why it got removed. . I tried looking for the "why was my thread removed" thread but could not find it. . Im assuming it was a affiliat... 4 Comments

    black gerbil1black gerbil1
  • Low-ball offers in FS/FT

    Is it happenning more now than before? I've seen some really stupid ones in there recently, and it will just snowball if everyone gets the idea that it's cool (and sanctioned) to rip the seller off. 22 Comments

  • New Topic required.

    After just posting a serious story in Misc, i was forced to put it into the 'Nonsense' category, which i didn't want to do. . Can we have a Misc option, it doesn't have to show at the top, just as an o... 5 Comments

  • Suggestion: Instore deals

    Is there a way to search for "Instor" deals only? If not, I'd like to put this forward as a suggestion. Most of the bargains these days appear to be online but it's not always the case, on that rare o... 4 Comments

  • People on "ignore"

    is there anything that can be done when you have a member on "ignore" , another member quotes them, and you are able to see what they said. Kind of defeats the purpose of having someone on ignore. . ... 8 Comments

    black gerbil1black gerbil1
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