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  • Voting in Text Only mode

    Would it be possible to put the heat vote option in text only mode, cos this is what many people have it in, and with all the information in the title can be voted straight away. At the moment i have ... 6 Comments

  • expired deals getting hotter

    This so made me titter but just out of curiousity how many times does an expired deal need to be looked at for the temp to move up? 7 Comments

  • Is there a set amount of fraction points before a ban?

    just wanted to know, how does the fraction points thing work? are you only allowed a certain amount before you are banned? im in double digits put it that way lol.... im a good boy now though but was ... 20 Comments

  • Feedback with banned member

    ok, i made a transaction with AceCatcher3 in my thread:. http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/346133/fs-xbox-360-accessories. yet he is now banned, how am i supposed to recieve the feedback from him?? 15 Comments

    Ace HaywardAce Hayward
  • error code

    been getting this tonight, also had a few nights ago. . Fatal error: Call to a member function addServer() on a non-object in /home/admin/domains/hotukdeals.com/public_html/forums/showthread.php(102) : ... 4 Comments

  • Trolling

    Allowed. . . . YES or NO? 19 Comments

  • Not getting email alerts?

    Hi. . Every now and then I haven't been recieving emails about new posts in my subscribed threads. Also when I posted a FS item I wasn't automatically subscribed. . Are there any problems recently. . Ric... 5 Comments

  • Are we not allowed to buy for other people?

    Forgive me if I read this wrong but........... Here is a wanted thread (see 1st post) and the OP is buying for a friend ie not a user? but the thread has been locked by Rayman as "Sorry but you can't ... 12 Comments

  • FAO: admin and mods re: bumps

    looks like back in the days u guys liked to bump good stuff as well.... (heck yeah im not letting go of this!). . see next post for screen dump (before mods spam thread!) should this be in feedback? 15 Comments


    how can you unexpire your deals if someone has expired it on you and the deal is still ongoing?? why do people do that?? 6 Comments

  • Possible "Eat Out" Category?

    This would be good place for all the eating out vouchers, freebies deals....for people who want to save in this climate :) 4 Comments

  • Have a direct profile link for adding a user to ignore list?

    At the moment if clicking a person's username there's an option to add someone to your buddy list however there's no option to add someone direct to an ignore list. Is there any quicker way to do so ... 5 Comments

  • cant find post

    this is one for the mods, i and many others are sick and tired of the search facility on this website, earlier tonight someone posted a deal for watches with up to 75% off at amazon. i have tried to f... 12 Comments

  • How to add a new merchant???

    I have been trying to submit a deal but i need to add a new merchant. . United Airlines. http://unitedairlines.co.uk. . I have entered details but when i click on "Add Merchant" nothing happens, anyone g... 1 Comment

  • Time Delay

    Why is their a time delay on this site if your not logged in? Is it different if your just logged out to if you dont actually have an account. . . Is their a reason for this or is it something random... 2 Comments

  • HUKD lost its feel good factor

    mods and admin there has been a really bad vibe of late..... threads are disappearing super quick and suspensions and bannings are being handed out wth minimal notice or warnings. . also when anyone us... 75 Comments

  • Blue bin in control panel link

    I have a blue bin and line of text with no comment when i click on the control panel link. . Is this negative feedback? I've never seen it before. . I wonder if it has been left by mistake - because it... 3 Comments

  • Fundamental flaw in HUKD

    I think there is a major flaw with part of the way our site works. We are fundamentally a Deals site and when I first arrived here looking for a source of genuine deals I felt a poster's reputation an... 59 Comments

  • How do i leave feedback/ rep ect

    as above probably really obvious but i can't see how i do it. 4 Comments

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