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  • TJ Hughes links on deals takes you to a different website??

    All TJ Hughes deals that are posted, when you select "go to deal" have all started randomly going instead to a website called "The buy.at affiliate network". . Or is it just me??? 2 Comments

  • How do I give For Sale / Trade feedback?

    I don't think it's at all clear or easy to do for the average joe. . Can someone explain, and maybe someone at HUKDs make it easier to leave feedback for people you've sold to / bought stuff from! 3 Comments

  • Why has my deal been marked expired/spammed please?

    I posted a deal for paper in Asda for 2p for 2000 sheets A4 and although it had reached 800 heat it is showing as expired/spammed. As this is my first offer that I posted I am not sure of when posts a... 4 Comments

  • Subcategories

    I was thinking wouldn't it make life easier for people who are searching for or interested in a specific thing. Why not add subcategories to the main deal categories. . For example:. . Electronics. ....So... 3 Comments

  • spammed deal

    Ok not something I generally do but why was my whiskas deal spammed?. . Just thought I'd have a mozzy at it and its gone. . I'm fairly certin it wasn't a repost and had been fine for a few days?? 1 Comment

  • The Funky Monkey

    Hello to all I have just joined the site and and at the top it says welcome back The Funky Monkey. I thought the username I chose would of been taken and it looks like it has been used previously. Doe... 15 Comments

    The Funky MonkeyThe Funky Monkey
  • Should there be control on what we are able to enter into location field on our profile.

    Hi. . At this stage I would just like feedback from people on their thoughts on what the Location field should be used for in our profiles. I would have thought that it was pretty obvious, but I have c... 41 Comments

  • Does the "search" function work correctly on this site

    Maybe its just me but searching for things is a nightmare . you would think searching for "Star trek Next Generation box Set" would show this link up.. http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/302387/star-trek-... 62 Comments

  • Stupidly left negative feedback , how do i change it

    When leaving feedback for another user i was'nt concentrating an pressed the negative button instead of positive , how do i get it changed as its the guys first feedback 5 Comments

  • Locked out from rating some peoples posts?

    Any idea why I am not able to rate some deals? The hot/cold arrows are not available to click as if I've already rated, which i haven't. . Is it possible to block people from rating your posts? If so, ... 9 Comments

    rufus bezakrufus bezak
  • Please Leave Tags!

    I know i'm not a moderator or anything so hope i'm not sticking my nose where it's not wanted but please please can people make sure they tag posts or can it be made mandatory. . If I see a deal which ... 7 Comments

  • New HotUKDeals user - a great site but .......

    I have recently discovered this site and have found it excellent, with several good purchases being made from recommendations on it. . However, I have a bit of a problem with it which I think somewhat ... 23 Comments

  • Multiple deal postings from same sale /site

    A question in the form of a gripe or vice versa you choose. . Is it okay for folks to submit half a dozen or more deals from the same sale / site. . I get really p'd off when I notice that many of the d... 6 Comments

  • Heat and rep

    Is it only me noticed that the number of people adding heat and especially reputaion is dropped down? Also I noticed some people asking a question or requesting a deal but never say even thank youT... 9 Comments

  • Not receiving any email alerts - why?

    Have not received email for about 5 days. Have tried re subscribing but still not joy. Any advice please or info on how you subscribe to make sure i am doing everything properly. Thanks 3 Comments

  • ...


  • Age restricted products

    As this is a family friendly forum why is it children can buy age restricted games on here. . Whats the difference between an 18 game with realistic murders and an 18 adult film. Are they not both as d... 13 Comments

  • i get banned for Multi user breach!! what that mean????

    You have been banned for the following reason:. Multi User Breach Of Forum Rules. . Date the ban will be lifted: Never. . anyone here can help?? my username tissir11 2 Comments

  • Deals Hot Page - minor glitch

    This deal appears on the Hot deals page but its only 46 degrees - it was more than that but as the sale isn't very good members have been voting cold. Surely it should have dropped off the hot page? ... 3 Comments

  • Why can i not sign into HUKD sometimes?

    I tried signing into hukd about 20 mins ago and i put my username and password in and then it just went to the 1st page of misc but hadn't signed me in. i tried it a few times before thinking of resta... 16 Comments

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