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  • Posting links of a 'mature' nature

    Is it possible to have some feedback or guidelines on what is and isn't acceptable as a link when it comes to posting links of a 'post-watershed' nature. Are we allowed to, for example, post links to... 11 Comments

  • happy birrthday

    jus read the congrats thread getting too long and reminded me of number of birthday threads on misc as well...surely this should be posted in the cograts thread...think i did report once but nothing c... 6 Comments

  • Tags on the congratulations thread

    Anyone else think it's getting out of hand? looks messy. 16 Comments

  • Expiring of Posts

    I guess a lot of members who have placed posts have had them expired by another member often without reason nor explanation. Would other members agree with me that the person who expires the post shou... 17 Comments

  • how do i find a thread

    Hi i cannot find a thread , i brought an item from someone and i cant find the thread it has since been locked , please can someone help i have looked all over the site !!! 6 Comments

  • Pirating Discussions...

    It adds nothing to the site when you enter a deal only to read "Fable 2 for £30, I just pirate my games for £1.50 each lol i'm a pirate lol". . Whilst you may be thinking, at least this pirate is obviou... 15 Comments

  • new layout

    emma says report probs here! 73 Comments

  • Cold votes

    I know this has never been discussed on here(!). My point is; when a 'deal' is posted by the op and its a repost, why vote cold. Why dont people just put that its already posted and spam it as it could... 51 Comments

  • Does Seller In For Sale/Trade Have To Sell To First Offer

    As above is their a rule stating that the first offer of asking price MUST be accepted as their seems to be a LOT of confusion regarding this matter. . any help appreciated 57 Comments

  • How do you remove feedback?

    Somehow I managed to give feedback twice to the same person, don't know how, think the kids may be partly to blame lol, how do I remove the feedback? 4 Comments

    mad muppetmad muppet
  • How can mods edit & expire posts without explanation?

    I posted a deal earlier today about Disney DVDs. . Within minutes it had been expired for no reason. It then got unexpired for a short while and was then expired again! No reason was given to me at a... 6 Comments

  • timings all gone again

    all the timings have gone all to pot again 12 Comments

  • "Expired" or not?

    If a deal that is quite old has dropped in price. Is it "Expired" according to HUKD or not. I have an idea that deals that have gone up by "x" % can be expired, but what about if they have dropped by... 8 Comments

  • another random idea...

    I just thought that it would be a nice feature to have a box which you can tick to say if you have taken up on the deal, it would in theory be good feedback for the website to know, and I would also b... 8 Comments

  • Dupe button...

    Lot of dupes recently and im clicking spam on them but would be nice to have a dupe button. 47 Comments

  • Groceries

    Does anyone delete the old offers some of these offers are nearly 12 months old and there is just not one or two of them 1 Comment

  • why has abomination got a larger avatar then me?

    what has he ever done? 19 Comments

    black gerbil1black gerbil1
  • Getting slowly more annoyed at HUKDs? :(

    Ok, I know I'll get a load of replies along the lines of "Well sod off then and don't come back" - I'm sorry you hate me so. I really am. . Anyway - to the point. . Recently HUKDs has been filling up wi... 16 Comments

  • In-store deals should have their own section?

    Opinions welcome. Why would anyone care if the Slough branch of Currys have a cheap game available, if you live anywhere other than Slough? The hundreds of in-store, localised deals that will no dou... 2 Comments

  • Cars f/s on hukd. wrong place to sell?

    As a car minded member, after seeing a few threads on here I have some questions for members and mods alike... . Has anyone actually sold a car on hukd. . How would the members feel if there were more c... 2 Comments

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