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  • Ajax on front page broken.

    Looks like hte AJAX merchant lookup on the front page is broken. Getting a Javascript error on each lookup which in turn kills of the lookup of the merchant entirely. Missing a bracket apparently, ... 5 Comments

  • HELP ---- How do I leave rep?

    sorry if this is a really dumb question but i'm fairly new to the site, Ive had some fantastic deals because of you guys and I always see people say 'Heat and Rep added' but ive no idea how to do this 6 Comments

  • Tower.com Feedback

    "If you want tower.com deals listed then make a thread where we can get feedback so we know if it's a reputable retailer suitable for buying from UK." - Mr Admin. . I don't know why we can't just use th... 15 Comments

  • What's The Policy On Pre-Owned Deals?

    I was just wondering what the site's policy is on pre-owned deals. . I was under the impression that they weren't allowed, but there have been a few lately that have been allowed to stay. . Cheers. :-) 33 Comments

  • I'm not being subscribed to some of my own threads

    I'm not sure if its just me but when i start a thread it doesnt seem to be going into my subscribed area on my Control panel. Not sure why? 11 Comments

  • privacy

    hi people how can i privately chat to other members on confidential info etc 11 Comments

  • 2 Positive Feedback = 1 Positive + 1 negative?????

    Hi. A couple of weeks ago i gave away some free 2=day xbox live codes. I instantly got feedback from 1 person and the other person said they left feedback but it never appeared. I shrugged it off unt... 2 Comments

  • Cold votes

    (MOD's please move if i put in the wrong section, sorry :) ). . I keep going on about this but its getting really silly. There are some people on here (you know who you are) who vote cold for appare... 55 Comments

  • Why was the big Woolworths deal thread removed?

    It had got nearly 500 degrees of heat last time I looked. Was it deliberately taken down by mods, or was it just enough people hitting 'spam'. . rizla01 doesn't seem to have been contacted with an ex... 3 Comments

  • The "Last" button

    This button is pretty pointless, surely? How many times does someone actually want to go to the last page, compared to how many times someone accidentally clicks on it when they actually meant to cli... 14 Comments

  • Does anyone use the Share feature?

    Just curious if anyone does and if there was a way to improve it. 29 Comments

  • if i rep someone

    if i rep someone will it automatically show the other member where the rep is from. thanks 2 Comments

  • HUKD having another funny turn

    Gone all weird again 14 Comments

  • Page layout

    Suggestion:. > It would be more user friendly if the 'HOT< NEW< DISCUSSED & CUSTOM' tabs were repeated at the foot of the page. > Is it only me who's lazy. What does the team think ? 4 Comments

  • why are people on this site so up tight?

    i recently put up rainbow six vegas which i found on play.com and i got a nasty reply saying its already been listed a week ago. i tried searching at first for it but couldnt see it so i listed it. su... 43 Comments

  • delete thread

    is it possible that for a thread u have made u can also delete it urself... e,g, when u accidently post twice the same thing or when an issue has been resolved and u no longer need it? 11 Comments

  • More weirdness???

    See pic below. Has been happening quite a bit over the last day or so...... 11 Comments

  • no expired threads showing

    No expired threads are showing, and yes i do have include expired on 9 Comments

  • Bannings.....

    Is there a link or something were I can see how many days you will be banned for doing certain things. . thanks.... 23 Comments

    black gerbil1black gerbil1
  • d(heat)/dt

    Hi there. . Personally I do not want to know the hottest deals, I want to be aware of the new deals which are heating up super fast, before they are gone!! Is it possible for you to add how quickly the... 8 Comments

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