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  • Well done mods!

    Well done for the speed in which you got rid of that thread for the Wii + 2 games for £130. Dodgy site. No address, no phone number and no email address., 18 Comments


    Trying to do an advanced search but wont let me select certain peeps.... . . why not? 9 Comments

  • Rules on Selling Me To You Bear Collection?

    I tried listing these before as my wife wants to sell her collection. We sold half on Ebay, but thought we could offer them here first. . We have quite a few, but the thread got locked and I was accuse... 9 Comments

  • Bypassing Swear filters

    Seeing this more and more now, people changing the order of letters in a swear word so that the swear filter doesnt x the whole word out? thought this wasnt allowed, have the rules changed, or was it ... 41 Comments


    More and more posted again today...just like every other time a code is sent out, continually getting codes posted then seeing them expired all over the place is obvo causing Mods a lot of work. Can w... 4 Comments

  • argh left wrong feedback.

    just bought a phone from a guy on here, brilliant transaction. great guy. left him a great feedback comment but somehow negitive was ticked. can the mods please fix it? guys name is morrk. thanks... 2 Comments

  • FAO Wanny1 And anyone dealing with him. - Warning.

    Mods. I'm aware this isn't a FS/T i just want to warn people dealing with Wanny1 and also bring this to his attention, which seems harder than it should be. Feel free to move to misc if that's more ap... 121 Comments

  • Rules About Buying Tat

    Look i know the rules say you need to be specific about what your looking for but i really am just looking for random tat. Would it be ok if i just gave examples ? 11 Comments

  • Not Another Acecatcher3 Suggestion!! - member notes

    only really thought of this as ive started to use the fs/ft boards.......would there be any possibility of each member having the opportunity to have notes about another member. . I know mods have not... 18 Comments

  • Customised homescreen fro HUKD users

    I was just using the site when something occurred to me, wouldn't it be nice if you could customise the homescreen. i.e. make things like Bitter Wallet, recent Activity into Widget boxes that you coul... 3 Comments

  • Error on my feedback

    I recently sold a laptop of hukds. and the buyer left feedback but he linked it to the wrong thread. I emailed hukd 2days ago but no reply. I know it doesn't really matter, but would prefer if it was cor... 3 Comments

  • Lock Thread Please

    http://hotukdeals.com/item/329192/fs-ft-psp-3000-games. . If you check, you will see the mod says because i have bumped more than 3 times but actually i was simply repling to a previous post :/. . Now ple... 51 Comments

  • Anyone else having problems???

    Trying to submit a deal and cant :(. Search function cant find the merchant (even though i know its not a "new" one to HUKD and wont let me add it either). Has the "search" function finally collapsed al... 4 Comments

  • Does Hot Deals Voting System Need A Rethink?

    This site deffo needs a rethink. . Someone lists a phone contract which was retention or thread to quit the network and the HEAT it gets make it in the +500s but a decent deal like the KFC thread ( ... 102 Comments

    Banjo StringBanjo String
  • Whats the rule on pointless tags?

    see a lot about....thought this was against rules. . . Fair enough tagging your own thread but talking about tags by others 8 Comments

  • Can I re-post an old for sale thread?

    Tried to sell something but after two bumps now the thread has gone on the bottom of the list. I still want to sell the item so can I start a fresh thread? If not what are my options please. . Many th... 3 Comments

  • Email Alerts

    How can get my email alerts back, they have been stoped from the start off jan, got two or three mid jan and thats been my lot. . Any help would be greatfull. . Thanks 5 Comments

  • Why even bother when ops delete my deals and dont even tell me

    I had my Choices UK Battlefield Bad Company deal deleted today only for it to appear here hours later :. . http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/329333/battlefield-bad-company-ps3-brand-n/. . Same For my Metal G... 5 Comments

  • Can we have auto tagging on deals?

    I have noticed on another forum I am on they have auto tagging where words from a database are matched up with your post and tags are made for you. The forum is on vBulletin. . Can this be done on here... 2 Comments

  • Why does this show as EXPIRED?

    Shows up as EXPIRED on Subscriptions and Rep 7 Comments

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