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  • The feedback system

    Why is it so difficult to leave feedback for someone on the actual thread where the item was listed?????? I'm trying to leave feedback for a couple of items I have recently bought and the drop down li... 24 Comments

  • Lost offer

    Hi there. . I submitted an offer for a popcorn hour media center a few mins ago and it seems to have disapeared. Just wondering why. . Thanks. . Simon 1 Comment

  • New Topic - "Restaurants / Eating Out"

    Does anyone else think it a good idea to set up a new TOPIC covering Eating Out / Restaurants? There seem to be so many good offers out there these days but it's hard to find them on this website - a ... 14 Comments

  • Can i have voting power back (contacted by contact us but no reply)

    I can only increase by 1 degree/ 2 Comments

  • Offer Via pm

    A while ago someone wanted pc parts so I offered some but person didnt want them. . Got a pm asking if parts are still available as they are interested and will pay asking price. . Is this ok or do I hav... 21 Comments

  • red square rep - updated 25/07 to ask could a mod check this out please

    some with high rep has left me rep with a red square, is there a bug in de system 44 Comments

  • Can I have my rep back?

    I don't know if a mod is bored or what, but I had my rep removed ages ago. I re-earnt alot, and could heat/cool deals by 4°c at a time, and now its reset back to 1°c again, pretty pathetic tbh. Could ... 8 Comments

  • Selling over RRP thread

    I did use the report button but I was ignored (surprise surprise) and in fact, my post was deleted. . http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/241929/gold-number-075-99-99-8-99/. . This seems a farce to me, and I'... 39 Comments

  • Is selling pirated material now allowed?

    Can the rules be updated to reflect this please. . I myself have reported this thread twice http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=249078&page=2. . Region 0 are Asian copies and Warner Bros do... 2 Comments

  • Thread gone - yet no response from mods????

    My Currys £4.97 / £9.97 games thread has disappeared and i don't know why. I have reported on another of my threads to ask why, and also used the 'contact us' link but recieved no response. . I've foun... 7 Comments

  • Text only/Full view Question

    Personally i prefere the full version, but was wondering if something could be changed on the Full view to make it similar to the Text Only View so it says on the side which forum the thread is in..... 9 Comments

  • Could you please make a function that members cant vote cold w/o a reason

    As per thread title. Sometimes deals seem lame and we all vote cold from time to time and perhaps shouldnt of in true spirit of this site. However im not singling out the person who poste don this thr... 19 Comments

  • Approving a non-UK site (iNetVideo)

    http://search.inetvideo.com/search?p=Q&lbc=inetvideo&ts=custom&w=hd%20dvd&af=format:hddvd&method=and&view=grid&isort=price. . (The mixed view initially shown shows the New and Used based on lowest price... Read more

  • The hukd amazon voucher giveaway

    Now it is over, are they allowed to be sold, was going to put a thread up looking for some amazon vouchers, and wanted to know if this is allowed now the giveaway is over? 5 Comments

  • 60 second wait between pm's

    I think the 60 second wait between pm's should either be removed or the time lowered, as it is annoying signing on and coming back to multiple messages and having to wait, keep clicking refresh etc wh... 26 Comments

  • Search within thread / Hover over for preview...

    I remember when the forum had its big update (how could we forget!), there were many suggestions given by members or ways to improve the forums. Obviously some have been implemented, some have not. A... 13 Comments

  • Why cant we post iBOOD deals of the day when we can boffer??

    iBOOD have a fantastic deal today 22" lcd monitor for £126.00 . So why when i went to post does it say " do not post"?? 16 Comments

  • How do you see your own rep and comments?

    Think I must be brain-dead. I saw them the other day but for the life of me I can't find them now. I'm sure someones moved them! lol 7 Comments

  • Your recent activity

    Is it possible to increase the amount of 'Your Recent Activity'?? Or even allow us to choose how much to show of it?. . There is a big white box at the bottom where the HUKD Tips and Help can be moved ... 3 Comments

  • How does the heat system work?

    Stupid question, but how does the heat system work? Does it simply go up or down based on 1 degree vote per person, or are there other variables. . Sorry if this info is already posted, I tried looking... 4 Comments

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