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  • Problem With Logging Out And Cookies

    I realise the chance of this problem causing any kind of security risk is remote, but as it's there, I just thought I'd better mention it. . 1: Load the site using http://hotukdeals.com. Sign in with ... 6 Comments

  • Tag editing/tag abuse

    There seems to be a rash of tag editing going on - some of it not very complimentary - and it appears you can't see who has done the editing (maybe the mods can?). . I think this needs to be fixed so t... 109 Comments

  • red square on reputaion feedback?

    I know the orange ones are for positive feedback and the blue ones are from people who haven't got anough rep to go around but what are the red squares. . I presume this is a negative rep judging by th... 47 Comments

  • why has my avatar changed???

    why have i goit a click to add avatar button. . thanks 32 Comments

  • Offensive tags placed by other members

    EDIT.... . I've just had an email from HUD Admin. They are removing the offensive Tag remarks. Thank you Admin. . I would however still like an answer/opinions from the forum on my 2nd and 3rd question... 24 Comments

  • what do the colours mean in reputation feedback?

    When i click on my latest reputation received most of the feedback has orange circles next to them but a couple have blue squares. . What do these mean? 26 Comments

  • why is this in the fs rules

    (13) Goods remain the responsibility of the seller until the buyer takes possession and affirms they are okay. For this reason be honest in your descriptions and include original photos so the buyer k... 23 Comments

  • Confused?! Negative Feedback

    Can anyone tell me why peoplegive a minus rating and then don't leave a comment to say why? I just posted details of a freebie aftershave sample and it is -6 with only 1 comment that is good! Surely i... 18 Comments

  • Found By: Bug...

    Following the link to my tag "gary_rip"... http://www.hotukdeals.com/?tag=7178. . The last deal in that list says it was found by "juliet_bravo" but whn you click on it it shows correctly that it was fo... 30 Comments

  • Closed thread in FS/FT?

    How come this thread has been closed. . http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/180385/for-sale-ps3-games. . Surely, it should be left open for feedback as I have bought an item off corrsmaniac? :? Why did they r... 5 Comments

  • Why the locked thread?

    Just curious, but why was the "Clarification Required - Multiple Deals In One Post v Individual Deals" thread locked. . Normally I wouldn't ask, but there doesn't seem to have been anything about the t... 13 Comments

  • bug not displaying correctly

    ok, so i know i shouldnt expect you to of yet and i can use the emulate and it works fine BUT your site is not compatible with IE8. . you may want to think about this mods when it gets released soon. th... 7 Comments

  • Thanks for the voucher!

    Cool! £2.50 towards a usb keyboard = ideas anyone?. thanks again. Derek. 2 Comments

  • Making FS/FT safer?

    What about collection only until you have a 'few reps' for high value items. . Obviously still not fool proof, but a step in the right direction! 32 Comments

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  • "View First Unread"

    Have I totally missed this button before now, or is this new. . If the former, anyone know of any cheap deals on reading specs. . If the later, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 23 Comments

  • Why can suspended accounts post tags?

    Obviously it's not a big issue - who does read the tags. . Just curious why they can, and if anyone knew they could. . We can do more than edit tags :D. - hukd don. . Very strange... I have been suspended ... 3 Comments

  • Where has the"What have you won" thread gone?

    As above can anyone point me in the direction of the "What have you won" thread. . Cheers 1 Comment

  • Latest posts not showing in thread

    Everything working fine uptil an hour ago, now even though a new post (with users name) is indicated in the discussed view, clicking on the thread does not show the recent posts. I've tried this on tw... 8 Comments

  • Clarification Required - Multiple Deals In One Post v Individual Deals

    I was just wondering which is the preferred method on HUKD. . We've always been encouraged if there was a Sale or something, to put all the deals in that one thread, yet recently there have been severa... 39 Comments

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