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  • Access to profile

    It seems very odd to me that you can't access your profile via your user name at the top of the page ("Welcome back, SuperMassiveWill"). . Is this something that can be set up? At present to access my ... 7 Comments

  • Back to blank pages,avatars in middle of opening posts

    had enough now off to bed tomorrows another day! fingers crossed the mice can fix it overnight,will provide plenty of cheesy nibbles for them :) 6 Comments

  • xbox 360 thread locked?

    my thread on forsale got locked because i said pm for list of games, then some one came up with they are copys when they not i could get pics 2 prove this. could a mod please help? thanx 16 Comments

  • all avatars are in the middle of the opening posts for me

    as above really 7 Comments

  • All threads now have easily visible temperatures??

    Um.. do we need them in misc, DR, FS/FT & feedback... . I like the idea though. Good for those in text view. 11 Comments

  • aarrrgggggggghhhhh I cant see any topics just get a blank page

    still got all the topics up the top but where the posts usually are is blank apart from a small orange rectangle on the side,no text no nothing,no need to reply cant see anything lol whats going on??? 30 Comments

  • Rep not working?

    Or is it just me. . Says that I can't give rep to the same post twice, I haven't given it once yet! 18 Comments

  • How do i leave feedback for someone???

    Hi, i sold something to someone on here at the weekend and would like to leave him some feedback. When i go onto leave it it says which thread and my thread isnt showing on there. Am i doing something... 9 Comments

  • Simple One - UNEXPRE Button as well

    Noticed the shed misprice thread being expired by some, probably hoping less people will see it and order so there's more of a chance they will get it. There has been various other examples as well... 9 Comments

  • Remove post count from display?

    When anyone posts you can see they post count, is this necessary and can this be removed? Perhaps only make it viewable on profile. . I don't really see the point as we have a rep system with a visual ... 14 Comments

  • Can NEGATIVE feedback be removed?

    I didn't check the box was properly ticked when I wanted to leave POSITIVE feedback so I left negative instead. Not only that but it somehow left it 3 times! I feel awful that I've mucked up someones ... 8 Comments

  • Dubious Thread-Lock

    See here: http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/220721/wtd-pc-call-of-duty-4-serial-only/. . This post is nothing to do with me, but I happened upon the mod response, and wondered what people thought. . HUKDs d... 24 Comments

  • Missing posts and deals

    Can someone please explain what is going on with hotukdeals? Right now for instance all traces of the second hand xbox for less than £10 at Game have disappeared.. vanished. I posted in that thread ab... 5 Comments

  • The Congratulations and Posters Milestone Feedback Thread

    Ok, as you're all still talking about this issue, I've now moved to feedback. . . Original OP:. . As you all know, our site is getting bigger and bigger. Member numbers are increasing and we're getting mo... 254 Comments

  • More Suspensions then? Swear Word Filter Issues

    No idea what has happened, woke this morning to see some folks have been "suspended" (edited from the word "banned", haven't got time to wade thru all the threads to see, fair chance they've been mod-... 46 Comments

  • Stickies...

    Why do we not have any?? 5 Comments

  • Deal Alerts

    I have had no deal alerts for 3 days now and that is highly unusual. Anyone else having problems ??. Thanks 3 Comments

  • Non-Trading Thread in the For Sale/Trade Forum

    Can we get this removed? It's discussing the same thing as the thread in Misc, unnecessarily pushing down legitimate trading threads. . If people don't read Misc and miss out on the information, that'... 9 Comments

  • Voting Warm?

    Although we can still vote warm (well, I presume we can using the grey button!), is it still acceptable? Since the changeover, there has been no distinctive warm button, so are we meant to vote hot or... 18 Comments

  • customise seach

    i would really like to be able to set my searches to automatically display only deals hotter than 50 etc but i always have to go into advanced to do this. do you think there is enough demand for a cus... 1 Comment

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