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  • Slight problem with expiring threads.

    People cannot find/access them again to read the replies! - and in my case I suspect that some of those replies explained why the post was expired/spammed which would have prevented me (and others?) t... 6 Comments

  • Why is my post deleted

    Would one of you heavy posters or Mods let me know why my deal post keeps disappearing please. . The post is basically for low energy light bulbs at morrisions for 10p each when you buy 5. . I have tri... 4 Comments

  • RSS Feed still broken?

    My RSS feed to http://www.hotukdeals.com/rss/hot is still not working. I'm using Bloglines, I've tried re-adding it with no luck. The last feed I can see was from Sept 30th. http://www.hotukdeals.com/i... 2 Comments

  • powers!

    dunno if already posted.... . however dont think one member should have power to expire deal all by themselves.... should need at least two votes.... . as sometimes u click things by mistake... ie like ... 12 Comments

  • Sweetfeet deal...where has it gone and why?

    Yesterday I'm sure I saw a deal for an online store called Sweetfeet (selling Crocs). It was posted with a 10 or 20% off deal for October. What has happened to it? Is this company not reliable? I was ... 16 Comments

  • Review / Heads up

    HUKD could do with another tab for reviews. its a trusted site and i know i'd prefer reviews from members on this board. also people can give expereinces of both positive and negative companies they h... 6 Comments

  • Congratulations on the new spelling indicator

    Just noticed as I typed out a sentence the red line appearing under a misspelt word. Congratulations, maybe now all who claim to have dyslexia, rather than just being bad at spelling will make an eff... 11 Comments

  • mods please have a look

    please look at this. http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/252270/le-coq-sportif-3-piece-backpack-set/ 3 Comments

  • Submitting deals....

    I just want to clear something up. . Upon posting a deal there are two boxes.One called Title: and one called Item Name:. . I usually put the same thing as i have put in the title into the item name. Doe... 3 Comments

  • Help..................... I cant vote hot or cold on deals or leave rep

    Hi, my HUKD isnt working properly, I cant leave any heat or leave rep. Anyone know whats wrong or how i can sort it out??? 17 Comments

  • Duplicate posts!

    Why are there so many posts for each thing? Why does no one search for anything? I dont get it?! If I post I always search first 12 Comments

  • Expire threads by date not working

    When I advertise in the FS/FT section & I add a date to expire the thread it's not expiring it, it's remaining open. Is it just me or is anyone else having the same problem? 5 Comments

  • ]


  • Is search broken?

    I wanted to find the posting for a competition I won, so I typed "Hovis mini" into the search box. I was expecting this page (http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/242016/once-hovis-win-a-hovis-mini-or-thou... 12 Comments

  • HUKD should consider auction style sales?

    It seems to me that whatever price the seller puts up, it is always too high. Is it time to just ask "what will you pay" when putting up a FS thread? What's the problem with asking up front what the ... 15 Comments

  • leaving feedback

    i have just left feedback for two people for the same thread, i know at one time you could only leave once per thread, has this now changed or was it a fluke? as someone looking to leave it for me and... 8 Comments

  • RSS Feeds dead...

    There don't appear to be any updates to the RSS feeds, possibly for > 24hrs? 3 Comments

  • Threads missing in misc.

    Every so often all the new threads seem to disappear from misc. . Pic to follow. 4 Comments

  • OP's are blank?


  • I keep getting this inplace of posts

    xxxx_237624_DEAL_TOP_BAR_xxxx. xxxx_237651_DEAL_TOP_BAR_xxxx. xxxx_237652_DEAL_TOP_BAR_xxxx. xxxx_237644_DEAL_TOP_BAR_xxxx. xxxx_237626_DEAL_TOP_BAR_xxxx. xxxx_237630_DEAL_TOP_BAR_xxxx 21 Comments

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