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  • Thread disappears

    My thread for the Sony BDP-S350 has disappeared. Can a mod please explain why? 10 Comments

  • site going a bit wonky??

    just travelled back in time - 1 week ago!. . posted a deal not showing? well not on my comp - someones seeing it as it has got warmed up. . showing in my last 10 list on right. . something is up methinks a... Read more

  • Thread vanished!

    Posted a voucher code for Great Universal - pretty sure I included all details required and sure I put it in the vouchers section and it's vanished - any mods care to explain? 2 Comments

  • How to edit a post?

    I posted my first deal the other day, the expiry date has been extended by 2 days but Im unsure how to edit my post to change that info. Can anyone help? Many thanks 4 Comments

  • How much is 'this' worth threads?

    I think because of the nature of these threads, some could be confused with a pathetic attempt to deal by PM or to get 'offers' on an item. . Can we get them locked with a message like 'check ebay' or ... 4 Comments

  • Any explanation for this pop up please ??

    As the title, is there any known reason why I should be getting the pop up as shown on the image when visiting the HUD Christmas competition thread ? Happened a few times today and only on that thread... 16 Comments

  • Subscribe to forum/daily email digest

    On the old HUKD there used to be a link which you could use to subscribe to a forum category and then it sent you a daily email with any new threads posted in that forum. Is there any way of doing thi... 21 Comments

  • Moderated??

    Erm... I know I've only just recently signed up to the site, but how come I have this icon below my posts informing me I'm moderated?. . Image: [IMG]http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/images/misc/moderat... 9 Comments

  • Using the search bar

    Is it just for me? or does the search bar just throw up randon disordered results. . It seems everytime I want to find a deal from a couple of days previous it never shows, and the order of results can... 10 Comments

  • Why is reply disappearing/being removed?

    Regarding http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/290877/im-looking-for-long-johns-for-a-3-a/. . I replied to this three times but each time my reply disappeared - is somebody removing it for some reason ie. is ... 2 Comments

  • How do we stop the increasing number of duplicates

    Guys. . Looking for some ideas as to how we stop the inceasing number of duplicates. . The site is getting more and more full of people posting who cant be bothered to check whether something has been po... 42 Comments

  • Temporary bans for dupes...

    I use the RSS feeds, but the same is true for those using email alerts. . How many Woolworths threads have there been today? Its madness, and although the mods do a good job, I'm sure they'd rather not... 11 Comments

  • Has Fordy gone forever as he has been de-modded or has Admin bumped him off!?

    I'm guessing Fordy has moved on to other things and has therefore been de-modded. . Or is there some gossip that we have missed out on. . Or is there an uneven lump in Admis patio!? 35 Comments

  • Dealing "Off the boards".

    Two questions/thoughts. . 1. There is another influx of people getting scammed by dealing by PM. . I understand that the scammer is punished, but what about the "scammees", are they punished, or is them... 21 Comments

  • Wots Up

    How come I can post comments to some deals. then I get a message saying I am not allowed to post replies to other deals. wots going on ?? 3 Comments

  • The meaning of OP

    I've been trying to figure this out for sometime (sad I know!) but I really can't. I see the term "thanks to the OP" quite a lot, but what does OP actually stand for? 13 Comments

  • Can someone please sort out the swearing on BitterWallet?

    I'm not a Daily Mail reader, or normally a whinger, but what is going on with the swearing at BitterWallet. . Just looked at one of the 'articles' about Bittorent and Amazon, and the comments are fille... 16 Comments

  • Why was my thread about people dissapearing deleted?

    You must get this all the time but it would be nice to know. I started a thread last night then had to go up the hosptal, when I got in this morning at 2am it had gone!!! 3 Comments

  • Advice needed for newbie please!

    Firstly, what a fantastic site - so glad I found it. . Secondly, my question! Is there a way of flagging which deals/competitions/freebies I have used/taken part it?. . Thanks, best regarsd. x 8 Comments

  • Bitter Wallet (Any way of removing link in right side tool bar)

    Any one know if there is a way of removing it at all? It's just annoying and in the way. 81 Comments

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