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  • Games Section?

    Annoying thing about the site is some people post games in entertainment some in computers as they are not sure and its a nightmare browsing through the games wouldnt a game section or sub section be ... 4 Comments

  • Price Differences - DVDs / CDs / Games

    Discussion time. . So many deals get posted for DVDs, CDs and Games, but in many cases there is hardly any difference between the price of the deal and the 'next cheapest' available. Personally, if I... 7 Comments

  • PM Messages

    First one is a very old bug. Not sure if anything can be done, but here goes.... . You get told a new PM has arrived, you open your inbox, but see no new messages. The only way to see it is to refresh ... 6 Comments

  • can someone help me out

    hi i have posted a deal its showing in my recent activity but i cant see it on the new deals page i think every one else can see it because the temp is going up and down. 11 Comments

  • Avatars????

    Hey just tried changing my avatar, and they don't seem to work. As gruesome as they are, lol... craving a bit of character that's all. 15 Comments

  • Do we have an IGNORE list?

    As the title says, i know we have the buddy list, but what if you want to ignore people, think this was possible on the old forum wasn't it? 10 Comments

  • Has this got something to do with daylight saving?

    I notice that when I log out all the threads / posts drop back 1 hour. Not bothered by it, but it has got me wondering with the daylight saving has not been set properly. See pics. 3 Comments

  • Same Price, Different Retailer

    I see in Various threads for Still Game boxset, that BristolDeal says that as they are the differen retailers it is allowed to be posted. . If we start allowing that, then we will get Coca-Cola £1.29 a... 41 Comments

  • New posts not added to subscribed threads

    When I create a new thread the forums won't auto-subscribe me until I create a reply within my own thread. I was struggling to find a thread I'd posted yesterday until I spotted the "Your Recent Activ... 6 Comments

  • local deals

    there are a lot of local deals creeping up..such as 'paint reduced in tesco in store x' etc.u got my point. now these are hot deals...but not worth being made hot on main page 'deals' which is a natio... 13 Comments

  • Too Many threads Going off topic..

    Examples below... 38 Comments

    black gerbil1black gerbil1
  • Spoilers in the 'Misc' forum

    It has been brought to my attention that I have been incorrectly 'Spamming' threads in the 'Misc' forum that contains spoilers. . Big Brother is one of the finest programmes on the television, I don't ... 24 Comments

  • Yet another rep question!!

    Apologies in advance to the saint.... . I'm sure I used to be able to give rep to the OP of a deal/voucher/whatever, now today when I try and do that, even for people I've never repped before, it comes... 9 Comments

  • Mods, please do not let Quidco be included in the price

    Hi Moderators. . There are many deals being posted on this website which also takes into account what Quidco would pay, this is not guaranteed that it will track, please can you edit all such posts. D... 16 Comments

  • Save deals feature

    Does anyone else want a save deals feature like you get on loot.com (where you can clip ads) so you can keep the deals you're interested in to look at when you've got more time. I can never seem to fi... 4 Comments

  • New Rule for FS/FT threads

    Please can the mods discuss if the asking price in the FS/FT thread description must reflect the actual asking price of the item for sale or the cheapest one if selling a batch of stuff because a lot ... 14 Comments

  • Searching for previous deals

    Why is it when you search by say putting argos in the search box does it bring up results in a random order. This makes it really hard with popular retailers to see if a deal has been posted as one mi... 3 Comments

  • Can the expired and spam buttons work separate of eachother?

    Think this would be a great help for all of us - especially when people click expired on something that really needs removing and thus it disables the use of the spam button. . It takes up to much time... 4 Comments

  • so Slowwwwww!!

    must be the hot weather 4 Comments

  • Dedicated WANTED section ?

    Looking through the For Sale/Trade thread recently, I've noticed that around 25-30% of the topics are "Wanted" topics (and these don't fall into the "For Sale/Trade" category). . Wondered if the HotUKd... 7 Comments

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