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  • How about stickies or section for retention deals?

    As title really, it might be a good idea to have one thread for each company's retention deals so people can see roughly what people are being offered. There's quite a few companies offer deals to sta... 1 Comment

  • An internal server error occurred. Please try again later.

    This seems to be happening more and more frequently again lately. 8 Comments

    Money SpinningMoney Spinning
  • Who doesn't like me?

    Deals getting expired for no apparent reason has prompted this. . REAL QUESTION IS WHY!. . If i offended anyone (Can't remember when or how), annoyed them or generally pee'd them off let me know 17 Comments

  • Can I filter by excluding a particular topic?

    Lets say for instance I want to view all deals EXCLUDING deals with the topic "Mobiles" - can I do this and if so how. Thanks 2 Comments

  • Is reviving very old threads for no purpose allowed?

    I've noticed a few threads recently that have someone has decided to post in for no particular or relevent reason, is this practice allowed here or not? 9 Comments

  • Questions Please

    Hi. . Can a MOD please answer the following questions, I did put this before not sure why this got deleted . . A. Why cannot I make a deal hot or cold . B. How do I know if my request for a deal to be... 8 Comments

  • Auto subscribe to your own threads.

    My settings automatically subscribe to every thread that I post in, however if I post a new thread (I mean if I am the op) a subscription does not automatically get added. . Any chance of a fix? 9 Comments

    bod emrysbod emrys
  • Has hotukdeals turned into a cheapest computer games site????

    had a look at the "hot" list today and it seems the majority of deals posted is for PS3, XBOX 360 NDS etc games... what's going on???? Are these the only deals to be had???? 2 Comments

  • How decisions are made on HUKD

    I'm making this thread as I think there is some confusion amongst some members about how decisions are made on HUKD and how members fit into the decision making process. Hopefully this thread will be ... 69 Comments

  • Suspension Arbitration Court

    i feel i was harshly suspended and would like to appeal against the infraction - does hukd not have an arbitration court lol ? 9 Comments

  • Name and shame on voting hot or cold

    Would it be possible to have a seperate button next to the hot or cold ones, to list who had voted hot or cold, just for information purposes as some post have -109 etcbut no comments 8 Comments

  • Adding Heat

    Just wondered if there were rules regarding heat voting. I know you can only vote once per deal but recently I've noticed that with some deals I add to it goes up by 7 and then straight back down. At ... 17 Comments

  • Include Expired

    Seems to keep reverting to excluding expired for me. I click include and then a few pages later it's set itself back to exclude. . Happening for anyone else? 12 Comments

  • Giving ColdFeedBack

    I really think its about time The ADMIN sorted cold feedback out............ It shouldnt be that hard to make people entre a reason why the are giving cold feedback.... I have seen at least 2 good dea... 3 Comments

  • Signature

    do u think we should all be allowed to have a signature 17 Comments

  • Blade Runner Blu Ray from Tower.com

    This deal was listed yesterday and had 404+ rating. . It's missing from my comment history since I replied and doesn't come up in search. . Where and why has it gone? 18 Comments

  • rep

    how do u find out who left u rep. . thanks 12 Comments

  • New posts

    Forgive me if im missing something but i feel that, under "your recent activity", the colour of text should change if there has been any new posts since you last made a comment. . I think that this, or... 5 Comments

  • New FS/FT Rule

    I think a new FS/FT rule should be implemented. This would cut down on the post count in the threads, enable mods to be able to moderate the forums more effectively and help sellers price their items ... 17 Comments

  • Infractions.

    This question was asked by somebody last week but posted in Misc so it probably got overlooked... . Are expired infractions supposed to remove themselves from your record? 16 Comments

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