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  • "Heads up" posts

    Why are these allowed.... please take a look at the one below and also Wonderwomans post about the News of the World Tesco coupon. . Thanks.M.B.C 17 Comments

  • Are we not allowed to buy or sell ds catridges now?

    Because ive seen one guy wanting one and being suspended then another being suspended for selling one. . Can you make this clear please? 46 Comments

  • Is HUKD not working properly

    When i reply to a for sale thread amd then re-open it my comments arent there. Also im showing as having 1 private message, when i open pm folder the number at the top changes to 2 but none are shown ... 6 Comments

  • How is your "heat" affected?

    Hi there. Sorry if this is a completely stupid question that everyone knows the answer to, but I'm a bit confused by something. I realise that when you post deals and get reputation, your "heat" power... 9 Comments

  • Hijacking

    Just to prove that it does happen... . http://forums.wireplay.co.uk/showthread.php?t=319706. . here is a follow up.... . http://forums.wireplay.co.uk/showthread.php?t=319708 6 Comments

  • can you add a sticky to the site

    add a stick with file hosting for images and other info to help all our members 2 Comments

  • MOD - Why were some of my posts removed from a thread?!

    http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/227591/ebtm-new-sale-70-off-various-sized-. Thank you. 6 Comments

  • Copyright

    As far as I can see when reading the rules etc of this site when signing up, there is nothing regarding copyright. Or haven't I looked in the right place. . Most major forums have a condition that if y... 83 Comments

  • deals

    r u allowed to post deals again if the links have already been posted seperately in 1 thread 9 Comments

  • RSS Feed Suggestions...

    Could i make the following suggestion to the RSS Feed... . 1. Can we have it so that the picture is displayed. 2. Can the infomation on vouchers be displayed (at the moment its only the title). . And is... 3 Comments

  • Is the warning/suspension system working?

    There seems to be less and less regard for the infractions and suspensions given out now than ever before. . I'm constantly seeing in the for sale forum people falling over themselves making offers to ... 26 Comments

  • who expiring all the woolworths deals

    as above 3 Comments

  • I thought deals got moved to the "Hot" section when they reached 60 degrees?

    No particular problem. I'm just curious as to why my post:. . http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/226222/3g-phone-for-only-29-99-from-orange. . hasn't been copied into the "hot" section. Is this just an oversi... 3 Comments

    Fireball XL-5Fireball XL-5
  • Reallly like recent activity but want it to be more flexible!

    The recent activity is really really handy but I want it to be a little more customiseable, like how many topics to display, how long to keep them and be able to remove ones I don't need anymore. . I c... 1 Comment

  • My FS/FT post not working?!

    Just made a FS post in that section, but when I click the link it says no thread specified!! Does anyone else get this? It's the post that begins "various items for sale"... 1 Comment

  • DEVELOPER. Problems 10th August

    Didn't know where to post the following problem as there appears to be 3/4 threads with different problems so I've put this one up so it's easily visible to Developer / Admin. Mod's if you don't want ... 9 Comments

  • Jump to last post read facility has disappeared?

    I have been away for a couple of days so please excuse me if this has already been asked and answered.... . When you had viewed a particular thread and went back to it later you could then press on a t... 15 Comments

  • Bad Deal Tab

    Does anyone think it would be good to have a. tab for bad deals they have experienced . . Just a thought as I used a Cafe Rouge 2 for 1 voucher. this week and when the bill came I thought they had not t... 5 Comments

  • Where has the temp number gone from text only?

    There were temperatures on everything in text only view yesterday but today they have disappeared, why? Was it cos people didn't like them or did it just not work? 9 Comments

  • Just inerested why...

    we can't have gambling threads anymore like this one? http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=222542. . Not moaning, i'm happy to go with the flow but does seem strange we can't discuss gambli... 5 Comments

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