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  • Leaving feedback stupidly complicated

    Why is it so ridiculously difficult to leave feedback for someone. The drop down menu for to search for threads makes absolutely no sense and I cannot find within it the thread in which i bought the i... 2 Comments

  • Fake/Counterfeit goods(Memory cards)

    Are these classed as illegal items as classed under rule:. . (4) It should go without saying but no prohibited, classified or otherwise illegal items. . . I reguarly see members offering these for sale, a... 86 Comments

  • Clarification between listing for sale and offering for sale

    No i know you cant list an item for sale whilst it is being advertised eslewhere online. But am i right in assuming you can offer (withing a wanted thread) if the item is listed elsewhere (ebay, avfor... 8 Comments

  • Has somebody turned bb code back on in pm's??

    As title - just had a pm and it's actually readable. 7 Comments

    bod emrysbod emrys
  • A suggestion

    this may have been brought up before but when you send a Private Message and you quote someone why cant it quote like it does in a post instead of just saying quote either side. . if that makes sence?? 3 Comments

  • block

    if i block someone will i stop getting PMs from them? 25 Comments

  • Thread spammed/ expired and locked within 3 mins, why?

    As above really, this thread.. http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/175343/showthread.php?p=1960519#post1960519. . Thanks. . Mike.. 7 Comments

  • Too many GTA posts...

    Perm ban anyone else who makes one? yeah i said perm ban. . or make one big GTA thread and get everyone to post there. 17 Comments

    black gerbil1black gerbil1
  • .......

    .... 1 Comment

  • Mass reporting posts...

    Something that's been bugging me for a while... . This forum requires that you wait 60 seconds between reporting posts. Please try again in 57 seconds. . Can we have the delay lowered or removed? 11 Comments

  • CPW vouchers - probs

    These are popping u all over the place on the fs/ft board. Would it be advisable with the problems people are having spending them to not allow nay on here, what do others think? i know some got them ... 22 Comments

  • How to set deal alert?

    Hi, Every time I want to set deal alert for entertainment only I end up with hundreds of emails for evry single post on the form, Please help!!! 1 Comment

  • Smileys

    Is it just me or do they not always show up? i tend to get a white box with a red cross alot of the time :S 28 Comments

  • is the search function ever going to get fixed?

    It still brings back the results in a completely random order so its pretty useless 11 Comments

  • its 'sell a bike' on hduk today - happy sell a bike day - not

    4 in the past hour - all i see in front of my eyes are wheels wheels wheels. hduk rhymes with ebay. please note this is not ebay. . so many threads lately selling items -. can someone work out in the pas... 7 Comments

  • iphone thread

    Looks like someone has spammed the iphone thread started by the porter. Can we have it back please, whilst it was full of repetetive questions it was also full of useful info. 1 Comment

  • Feedback forum layout wrong ??

    What's happened to the layout on the feedback forum ? Other forums appear ok. Windows xp sp2 ie7. . [IMG]http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f160/ordinaryphotos/hukdshowphoto/feedbackforum.jpg[/IMG] 7 Comments

  • Deals section split ?

    Any chance of splitting the Deals section into. . Food Deals and General Deals . . only an idea 15 Comments

  • A Suggestion...

    This may sound a little daft but there are people who vote deals cold for absolutely no reason (probably jealous they can't find their own deal). I think that you should only be able to vote a deal co... 8 Comments

  • HUKD problems Friday 25/04/08. Page loading etc

    Windows XP sp2 IE7. . Getting a few issues this morning with the site pages not loading or timing out . . Error message. Fatal error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query in /home/admin/domains/h... 46 Comments

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