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  • Remind me...

    Be nice to have an alert to remind you when a deal starts based on the start date... . Would this be useful to anyone else? 6 Comments

  • Email Deal Alert...

    It might of been mentioned before, and i might of even asked, but i cant remember so... . We can get deal alerts based on tags, and merchant but i would really like to be able to get deal alerts based ... 3 Comments

  • I'm having trouble adding a retailer so I can submit a deal for it

    Trying to add a retailer, I have the name and website address part filled in properly and then nothing happens when I press 'add merchant'. Trying to add ASK restaurants. Please advise what I'm doing ... 6 Comments

    sickly sweetsickly sweet
  • Now this is stupid!!

    Hi. . I posted earlier explaining that LoveHoney had messaged me to say thank-you for posting a deal about their site and one of the founders had offered me £50 worth of goods as a goodwill gesture for... 167 Comments

  • Can we have a little bit more space for our avvy please?

    Can we a little bit more space for our avatars please? What with the credit crunch and all, it might cheer folk up if you gave a bit back and increased our avatar limit to say, 90x90 pixels and 30kB,... 12 Comments

  • Could you please change the default settings

    to include expired, the amount of threads continually is gettting more and more 22 Comments

  • Hottest Deals Box

    With the volume of deals posted could this be increased to the hottest 10 and not 5. 5 Comments

  • Deals by User - 'Jumping' to top

    Dont know if its just me but everytime I look at all the deals by a particualr user, when I vote on them the screen jumps back to the top and I have to scroll again... . . So if I look at all the deals ... 2 Comments

  • students

    dunno if posted before. . hoewever there is a big market for hot uk student deals! there are always loadsa offers and freebies and maybe u should make a sub section for this making it easy for students... 10 Comments

  • slug and lettuce taster post dissapeared

    I added to a post about the Slug and lettuce taster meals and I cna't find the post anywhere. it was there this morning and now dissapeared 6 Comments

  • Elmo Thread- Why Expired?

    Just wondering why my thread was expired. One of my friends just rang up and ordered the item and it's still available at the price quoted. Thanks 12 Comments

  • Suggestion - Out of Stock Indication

    Like expired and spam button shouldn't we have "Out of Stock" button. It will save time of users. . Thanks 11 Comments

  • Need help translating a PM!

    Received this today, from a user who has never posted:. . . rajiv.kumar. Flint. rajiv.kumar is on a distinguished road. Join Date: Oct 2008. Posts: 0. View FS/FT Feedback. . Hey..I will buy the console for £10... 7 Comments

  • Heads Up deals...Are they Allowed?

    I thought i had seen a comment from admin somewhere telling ppl that these werent allowed anymore at HUKD. . am i correct or is momma wrong again? (mommas never wrong). . cheers. . acecatcher3 13 Comments

  • Misprices : A Quick Guide

    I'm no legal eagle but as misprices are often posted in the forums I hope this little write up may be helpful. The information is brief and does not cover all areas. If you feel you need more advi... 24 Comments

  • Sites cream crackered...

    unable to click any threads.. 4 Comments

  • Bitter Wallet Blog Link

    Just noticed the new Bitter Wallet Blog link at the top of HUKD page to right of logo. . Just wondered if there was any info on it - background, what it's for etc . . Something new :) 38 Comments

  • Images not loading???

    Has something just happened. . Images currently not loading for basic stuff like avatars and headers. . Using Chrome - if that makes a difference? 3 Comments

  • Block Rep Forever

    This is just a question for the mods, i dont want to explain why to members (i will to mods if they need me to through pm) i would just like to know if its possible to have my rep system removed comp... 57 Comments

  • a mistake to post a deal too early?

    i often wonder if it is wise to post a deal as soon as it is found as it may jeopardise the chances of you getting the deal yourself. do companies always process orders in the order they are received?... 9 Comments

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