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  • Rep problem

    This is a genuine problem, not a "i want more rep", but people are saying they have gave me rep for various things, but i cant see it? The last one i can see is old.....is this coz of an infraction?... 14 Comments

  • "Return To Top of Page " button?

    Site question. . Are my bleary eyes missing the " back to top" button at the page bottom. . It would be nice to have such a time saver, if it has been overlooked. 11 Comments

  • swear filter

    just thinking - could we have a "watershed" where all the **** became, you know, PROPER swear words, like on the telly. . dunno how hard to program it'd be, but, c'mon, we're all adults, it would be go... 11 Comments

  • two thoughts...

    right, i know you can do this on one of the versions.. but... i'd like to know if on the version i prefer... (don't know which one it is, either like the old or like the new). aagh, anyway, it's like.... 18 Comments

  • I think sam.benahmed has stolen money from me....

    It was my birthday on the 27th (past friday) and as per this thread http://hotukdeals.com/item/199308/sold-o2-xda-exec-htc-universal-pda I decided to get myself an 02 XDA. . Following the deal being ma... 12 Comments

  • # of comments in thread

    When browsing the FS/FT sub forum I sometimes notice threads that say they contain a number of replies (say 6) but when I open them there is a (lower) different number of replies. This thread for exa... 4 Comments

  • Sorted IGNORE

    When adding heat (or taking it away) i usually add +8 or +9 degrees however for some reason recently i add heat and nothing happens !!!!. . (Happening too often to be someone voting the opposite way a... 4 Comments

  • Terms and conditions... / rules

    just wondered where i can read them? 5 Comments

  • Site Request: Thread Page Jump

    Can't see this mentioned before, but sorry if it has. In text only view, would it be possible to restore the thead index page jump shortcuts after the thread title. I used to find this useful for thre... 9 Comments

  • Where is my post?

    I posted a comp to win a trip to san diego and a VIP tour of the zoo today, where has it gone. . If there is something wrong with it it would be nice if someone told me what the problem is. 5 Comments

  • Video game section please

    Would be very very appreciated by alot of people i'm sure. Especially me! 4 Comments

  • Direct Links!

    Just wondering if when posting deals you HAVE to put a DIRECT link to the item you are posting about, instead of just a general link to the website that the item is on. I just get fed up of being put ... 15 Comments

  • Can we have a 'duplicate' button please

    Cos expired and spam isnt necessarily correct. Duplicate would be really useful - in my humble opinion! 8 Comments

  • Option to give a reason when voting cold / expiring a deal

    Hi. . I was just wondering, would it be possible to add something so that when a person votes a deal cold or expires a deal, a textbox appears and they're asked to enter an (optional) reason - which wo... 24 Comments

  • Deleting posts...

    To delete this message, check the appropriate option below and then click the 'Delete this Message' button. Deletion Options. Do Not Delete Message. Delete Message. . is this new?! amazing.... sometimes p... 22 Comments

  • How about stickies or section for retention deals?

    As title really, it might be a good idea to have one thread for each company's retention deals so people can see roughly what people are being offered. There's quite a few companies offer deals to sta... 1 Comment

  • An internal server error occurred. Please try again later.

    This seems to be happening more and more frequently again lately. 8 Comments

    Money SpinningMoney Spinning
  • Who doesn't like me?

    Deals getting expired for no apparent reason has prompted this. . REAL QUESTION IS WHY!. . If i offended anyone (Can't remember when or how), annoyed them or generally pee'd them off let me know 17 Comments

  • Can I filter by excluding a particular topic?

    Lets say for instance I want to view all deals EXCLUDING deals with the topic "Mobiles" - can I do this and if so how. Thanks 2 Comments

  • Is reviving very old threads for no purpose allowed?

    I've noticed a few threads recently that have someone has decided to post in for no particular or relevent reason, is this practice allowed here or not? 9 Comments

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