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  • Chipped items and the like

    I'm surprised they are allowed to be sold on this site,why is that,aren't they illegal ? 12 Comments

  • I love being perfect :D

    No criticism...fantastic :). . I know...it's coming... 12 Comments

  • No sort by Asc/Desc heat on search results

    I think this would be a really usefull feature. . Its hard work to search for something then go through all the results to find the best one, if the hotest appeared first odds are these would be the bes... 2 Comments

  • admin ?

    how do i contact an admin ? 9 Comments

  • Deal alerts not working and help with Customise Deals and Alerts please

    As above.Used to get deals alerts all time and periodically they stop but this time they have not started again and its too time consuming to trawl the site manually. In my attempt to rectify this i ha... 2 Comments

  • Too many grocery offers - 4 pages worth???

    Are we going to submit all 2 for £2 ASDA offers now - may as well grab the RSS feeds from mysupermarket and feed them as threads. . Sorry but I need to rant! 13 Comments

  • Why are ADMIN removing my posts

    Hi there Folks. . Can someone help me to understand as to why ADMIN have removed my last two posts both related to the same free test drive in the Renault Megane, It snot spam but they still remove m... 7 Comments

  • how do u delete one of ur posts tht u want expired?

    as above help plese! 7 Comments

  • Is this shizznich new???

    i saw this under admins. . "i love being perfect" thread. . been there long?? 6 Comments

  • Cold Voting

    Other than the hot value rating, how do you find out if someone has voted you cold. . I'm not after finding out a "persons name" , it's just on some deals that are hot, e.g say 110 degrees, I noted a c... 12 Comments

  • Skype Logo on Forums

    Mr Developer. . Is there any chance you can change the way a logo is displayed for Skype, or remove the option altogether. Because the image is pulled from Skype: (http://mystatus.skype.com/smallicon/x... 9 Comments

  • Increase the amount of people that have to spam a thread before it becomes spammed?

    Recently threads are getting spammed for no reason. I presume it is just a couple of people that hate to see other people have a sucessful thread so spam it out of spite. I believe that if the amount ... 31 Comments

    The JFKThe JFK
  • New button?

    hows about the adding of a new button called 'duplicate'. rather than having all the confusion when members click on expire etc. would certainly make life easier for the masses and wouldnt be too diffi... 7 Comments

  • Improving the Search Feature?

    on alot of forums when you search for something then click on the thread youve searched the word/s that youve searched come up in red or highlighted i think it would be usefull on here, would it be ha... 1 Comment

  • Ok, so where did it go??

    I posted a deal for a free Vauxhall Corsa when buying a Vauxhall Vectra this evening. . It seems to have disappeared, so I can only assume it's been deleted. . For what reason and why?? Not even so muc... 4 Comments

  • Additional voting options for 'ethics' and/or 'shop rating'

    Well, quite simply as the title says. Would it be a good idea for HUK to implement a couple of extra voting options..... so, you can vote hot/cold on weather the deal is good value for money but also... 11 Comments

  • Pixmania deals....

    Can a warning be posted with Pixmania deals. . I had a bad experience with them a while back and so have some others on here and although their site is "UK facing" you have to contact France for every... 9 Comments

  • Mods! Neg rep for threads I've not even sold in!

    Can you please remove the 3 neg reps. http://hotukdeals.com/forum-feedback?user_id=19109. . I wasn't even involved with these sales. 13 Comments

  • new button

    what about a button for online and instore as many a deal i get excited about only to find it instore about 400 miles away 3 Comments

  • Quarantined Deals?

    I posted what I considered to be a pretty good deal the other day:. . http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/322704/casio-px-410-stage-piano-297-50-25-/. . ...but it got quarantined by a mod immediately because t... 14 Comments

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