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  • how do I download the Amazon app on my tablet ?

    Recently purchased a new tablet and trying to get my apps from Amazon on there which I got free from deals posted here.Google play only has Amazon store app and that is not d/loading the apps. Unfortu... 8 Comments

  • New PC Purchase

    Hey everyone. . I am looking at buying a new PC and probably my last, mine gets hammered with Photoshop and video edits etc so needs to be high spec. . I don't really want to spend more than 3 grand and... 8 Comments

  • Car Insurance Question..

    I'm just wondering, what are the factors of an insurance company on paying you out on a write off. . Anyone recently been in this situation can shed some light on what basis a company pays you out. L... 4 Comments


    How do people get so hooked on to this?Its like someone has hypnotized these people lol. . From what I've seen its complete b.s 1 Comment

  • The HUKD DE shaving thread

    Are there any DE shavers on HUKD. Is anyone curious about DE shaving. I thought HUKD should have its own DE thread. Post anything you think could be helpful to your fellow DE shavers here. Feel f... 4071 Comments

  • Destiny fireteam forum

    DESTINY . . Add me - magicjohnson8. . From playing the Alpha and Beta it is easy to see why this game is well anticipated. A big part of the experience involves 'fireteams' which are pretty much parties ... 3131 Comments

  • Is this real racism?

    Benedict Cumberbatch has been criticised for using the term Coloured to describe Black Actors. Now reading several articles about this I dont really see what the problem is. He didnt say it in a negit... 411 Comments

  • New product(s) that have been marketed well

    I need help with something I'm writing please! So are there any new products that you think have done a good job at persuading consumers? And why? Doesn't have to be a completely new product, it can b... 49 Comments

  • Ross noble

    Just got back from seeing Ross Noble tonight in Portsmouth and I really like him but tonight the performance was nowhere near the way he was last time I saw him. He normally goes off on all kinds of ... 1 Comment

  • 7 Letter Scrabble Word Game - With pictures

    As the other thread was expired here's a shiny new thread to carry on with. There's four, five & six letter scrabble... here's a 7 letter game, with descriptive pictures. Rules:. 1 You can only ... 2804 Comments

  • The all new HUKD Miniclip Pool Game

    **This time there may be prizes** (possibly). . Sign up and play against other HUKD'ers. . To make it a bit more fun for those of us who aren't expert pool players, this time there won't be any set tourn... 1364 Comments

  • 5 Letter Scrabble Game

    As it says: 5 letter scrabble game. Use the 5 letters and re-arrange into a new word. You can also use 4 and add another one like this: dolly, lolly, molly, etc. If you post the same word as the perso... 19811 Comments

  • Ted 2 Trailer Is Online

    "Who is Samuel Jackson". . "Have you ever seen any movie ever....he is the black guy". . Haha :) 15 Comments

  • Just heard this ......★★★★★★★★★★★ 257k sponsoring deeky for VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

    ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Well done Hotmilks on your Flamedeer PS4 win from Jht.... ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★. . One of my all time favourite records. . Just had to share for old times sake :-). . ★★★★★★★★★★★... 257487 Comments

  • Amazon Open Orders

    Whats your longest open order. . See mine below. 5 Comments

  • tesco juice

    hi guys i came on this today to search for deals as we all do. I came across a post about tesco juice that has been product recalled. My 23month yr old girl has been spewing for 39hours and it turns o... 80 Comments

  • Interview the person below you

    The object of the game is answer the question above then leave a question for the person below. WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK... 25641 Comments

  • Any Snow ?☁❆☼☃ I want☼to talk☁about the☂WEATHER☂no politics❆no religion☔❆☁☼

    It tipped down this morning then it was very windy. now the "The Official Weather and Chatty Thread" thanx TF. 100 ϟbϟddϟlybahϟ...................................1000ϟϟϟϟ☁☁Transformers☁☁ϟϟϟϟ. 200 ☼☼the O... 7076 Comments

  • This or That Game

    Basically the person before you asks a This or That question, i.e. whether you prefer one thing or another. The second person answers the This or That question and leaves another question, e.g. Chocol... 878 Comments

  • Whats the crack with these compressed deodorants?

    Just been to my local and noticed that they are promoting various deodorants that are so called "compressed". . I don't get it. . The Mens Dove deodorant for example is normally 250ml and the compressed ... 19 Comments

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