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Meerkat Movies (2 for 1 Cinema Codes) | Official Trading Thread

In need of a Meerkat Movies 2 for 1 code? - Request one here! • Please only request a code if you're going to use it. • Contributing members will be prioritised. Have a code going spare? - Don't let… 1674 Comments
SupremeJaguar AvatarSupremeJaguar2m agoLast updated 2 minutes ago by h41d3r96

HP Stream 7 Owner's Club

Owners thread Discuss your issues, tips, trick and solutions and more relating to the tablet. Any good products that will fit the tablet, software etc! -----------------------------------------------… 789 Comments
smsmasters Avatarsmsmasters3m agoLast updated 3 minutes ago by soggs

Windows 10 - Download Now !

Hi all, Windows 10 is finally available, but as MS are releasing it in "waves", there is no guarantee on when this will drop onto your PC. If you really hate Windows 8 that much or are as impatient 53 Comments
ChrisUK AvatarChrisUK4m agoLast updated 4 minutes ago by rev6

Big game hunters

With all the furore about Cecil the lion being killed by an avid big game hunter in the news, I wonder what possesses an educated person to want to kill animals in this manner. I don't have a problem… 83 Comments
Mark2111 AvatarMark21115m agoLast updated 5 minutes ago by longbowassassin

Just heard this ......★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ 290k sponsoring deeky for VIP ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Well done Hotmilks on your Flamedeer PS4 win from Jht.... ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ One of my all time favourite records. Just had to share for old times sake :-) ★★★★★★★★★★★… 290267 Comments
maccy1 Avatarmaccy18m agoLast updated 8 minutes ago by Andy@XCite

The Stone Roses/Oasis - HUKD Fan Thread

Straight up 'The Stone Roses' and 'Oasis' fan thread. Are you a fan of both, one or the other etc? Favourite songs/album(s) that sorta thing. There HAS to be some fans lying around on HUKD. 7 Comments
M0nk3h AvatarM0nk3h9m agoLast updated 9 minutes ago by DarkEnergy2012

B&Q Innocence P Shaped Shower - Anyone Purchased This Product ??

Purchased the mentioned shower and enclosure from B&Q 18 months ago following a deal on here. Have had a few problems in the past but have always been able to source spares from a company called PJH. 124 Comments
Squelds AvatarSquelds25m agoLast updated 25 minutes ago by Squelds

The Sun Themeparks Free Tickets - Date Trick

Hi Not sure if this is in the right place BUT I hope it may help someone! We had tickets for Alton Towers free out of the Sun News paper dated Friday the 24th of July, as it was raining I decided t… 2 Comments
stuartguest1 Avatarstuartguest130m agoLast updated 30 minutes ago by mattinhull

Barristers to strike over cuts to legal aid

Sky There are fears of disruption throughout the criminal justice system as criminal barristers begin striking today in protest over cuts to legal aid. Barristers will begin refusing to take on Crow… 119 Comments
Lyrrad AvatarLyrrad30m agoLast updated 30 minutes ago by andrewhislop

Calling Upon All HUKD Nintendo Wii U Owners and Splatoon'ers!!! HUKD North vs HUKD South Turf Wars!!!

Splatoon on the Nintendo Wii U will be receiving a new update soon where it will allow us to create custom teams and battle it out online against each other. For most of us guys within the HUKD commu… 6 Comments
rimz790 Avatarrimz79033m agoLast updated 33 minutes ago by gavvybiggs

SHREK is love, shrek is life

type this into youtube and well...................i dont know what to say tbh 6 Comments
Havince AvatarHavince36m agoLast updated 36 minutes ago by g8spur

OnePlus One Invitation Thread ** Pls do not post external contact info / email addresses**

Creating Bit Early But Reply Below *Want Invitation* If anyone gets an invite choose then next name on the list and inbox them details to invite, If everyone does this correctly everyone on HUKD Will 754 Comments
whelan189 Avatarwhelan18937m agoLast updated 37 minutes ago by Pr4t1k

dawn of the planet of the apes ultraviolet code for anyone that would like.

Just got the blu Ray again so have a spare code, first to ask will receive thanks. 7 Comments
Snakeyes646 AvatarSnakeyes64643m agoLast updated 43 minutes ago by Snakeyes646

150 migrants made it down the tunnel last night

wow I guess that makes them UK resident refugees now this is the start of something similar but bigger tonight, for example 17 Comments
bob99999 Avatarbob9999952m agoLast updated 52 minutes ago by eslick

wanted: free ultraviolet movie codes

If anyone has any ultraviolet codes for movies that they do not want, i'll gladly take them off your hands. Thanks 4 Comments
Kammykay AvatarKammykay55m agoLast updated 55 minutes ago by Kammykay

❅☁☁❅ I want☼to talk☼about the☔WEATHER☔no politics☃no religion❅☁☁❅

It tipped down this morning then it was very windy now the "The Official Weather and Chatty Thread" thanx TF 100 ϟbϟddϟlybahϟ...................................1000ϟϟϟϟ☁☁Transformers☁☁ϟϟϟϟ 200 ☼° ☼the… 16262 Comments
thewongwing101 Avatarthewongwing1011h, 24m agoLast updated 1 hour, 24 minutes ago by thewongwing101

BT September Price Increases - Get out of contract early with no charges

BT have contacted customers about price increases in September. Due to these increases customers within their minimum term contract can leave their contract early with no penalties (30 days notice mus… 59 Comments
GigahurtzUK AvatarGigahurtzUK1h, 52m agoLast updated 1 hour, 52 minutes ago by dani80

2nd forgotten crash victim dies.

The girl (Lamara Bell) has died. Lamara & her partner (John Yuill) went off the road on the M9 & after a call to police that a car had gone off the road,the police failed to turn up. John died at the… 48 Comments
WheresMeNuts AvatarWheresMeNuts2h, 7m agoLast updated 2 hours, 7 minutes ago by Daaaavvveee

Show us your Photos! 2015 July's Theme - Starts with J.or U. or L.or Y.

This is the place to post your very own photos of hols, scenes, wildlife and all things of interest. Accompanying descriptions and information, plus general photography chat are very welcome (but NOT 808 Comments
fern37 Avatarfern372h, 10m agoLast updated 2 hours, 10 minutes ago by Ziad81

Operation Stack One Man Disco

Operation Stack meets #Discoboy on the m20 for a one off Party in the tunnel Haha laughed my head off. More people Should have gotten involved though. https://youtu.be/FMoHk11arzY 2 Comments
PittancePincher AvatarPittancePincher2h, 23m agoLast updated 2 hours, 23 minutes ago by Shengis