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    I've just rang o2 as i'm in the last month of my contract to say the usual i wanna cancel as i've seen a better deal elsewhere! So they said there bit etc...... Told them i could get a nokia n95 8gb w... 34 Comments

  • Xbox 360 Problems...

    For about 3 months now, Ive had to restart my Xbox numerous amount of times because the ROM Drive would only play DVD's... So whenever I put in a game disc, It comes up with a white screen with "Pleas... 14 Comments

  • 1st official Job 2moro

    Go my first job induction day tomorrow at Waitrose. I have done temp next work but this is my real official job. Gonna get some 46p Frijis aswell :-D. Its well cool cause i will be working with my dad... 29 Comments

  • Re: can't find my topic

    http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/224010/can-t-find-my-topic/. . I posted a play.com 5% voucher code which was for RAC members, but it also worked for those that weren't RAC members, apparently this was fr... 7 Comments

    bite mebite me
  • HTC Diamond Unlock.

    Hi people. . Have got myself an HTC Diamond....awesome phone but I want to use my 3 simcard. Is there anyway to unlock it. . Thanks 3 Comments

  • Who are offering the bext interest % on savings at the moment? I want to be able to access it whenever I like

    As title says. Rep given to those who can help! 23 Comments

  • HD TV Card

    After a HD TV Card for an AMD5000 Processor. . Can anyone recommend a decent card that does 720p? Preferrably dual tuner. Also if any of you do get FTA Channels, would you recommend DVBViewer or anythi... 1 Comment

  • Vodafone change of prices to 0800/0870 etc etc numbers

    Hi. . New to the forum, only just registered. . I just received a text from Vodafone saying prices to numerous phone numbers including 0800, 0870 and more are changing. . Sorry I cannot give you more inf... 1 Comment

  • Samsung Steel phone themes

    Just recieved my Samsung Steel upgrade, it's the first time i've not had a Nokia!! the phone is great, i get on well with it, it's just a bit boring, there is a theme on it, so i presume more could be... 1 Comment

  • Working tax cheque out of date

    my boyfriend forgot to cash 2 of his working tax cheques, and they are now out of date! does anyone no how we can get around this? Do we have to sent them back I would phone them and ask but my house ... 13 Comments

    Kellie + PaisleyKellie + Paisley
  • Halo movie possibly back on

    Neill Blomkamp came out and stated that the movie in its current form was dead and that we shouldnt look forward to a Halo Movie any time soon. This was back in october 2007. Blomkamp had made the hal... 12 Comments

  • problems connecting media remote to my xbox 360!!!

    hey all im having problems with connecting my media remote to my xbox hddvd drive. not sure where to start as lost manual for it. Any help welcome. cheers 7 Comments

    big willy stylebig willy style
  • Best portable fan?

    I am looking to buy an electric fan I can take with me when I am travelling in the UK and abroad. I want one I can use overnight in hotels which is powerful but not too bulky. Any advice? Add comment

  • TomTom on HTC Touch Diamond???

    hi, guys well finally I received the HTC touch diamond today and I must say im very impressed looks fab and features are really cool. well I was just looking for the TomTom feature on the phone and ca... 12 Comments

  • Looking for a film like Black Hawk Down...

    Yeah, I really enjoyed it I wondered if there was like the equivilent but with british forces? I've seeen Jarhead and I didn't think it was that great to be honest. Anyone got any recommendations for ... 14 Comments

  • You, me, HDUK.........I make it Pimms O'Clock!

    Hi all, what time do you make it?! Those adverts ticke me! 7 Comments

  • Fancy Dress Stag night

    Hi all. . Got about 10 of us going on my stag night in Liverpool in a few weeks, and thought it would be a laugh to make it fancy dress. . Shall we have a theme (like Super Heros, pirates, 80's cops etc... 46 Comments

  • Need help chosing a tv

    Ok my parents want to get a new tv for their living room. Now they arent very knowledgable and nor am i at chosing tv so i thought i would ask the kind people here to help them out. . Only requirement ... 14 Comments


    Up for eviction this week is. . . xre and denlabi 20 Comments

  • iPod

    Hi. . I'm about buy an iPod, either off the Apple site, or a refurb from their site. Just wanted to make sure that no one knows of any better offers, or any sales coming up within the next day or so, b... 5 Comments

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