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  • Many thanks to GUV! For helping with my website...

    Thank you.. all done now :) Thanks again for the hosting help. . Well at least i think it's done... :D 20 Comments

  • Stopover hotel in mid-France

    We're driving down to Spain in a few weeks and plan to make an overnight stop somewhere around Bourges in the Eastern Loire Valley, just off the E11. . Can anyone recommend any hotels/B&Bs which accomm... 11 Comments

  • how do you add heat???????????

    im sorry to all you oldies to ask this question, but as the title says how do i add heat to good deals??????????? 19 Comments

  • Happy or Sad -My Daughrter just passed her driving test

    I have been so nervous all day - feeling sick and in a terrible state, was ok on my other daughter, but this one iss my 'baby' and she just passed her driving test, I know I shoudldbe happy but I am n... 21 Comments

  • Best and Cheapest Place to get Covers for GBA Micro

    As above =]. . Thanks Add comment

  • Canda Trip

    My Girlfriend is going to Canada for three months at the start of September, im thinking of going over there to surprise her for 2 weeks in october, does anyone know of any good websites or anything, ... 4 Comments

  • Can't Mother Nature make her mind up?

    One minute the sun is shining, the next mintute it's raining, worse still is both, sun shining on my face and raining pouring on my head! 6 Comments

  • Play-Asia

    If i buy a DVD or Game from Play-Asia, will it work in the UK . . Thanks. . Biffy67 2 Comments

  • Can Anyone Help Me Unlock SE W910i?

    I bought a SE W910i of a mate of mine but its on T-Mobile and I need to unlock it because I have an Orange simcard. . My local phone shop is saying they'll do it for £20 but I first wanted to see if an... 7 Comments

  • **2 free tickets to watch Donkey punch Available**

    Can't attend anymore :(. . Film is tonight at 6.30pm in Huddersfield. . 2 tickets available. . Collect from Edgerton area. . contact me: mitch1712@hotmail.com 1 Comment

  • cheap parking in brum B3

    Hia. . I've got the day off & am looking for something cheap to do indoors as the weather is a bit crap. We've found the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery which is free to get into but only know NCP car ... 2 Comments

  • Synonym Game

    Synonyms are different words with identical or at least similar meanings. . If I write "hide", you could use "bury" "conceal" "secrete", but since the word can mean "fur" "occult" "skin" and "whip", yo... 20 Comments

  • Who's Your ISP, What's Your Speed, How Far Are You From Exchange? Compensation?

    Just curious as at moment I've got a line fault and my option 3 BT Broadband upto 8MB* package is running at a mere 130kbs..!!! and has been for about a week, I had a similar problem at beginning of ... 39 Comments

  • Sky HD

    Im looking to get this, as i really want HD programs. Its £150 for the box and £10 on top of monthly sub. . Has anyone got it and do they recommend it? Cheers :) 15 Comments

  • It's a braw, bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht

    Is it just me or does looking up at the stars just make you feel really privelaged to be a part of it. . Makes lifes little worries seem so insignificant ......... until the credit card bill comes thro... 43 Comments

  • building a pc need some help

    I need a new PC. i would require lots of hard drive space. 3-4gig ram. a decent 5.1 or upwards card. a graphics card=not going to be useed for gaming. new case-which 1. which motherboard . mouse, keyboard ... 39 Comments

  • paypal transfer

    I started a withdrawl to my bank then realised I'd had a new card sent, but the account number + sort code are still the same. So this won't affect it right. . Rep for help! 9 Comments

  • Chinook helicopter lifts Sea king

    WWHHHAAA :o. . http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7493547.stm 11 Comments

  • Three - What do u reckon to them?

    Im think of buying the N95 from 3 for £20 a mth what are your experiences with te 3 netwrok please? 26 Comments

  • Job interview

    I have a job interview on Saturday for my local bingo :P was wondering what kind of questions to ask and other interview tips please. 18 Comments

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