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  • Pick a number.......

    1) pick a number from 1-10. . . 2) subtract 5. . . 3) multiply by 3. . . 4) square the number (multiply by the same number) (Dont forget if its a minus number it will become a positve number eg -3 x -3 = 9)... 26 Comments

  • Annoying Things at the Cinema...

    Went watching the new Indiana Jones movie yesterday and not only was it a really bad film I had some guy who seemed to think it was ok for him to rest his feet on the back of my chair and continually ... 94 Comments

  • Advice on a 'Spa day'

    Its my girlfriends 21st birthday soon and shes just finishing up her final year exams so has been pretty stressed for the last couple of months so i am thinking i will get her some sort of pamper day ... 3 Comments

  • prudential car insurance - quidco

    Hi. I am interested in trying to get the £100 cash back for prudential insurance through quidco. There are no statistics for tracking though (this is quite unusual I think). Has anyone had tracking... 4 Comments

  • This shows the police and security are working to protect us public...

    I came across this story whilst looking on the sun online. . "AIRPORT guards stopped a man boarding a plane for wearing a Transformers T-shirt showing a cartoon gun. . The top has the Transformers film... 31 Comments

  • Help PLease My Son's PC Won't Boot Correctly

    My Son's computer will not boot up correctly.. It is a Compaq machine running Windows XP. As it begins to boot it comes up with a warning message about being interrupted previously and then provides ... 19 Comments

  • Anyone have any decent discount retailers for home furnishings (similar to halfcost.co.uk)?

    As per title, could anyone kindly recommend any decent discount retailers (online or near / around London) for home furnishings . . Something similar to www.halfcost.co.uk would be great (cost wise tha... Read more

  • can someone help my bluetooth connection...

    Howdy, just bought myself a rather cuteusb bluetooth adapter, it all works well, I was just wondering if there is anyway I can select it to permanently start up when windows does. I don't want to have... 7 Comments

    the dandy pthe dandy p
  • No gambling deals for me please!

    I love hot uk deals, its my home page and I look forward to logging on and seeing whats hot. . BUT, I have had a serious gambling problem and I do not want to see any form of gambling promotion - How c... 32 Comments

  • Any Bicycle Experts?

    Im not sure what is wrong with my bike but when i lightly lift the bars, the bars and forks move from side to side. Any ideas what is wrong? 8 Comments

  • Handy Tip: Deliver to a different address

    Ever been shopping online with someone like Ebuyer, but wanted to have the item delivered to a different address other than the one of your Credit/Debit card. . Sign up with Google Checkout and you can... 2 Comments

  • difference?

    I've seen 3 Comments

  • Nintendo Wii

    Just ordered a nintendo wii, so now looking for some suggestions on what to get to go with it. Zelda is already definite. . Console bundled with Wii remote, nunchuck and Wii sports. 27 Comments

  • Apartments in Paris

    I'm looking to go to Paris with my husband in September. We've been plenty of times before so this time we fancied staying for longer and having a more authentic (and probably cheaper) stay by renting... 4 Comments

  • has anyone ever used store5555?

    found this place today http://www.store5555.com/main/index.php They are based in thailand I think. Prices are great but are they genuine products and is the company reliable? Possible taxes to ad... 19 Comments

  • New Avatar - which one?

    I created myself a couple of avatars. I hand drew them, then scanned them in to animate. . which should I use the raw one. . or the edited one. . avatars in my next post 28 Comments

  • Yippeeee.... Many Congrats GoDutchGooooooo on 3, 000 posts

    Who's a Clever Clogs then?!!. . Well done to a great chap!!! :-). . Talented Scrabbler, Word Association player and pretty witty too .. lol ... :-) Would have been really gutted to have missed seein... 54 Comments

  • Recommend A Good Freeview Box..?

    I've just put a Digi Ariel up on my roof and would like to know what the Best Freeview Box is .......... any recomendations Please ?. . Thanks Zeldadog 7 Comments

  • DEALEXTREME.. Getting better??

    Just recieved my 4th order from dealextreme, and can say i am very impressed. . Maybe they have taken on a new manager or just new staff or something. My first order a couple of months ago took just o... 13 Comments

  • Trip to Italy

    I'm lloking into taking my Girlfriend away to Italy for a week in July... . I've never been before, but it's somewhere I've wanted to go for a long time... I'm just asking if anyone else has been, are ... 16 Comments

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