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  • I've got no hot water!

    Ok so we don't seem to have hot water in our house again. Last time this happened I think it was because the pilot light had gone out or something? Could this be right, and if so how do I get it worki... 30 Comments

  • Video

    Does anyone know the link for a video wheere some dude(cant rember his name) swollows a coin that someone had written on, then cuts it out of his arm. 13 Comments

  • Interview Question

    Hey people. . I had an interview for my first post-uni job today. One of the questions i was asked is shown below. Can any of you work out the answer?! Exciting! :). . A train travels from A to B. 1 hour... 49 Comments

  • HELP !!!!!

    how do i find all my threads i have posted and posted in cant find them i no its in control panel but were bouts thnks in advance. . Whenever you cheese somebody. - raptorcigs 8 Comments

  • OMG

    how do i see all the threads i have posted or posted in cnt find it anymore lol 1 Comment

  • GPRS simcard

    hey, what the best deals on GPRS atm. I have just bought a usb gprs receiver for internet, pay as you go is prefered! what is the cheaest deals out there 8 Comments

  • welshsoldier suspended?

    How do I thank the man for posting my games? Cannot send him a PM and cannot reply in his locked thread. I know that he bumped a few times, but noobs do make mistakes ya know. I'll have to say it h... 3 Comments

  • Who rep-rolled me? :-p

    I suppose I could just look it up in the mod panel... but I wouldn't ever abuse that feature in such a way. So, I guess I'll never know who left me rep with Rick Astley lyrics in it a few days ago..... 294 Comments

  • Anyone know giggear.co.uk?

    My son wants to buy some guitar bits from this company but I haven't heard of them before. Website looks okay, but I'm always a bit cautious with paying for stuff over the net from companies I don't ... 3 Comments

  • Thanks Alot Rangers Fans, Disgrace

    Man United parade off after riots. . . A Rangers fan throwing a bottle in Piccadilly Gardens (Pic: Jeevandra Sivarajah). Trouble flared in Piccadilly Gardens (Pic: Jeevandra Sivarajah). . Manchester United'... 113 Comments

  • Are we allowed to sell autographs on this site?

    Thanks alot, danny. 39 Comments

  • Computer not recognising me DVDR ---- halp!

    Tried burning a few discs last nite and noticed it wasn't working. I then realised that DVDR had seemingly disappeared from my computer. Went into device manager and it came up with error code 39 (som... 10 Comments

    Sheriff WafflesSheriff Waffles
  • Why is hotukdeals so addictive?

    Is it because we have nothing better to do. Is it because you have an influence on deals by voting. Is it because your able to express your opinions without being face to face to people? 22 Comments

  • That time of the week again....

    A radio station in Australia ran a phone-in competition to find the Most embarrassing moment in listener's lives. The final four were:. . 4th Place. While in line at the bank one afternoon, my toddler ... 11 Comments

  • Two infractions

    In under 10 days. . Must be a HUKD Record!! *Sarcasm* 407 Comments

  • eerie indiana

    Hi does anybody know if the Eerie Indiana boxset is meant to be in a cardboard sleeve.Sorry for the random question,but i bought the boxset online and in the picture it looked like it had an outer car... 17 Comments

  • HAVE ENOUGH NOW - THANKS GUYS! Brit trips codes wanted - for PTA raffle prize

    Hi, if you aren't using your Brit Trips codes, I would really appreciate them. I am on the PTA of a small school and we are trying to collect enough to use for a couple of raffle prizes - the days out... 7 Comments

  • Who's setting up a massive touch screen with their Wiimote then???

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s5EvhHy7eQ. . Watch that, looks really easy to do. Basically all you need is a wiimote and a bluetooth pc. Gonna set one up on my tv in the lounge soon. Should make a ... 25 Comments

  • 1

    2 4 Comments

  • Can i list an OEM version of Windows in the FS/FT Forum ??

    as title 16 Comments

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