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  • help please with finding a thread

    got e mail from ladbrooks. . how do i use them 3 Comments

    danby jasondanby jason
  • Travelling to Wembley from the West Midlands

    Going to watch the Foo Fighters on Saturday going from Brum. . When watching the mighty Villa (not that often at Wembly) I usually drive down the M40 to Ruislip leave my car there and catch the tube to... 14 Comments

  • Brand New Mattress, any for under 70 Quid

    i recently bought a new double bed, i,m now looking for a double mattress anyone know of any cheap sites that sell them, prefurably under 70 and in stock lol 1 Comment

  • If i pay someone by Paypal, is there anyway i could be scammed?

    Was wondering if I paid anyone by Paypal is it possible for them to get more out of my account rather than what I sent and also is it possible that they can get my bank/credit card details? 10 Comments

  • News: Code for accurate broadband speeds

    A new code of practice aims to give consumers greater clarity over their broadband packages and follows widespread concerns that many pay for high speeds that they never receive. . Ofcom, who published... 4 Comments

  • need help to download music/videos to vista

    ive heard loads of things that i really dont understand like torrents ect... please can someone advise me on how to download music/videos from p2p and/or youtube, e4 site and things like that. . sorry... 18 Comments

  • Lol my uni library staff arent that bright

    I went in yesterday and took the ethernet cable out of the back of one of the pcs to connect my laptop(as that way I dont log in and so my allowance isnt used lol). . Didnt get a chance to reconnect cab... 15 Comments

  • which trainers should i buy!!

    i really don't know which, out of the two, to choose. Whats your opinion on these two. Both of them look and cost pretty much the same. 7 Comments

  • problem with a seller on ebay

    Ok so i bought need for speed most wanted on psp from someone on ebay for £2.65 and £2.50 postage so £5.15 total, they had 0 feedback but i figured hey you have to start somewhere plus ive bought from... 47 Comments

  • Call Of Duty 4 (PC) free map pack and 1.6 patch available now!

    Day early? anyway get it from here:. . http://www.gamershell.com/download_27186.shtml 9 Comments

  • i love this place

    i actually love being on here,most of you will probably tell as i go a bit mental with my posts.i ususally buy all my stuff from ebay or the high streets but on here you get to know the buyer/seller a... 4 Comments

  • Emmerdale

    The switched baby storyline. . what would you do? Would you want to take on the baby thats really yours? or leave him with the other couple. . also what did Laurel and Ashley agree?, after the upset with... 29 Comments

  • Anyone stayed in Hotel des Olympiades in Paris, France

    I would like to have your honest feedback on that Hotel.... Planning to go there end of August... 1 Comment

  • FOUND E.T.

    They Caught E.T. . . . He was apparently cooking meth in Kentucky 3 Comments

  • Prickly Heat

    Hi there, my mum suffers from prickly heat in weather like this and when she goes away. As fair as i know there are no cures for it. But if anyone can shed light to that there could be, would be much ... 22 Comments

  • Camp Site Recommendations NW

    Hi guys. . Can anyone recommend a good camp site (tent pitch) in the NW, within an hours drive of Liverpool. . Looking to go at the weekend (6 of us), but can't find anywhere decent or that is recommend... 5 Comments

  • When is the BIG quiz?

    What time does it start??????. Can't wait, much better than watching that BB piffle 13 Comments

  • Wierd video

    Some people have alot of time on there hands. . http://youtube.com/watch?v=9ILV4DFyONw 2 Comments


    These classifieds were really put in the paper - a smile for your day. . FREE YORKSHIRE TERRIER. 8 years old. Hateful little b******d. Bites. . FREE PUPPIES: 1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor's d... 6 Comments

  • Best place to buy an Ipod shuffle?

    I am thinking of buying an IPod Shuffle 1gb, and so far it seems the lowest price is £32, at John Lewis/ Apple with a 1 year guarantee. . Does anyone know of any where better that sells this. Any help ... 3 Comments

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