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  • Think i've got another long night ahead of me...

    bailey's still panting like mad! Hopefully the pups come tonight :) 45 Comments

  • Good Morning - I've been up working since 2 am.

    Good Morning folks. I could not sleep so got up early to get my computer tasks sorted. Got the rest of the day free, so will probably go to Argos to buy the much needed DVD recorder. . Liddle ol' me wr... 7 Comments

  • House hunting websites

    Hi, can anyone recomend any good house hunting websites? Not individual Estate agents but ones like rightmove.com and fish4homes 5 Comments

  • Free Quidco Cashback, Free Money?

    Anyone know any sites you can sign up for free cashback on Quidco. . Daily Clicks. One Time Cashback. . Already know about Kelkoo and High Street Web. . Thank You 4 Comments

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  • Caturday cat caption competition

    C a t u r d a y. . Who can come up with the best caption for these 5 cat piccys . . . . . 5 cat pictures coming up ................. 64 Comments


    is it me or are there fewer buyers on ebay......... . . the same types of items i listed 6months ago sold within 12hrs on a buyitnow. . however, i now have relisted 3times now and no buyers despite reduc... 32 Comments

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  • Freaking boredddd.... someone amuse me! :)

    Trying to win more points on a game... it takes time so flipping between here and there.... . if you're awake let's chatttttt :). . xx 23 Comments

  • Wakey Wakey

    Why do loads people go so early. Come on people :P. I have an exam in the morning and im still awake. Dont be so boring :p 67 Comments

  • Guess what, Microsoft are releasing this August?

    Yes! Another damn X360 console LOL. . ---------------------. Microsoft Xbox 360 - JASPER. . Microsoft Corp. reportedly plans to release a new version its Xbox 360 video game system code-named Jasper in Au... 46 Comments

  • All these 'name' days...

    Doesn't it kill Caturday. . People thinking they're funny, and they know they're REALLY not. :) 110 Comments

  • Can you identify these song lyrics

    1. "Is it getting better or do we feel the same?" (1990s). 2. "Dont drink, don't smoke - what do you do?" (1980s). 3. "Remember to let her into your heart." (1960s). 4. "I laughed at all of your jokes... 30 Comments

  • whos going to pontins? which camps and when?

    saw on MSE they are all working out who is going where and when so thought we could do it on here. . im going 21st july to prestatyn 14 Comments

  • That Show! Help!

    Lol ok i remember a show from the late 80's early 90's when i was a kid. . I duno much about it. . Except it was based on like a police station, and it was sci fi. . It had like human cops and alien cops... 17 Comments

  • Spreadsheet

    I am going to get a contract from e2save and have drawn up a spreadsheet to make sure i dont get conned, does this seem ok. . http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v253/superdebz007/?action=view¤t=un... 4 Comments

  • Its dark - If its been posted before, apols, couldn't find it!

    A woman takes a lover home during the day while her husband is at. . work. . Her 9 year old son comes home unexpectedly, sees them, and hides in. the bedroom cupboard to watch. . Just after getting into be... 7 Comments


    does anyone have any silly top tips like the viz comic used to do. . eg: using string, nails and pullies, it is possible to turn on the bath taps from your living room. or: fill a shredded wheat with pi... 13 Comments

  • A horse joke

    A fellow walks into a bar very down on himself. As he walks up to the bar the bartender asks, "what's the matter?". . The fellow replies, "well I've got these two horses (sniff,sniff), and well... I ca... 12 Comments

  • 100% feedback - what a laugh!

    Up until a few days ago I had 100% feedback on eBay, but because someone a year ago mistakenly pressed neutral, according to the new order of things, I now have 99.2%. This is absolutely daft. Bang go... 27 Comments

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