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Supermarket Basic Range reviews (Please add you own).

About a year ago a fellow user posted a request on the quality of the basic ranges of supermarket products. Over the years I've tasted, sampled or used a number of their products. Here is some of my e… 79 Comments
nemesiz Avatarnemesiz3d, 10h agoLast updated 3 days, 10 hours ago by nemesiz

02 M&S Reward for Referral - Check Yours

So thank you 02, for giving me a free £80 in M&S vouchers! First conundrum, I referred my husband through the refer a friend form found on here (thank you OP). We both clicked the refer links but did… 23 Comments
espirit77 Avatarespirit773d, 11h agoLast updated 3 days, 11 hours ago by espirit77

WWE Wrestling discussion thread ツ

All the latest from RAW/Smackdown and PPV events. 6150 Comments
D_G AvatarD_G3d, 13h agoLast updated 3 days, 13 hours ago by ed1980

Go Go Go on Nick Jr.

Have to say, this song that keeps coming on should be banned. They punch the air and say pow pow pow. Find it really aggressive. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. 18 Comments
jaydog69 Avatarjaydog693d, 14h agoLast updated 3 days, 14 hours ago by peteivy

Autotrader Scam

I have a car advertised on Autotrader.co.uk and in Autotrader magazine, I've had the usual e-mails about "we are a shipping agent for an overseas client.................ete etc" but yesterday I receiv… 5 Comments
pugw$sh Avatarpugw$sh3d, 15h agoLast updated 3 days, 15 hours ago by miikeyblue

Confused about eBay seller??

I thought I was quite savvy when it came to ebay, but am completely babmboozled by this one! I am watching 2 items from the same seller (new member with no feedback) and yet when I click on' sellers o… 16 Comments
chuckiedoll Avatarchuckiedoll3d, 16h agoLast updated 3 days, 16 hours ago by WheresMeNuts

New Galaxy Live Stream.

If it's your kind of thing, it has currently been streaming 10 minutes. 24 Comments
BuzzDuraband AvatarBuzzDuraband3d, 16h agoLast updated 3 days, 16 hours ago by KillFelix

Asos costumer service number !!! 02077561000

Anyone having problems with this company (as I did) They have an email ONLY costumer service link on their website (say they do not have costumer service telephone nr) NOT TRUE - save yourself tim… 39 Comments
Scarletje AvatarScarletje3d, 16h agoLast updated 3 days, 16 hours ago by Joynarty

got a iphone/ipad/ipod touch download this

free game 7 Comments
professorEX AvatarprofessorEX3d, 16h agoLast updated 3 days, 16 hours ago by tpol

What's the best deal you have ever seen on hukd ?

It would be great if you could copy/paste the thread. But if not,just give details. I'm still thinking about my best,but I will post.... 23 Comments
ELVIS_THE_PELVIS AvatarELVIS_THE_PELVIS3d, 22h agoLast updated 3 days, 22 hours ago by bazzamone

HUKD Wii U owners thread - share your Nintendo Network ID and see you on Miiverse

Picked up a Wii U recently? Share your Nintendo Network ID here and let's connect on Miiverse. Info here on using external storage http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2012/11/guide_using_usb_storage_wi… 3126 Comments
jsty3105 Avatarjsty31054d, 5h agoLast updated 4 days, 5 hours ago by rimz790

Need help with itunes podcasts please

The issue i am having is after listening to a podcast it wont delete even if i press the delete button. I now have nearly 500 podcasts already listened to that i want to get rid of.How do you guys and… 1 Comment
archer1204 Avatararcher12044d, 5h agoLast updated 4 days, 5 hours ago by brilly

how to get cheap amazon prime

Adam PDM AvatarAdam PDM4d, 6h agoLast updated 4 days, 6 hours ago by benjammin316

Tombola Bingo... free fiver is NOT a scam!

I got a leaflet with a code for a free £5 on Tombola Bingo, which I'd normally chuck without even looking at, but for some unknown reason was drawn to the bit that said 'no deposit, no card details re… 27 Comments
panddda Avatarpanddda4d, 7h agoLast updated 4 days, 7 hours ago by panddda

May 7th is Coming, lets start the hotly debated topic of politics

With may the 7th approaching, it seems the right time to talk about what's best for the country. With every thread being derailed by politics lets make a central thread for discussion not arguments. 35 Comments
StevenBrown AvatarStevenBrown4d, 8h agoLast updated 4 days, 8 hours ago by phil1 Edinburgh

Has Anyone Had any Experiences with Anglian Windows?

We have been thinking about having a conservatory put on the back of our house and someone from Anglian has just knocked the door. Has anyone on here used them before, what's their reputation like? Th… 107 Comments
caz1cool Avatarcaz1cool4d, 8h agoLast updated 4 days, 8 hours ago by harddoneby

Music world

Music is a one kind of entertainment , it help us to get relief from the bored mood and be relax,. we can express our feeling with the special persons by music sometime. So its very importent part of 10 Comments
priencessakhter Avatarpriencessakhter4d, 13h agoLast updated 4 days, 13 hours ago by maddogb

Do tesco still do double the difference if you are over charged?

Today I saw an item on the shelf for £44.97 then I scanned it at the price check machine and it showed £54.97. If I bought it for £54.97 and went to customer services would I get double the difference… 7 Comments
addyfisher Avataraddyfisher4d, 13h agoLast updated 4 days, 13 hours ago by bazzamone

Guilty or Not- Sir Cliff Richard ?

Looks like the police must have more to go on & only a matter of time before Cliff get's a chap at the door. Do you think he's guilty or just some people trying to make money from him by selling the s… 151 Comments
WheresMeNuts AvatarWheresMeNuts4d, 13h agoLast updated 4 days, 13 hours ago by maddogb

Poundstretcher v2 Xtreme Batteries leaking!!

During the holidays I bought the V2 Xtreme Batteries from poundstretcher and used them for my children's toys. I noticed today, that acid was pouring out of one of the batteries, and then noticed that… 20 Comments
kar22145 Avatarkar221454d, 14h agoLast updated 4 days, 14 hours ago by Transformers