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Expired - is it ok?

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Hello - there is a 'deal' on and I don't know if it is a legit site etc... Does anybody know? Please and thanks :) Read More
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5y, 1m agoPosted 5 years, 1 month ago
Hello - there is a 'deal' on
and I don't know if it is a legit site etc... Does anybody know?
Please and thanks :)
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5y, 1m agoPosted 5 years, 1 month ago

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Fab... Thank you :)

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Hi, yes, it's just the same as Groupon, KGB Deals etc :)
Fab... Thank you :)
Hi, yes, it's just the same as Groupon, KGB Deals etc :)

In which case - not legit. Hateful companies the lot of them.
Oh... **** :(
Oh... **** :(

Syz isnt leading you wrong, Milkfloat is just referring to the poor service and checking that groupon/KGB does on their providers of service. Google up a few reviews on here or the wider internet and you will see the issues.

KGB/Groupon - Poor service of suppliers, refund time delays, major clauses etc etc

Edited By: Nailez on May 28, 2012 13:14
Hi, I had the same problem with this Discount vouchers site. I purchased an offer( which on reflection seemed to good to be true) in June and still haven't received the goods and the money was taken out of my account. An absolute con. I would advise anyone who is thinking of buying anything from this bunch of ***** not to. If it seems to good to be true then it more than likely is. How no one has looked into this Company by now and their ***** from people who work hard for their money is beyond me. (DO NOT BE FOOLED) they are *****. Absolutely disgusted at myself at being taken in and thinking I could get a bargain. I would have been aswell throwing my money away. Cazza

Edited By: juliet_bravo on Feb 12, 2013 16:54: * means partial Takedown due to legal complaint
I keep getting spam from them, even though I've unsubscriped 10 times.
Spam is very annoying I know, but some people havn't even received their items. i was one of the lucky ones! don't know what to suggest about the spams,, have you tried emailing them direct? im still getting emails from them too, but I havnt bothered to unsubscribe as yet. looks like it wont get me any where if I do!
I have just read everyones comments and i totally agree, i have been waiting 3 weeks for my item and still no sign. I must admit i have been receiving email replies from the company all telling me my item has been dispatched but still no sign. I find it a shame it cant be delivered as quick as them taking your money out of your account, i was informed it would take 7 working days!! If the company are having delays for whatever reason it would of been nice to of been informed. I would not recommend this company to anyone, unless your in no rush for your item. This was a present which is now nearly 2 weeks late, not happy
I have just received my order of a remote snake, I decided to put in batteries to try it before putting it away for Christmas, but it only goes round and round, one drive wheels is not turning and it`s tongue never moves, please can I return the snake and get my money returned to my accound, There is no address or information in the parcel
Surprise surprise i just phoned the number and its an answer machine. I wont hold my breath waiting for a call as i have sent 3 emails and am not getting anywhere. I simply want my money back, This has nothing to do with suppliers its clearly a scam. I will be asking my bank to issue a new card as well as I dont want to find money missing from my account. Ive lost enough.
I will be warning as much people as i can about this website.
I too have been ****** by Discount Vouchers. They take the money instantly but fail to reply to my emails. This also applies to a company called I bought the voucher in good faith from Discount Vouchers but when I tried to use it on they said the voucher had already been used. I've lost count of the amount of emails I have sent to both companies and not one reply. I do not recommend either of these companies to anyone.

Edited By: juliet_bravo on Feb 12, 2013 16:55: * means partial Takedown due to legal complaint
Be warned. Discount Vouchers are *****. Once they have your details, you receive junk mail after junk mail after junk mail - they refuse to stop and their unsubscrible option does not work. they send you junk even if you never gave these ***** your details or agreed that bthey could contact your - or refused them permission to contact you (this is illegal).
Additionally; at the time of writing; they are under investigation by Trading Standards and the ICO.
Avoid Discount Vouchers at all costs - ****** (I am so digusted with them that I am writing to every company that I can trace who deals with them). How dare these ****** attack people.

Edited By: juliet_bravo on Feb 12, 2013 16:55: * means partial Takedown due to legal complaint
I too bought a Nono from Discount Vouchers. No problem with their service. It came very promptly. The problem for me was that on the instructions it clearly stated "Not to be used on the face" despite a picture on the Nono site showing it being used thus! I contacted Discount Vouchers and received a prompt reply giving a Ref. No. and saying they would get back to me within 3 days. Surprise, surprise, this didn't happen. Despite several more emails from me being ignored, I eventually recieved another one yesterday, four weeks after the first one, giving me yet another Ref. No! This number was over 5.000 higher than the first one which says to me they are getting hundreds of complaints every day. Answer that one please Sam as I do not intend to let this matter drop.Legal action WILL be taken if this is not resolved very quickly as I have a family member in the profession.
hi, i have placed an order and just want someone to call me back from my answerphone message, what is the problem? why can i not get to talk to someone???????
So why wasn't I told that when I first contacted you Sam? Your response initially was......"We will always do our best to try to.ensure that your query is dealt with as promptly as possible and so to help you in any further correspondence with us we have assigned your query a reference number (#2047). Our Customer Support Team will look to deal with your query as soon as possible however we are currently experiencing a high volume of enquiries, so this may take up to 3 working days. We may also need to contact the supplier of the goods you ordered, which can add some time to our responses"
Question.....................have you contacted the supplier, as you said? You have all my details so can you do this now for me please!
hi my sister phoned me about an offer on discount vouchers for a no no i too like many other i placed an order for a no no shaver they took the money the same day then sent me an email for the postage and to activate my voucher which i also did but still havent received my item i have sent many emails but no reply is forth coming it makes me think what sort of company takes your money and doesnt have any after service to deal with any problems which may arise can someone from discount vouchers please read this and get a grip to sort it you as abig company may have a lot of money but for someone who is disabled like me and do all there shopping on line which is normally a joy you have made my life miserabled and caused undue stress which doesnt help my condition so if your reading this sam customer service man have a heart and put a stop to breaking peoples heart get it right from the start
Raggydolly..........just to let you know that I emailed Stock2Retail about my NoNo at the address Sam gave earlier. I had a very prompt reply and a very satisfactory outcome. I should go down this route if I was you. Good luck!
If it's not a scam then they are just extraordinarily *****. Whichever, the result is the same.

I went for an offer for a canvas photo for my girlfriend's birthday. They took the money from my account and then I received a confirmation email saying that there had been an 'error whilst generating the voucher'. I clicked on a contact us link on the email and have heard nothing for 3 weeks after sending 2 more follow-up emails. I've also tried the phone number on this thread and it says 'they are out at staff training'...let's hope something comes from it.

Edited By: juliet_bravo on Feb 12, 2013 16:55: * means partial Takedown due to legal complaint
I paid for 2 items last week and I am still waiting for the voucher code so that I can order them with the supplier at the discounted price - I have e-mailed twice now and not even the courtesy of a response - beginning to think I've been *****!! In this day and age surely automatic codes can be sent as replies?!?!?!?

Edited By: juliet_bravo on Feb 12, 2013 16:55: * means partial Takedown due to legal complaint
I wish I had looked at this site before I parted with nearly £60 for an item that it loos like I won't be receiving. I have sent e mails, but no reply and they keep vanishing from my sent box. I too will be ordering a new bank card tomorrow. Stay away from DISCOUNT VOUCHERS. IT IS A *****. I am annoyed with myself for not checking it out first.

Edited By: juliet_bravo on Feb 12, 2013 16:55: * means partial Takedown due to legal complaint
Hello Sam lets see if you will reply to this. Because it seems to me that every other way I try to contact you I come up against an error has occurred message or a total blank when I send an e mail. The facts that stand are you do have my money which you took out of my bank pretty quickly and all I wanted was a confirmation e mail first then some idea when my goods would be dispatched. I have had nothing plus I can not access my account with you. Apparently I haven't got an account. But I have. So I try to enrol again. All goes well until I try to sign in and then I'm still told I haven't it an account. I don't have any problems with Groupon or Wowcher. So any chance you could at least reply to me. Thank you. T.Fox
there ***** ive just been scamed out of £119.99 for a 10.1" Android 4.0 Tablet PC with Bundle and a futher £45 pound for a watch phone ***** thank you

Edited By: juliet_bravo on Feb 12, 2013 16:57: * means partial Takedown due to legal complaint
[quote=denise1583]there ***** ive just been scamed out of £119.99 for a 10.1" Android 4.0 Tablet PC with Bundle and a futher £45 pound for a watch phone ***** thank you[/quotes When did you purchase or try to rather, this tablet and have you asked for a refund. I have, so I will see if I get a reply to that. There seems to be a lot of upset people on this thread, we can't all be wrong.

Edited By: juliet_bravo on Feb 12, 2013 16:57: * means partial Takedown due to legal complaint
Like you Fox28, I cannot log into my account, and keep getting a message telling me an account for the email address does not exist, despite the fact that I have an email confirming my account is active, and I have placed an order with them. I have logged this problem with them this morning so will see how I get on.
I am still waiting for a reply to my e mails and was promised one within 3 days.. That was about 6 days ago. So got Sam any chance you could look into some of these complaints now.
I cannot activate my account for an Android Tablet which I ordered. The cash has been taken from my credit card but there seems to be no way that I can get a reply from anyone to advise me of the current status of my order. I will be contacting my card supplier to get a refund unless I get a satisfactory reply
Just out of interest, has anyone else had any luck with either receiving their goods or getting a reply to an e mail yet?
I am still waiting for a reply. You have no intention of replying to anyone have you Sam or whatever your real name is. I will be taking this further now. I find it very odd that you are still taking money from people when you can't even honour the orders you've already got.
To AlFlood, get in touch with your credit card so they can get your money back for goods not received.
To Fox 28, I have ordered an android tablet, promised delivery 27/11/12. Had query with them and e - mailed 13th Nov, and several times after that, still no reply. I rang both discount vouchers and the supplier but just got answerphones. Getting seriously worried now, this is a big rip off. Why can't we just speak to someone to find out what is going on ? That's my daughters Xmas present gone now. Couldn't afford one at full price, should have known it's too good to be true, how do we get our money back.
I bought a voucher from Discount Vouchers for goods from Clear Ocean (aka Antwerp Jewels) on 28 October and redeemed it the same day. The voucher said delivery would be within 7 working days. Payment was taken from my card on the same day but I am still waiting even though the order was marked as despatched via Business Mail. When I try to contact Discount Vouchers their line is either filled to capacity or closed for the day. When I email them I eventually get an email weeks later saying I should contact Clear Ocean. The only number for Clear Ocean is a premium rate number! Clear Ocean website is a waste of time - no contact email (just a contact page to which you get no reply to). The order information is scarce to say the least. If only someone would reply to my emails to let me know what the heck is going on - I feel as though I'm being given the run around and if they don't get their act together soon and either send me the goods or refund my money I will be contacting Watchdog. I had a problem receiving goods last year from a Groupon deal which eventually arrived 3 months after a lot of chasing and will definitely NOT be ordering any goods or services from any discount site in future.
If anyone at Discount Vouchers or Clear Ocean is monitoring this blog please check your emails from yesterday and get your fingers out!
Hi meggie67. I decided that I was getting no where trying to contact Discount Vouchers so contacted my bank. They have taken it out of my hands now and are going to look into it for me, which hopefully will result in getting my money back. You have to contact your bank or credit card fraud department. I did try to contact Discount vouchers through face book just after I spoke to my bank and didn't expect a reply from Sam but she did reply so try that way if you haven't already. Like you my goods were meant to be a Christmas present for my son and I can't afford to loose my money. I know other people have paid out more than I have. I won't give up easily and was planning to go to the address given for this company, to see if anyone could put my mind at rest. But for now I will wait and see what my bank can do. Hope this helps. Fox28
Hi Avril_A I have sent a message to meggie67 this is also meant for you too. I forgot to say that a few people have suggested to me that i should look into contacting Watchdog or trading standards. I hope it won't come to that but let me know if you do decided to go down that route. I won't be buying anything from any of these discount sites again, I've found this experience far too stressful. Fox28
I see Discount Vouchers are not answering their phone today as they can't get access to their building due to a break in over the weekend. How come they were able to change their answer message to let us know that? Still no goods have arrived as of today and the contact telephone number on the trader's site (Clear Ocean aka Antwerp Jewels) has disappeared........ It beggars belief. I am contacting my card provider tomorrow to put the matter in the hands of their fraud department as I've had enough of not being able to contact these people by phone and not receiving responses to my email. I'll get my money back and NEVER again will I buy from discount sites.
Hi All,

I to am having problems with Discount vouchers. My wife purcahsed the deal for a phone watch from EKONLINE and it was expected last month to arrive, she has had no joy in contacting the phone number provided on the order ticket. She did manage to talk to Discount vouchers ( I KNOW A BIG SHOCK) and they have told her that the tracking information has been lost & to contact the merchant direct!!!!

I purchased from Clear Ocean the £129.99 set of Swaroski jewellery deal for £19.
99 & it did arrive within 10 days but to be honest it was presented in 3 tacky plastic bags - so glad I didnt pay full price

Please [email protected] provide us with a telephone number that isnt constantly ignored so we can sort all of our problems out
I actually managed to speak to Clear Ocean this morning on their premium rate number - yes, shocked and poorer! They said my Swarovski set had been sent on 9 November and that I should check with Royal Mail - er no, they should have been tracking the item's delivery, it's not up to the customer. They also said they had replied to my emaiils and that I should check my Spam box (I had already and there was nothing there from them). They said they would re-send the emails today - so far nothing received and since they were not inclined to refund the money they said they would re-send the goods. The girl I spoke to was at pains to point out that as I hadn't received the original goods they were going to be at a finanacial loss. Clearly my fault... I was also at pains to point out that I had already suffered a financial loss as I'd paid for good so far not received. So I await both the goods and the re-sent emails. This happened after I mentioned going to my card provider which the girl said would not work - wrong. I spoke to my card provider and was told that I did the right thing by asking for either a refund or the goods to be re-sent. If neither happens they will raise a dispute with Clear Ocean over the matter. I am giving it to the end of next week. If nothing arrives then to dispute we will go!
Hi, I wish I had read these reviews before stupidly going through discount vouchers! I spent £49.99 on a 5-in-1 mop from austenlewis. Anybody had any joy with this company or should I just count my losses and accept my stupidity?
RKJos - the trader you're buying from might not be as bad as the one I'm buying from. I'm sure most of them are professional so I would give it some time. The reason I am complaining is that my goods haven't arrived (ordered on 28 October) and I've had little or no communication from the trader barring an email to say the order was confirmed. There was no despatch email and the money was taken out of my account on 28 October. They stated a 7 working day delivery on the voucher. Also, it takes a great deal of time (weeks in my case) for Discount Vouchers to reply to emails and when they do all they say is contact the trader regarding delivery times. It is also extremely difficult to get through to DV on the phone - they are either inundated with calls and not taking messages or it's out of their working hours (10 am - 4 pm I believe). It's the total lack of feedback to the customer and not keeping us up-to-date with what is happening that gets my goat.
I purchased a a vouccher for a 60cm Robocopter Gs Advanced with LCd display in early november the voucher was for £49.95 and it was taken from my bank account within the hour by visa direct debit. I received an E. Mail saying the goods have been despatched, but I am still waiting for them to appear. I intended to present my grandson with the helicopter as a Christmas present, however the problem is he lives abroad, the last date for me to post on the present has now past. HIs birthday is June which is a long way off. Will the chopper arrive in time or should i ask for my money back? My step daughter works for trading standards, perhaps I should ask for her help. What should I do? Revkev

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