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Tiny white mites in bedroom and living room HELP


Hi Folks, I really need help here as me and the misses are going out of our minds!!

Last week i woke up and checked my phone for messages, I normally put it on the floor at the side of the bed, I noticed a very tiny bug crawling across the screen, it was very very tiny, mite like size.

On further inspection of the floor and bedside cabinet I noticed there was quite a few of these little mites crawling all over the top and inside a couple of the drawers, there was also some more on the electrical extension lead at the side of the bed where the light plugs into.

Basically cutting a long story short, we hoovered the whole cabinets, inside all drawers, carpet, bed and moved everything that was nearby and sealing them in ziplock bags, my PS3 remote had about 30 of the little buggers come out of it inside the bag, it's still in there and awaiting to be stripped down, the sky remote also had them in, as did other remote controls, the misses makeup cases also had them in, the bed however did not have any on, nothing on quilt, mattress or pillows, the bed frame also was bug free which I found strange.

Anyway we was still finding these even after cleaning and hoovering, so i went down to homebase a hired the rug doctor, used boiliing hot water with cleaner and dettol in it and thought this would do the trick, but we are still finding them.

Tonight we have also found them downstairs in the living room, again on the electrical extension socket, side table and a couple on a few other things.

I've been reading around on the internet and read alsorts of stories and problems with mites, they are not bed bugs or dust mites as these are microscopic and cannot be seen, the ones we have are white/cream coloured and about the size of a grain of salt if not smaller.

We have no damp or mould in the house, all the rooms are well ventilated and aired, we also keep each room well hoovered and dusted, all the furniture we have is quite new (not second hand or vintage)

I've been using a henry hoover with HEPA bag to hoover these critters up but they are getting out of control now and it's getting me down.

The only thing we have had done recently in the house is the bathroom re-plastered and also downstairs fireplace plastered also, however I've looked up plaster mites and these say they are more like beetles rather than mites.

Can anyone help and give me some advice?


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