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  • Trials Evolution: Gold Edition £3.20 @GMG

    Use code O3H7FE-D4NFO0-F0LIGK at checkout for discount to this price. (Credit to Buzzduraband for the code). . Trials Evolution: Gold Edition marks the Trials franchise’s triumphant return to the PC gaming platform. . RedLynx’s signature franchise, the Trials series first made its mark in gaming with the 2008 release of Trials 2 SE for the PC. That breakout indie success led to further success on the Xbox, but ever since then PC gamers have been clamoring for more Trials. Here it comes. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. 4 Comments

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  • Jawbone Jambox Grey Hex Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Official @ Dabs eBay Store - Free Delivery - 1Yr Warranty £49.98

    Jawbone jam box grey- new- looks a good deal if you are after one. . Retails from 75 to 95 normally. . Blurb below 8 Comments

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  • Retro City Rampage 69p @Steam

    Rampage the open-world, steal cars and run missions — all while jumping on civilians for coins and outrunning the law with power-ups! . . This send-up to '80s and '90s video games and pop-culture includes both a full Story Mode of open-world adventure as well as an Arcade Mode for quick pick-up-and-play action. If that's not enough, it also packs an interactive city full of shops, minigames, customizations, collectibles, special guest stars, and more. . Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. 6 Comments

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  • (PC) Rayman Origins - £2.00 - Greenman Gaming

    "It's downright gorgeous and a total blast to play alone or with friends. A truly realized vision at the top of its genre, Rayman Origins is an extravaganza with plenty of action to keep it fresh from start to finish and beyond." - IGN.com. . "Rayman Origins is a wonderful 2D platformer whose goofy charm will have you smiling all the way through." - Gamespot.com. . The Glade of Dreams is up in arms again. . This idyllic world, where there is usually little more to do than eat, sleep, play (and enjoy a friendly fray or two among friends), is up to its eyeballs in trouble. . It seems Rayman and his heroic gang of hilarious misfits has kicked off a war with just a little snoring! Their nightmarish neighbors from the Land of the Livid Dead don’t seem to share the same taste in music and have come to crash the party. . Never ones to shy away from a challenge, Rayman and his friends are more than happy to knock these nasty killjoys back to oblivion, especially since it involves saving nymphs, making mischief, and earning fantastic new powers to make even more mischief. And this won’t be the first time! As it turns out, the fun­loving Creator of the Glade, known as Bubble Dreamer, is a highly sensitive being whose every mood impacts the Glade for good or bad¦ Rayman has had to beat back the creatures of Bubble Dreamer’s nightmares before, and that’s what he, Globox, and the crafty Teensy casters are going to do again ­ before the fabric of the Glade falls to pieces and their entire world fades like a bad dream. . Features:. . Michel Ancel, celebrated creator of Rayman®, Beyond Good & Evil® and the Raving Rabbids® returns to his roots to bring us Rayman® Origins: a high-definition, 2D side¬scrolling, platforming adventure in full 4-player co-op. . Play Rayman Origins and discover or rediscover the magical universe and legendary 2D gameplay that captured the hearts of millions of fans…. . Rebirth of a Platforming Legend: It’s been 15 years since the first launch of Rayman. Rayman Origins brings back many of the classic characters, revived in their original 2D form, as well as a whole new world of characters and environments. Discover the roots of Rayman by collecting pieces of the Glade’s history, and assemble them to reveal the truth behind Rayman’s origins. . 4-Player, Jump-In/Jump-Out, Co¬op Gameplay: Play as Rayman in the solo campaign, or have up to threefriends jump in at any time to play as Globox or as one of the two Teensies. Players can leave at any time without affecting the others’ progression. . Unique Approach to 2D Art: A rich world with over 100 characters and 12 unique environments created by some of the VG’s most reputed artists and animators. This creative approach to 2D design will recapture the hearts of platformer fans and introduce a new generation to one of the industry’s best-loved characters in his original 2D form. . A Vast Playground: Rayman Origins includes over 60 levels of 2D platforming gameplay designed for all ages and playing styles. Unlock new abilities progressively and return to previous levels to discover new paths and secrets. . Variety of Gameplay: Rayman Origins is a platformer at its core, but it has elements of many game genres. Rayman, Globox and the Teensies gain unique abilities as they progress through the adventure, including swimming, diving and the sensational “HairlyCopter”. The game also features many elements of action, adventure and beat-‘em-up gameplay. . Epic Boss Fights: A giant pink monster with hundreds of eyes… A possessed, mountainous golem… An evil daisy-cum-carnivorous plant… Rayman Origins will put players to the test with these and many morechallenging boss battles. . Use code : O3H7FE-D4NFO0-F0LIGK 3 Comments

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  • Case of mini Haribo bags £5.66 (6p each) @ Home Bargains

    Seen this on their site & thought it was good value for maybe teachers at the end of term or someone who has to give out small treats to a large group. Also for anyone who wants to treat their kids with small amounts ...or for anybody who likes Haribo & doesn't want to eat too many at once lol. . Free delivery to store, 2 varieties available for this (Star Mix & Super Mix) 2 Comments

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  • Transform-A-Snack Saucy BBQ Mega Bag 40g 15p @ Home Bargains

    Noticed these at home bargains and they are the mega bag which are 40g noticed them in 2 separate home bargains Add comment

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  • Far Cry 3 £3.00 / Deluxe £4 @ GMG

    Use code O3H7FE-D4NFO0-F0LIGK at check out. (Thanks Buzzdurband for code). . Players step into the shoes of Jason Brody, a man alone at the edge of the world, stranded on a mysterious tropical island cut off from civilization. In this savage paradise where lawlessness and violence are the only sure thing, players will dictate when, where and how the events of the game unfold. Players will slash, sneak, detonate and shoot their way across the island in a world that has lost all sense of right and wrong. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. 16 Comments

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  • iPad 3rd Gen With Wifi 16GB Black or White Manufacturer Refurbished With a 12 Month Argos Warranty £215.99

    Refurb iPad 3rd gen Gen for £215.99. . Shows as £239.99 but when you add to basket it deducts another 10%. . Discounts:. - £24.00. . All refurb tabs and laptops have an extra 10% off till 22nd of April 2014. . Seems a good deal and comes with full 1 years warranty...... . or WHITE one here -. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/iPad-Wifi-16GB-White-3d-Generation-/360880522538?pt=UK_iPad_Tablets_eReaders&hash=item540627c52a 13 Comments

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  • (DVD) The Ultimate Bananaman (3 Discs) - £6.75 - Zavvi

    The Ultimate Bananaman -. 40 episodes on three discs. . This is 29, Acacia Road, and this is Eric, the schoolboy who leads an exciting double life. For when Eric eats a banana, an amazing transformation occurs. Eric is Bananman! Ever alert for the call to action. . Featuring the voices of Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden & Tim Brooke Taylor. Includes chapter points for easy scene access. 3 Comments

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  • £5 voucher off £40 spend in ALDI with Daily Record/mirror ON THURSDAY 24/4/14

    £5. voucher off £40. spend with Thursdays Daily Record/mirror. 24/4/14, other vouchers/money off coupons too. 12 Comments

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