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Drayton Manor 1 Day ticket + Meal Deal for £23, (book at least 1 day in advance.) @

If your thinking of taking the kids to Drayton Manor over the half term break, this could be for you. Drayton Manor 1 Day ticket + Meal Deal £23, book at least 1 day in advance @…
goldy12 Avatar1m, 2w agoFound 1 month, 2 weeks ago4 Comments
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We used this in the summer excellent price compared to Drayton manor prices
All went every smoothly when exchanging voucher for tickets
And don't forget quidco
We used this site about 2 months ago. Great deal. Everything went smoothly. The meal was decent too.
Also available from 365 tickets too. Just make sure you have a working printer as the small print States they don't accept phone scanning.

Yes but slightly more expensive and Card or PayPal payments fees at 365 tickets.
Also available from 365 tickets too. Just make sure you have a working printer as the small print States they don't accept phone scanning.

Priority Entry Admission to The Coca-Cola London Eye, SEA LIFE London Aquarium, Dreamwork’s Tours Shrek's Adventure! London & Priority Entry to Madame Tussauds including Star Wars £50pp based on Fam 4 @ Attractiontix

Based on 2 Adults & 2 Children for £50pp price Nice price, considering the usual prices, also pass can be used over a period of 90 days, so either save for another time or use in the School Holiday…
goonertillidie Avatar7m, 1d agoFound 7 months, 1 day ago4 Comments
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Isn't it better value to get a Merlin card, and have unlimited access to these attractions and the theme parks well?

​sorry, whats a merlin card? x
Isn't it better value to get a Merlin card, and have unlimited access to these attractions and the theme parks well?

​and that lasts a year
Isn't it better value to get a Merlin card, and have unlimited access to these attractions and the theme parks well?
Coca Cola London Eye? If it is sponsored next year by durex will you be calling it the Durex London Eye??
Took the kids last summer and they loved it but it was virtually impossible to take a photo of them without coke ads all over the pod. Great experience all the same.

The Arcelormittal Orbit - London - £9.60 @ Attactiontix

Well I guess this is the best day outing deal with kids this summer anyone can get for visiting Arcelormittal for technically nothing. Arcelor mittal orbit cost 15£ or 7.50 with 2 for 1 voucher. With
ABHIGARG Avatar1y, 3m agoFound 1 year, 3 months ago5 Comments
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Can anyone who lives near, tell me if the stadium and other buildings are illuminated after dark and is the park areas open to the public to walk around at will?

Thank you in advance.
Good deal, but cannot see £10 voucher mentioned anywhere on the site.
It is mentioned at the top Free 10£ Planet Hollywood voucher per booking through attraction
SPECIAL OFFER: Free £10 Planet Hollywood voucher per booking - See more at:
Cheers, heat added
Good deal, but cannot see £10 voucher mentioned anywhere on the site.

It is mentioned at the top Free 10£ Planet Hollywood voucher per booking through attraction

SPECIAL OFFER: Free £10 Planet Hollywood voucher per booking - See more at:
Good deal, but cannot see £10 voucher mentioned anywhere on the site.
Stratford looks no better from the top.

PortAventura Theme Park Tickets - 2 days for the price of 1 at (£130 for 2 adults and 2 children for 2 days)

Proper Link: 2 days at PortAventura for the price of 1 Cheaper per day than normal multi-day tickets Any combination of adults and chi…
dpathic2001 Avatar2y, 3m agoFound 2 years, 3 months ago10 Comments
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Hi I know that you can purchase a disabled pass but can anyone please advise me if portaventura theme park also do a cheaper pass for yur carer yo accompany you ? Thankyou in advance for any replies to this.
Thanks. How much is it per day? Think I will go with the lolly deal x

Here's some details on the lolly deal. You'll be eating alot of lollies! Seems to say it's only off an adult ticket though. Ticket prices all on the website. Under 3 Year Old are free, 4-10 year old are junior tickets and reading further into TripAdvisor definitly offer only available on Adult Tickets.

In your case you might be better off with the 7 day ticket - 2 parks. 115 Euro each adult, with chupa offer 2x25 euro and 1x 28 Euro (for Aquatic park - Chupa offer only for Theme Park not Aquatic) = 78 Euro and 9 Euro for the sweets = 87 Euro so if you went to the Aquatic park again it would be the same price although you still have the option of using your pass for another 3 days effectively for free. You could even do the water park and theme park in the same day also. I would recommend not using the 1st day of your pass until a Saturday as the final show at night is amazing on a Saturday.

Edit: Note comment below from tripadvisor. (posted 27th August)

Chupa Chups promotional bags of sweets still widely available in Salou, this years promotion ending on 6.1.15. We paid 1 euro 50 for a pack, so a net saving of 15.50 euros on day entrance price of 45 euros. May be cheaper elsewhere. The bags I used were not the lollies but jelly sweets. They are for adult tickets only. Main reason for posting is that you MUST take the bags to PortAventura. The packs have a detachable sticker on the outside so I assumed that, rather than open three bag of sweets, you simply detached the stickers and handed those over at the kiosk. Wrong! According to the staff at PortAventura, Chupa Chups insist that the bags are handed over. Apparently, according to PortAventura staff, it says this on the bag/sticker but of course not speaking Spanish....... I had a long walk back to the hotel to get the bags, so hopefully this may save someone else for making the same mistake I did.

Edited By: cecilmcroberts on Aug 30, 2014 08:42: adding child ages
Thanks. How much is it per day? Think I will go with the lolly deal x
Little tip for anyone this may help. You can only buy a disabled ticket for the park from their own website example price 7 days both parks 58 Euro (1 day is 23 Euro). All you need once you get your e-ticket through is when you get there to go to the customer services desk and "prove" you are disabled, they need something with an EU badge on it so handy to bring your parking blue badge.
Anything over a 3 day ticket is only available online and normally work out a lot cheaper and more flexible currently 115 Euro for both parks for 7 days or £91.25 on attractiontix. Little note for anyone going also, we went for Halloween and the aquatic park is closed then anyhow. Also the Halloween parade is only on at the weekends and on the Sunday it's still daylight as they have the show earlier and abit pointless for the whole Halloween experience.
5% Quidco also for attractiontix

Edited By: cecilmcroberts on Aug 29, 2014 17:07
I go here next week , 2 adults and 1 child and 1 infant. Am I best buying this deal or the chupa chubs deal? We want to go 2 days once first week and once second week. Also we would like to go to the water park once or twice. Can you can buy tickets when you are there for another day like to can at Alton towers etc? Many thanks for your help. Xx
This deal is for 2 consecutive days so not really what you are looking for.
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3 Park SeaWorld, Aquatica & Busch Gardens Ticket 2014, (14 days use) £76.00 @ attractiontix (using code SUMMER)

Enter code SUMMER at the checkout to get the price down to £76.
herby247 Avatar2y, 5m agoFound 2 years, 5 months ago40 Comments
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A lot of travel companies have done the responsible thing and stopped selling package tours that include trips to SeaWorld. I personally think it shouldn’t even be promoted on here, and claiming you are just posting it for the ‘deal’ and that people should only comment on the price is embarrassing.

There’s absolutely no justification for it. I imagine these same people see no problem in having tourist elephant rides there too, ignorant to the fact that the elephants have had their spirit crushed in a brutal practice called phajaan. Not to mention the beatings and being kept in chains for the remainder of their lives.
A lot of ignorant people in here defending visiting SeaWorld. Those saying that they save injured animals are just kidding themselves, probably makes them feel a bit better about their actions I guess.

Claim #1: SeaWorld does not capture killer whales in the wild.

SeaWorld claims that due to the “groundbreaking success” of its captive breeding program (if you can call inbreeding a groundbreaking success), it hasn’t taken an orca from the wild in 35 years and only two of the whales currently in its care were captured.

What it fails to mention is that it didn’t exactly have a change of heart on the issue. The violent roundups it took part in decades ago and subsequent outrage are part of the reason we now have the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which banned the capture of marine mammals in U.S. waters.

It also failed to mention the role it’s currently playing in the Georgia Aquarium’s attempt to import wild-caught belugas from Russia to the United States. The permit request was denied by NOAA Fisheries, but the aquarium isn’t giving up and sued over the decision, despite the known threat that live-capture poses to the already small population.

There’s also Morgan, a young orca who was rescued off the coast of the Netherlands in 2010 and was later deemed unfit for release. She was moved to a marine park in Spain where SeaWorld keeps some of its whales and will be bred and trained to perform. Orca advocates argue that she could have been successfully released and are fighting to have her set free, which has been done successfully before. Springer, an orphaned orca, was reintroduced to her pod and was spotted with a calf of her own this summer.

Claim #2: We do not separate killer whale moms and calves.

SeaWorld asserts that it doesn’t separate mothers and calves and that whales are only moved to “maintain a healthy social structure” or on the “rare occasion” that mothers reject calves. Experts contend that this may be technically true, if a calf is defined as one who is still nursing. However, orcas stay bonded with their mothers for life and are routinely separated from them by marine parks.

The Orca Network’s Amy Costanza countered to SeaWorld that “You have shipped killer whales all over the world like they were packages, almost never reuniting mother and calf. These ‘rare occurrences’ seem to happen quite often at your facilities judging by the numbers of frequencies at which you have broken up killer whale families.”

Claim #3: SeaWorld’s killer whales’ life spans are equivalent with those in the wild.

SeaWorld argues that the life spans of its captive orcas are “comparable” to those in the wild, stating that five of its orcas are older than 30, with one being close to 50. However, this statement has been called out by the groups mentioned, who argue that the older orcas in SeaWorld’s care are an odd exception, not the rule, and that most die in captivity before even reaching maturity.

According to the Orca Network, and others, “the average life span for males is 30 years and 50 years for females. Males can reach an estimated maximum age of 60-70 years old, and females 80-90 years old.”

SeaWorld’s attempt to use lifespan as a justification for keeping them also ignores their quality of life. Does anyone really want to live to be 150 if they have to spend the whole time alone in a cell?

Claim #4: The killer whales in our care benefit those in the wild.

SeaWorld claims that its work with “universities, governmental agencies and NGOs to increase the body of knowledge about and the understanding of killer whales” and that its research has “significant real-world benefits” for wild orcas, but doesn’t say what they are and continues further down to argue that keeping them captive is the best way to get people interested in conservation.

According to the Oceanic Preservation Society, “SeaWorld has published very few scientific papers on the species and what it has contributed to our understanding of their biology was learned some time ago. SeaWorld contributes almost no information today that addresses the protection of wild orcas.”

Even if research and education were SeaWorld’s core goals, which as a for-profit business they aren’t, orcas, in theory, would not be kept as performers. Even then, sacrificing a complex being just so the public can gawk at it would still be a questionable practice at best.

Claim #5: SeaWorld invests millions of dollars in the care of our killer whales.

SeaWorld stated it spends $70 million on its orca facilities every year, but a tank is still a tank and no amount of money can turn a tank into an ocean.

Claim #6: SeaWorld is a world leader in animal rescue.

While SeaWorld does rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife, no one seems sure how successful its programs actually are and its certainly not throwing down money for conservation efforts. Claiming to be a leader in animal rescue also has nothing to do with exploiting marine mammals for a profit and certainly doesn’t justify continuing to do so.

Sea Shepherd notes that according to its 2011-12 Annual Report, SeaWorld has given only $9 million dollars over the last decade toward conservation efforts. To put that in perspective, the park brings in $1.5 billion every year and raked in $538.4 million this past July through September alone. Sea Shepherd continues, “That means for every 100 dollars in revenue they bring in, they donate approximately 1 cent toward saving the animals in the wild whose captive counterparts they are exploiting. That’s .0001 percent of their income going to help animals in the wild. I think that might be the most telling point of all ― that, in fact, SeaWorld is really nothing more than a money-making enterprise.”

As it turns out, Blackfish is having the exact effect SeaWorld was pretending it wouldn’t. It convincingly tapped into people’s emotions and led many to draw their own instinctual conclusion that something is terribly and inherently wrong with severing strong family bonds and confining these incredibly complex animals in tanks, regardless of how many facts and figures either side can come up with.

Even after sharing this letter far and wide, protesters still rallied in San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio on December 22, thanks in part to a birthday wish from an adorable 5-year-old boy who asked the public to help him help the orcas by staying away from SeaWorld.

Read more:
I can't seem to get the code to work :-(
I have been many times before I saw Blackfish, and no I personally wouldn't go again. But each to their own, make your own decision. (FYI The animals are NOT rescue animals, SeaWorld is NOT a rescue center.)

If you fancy going to a rescue center were they help animals, check out the Big Cat Rescue over in Tampa, real nice place, nice people who really care for animals (they don't breed).

Worth noting that the trainers no longer get in the water with the whales at Seaworld, so the shows must be boring anyway, don't waste your time, its one of the more boring parks, along with Epcot.

Good deal though if this is what you want, not voting either way.
Many of the animals at seaworld are in fact rescued animals/mammals which would have died in te wild with injuries such as propeller Damage on turtles shells, dolphins with fins missing etc.
If you do not like this deal do not add your ridiculous comments!
It's hot for a good discount to support any family going to Florida, who want to show their children animals/mammals which they would never actually get to see apart from in books/ on tv.
Seaworld also do a lot of conservation work with animals and the majority of park entrance fees go to saving injured animals & research into their work.

Spouting the same rubbish that seaworld no doubt tell people.

All for saving animals and rescuing them but not to the result of then confining them and as a result an early death or do you think they enjoy being locked up and watched and touched by humans?

You can actually see dolphin's swimming in natural environment's, its not costly or hard too do you know.

I also never preached on not too go, its up to everyone to make there own minds, just like animals , we should all have free will & not be restricted on what we can do.

Well obviously they are better just dead in the first place?? Obviously you have never been ... Therefore never seen the animals which in majority would have died if they hadn't been rescued, surely a prolonged life , is better than what would have happened in the wild??

Yes I went once and never again, plenty things to do in Florida without me seeing animals enclosed in unnatural conditions.

Many of them are not rescued most are captured, the ones injured should be saved but then released back into the wild as soon as well again.

Think I would sooner die then be locked up and forced to learn and do tricks for food.

Sea World keeps its animals for entertainment and money and helps no one but themselves.

They have had no new scientific knowledge released on any animals in their parks for decades, so they are not contributing to the science of whales in any form.

Most young calves that are born into captivity sadly die at an early age. Yet Sea World’s incestuous breeding program continues, for absolutely no good reason. So what really is Sea World contributing to the livelihood and welfare of these animals?

attractiontix £9.00 kids eat free Orlando

Kids Eat Free Card Orlando –Intro Heading for family fun in Orlando? Then grab your Kids Eat Free Orlando Card and save $$$ at over 120 family-friendly restaurants, leaving your little ones and wallet…
bowyert1 Avatar2y, 11m agoFound 2 years, 11 months agoAdd Comment

Spend over £50 & receive 2 free tickets to the London Bridge Experience

Free tickets for everyone! We’re dying for you to take a look and try it out – so we’re giving 2 FREE tickets to the London Bridge Experience to everyone who makes a booking before the end of Oct…
Evostance Avatar3y, 1m agoFound 3 years, 1 month ago1 Comment
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Not sure why voted cold. You're getting something free if you're booking anyway

Kids Disneys 14 Day Ultimate for the Price of 7. AttractionTix. £219.00

Don't know if anyone is off to Florida this year but just booked this for my summer holiday after spending the past 2 weeks scouring the internet, seems to be a good deal, Florida holidays are so damn…
pglfc Avatar4y, 10m agoFound 4 years, 10 months ago6 Comments
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thats good for the universal. i think we paid £80 each last year but yours works out cheaper. i want to see the new legoland but hubbys not wearing it lol
try cosmos, we booked with them and got a really great deal a couple of weeks ago - they still have a sale on now. We also got an unlimited universal 3 park ticket for £110 buy on get one free with them. :)
thats a great price at florida escapes now if someone could post a cheap family of four deal i'd be sorted :D
Forida Escapes for me then!
Same price at Florida Tix or £208 at Florida Escapes for actual tickets

AttractionTix will pricematch if you contact them

Edited By: yipykayay on Jan 26, 2012 18:27

Walt Disney World Resort 14 days for the price of 7 at Attractiontix

The magic of Disney comes to life in over 47 square miles of parks at Walt Disney World Resort, Florida. You can have the holiday of a lifetime by choosing one of the Disney tickets available exclu…
Tagbot Avatar6y, 5m agoFound 6 years, 5 months ago5 Comments
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Certainly is, there for another 25 nights in August.

Thread for best prices for tickets, Kenny will be starting a new thread soon with updated prices when he gets back to the mainland.

how lovely . were going for 16 nights end july and so excited:-D but would so love to do a longer stay like yours , but work and funds prevent this. have a a great time :thumbsup:
love it !!!! best place in the world

Certainly is, there for another 25 nights in August.

Thread for best prices for tickets, Kenny will be starting a new thread soon with updated prices when he gets back to the mainland.
love it !!!! best place in the world
Adult £237.00
Child £207.00

Too much!!!!!!

Direct with have same price for 5, 7 or 14 day tix, less 2% Quidco
Adult £225 less 2% = £220.50
Child £198 less 2% = £194
14 days for 7 offered at most, if not all, UK based attraction ticket outlets.

£3 cheaper at - they also issue actual tickets. AttractionTix is e-ticket. You print off the voucher then redeem it for a ticket at the park.

port aventura deal

buy discounted tickets for port aventura before you go 7 days for price of 3 plus 10% off code: pv7for3 adult £49.00 less 10 % = £44.10 child £40.00 less 10% = £36.00 or 14…
juseas Avatar8y, 8m agoFound 8 years, 8 months ago10 Comments
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I have been to portaventura - it is not as good as alton towers - we did the whole park in less than a day - you definately wont need to bother with a weeks pass

What a load of rubbish. Port Aventura is FAR better than Alton Towers.

Maybe you just rushed round looking for white knuckle rides and ignored everything the rest of the park offered.

Alton Towers is very tatty and while it offers a number of white knuckle rides it has very little for the family or for young children.

How many "shows" are there at Alton Towers, almost none (in fact I think there are none).

Port Aventura has all sorts of shows all over the park.

We stayed at one of the Port Aventura hotels for a week, went in the park every day, and still did not get into every show.

There is plenty to keep you busy for a number of days in the park.
Does anyone know if you get 50% off entrance to the waterpark with the 7 day pass or is it only the 14 day pass?
thats a matter of opinion. portaventura is amazing, the shows are incredible, its excellent value for money, far more for young children,7 and under, than alton towers
When we go for 2 weeks we always get the 14 day ticket. Instead of spending 1 long day there in the heat we go up a few nights spread out over the 14 days. Last time we got the 14 day ticket the water park was not free but you did get in at a reduced price.
the idea is if you go for a week oe two then you can have one day at park and then another a few days later if you have kids it is an ideal way to keep them entertained when on holiday