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    For those of you that are using one of these for XBMC I'd highly recommend the Openelec builds rather than Raspbmc, it has come a long way and is getting better and better all the time. Raspbmc has only one 18 year old developer who has done a great job but Openelec has TeamXBMC behind it. If you sign up for free at xbmchub.com and navigate to the raspberry pi section of the forum you'll find a thread which has the latest build which comes pre-setup with all the best addons and is configured to run fast. Here's the link but I think you have to be signed in to view it http://www.xbmchub.com/forums/raspberry-pi-discussion/2623-latest-beta6-openelec-image-addons.html

    No doubt you will update us all as you are a long time member of the original XMBC community, me too, but under another name.

    You make it sound like you have official support from XMBC but is that true? Or as stated, xmbchub was set up because basically XMBC wanted to wash their hands of any 3rd party issues with copyroght problems that arise when, as some original 'Plugins' were just hacks to get services for free and stream material that was online that was copyright protected, films etc....and the future for the official XMBC wants to be a million miles away from that when it monetises itself in the future.

    Or are you here just spamming and uneccessarily slating another Dev, out of order by the way, espicially as Sam and 'Openlec' have history, to get more hits at the site you are involved in?

    Jeez, chill out mate. whufclee was only offering some advice as to what you can do with the Pi.... as requested by lots of people in this thread. I've been around on the various xbmc communities for a few years now myself and i think if you read most of the threads regarding Raspbmc vs Openelec vs Raspbian, then most users are starting to shift towards Openelec - just because of the pace of development. At the moment I'm running Raspbmc but this may change in the future - at the end of the day it's down to personal preference. I think individuals (such as yourself) forget that people new to the Pi and XBMC find it difficult to know where to get started - I know i found it a very steep learning curve. whufc simply gave a very good bit of personal advice for those new users out there, nothing more........
    Ok so just to clarify some questions regarding running XBMC...

    What is XBMC? Originally developed for the xbox1, XBMC (XBox Media Center) is software that will turn your device into a media center. In this case you install it onto the raspberry pi, hook it up to the TV and watch videos, listen to music etc. Similar to "apps" that are available on ipod or android you can install free "addons" which will allow you to view various online content, basically if something is available online you'll more than likely be able to view it via xbmc by using the simple GUI. The features list is massive so for more in depth detail check out the wiki.

    How easy is it to install? Very simple, whether you opt for Openelec, Raspbmc or Raspbian you simply download an image and burn it to an SD card. Raspbmc is possibly slightly easier to install onto a card as it has a special program you download to the PC and it's literally just one press of a button. For Openelec I use a free program called win32 disk imager and that's just a case of browsing for the downloaded image and clicking on "write".

    Which distro should I go for? Well that's personal preference, at this moment in time I would suggest Openelec but why not try them all out for yourself and see which one works best for your needs. The link I posted earlier has some of the most popular addons pre-installed and has a lot of settings pre-configured which means a lot less messing about.

    What extras do I need to buy? You will need either a remote or a USB keyboard (wireless is fine), if you have an ipad or android device then you can install apps on those which will enable you to use them as remotes by using your local network connection. A micro USB power supply (like a phone charger), make sure you do your homework on this as there are a few for sale that just don't seem to output what they say on the tin - Ideally you want 1000mA+ at 5v. You'll know if your power supply is dodgy as XBMC won't run so smoothly and you'll encounter crashes which require you to reboot. HDMI cable, poundland do them and they seem to work fine. Network cable or wifi dongle. SD card, I'd recommend a minimum of 4gb but check the compatibility list before buying.

    How does the raspberry pi compare to other xbmc platforms? In all honesty nothing will beat a dedicated HTPC, however the r-pi is currently comparable to ATV2 and development is still at fairly early stages and it's just getting better and better with each release. Realistically you'll be looking at around £40-£50 once you factor in the extras you need to buy so for the price you can't go wrong. The only noticeable difference between this and other platforms is that it takes longer to load online images (DVD artwork for example) as it writes to an SD card and not a HDD.

    Check this link before buying any extras, it's a r-pi compatibility list - especially useful for power adaptors and SD cards http://elinux.org/RPi_VerifiedPeripherals

    Edited By: whufclee on Dec 30, 2012 23:12: Oops you'll also need to add a network cable!

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