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Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD for HP TouchPad down to 99p in HP App Catalog

This Gameloft game is absolutely awesome on the TouchPad, couldn't believe how smooth the graphics were and the gameplay is excellent. Masses of stuff to keep you interested and you even get several o…
normsland Avatar4y, 11m agoFound 4 years, 11 months ago14 Comments
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Great App, spoilt slightly when the Accelerometer stopped working since the last update :(

Anyone know of a fix for this??

Heat added though!!
already have on iPad, and hardly boot webOS these days anyway

hot though, good price for a good game :o)
seems to take forever to install after downloading. About 15 mins
That was on Itunes...

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD @ iTunes For Free

I posted this a couple of days ago when it was free. Its a great game.
thanks op
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HP Touchpad £130.00 when joining developer program @ Palm

HP is pleased to announce the return of the Developer Device Purchase Program for the HP TouchPad for a limited time. Registered developers in the US, Canada, and Europe will be able to purchase up to…
gnomechimpsky Avatar5y, 1m agoFound 5 years, 1 month ago226 Comments
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Cheers bud
now that these muppets at hp have let us all down don't forget to cancel the paypal thingy you had to set up:

How do I cancel an automatic payment I have with a merchant?

Here is how to cancel an automatic payment with a merchant

Log in to your PayPal account.
Click Profile at the top of the page.
Click My Money then click Update beside My preapproved payments to find your payment.
Select the payment, and then click Cancel.
Received my vouchers and paid for 2 last monday and got the confirmation email for both orders last tuesday but have just received an email saying :

Dear Customer
I regret to inform you that Palm/HP is not in a position to fulfil your
recent order(s) for a 32G Touchpad, which you ordered as part of the Palm/HP
developer program. Unfortunately, all the stock has been allocated and
shipped and there is little or no prospect of additional stock being made

Not a happy Bunny :(
managed to bag myself one off ebay for £138 with p&p, who needs hp's offer
Lol z

HP Pre 3 8GB Sim Free AZERTY Keyboard - £169.99 @ Palm uk

Seems like the HP Pre 3 can be bought from the Palm Eurostore for £169.99 including delivery. It is the AZERTY keyboard (not that it matters that much on a mobile phone). It is a good price for a…
Gabriel959 Avatar5y, 1m agoFound 5 years, 1 month ago15 Comments
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a bit poor value, i will go for uk version rather than french one

Is it? I didn't it it was due to the Touchpad not allowing Ad-hoc connections.

I would be very interested in how you have done it. I have done it as well, but it wasn't simple :)

Just the standard menu>settings>wireless networks>tethering &hotspots and tick the box! It appears in the touchpads wifi scan and all is well :)
I don't understand why people are voting this cold. The OS works, it just hasn't got that many apps but it is a solid phone in itself and has a lot of stuff already integrated. It is a much better phone than the Sony Experia Play as well which people have been buying like there is no tomorrow.

If you own a touchpad you can also do Touch to share (basically touch both devices) and of course you can tether to to the touchpad with this, something which isn't easily done with other phones.

Do you mean tether for internet? As tethering the touchpad with android is rediculously simple.....

Is it? I didn't it it was due to the Touchpad not allowing Ad-hoc connections.

I would be very interested in how you have done it. I have done it as well, but it wasn't simple :)

If USB tethering doesn't work then the android can make a portable wifi hotspot. Pretty sure the Touchpad would see it as just a normal router?
A great phone but I couldn't handle having a keyboard with the keys in the wrong position. Still a high demand for the phone as I sold my one for a high price.
Can anyone comment on the battery life of the Pre 3, does it sit well with current high end androids? (about 1.5 days on moderate/light use)

I think that is the same as with the Pre 3.

HP PRE 3 £169.00 @ Palm @5pm 8 September

Received an email from the palm store! This is just a headsup... The real deal now... according to reports on the 1st September...…
cjgroveuk Avatar5y, 2m agoFound 5 years, 2 months ago67 Comments
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200 under is an acceptable price
Isn't £69 as HP promised. Those scum-bags are just scammers; officially announcing a price drop and then taking their word back.
Also, £169 isn't that hot as I got an Atrix for £190 with £200 worth of accessories...
HP are slowly putting the price up on there products to announce when they have a huge market share, that web os isn't going anywhere and the touchpad 2 is on the cards :/ well thats just a theory

They have already announced that WebOS is not being killed off. They are just ending manufacture of the hardware.
If I'd ordered 10 then Yes. But the 1 just for my own use especially if they're not going to drop further will go great with my TouchPad.
109 remaining, seems they keep adding to the stock levels, so it could go on for some time

3 free apps for UK & Ireland TouchPad owners: Big Boss, Camera for Touchpad & Glimpse

A few reminders about promo codes: The codes below will not work for users in any countries other than the UK and Ireland. If you already have a promo code stored in your profile, you may wa…
northernlights Avatar5y, 3m agoFound 5 years, 3 months ago34 Comments
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Come on guys, preware ;)
all codes have expired. gutted
Got all of them, yey.

Thanks for this heads up.
cool, just got back to the UK this morning and the codes still work :)

Edited By: frobozz on Sep 09, 2011 06:57
Does anyone have any idea when this expires?

There's a set number of codes, not a date, when they're gone they're gone...

HP PRE 3 £299.00 @ Palm

HP PRE 3 WILL BE DROPPING TO £46 Currently only HP have confirmed they will honour this…
cjgroveuk Avatar5y, 3m agoFound 5 years, 3 months ago637 Comments
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luckly i don't have to pay that much right now

-the battery life gets better after a few charges.
also dr battery helps to caleibrate the battery

There are lots of patches to improve battery life like muffle system events?

Virtual keyboard- there was one for the pre and pre2 but i havent looked for it yet

Reboot time:
Get lunar manager to get have a quicker reset of either lunar or java

Hope that helps
Many thanks for your detailed review, OfnPanad, genuinely much appreciated! (Had an order for AZERTY Pre3 cancelled for dubious credit card-related reason, now relying on CPW £10.50 Vodafone "deal"...)
I got hold of one as a "free" Vodafone upgrade from (CPW). I'm coming from an iPhone 4.

I'm going to post this on Amazon too as there are no reviews but while they're chewing it over I'll share it with my friends on here - I'll no doubt get a bashing from people that love Android! :)

Here’s my thought after a week of use:

- It’s quick. Very quick. I believe (as I type) it’s the fastest processor in any phone available, at 1.4Ghz. It has 512MB RAM which seems a little stingy on paper but to be honest, unless you’re into serious multi-tasking it’s not an issue – and it’s only a phone, after all!
- The screen is the biggest of any sensibly-sized handset on the market today. The resolution isn’t iPhone 4 standards but it doesn’t feel like a step down.
- The camera both takes excellent pictures and takes them instantly. Very handy.
- The webOS platform feels just as slick as Apple’s iOS. No ‘cobbled-together’ feeling as I get from Android phones. It handles basics such as mail, messages and notifications better than the iPhone.
- It’s worth giving a special mention to the notifications. They come up as little icons and queue along the bottom edge of the screen, waiting for you to decide when you want to deal with them and in what order. So simple and something Apple just don’t get! No more interrupting what I am doing to dismiss a marketing text!
- It’s a £500-level smartphone for much less.

The BAD:
- Come on HP, 8GB non-expandable storage?!!! You only get about 5.5GB to do anything with once the system files and a few apps are on there.
- Battery life is ridiculous. It’s even slightly worse than the iPhone. If you use your phone for data at all, expect to charge it once or twice in a 24 hour period. I have to give it plus points here for having a removable battery though, unlike the iPhone, so at least you can in theory carry a spare when you’re going somewhere you’ll not be able to charge your phone. Also it takes an industry standard micro-USB connection for data transfer and charging so you should be able to plug it in anywhere you go without an Apple dock or some other proprietary connection.
- The clock sometimes forgets to keep track of the time when the phone sleeps! This is something you take for granted from the cheapest digital watch but, reading forums, this has plagued Pre users from day one and the Pre 3 still hasn’t fixed the issue. You have to download a free app called “clock sync” that independently syncs your clock from an external time source at customiseable intervals throughout the day/night! This is just bizarre!
- This phone takes FOREVER to start up. I’ve timed mine at 1 minute 38 seconds!!! I thought the iPhone was slow! This is the sort of thing that gets addressed in firmware updates but we don’t know if there will be any.
- The main negative though is that it’s been discontinued and as such, as well as the negatives above, system & app development will probably stop, meaning any problems you discover will likely not be fixed. Also accessories and spares will be difficult to get hold of in 6 months’ time.

At the end of the day, I've decided I’m keeping it.

To answer a question above, there's no virtual keyboard which is fine 90% of the time but a bit crap when you're viewing a webpage in landscape then want to type something in! I've not tried any software solutions yet.

Hope this helps! Happy to answer any other questions...
Posted yesterday on eurostore
Update Sat 3rd Sep 21:30 :
We have completed the process of shipping all available inventory of this Product and have cancelled/refunded all orders which we were unable to fulfill. A cancellation notice email will be sent to all affected customer before close of business on Monday 5th.

Next Update on Monday 5th Sep ( afternoon ).

Thank you for your continued patience.

HP Pre3 Sim Free 8GB £299.00 @ Palm

Pre3 is finally released, for £299.00 Sim Free. 1.4GHz Single core processor + 512MB RAM, 5MP camera. The battery is quite small though... wonder what the stand-by time is going to be like. I guess th…
ken218 Avatar5y, 3m agoFound 5 years, 3 months ago75 Comments
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Out of stock
It will soon be cheaper....
I've owned the Pre, the Pre Plus and my wife has the Pixi Plus. We genuinely want a HP Pre3 as our next phone and did so even before the price drop but our chances of getting one, and certainly two, are slim. I hope you lot are proud of yourselves, you bloody opportunists! ;) (it's not the end of the world)

Edited By: laze on Aug 24, 2011 08:45
They just want shot of stock. Bear in mind even at £85/£115 I bet thy are breaking even if not making literally a couple ££ on each one ... Best buy in America shifted 250,000 units in one weekend at these crazy prizes so even if they are only making a fiver on each your still looking at £1,250,000 in profit ... peanuts to them, but they want the hardware gone and out of their hands.

HP shares dropped $17bn (or might of been million, cant remember) on the day they announced they were dropping WebOS and the Touchpad & Pre ... They cant have money sitting in stock.

And going back up will just be companies trying to play the odd trick here and there to try and scavenge some more money etc ... I wouldn't be surprised if CPW etc are doing 2 or 3 batches of discounted units because consider the traffic they'll be getting from this and the advertising. It'll be huge!

They're losing money on each unit sold. It costs more than 300 dollars to make each touchpad$318-Bill-of-Materials.aspx
will get it for 50 quid

Edited By: rodman on Aug 23, 2011 18:44