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Microsoft Expertzone Deals & Discounts


Forza 5 Xbox One £14.99 New @ Microsoft Expertzone

This is probably going to go cold but I don't care. This is only for people that work in retail that are registered on Expertzone from Microsoft. get forza 5 and a bunch of other xb 1 games for…
sduncb Avatar2y, 11m agoFound 2 years, 11 months ago17 Comments
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I am on EZ and have worked with retailers for over 15 years. I would be careful on your comments as you could also get a response like. Ha ha you only got xmas day off. Or Ha ha minimum wage?

I respect those in retail and take my hat of to them for working the hours hey do. Been blatantly flippant aint gonna get you any heat

I work in retail and work 36 hours a week between 9am and 6pm on all my shifts and have Sundays/Monday off and earn a very decent salary well over 20k so not really sure what your trying to get at??
LOl, OP might be a massive dick but isn't this a deal website? Voting this cold is only going to get it hidden from those who could actually get a deal from it.

Voted hot as it is a good deal for those its accessible to.
knob jockey - cold
I like ur boyfriebds hat. as for the deal cold dude
Meanwhile us not on minumum wage are the real winners , like the guy above cold for being a dick!
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Xbox 360 Bundle through Microsoft Expertzone training program £20.00

This deal is only open to UK retail employees who are legible to sign up to the Microsoft Expertzone training but if you earn 1500 points then for just £20 you can get Crackdown 2, Alan Wake, 3 months…
gooderz21 Avatar4y, 10m agoFound 4 years, 10 months ago11 Comments
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Quick note to say that all Sainsburys employees can use this program too... thats a couple of hundred thousand colleagues for a start... not such a small deal afterall ;)
I can use it, work for a phone company therefore we sell Windows Phones, so I'm in!
I estimate less than 0.1% of users on here can use this... therefore BRRRRRRRR!!!!

Perfect deal, gives the moaners something to moan about and the 0.1% that see this and take advantage of it then good on them.

Everybody is happy!

But thats like me posting a deal saying "25% off burgers for all mc'donalds employees using a discount card" or "15% off Anything for Morissons employees when using employee discount card."

Pretty pointless really!
I estimate less than 0.1% of users on here can use this... therefore BRRRRRRRR!!!!

Perfect deal, gives the moaners something to moan about and the 0.1% that see this and take advantage of it then good on them.

Everybody is happy!
I estimate less than 0.1% of users on here can use this... therefore BRRRRRRRR!!!!

EXPERTZONE (not open to everyone): COD MW3 - Xbox 360 Live 12 month PLUS 2 months & Avatar £21.60

This deal is for people who do the expertzone courses, (similar to local deals). Novice 5000 Points £31.20 Graduate 4200 Points £26.40 Specialist 3600 Points £21.60 The abo…
fwibble Avatar5y, 1w agoFound 5 years, 1 week ago2 Comments
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The prices you have listed do not include VAT

haven't ordered but you're correct will amend

Edited By: fwibble on Nov 30, 2011 10:52
The prices you have listed do not include VAT

Forza 4 + Wheel Bundle £40.00 delivered @ Microsoft Expertzone

Those who are members of microsoft expertzone an get forze 4 with wheel for £40 delivered. for all levels Forza 4 on its down is available as well FORZA MOTORSPORT 4 User Level: Points Cas…
jazferbetay Avatar5y, 1m agoFound 5 years, 1 month ago16 Comments
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they should release more of this at the end of the month
Why vote cold just because you can't get the deal? It's still a good deal if you're a member which I'm sure alot are. Some people are morons.

Its pointless putting up deals thats only for specific people, if everyone started doing that then this site would become pointless.

NHS only deals etc are allowed, so why not this?

Cheer up sour-beaks. Heat added.

Your heat sure made a difference *sarcasm

Your incredible envy really makes this community a better place... [/sarcasm]
well all the people who voted this cold are idiots. This bundle is OOS now, was limited to first 400 people but after a few training courses that didnt take long I ordered Forza 4 on its own for the grand total of 14 quid! Thanks OP, made my day anyway :-)
thats of the bundle with the wheel, you can buy the game separate still
they are OOS at the moment

Microsoft ExpertZone Rewards - Exclusive Forza 4 Bundle - £40.00

Hi there, Hope this will be of use to someone! Microsoft Expertzone ( for all of those who know what it is! ) are doing Forza 4 game, wireless racing wheel ( the new one that's coming out ) and 800
spikeyjacko Avatar5y, 2m agoFound 5 years, 2 months ago13 Comments
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There used to be a way of faking the signing up process but they now appear to ask for a payslip to be scanned. I'm still using my login details from when I did work experience at a local computer store so I'm happy ;)
cannot be bought buy a standard consumer only for retailers NEGATIVE here as we are all not retailers and hotukdeals id say i for mainly end customers, would you not agree,
how much is it worth rrp ?
and only open to the 1st 400 people, ive already ordered one as a member on that site and work for one of the companies.

Ordered mine as soon as I saw it, pestered them for days via email :-D prior to them listing it as a course on their site, what phase is your order in?

last time I looked mine was processing... so many parcels coming I don't know what I've ordered recently...

and with expertzone bundles I wouldn't be surprised if they send the 3 items in a separate box each
Can I just lie my way through the sign-up process?

Alan Wake + Crackdown II + 3 Months of Xbox Live Gold + 4200 MS Points - £24.00 Inc Vat @ Microsoft Expert Zone

I posted this in the Gears of War 3 thread, but thought it deserved its own thread. Separately, these items would cost you in the region of £70 separately, so you are getting a very good deal!
r3tract Avatar5y, 2m agoFound 5 years, 2 months ago17 Comments
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does any one know if this bundle is stil Available
Just wanted to thank r3tract and idolwild for bringing expertzone to my attention, now all validated etc and can start taking advantage of these fab deals and learning a wee bit more about the kit in the process. Cheers :D
They have removed the reward now :(

Pleased that at least one or two people have been able to benefit. :)
Hmmm, I've completed the Silver and gold courses (Gold bundle available) but the silver one has not appeared.
I wonder if it's been withdrawn?

ignore that, it just took some time to appear (although the gold bundle didn't)!
now ordered :)

Microsoft Expertzoners only Gears of War 3 £7.20

If you are a member of the Expertzone you can now grab this for £6 plus vat Please dont vote cold if you arent entitled to membership there. I cannot help that. You need to be an employee of Pc Wor…
Idolwild Avatar5y, 2m agoFound 5 years, 2 months ago121 Comments
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Mine arrived today after microsoft strugled to process my payment for 10 days they eventually came thru. Brand new expert zone account and paid 16 pounds for it ,still a steal.
Mine came Yesterday, then they sent me an email this morning telling me it had been dispatched... The order process seems a bit weird, but a bargain was had, thanks OP!

mine turned up today, thx op
Another update... Order arrived today :D Thanks OP for pointing Expertzone out to me.
Just a quick update for everyone... I emailed them today regarding the status of my order which says: Paid in full... and they emailed back saying that it has been despatched on the 28/09/11 with a DHL tracking number.

Also to add... it is coming from germany and said to arrive within 4 working days... Mine has just checked in at Gatwick.

Free IE10 (Internet Explorer 10) Platform Preview

Here we have the new IE10 (Internet Explorer 10) Platform Preview! NOTE: This is only a PREVIEW and not a final product... "The Platform Preview is an early look at the Internet Explorer pla…
M0nk3h Avatar5y, 7m agoFound 5 years, 7 months ago24 Comments
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Bad move by MS not supporting XP with IE9...

Possibly something to do with the fact that XP is over 10 years old and they want to concentrate their support on their latest operating system.

True, but remember the majority of businesses (and a high proportion of home) users are still on XP - that's a big market to just forget about. And really would it take that much to support it bearing in mind that when you first start up a fresh install of win7 the first window that pops up bears an uncanny resemblance to a win95 window until it suddenly gets its aeroglass vista/win7 party frock laid on top of it.

And when you buy a new Dell win7 PC during the first boot it installs stuff in the background via a command prompt (DOS)! So my point is - is Win7 just win95 core with tweaks and a party frock?!

They have given businesses plenty of notice regarding XP support and have even gone as far as extending their support for longer.
You will also find that the command prompt isn't actually DOS, more of a command line interface than a seperate OS.
While all the operating systems look similar its how they work behind the scenes that defines them.
Win98/ME where built using elements of Win95. XP was built from Win NT. Work on Vista began while XP was in development and Windows 7 followed Vista. Therefore meaning that Windows 7 contains no elements of Win95.

Edited By: B1zarr0Prim3 on Apr 15, 2011 13:32

I like IE9 but finding more and more websites that aren't working correctly with it yet

Thats why it's cold - because even for free, it's still overpriced!
In the none to distant (cloud) future all we will need from our computers/phones/tablets etc is good usable secure internet access. any old linux box with a good browser will do.
Chrome > FF> IE> Safari

Why is chrome > FF? I thought it was the other way round (genuine question and not tryin to be sarky or anything like that :o)

ff is far better than chrome imo

fasterfox addon is superb

chrome is ok if all you want is a basic browser.
Chrome > FF> IE> Safari

Why is chrome > FF? I thought it was the other way round (genuine question and not tryin to be sarky or anything like that :o)
Chrome > FF> IE> Safari

Free Gears of War 3: Beta Code For Expertzone Members @ Microsoft Expertzone

Just complete the training course and get a free code for the beta of gears of war 3. Useful as it means I can save some money by not having to buy the epic version of bulletstorm.
dicksteel18 Avatar5y, 8m agoFound 5 years, 8 months ago25 Comments
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i want a code
i dont like the massive crosshairs
Beta code through Expertzone arrived in my inbox today :)

EDIT: beta is active with Expertzone codes. First impressions of the game; same old Gears of War

Edited By: TWIGGY4LIFE 666 on Apr 15, 2011 16:57: more info
yes u can use now

just tells you coming soon

Cheers G

Ok thanks
yes u can use now

just tells you coming soon

Cheers G

New transforming d-pad Xbox 360 controller for £7.20 @expertzone

Ok, this one's a bit limited due to the fact you have to be eligible for expertzone but if you are its pretty good. There is a new xbox 360 controller with an altered d-pad coming out and if you
dicksteel18 Avatar5y, 9m agoFound 5 years, 9 months ago13 Comments
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Sadly impossibel to get for 99.9% of us :(

Thanks anyway.
They do checks now and even ask to fax details from your workplace so yep its hard signing up.
Could anyone PM me a company name/retail outlet number? Would be grateful :P
Very weird cos I was told by a Microsoft rep u needed to provide photographic proof of your employment but even though I'm legit it didn't ask me for proof.... I'm assuming there are some sort of checks
can some one post a some details of a store so i can make an account?:)
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