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Superb price. Use code GAMERZ10 to buy at this price

Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition is the innovatively produced first person action role playing game brought to you by Bethesda. The Ultimate Edition contains the four expansion packs: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road, as well the additional DLC packs: Gun Runner's Arsenal and Courier's Stash.

Dead Money

Your character is taken prisoner by a mentally unstable ex-leader of a faction known as the Brotherhood of Steel, comprised of the last remaining members of the U.S. Military. This ex-leader, who calls himself Father Elijah, tasks you and three other prisoners to find the legendary treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino. Should you complete this expansion mission, you will gain achievements/trophies, perks, terrain, improve your level cap, and more.

Honest Hearts

Your character is travelling as part of an excursion to the Zion National Park in Utah, when you are ambushed by tribal raiders. In your attempt to return to the Mojave Wasteland, you are caught up in already existing conflict between the tribes and the Burned Man. This individual is a New Canaanite missionary who was betrayed by the faction called Caesar's Legion. He is Caesar's former Legate, whom Caesar attempted to have burned alive after he lost the first battle for the Hoover Dam. Should you complete this expansion mission, you will gain achievements/trophies, perks, terrain, improve your level cap, and more.

Old World Blues

Your character has accidentally become a lab rat in a science experiment; the same that has brought some of Mojave's mutations in to existence. Stranded in the research facilities of Big Mountain (Big Empty, Big MT), you can either choose to fight against those that are holding you hostage, or join forces with them to take on an even bigger threat. Should you complete this expansion mission, you will gain achievements/trophies, perks, terrain, improve your level cap, and more.

Lonesome Road

Your character is contacted by an individual named Ulysses, a former member of the faction Caesar's Legion, and the original courier who was tasked to deliver the platinum poker chip. Lonesome Road will conclude the story of the courier, your own, and the game's main character. Should you complete this expansion mission, you will gain achievements/trophies, perks, terrain, improve your level cap, and more.

Alongside these four expansion packs, there are also two additional content packs:
Gun Runner's Arsenal provides a wide variety of brand spanking new weapons and artillery, as well as various modifications and ammunition types to go with them. These can all be found within the world of New Vegas. Courier's Stash gives you all of the bonus content that before now, was only available when you pre-ordered the game. This includes the Caravan Pack, the Classic Pack, the Mercenary Pack, as well as the Tribal Pack.

The storyline of the game centres in the post-apocalyptic Mojave Wasteland in Las Vegas, Nevada in the year 2281, four years after the events of Fallout 3. The campaign places you as a courier for the delivery service Mojave Express, assigned to deliver a platinum poker chip to New Vegas. Unbeknownst to you, this one simple task will place you in the middle of gang warfare, with three factions battling to gain control of the Hoover Dam and the entirety of New Vegas. Choose a side, choose confrontation, or choose to try and control New Vegas yourself; this game specialises in the affects that your choices make within the game, each decision shaping the overall outcome in one way or another.

Enjoy a new, wide, and varied range of weaponry and artillery. Another system has been introduced to allow you to modify your weapons to make them and your attacks more advanced and dangerous, with options such as mounted telescopic sights and increased magazine size available. You also now possess the ability to craft your own ammunition, completely tailoring your weapons to suit your favourite style of slaughter.

Alongside the campaign, there are also side missions and mini games to take part in. When your character enters a casino, you will be given the option to play a variety of typical casino games including blackjack, slots, and roulette. There is also a Fallout exclusive card game called Caravan, which can be played outside of the casino; all of these contribute to the never ending enjoyment you can find throughout the game.

Whether a new or old player of Fallout, this Ultimate Edition of Fallout New Vegas brings you the widely and critically acclaimed game, jam packed with bonus content that you definitely don't want to miss out on. This game can most certainly guarantee hours of adrenalin fuelled enjoyment, and will keep you on the edge of your seat with the vast amount of action it has to offer.

*Deal goes to XBox360. PS3 link in post below
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Edited By: andywedge on Jun 21, 2012 16:51
Use code GAMERZ10 to buy at this price
I posted about the code in vouchers
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Don't Zavvi post goods out like 2 weeks after you've ordered
Haven't played the DLC, but the core game is wicked. Seems like a great price for all the extras included!
Don't Zavvi post goods out like 2 weeks after you've ordered
no not always... ive made afew purchases i think it was 3 from zavvi and 1 from TheHut they were both listed as dispatched within 24hours which was good as notifications of their dispatch were within 24 hours bar one which was a day after but they all arrived the same time today and my order was made 4 days ago :) this does item in this deal above does say "3 working days" for delivery so it should be ok might take a week.. depends i think its always good to check the "Usually despatched within " part below the items from zavvi as some can say that it can take weeks for items to arrive this may have been the problem people have not read then made you think this applies to all their orders hope this information helps :)
How buggy is the GOTY edition? More specifically, on the PS3.
By the way, the PC version is also available and the code still applies (same price). Might be worth putting in the title, I know that's the version I would get! As a rule I try to play RPGs on the PC, can't stand protracted loading times.

Don't Zavvi post goods out like 2 weeks after you've ordered
Quality game. Lonesome Road is the best DLC IMO. Don't hesitate. Heat.
Also (final comment, I promise) the retail CD key from the PC version should redeem on Steam if anyone's interested:

great game heat added
Don't suppose anyone fancies lending me the DLC disc?

I'll cover postage :-).
Lonesome road is fantastic, as is Old World Blues!
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+++ Must - buy - must - ruin - social - life +++
Great my waiting paid off.

Well over a hundred hours of gameplay here. Glad I waited for the DLC.
played thru the standard one and thought it was excellent, is this one worth buying and playing thru again with the extra DLC?

Edited By: bo9dster007 on Jun 21, 2012 20:49
Recently returned to this after 2 years because of constant bugs on ps3 version. Downloaded patches and started new game and can honestly say its not failed yet and I am near end of game. Was looking at extra content on psn and thIs is a way better deal than buying on psn.

Hot tbh
Ordered this 5 days ago and still not dispatched
Not expecting this for a few weeks on the 360. They are slow with deliveries , seem to sell stock they haven't received yet but at this price who cares I can wait. The dlc is a good 5 hours at least for each installment so this is great value even if you completed the main game.

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