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FREE Coca Cola Glass with the purchase of a Large Meal or Premium Salad @ McDonald's


Olympic Coke Glasses
Wednesday 25th July - Tuesday 14th August

The Coke Glasses promotion returns to McDonald’s for the seventh successive year, this time with an Olympic twist. As a proud sponsor of the London 2012 Olympics, we’re giving our customers the opportunity to own their very own commemorative Coke Glass and Wristband to help celebrate this truly unique event.

There are six commemorative limited edition glasses, each with a different coloured removable wristband which fits around the base of the glass.

One glass will be given out free with every Large Meal or Premium Salad throughout the campaign window.

*This year there is no Coke Zone element to the promotion.*

You can purchase a glass separately for £1.49.

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Top Comments (5)

    i eat a mcd's nearly every day and dont put on weight, i eat around 5000 calories a day, weight train 5"8 tall and weigh 11.3st..... all this mcd's kfc burger king makes you fat stuff is malarky to me.

    well done. now what about all the satuated fats?
    malarky too?

    Edited By: custardy on Jul 19, 2012 20:04
    Nice glasses... and I like McD's so there you foodie police!!! (Also I'm nowhere near fat, go to the gym 3 time a week.)

    >...but I enjoy a McDonalds now and again, as part of a healthy lifestyle! It's not McD's that makes people fat, its the fact they spend most of their lives, sat on their ****!
    The London Olympic logo is so dumb, looks cheap and tacky, can't believe they paid over a million to design that. I think it speaks volume about the whole Olympic charade.

    I can't believe people are still stupid enough to eat in mcdonalds. I walked passed one the other day and saw a whole family in there eating. What kind of parents feed their children this garbage? oO

    Unbelievable indeed, I didn't think that anyone was stupid enough to eat at McDonalds!?!? I assumed that was why their profits were so bad and they only had a couple of shops still open..... (_;)

    Yeah silly me, I shouldn't have underestimated the predictability of stupidity. I regularly do this and find myself flabbergasted at the mentality and thought process of so called 'normal' people.

    The HUKD sheep think that mass produced/consumed automatically means good. It's a very sad state of affairs that a 'free' coca cola glass when you buy a soggy burger can excite so many people. :(

    I think that we should all bow to you seeing as you are clearly a higher being (albeit a self proclaimed one!!) ;)

    For what its worth, a glass would not convince me to do anything let alone buy a burger?!?! I go there mainly because our little lad likes it and sees it as a 'treat'. Is it healthy, no, but will it make him obese if he has it two or three times a month? no, will it kill him... eerrrrrr no!!

    I've never had a "soggy" burger, perhaps they saw you as a bit of an **** and added extra "sauce" to yours? I'll let you get back to your humanely slayed lentils and protein shake, you're probably getting a bit light headed ;)

    Firstly - I haven't claimed any superior status, I've only offered my opinion. If that makes you compelled to act all defensive or make stuff up (ie I'm a self acclaimed superior person) then that just highlights your own insecurities.

    Secondly - The fact that your child eats there 3 times a month is worrying. As is your misguided belief that there's nothing wrong with that. I dread to see what food he eats day to day if McDonald's is seen as a special treat. :-| most people see it as a last resort or something to scoff when they're staggering home from a night out on the ****.

    Thirdly - Your belief that someone who dares to question McDonalds means they're automatically lentil eating, protein shake swilling hippy types just highlights your ignorance. Next time you think of taking your child to McDonald's think about either cooking him a nice meal or take him to a proper restaurant. Maybe then he won't see it as a treat and will become educated on a wider variety of tastes and styles of food. He sees it as a treat because he doesn't know any better. Poor little blighter.

    LOL, are you trying to be a sanctimonious ass or does it just come naturally?!? One thing that CLEARLY does not come naturally to you is intelligence, so let me give you a hand ;)

    FACT 1. You HAVE claimed superiority by claiming that people who eat there are "stupid" hence by definition, YOU think you're better because you dont (surely even you can see that?!?!).

    FACT 2. There are 365 days in the year, lets say, for arguments sake, that my lad has 2.5 McD's per month (thats to take into account that some months he has 2 others 3, its its kind of an average, OK so far?). Now I know this is hard, but please, stay with me here, there are 12 months in a year, so what we do it multiply 2.5 by 12 to get 30 meals per year. Now, we, like most NORMAL people, have three meals per day, so, 365 (the number of days in a year) multiplied by 3 (the number of meals per day) equals 1095. So, my son has McD's around 1 in 36 meals.... woop-di-doo, someone call childline!!!! :D

    FACT 3. Again, showing your ignorance here, you say that my (young) son see's McD's as a treat and that makes you worry what he has for the rest of his meals. Oh dear, oh dear, you're really not bright are you flower. Consider this, if he ate crap all day long, would he see crap as a "treat"? OR can I put it to you that he normally eats very nutritious food (prepped at home or by his school may I add, not microwaved), that lets face it, as kid is pretty crap, so he therefore sees McD's as a "treat". Hey, he's young, you might of been once although listening to you Im starting to wonder :D

    FACT4. Again, using words like "most" with no backup. I can tell you that the McD we go to is busy all day and closed at 10.30pm, so I guess that as "most people" in your eyes see it as a "last resort when staggering home", you must just live in a craphole area where everyone is drunk through the day?!?!

    FACT 5. LOL, you think that a "proper" restaurant is any better than McD's?!?! Yeah, OK, tell you what, next time I'll take him to a Curry House for a healthy korma ;)

    FACT 6. Although the fact that McD's are giving away glasses does not make want to go there, the fact that I'm not likely to see YOU in there does, cheers!!!

    FACT 7. Please don't ever have kids :D

    Edited By: frakison on Jul 21, 2012 00:19

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