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Free HTC One X – 12 MONTH Vodafone contract £36 a month / 12 mths and possible £50 Quidco – Phones4u £432.00


Handset RRP was previously £149.99 but now free in sale.

300 minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB data

£36 x 12 = £432
Minus £50 Quidco
= £382

Brilliant overall price for a brilliant phone and only a 12 month contract!

Cashback £70 on Quidco specific to HTC One X
- jaypatel

Mods delete quidco claim, sorry
- jaypatel

Cashback £50 at TCB and Quidco for Phones4u
- itsgun4u

HTC One X or Galaxy S3 - reads this before buying:


It appears the One X looks better but battery remains a concern - where as the S3 performs faster, has better screen outdoor, richer video recording; as well as far more impressive battery!
- Quicklite

New contract android phone cashback now £65.65 at TCB!!!
- djcrazyc

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    the porter
    very tempting hot

    How many flippin phones do you need!

    Edited By: zermattbusby on May 10, 2012 18:48: 0
    Rory Joe
    I have had the Iphone 4 since launch date and I have been Umming Arring about getting adroid after ICS came out but nothing peeked my interest like this deal.

    I finally made the plunge and ordered it. Got my phone on tuesday. The build quality was surprising good for a piece of plastic but instantly there was something Wrong. Landscape mode would not work. After some fiddling it was clear that the gyroscope was not functioning. But I still played around with expecting to get it replaced for a new unit.

    But the battery lasted 3 hours on the first use!!!! Ridiculous!
    Minor gripes vs Iphone 4 (personal preferences):
    bad keyboard
    no home button
    no iPod :(
    Practically no games

    SO after all my problem I am returning it for a full refund. I'm gonna wait for the Iphone 5 sorry android fanboys I tried but once you go Iphone you cant go back! Damn you Jobs... RIP oO

    ICS is good, but it is still just missing that little something Simon Cowell is looking for .... wat is it ... the Xfactor.

    Just hope Iphone has a bigger screen and maybe a Amoled non-pentile screen.

    Does anyone know if I will be charged for data used during my one day of use?

    OK, so, your 4 minor "gripes" just tell me that frankly you needed to spend more time with the device, as you don't know what you're talking about in all honesty.

    Bad Keyboard. - You can pick and choose from a load of different keyboards on the market place. Hell, you can even get the exact damn replica of the iPhone keyboard if you were that desperate.

    No home button. - I don't get this. There is a home key. A soft key. Right in the damn middle of the bottom of the phone. Same place where your iPhone one is. Do you mean a physical home button? Can't see how this would make any significant difference whatsoever to usability.

    no iPod - This, in my opinion, is now a good thing. Back in the early Android days, the only thing I was envious about from the iPhone was the decent music player. On sound quality alone, Android is now superior. Not locked in to iTunes and a fully customizable EQ. I'm using PlayerPro from the market at present and it allows me to tweak the EQ levels far and beyond what my iPod Classic ever did.

    Practically no games - Nonsense. Just a few of the ones I've been playing over the last couple of weeks. The Modern Combat series (yeah, cheap CoD clones, but they look great for a smartphone). Deadspace. GTA III. Riptide GT. 9mm. Cordy. Front Line Commando. Dead on Arrival. The AWESOME Shadowgun. In fact, the majority of the big releases come out on Android AND iOS in this day and age. Both platforms have Temple Run, Angry Birds etc.

    Oh, and I love this one. "I'm gonna wait for the Iphone 5 sorry android fanboys". I think the fanboy is the one who is committed to waiting for a device that, as of yet, has no confirmed specifications or features. Oh, and stating how you bought the iPhone 4 on launch date. Queueing up outside the Apple store the night before were you?

    To top off the douchebaggery, you couldn't resist slipping in an RIP Jobs.

    Well, hats off to Apple for their marketing department, that seems to make their consumers put their fingers in their ears whilst singing "la la la".
    if only design would be more appealing but last few gen looks all these same
    Due to the screen rippling issues with the HTC ONE X I have been thinking about holding on for the SSG3 but after looking at this photo, I don't think I'll bother :)


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