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  • tintin TY beenie baby - £1.00 @ Poundland

    TY beenie babies of TIN-TIN and captain haddock. saw them in 2 poundland stores in Glasgow city centre. had plenty of stock. . selling on line for between £5 -15. . Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. 4 Comments

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  • 75% off carpark sale this saturday at Aldi...check your local £1.00

    Aldi Meir Park are having a 75% off carpark sale this saturday. I have asked if other stores are doing it and the cashier said possibly as its part of the black friday event. . it starts at 8am throughout the day and was told they will have lots to clear basically everything they usually sell in store that isnt food will be reduced by upto 75% x 12 Comments

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  • Asda Direct- 10% off an Apple iPad Air 2 16GB £359.10

    Asda Direct offer on the latest iPad Air (the bigger screen), the price is discounted at the check-out. . Saw the other offer on Mini3, but think this is the best discount on this iPad amongst the "main" retailers out there. . Save 10% on selected Tablets. Discount applied at the checkout 10 Comments

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  • Sony Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (AZERTY) £6.95 Delivered @ TheGameCollection

    . Easy type for chat, messaging and browsing. PS button and action button assignment for ease of use. Pointing stick for mouse operation. Powered by 2 x AA batteries. Slim, affinity keyboard design. Compatible with PS3 system software version 3.60 or later. Some games do no support use of the keyboard during game play. You can pair this keyboard with other Bluetooth compatible products 17 Comments

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  • Disney Infinity Starter Pack Wii U @ amazon.co.uk Black Friday Lightning Deals - £17.49

    Disney Infinity Starter Pack Wii U @ amazon.co.uk Black Friday Lightning Deals. . Payment via debit/credit card. . limited time! 13 Comments

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  • Free child ticket to see Paddington bear the movie with 2 codes off Warburtons and accompanied with a paying adult

    Collect 2 codes for a free child ticket when accompanied with a paying adult to see Paddington bear the movie.. . Purchase any two special promotional packs of Warburtons Half & Half products, (Half & Half Medium 750g, Half & Half Toastie 750g, Half & Half Rolls x 8, Half & Half Thins x 6, Half & Half Thins x 9, Half & Half Wraps x 6). Then visit www.facebook.com/warburtons and click on the Paddington link. Enter the two unique 14 digit codes from the promotional packs, your name, email address and submit. 9 Comments

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  • Save 60% +10%TCB on HI-TEC walking boots/shoes, trainers and golf shoes, men's, women's and children's. £24.00

    These particular walking trainers reduced from £59.99 to £24. With free delivery if original value over £30. . ALSO A 50% OFF ALREADY DISCOUNTED FOOTWARE FOR BLACK FRIDAY. . Some walking boots too... . Use code TRAINERS60 for 60% off undiscounted trainers and walking shoes at hi-tec. . Still works so the glitch continues. . DONT FORGET 10.1% TCB... 29 Comments

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  • Nvidia Shield Tablet Black Friday Bundle - £299.00 from Nvidia Resellers

    For Gamers everywhere "this Friday, you can buy the 32GB SHIELD tablet with LTE capabilities – and get a free SHIELD controller, Green Box bundle and NVIDIA GRID on-demand game streaming service – all for just $399". . - The UK link should be up on 26th November - Kitguru. - Nvidia grid subscription lasts until 30th June 2015. . Green Box Bundle Includes:. Half-Life 2 Episode 1. Half-Life 2. Portal. . GRID gaming service features:. Astebreed. Alan Wake American Nightmare. Batman: Arkham Asylum. Batman: Arkham City. Borderlands. Borderlands 2. Brutal Legend. Darksiders. Darksiders 2. Dead Island. Dirt 2. LEGO Batman 2. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Race Driver Grid. Saints Row: The Third. Street Fighter X Tekken. Strike Suit Zero. Trine 2. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Ultra Street Fighter 4 5 Comments

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  • Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Limited Edition Wii U £9.99 @ Grainger Games Online and Instore

    Cheapest i've seen it nearly bought a used copy a few days ago for £9, got mine instore earlier. . Features:. Dynamic Tracks: Take to land, sea & air as you race through 16 dynamically changing courses inspired by SEGA’s illustrious gaming history. Discover alternate routes, find new power-ups and avoid emerging hazards as you race to victory – every track feels different. . Choose Your Racer: Race as over 20 legendary All Stars. The starting line-up has been transformed as new iconic characters from the world of SEGA join the race. What other game sees a hedgehog battle it out against a monkey, a sky pirate and an axe wielding dwarf. . Fully Transformable Vehicles: This is no ordinary race. Each character is equipped with their own unique vehicle that can transform into a car, boat and plane to take advantage of the changing terrains. Each vehicle handles differently and players must master all three to triumph. . Tools of Devastation: Utilise an arsenal of devastating weapons which require skill to aim, shoot, evade and block. The All-Star Moves also return, this time the more daring and stylishly you race, the more your All-Star meter increases allowing you to unleash carnage on your opponents. . Ultimate Gaming Experience: Old rivalries can be settled and new ones created in up to 10 player online. Journey through the All-Stars’ world to take on a huge range of modes and challenges, including Grand Prix, Battle arenas and an incredible world tour. . Transform. Transform into a Car: Boost and drift your way around the track. . Transform into a Boat: Tackle dynamic rapids and huge waves to beat rivals. . Transform into a Plane: Take to the skies to barrel roll and dogfight to victory. . Limited Edition Includes:. Exclusive Outrun Bay Track + Challenges & Time Trials. . Exclusive Metal Sonic & Transforming vehicle + Metal Sonic Mod Pack. . Exclusive Stickers for your in-game license. . Wii U additional features:. Wii U GamePad Functionality: Use the GamePad as a map, weapon camera or rear view mirror, utilize tilt controls, or swipe the screen at any time to move the action from your TV to the GamePad’s screen. . Wii U Game Modes: Utilise the Wii U Game Pad in exclusive multiplayer modes. Chase down the competition as Joe Musashi from Shinobi, or use your monkey ball to squash your friend before they collect all the bananas. . 5-player Splitscreen: four players on the TV and one on the Wii UGamePad – splitscreen has literally transformed. . Playable Miis: Play as Miis with their own transforming vehicle 17 Comments

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  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS4/Xbox One) £28.22 Delivered @ VideoGameBox (Using Code/ Includes £1 Reward Points)

    CODE: FBFAN5. . The beginning of the Resident Evil Revelations 2 tale sees fan favourite Claire Redfield make a dramatic return. Survivor of the Raccoon City incident depicted in previous Resident Evil games, Claire now works for the anti-bioterrorism organisation Terra Save. Moira Burton is attending her welcome party for Terra Save when unknown armed forces storm the office. Claire and Moira are knocked unconscious and awaken later to find themselves in a dark and abandoned detention facility. Working together, they must find out who took them and to what sinister end. With the terrifying Afflicted enemies waiting around every dark corner, players will need to use their ammo and weapon supply wisely, in classic survival horror style. Will Claire and Moira make it out alive and discover what's led them to being taken to this remote island? Who else will they come across? A story of twists and turns will have players guessing the next step at every turn. 10 Comments

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