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Unlimited Usenet for $50/year ($4.16/month) £2.89 at NewsDemon

Usually $95/year. Now $50 for 12 months. @philjstephenson "This is for members only, i've just had it for the £36 a year and it creates a new account for you, all you need to do is cancel the old
smsmasters Avatar7m, 1w agoFound 7 months, 1 week ago71 Comments
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Had enough of Astraweb. - whats better, Usenetlink or usenetserver?
Ditched astraweb everything was corrupt.use newsdemon and very rare anything is corrupt.
Usenet? How very 2003.
Still best option I find, tried Kodi and just get frustrated with it to be honest.
Since I started using Kodi I have stopped downloading. I would say Usenet is a lot more frustrating with the downloading of headers or searching for nzb, and with up loaders hiding the binaries in coded names because files are being taken down off Usenet as much as p2p these days.

​Not really. Sabnzbd, plus couchpotato and sickbeard automates everything
I have no idea on usenetlink but usenetserver is miles better than astraweb!

Some high rated stuff still suffer from take downs, but overall it's better..
Had enough of Astraweb. - whats better, Usenetlink or usenetserver?
From what I can gather this is basically paying to illegally download stuff?

​That is correct

NewsDemon Unlimited Usenet 3-month subscription for £9.17

Good deal for those who want cheap usenet access. If you do not know what is usenet - you don't need it. UNLIMITED USENET No Download Caps, 50 Fast SSL Connections MEMBER BENEFITS US & EU S…
lhwjud Avatar1y, 7m agoFound 1 year, 7 months ago14 Comments
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Are the dcma notices still an issue? Scrapped mine about two years ago after everything i wanted went dcma after an hour or two.

Went the torrents with seedbox for half the price and max my 100 line out.

I've rarely had issues with DMCA although I do have it all automated on a device that's always on so I have them downloaded before that would be an issue but even older stuff I can generally grab without a problem. I do use a block account with another provider though to provide fills when there are issues but my 100gb block account usually lasts a couple of years
Watch out for ND they have a habit of losing accounts if you download too much!

Been with them since 2007 and I've never had a problem and I download plenty
Looks good what they like to use never really used them is it ftp based and what's the availability like compared to torrents if anybody knows
Are the dcma notices still an issue? Scrapped mine about two years ago after everything i wanted went dcma after an hour or two.

Went the torrents with seedbox for half the price and max my 100 line out.
Voted Cold... ssshhhhh

Kidding of course, great deal.

NewsDemon 3 months access unlimited for $14 (around £10.00)

Newsdemon are offering 3 months access unlimited for $14 (around £10)
Soukmadik Avatar1y, 7m agoFound 1 year, 7 months ago3 Comments
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hmm, the problem with Newsdemon is that they offer you a cheap deal and then " have a server issue " which means your account is "lost" and you either have to go elsewhere and mess about of sign up for their more expensive packages, they are ( without exception ) the worst at customer service and rarely try to resolve any issues, rather going down the " create a new account " route, truly terrible, COLD!
Last time I looked, unlimited usenet = carpel tunnel syndrome.
for anyone wondering its a Usenet provider!

NewsDemon Usenet/Newsgroups - Unlimited Plan - £12.08 for 4 months (includes unlimited online storage)

I spotted this deal last week which was, for some reason, still running. It was supposed to expire on the 20th February but I was able to access the offer and sign up for £12.08 for 4 months unlimited…
JustLikeArkwright Avatar2y, 10m agoFound 2 years, 10 months ago21 Comments
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****. Hmm'd and Hmm'd over this one.
I think it's over now? -.-

Looks that way, so I've expired it.
I think it's over now? -.-
Just signed up!
The deal is still on (5 April 2014)
I subscribed today, quite a good deal, even works with ssl.

Many thanks to the OP's post (JustLikeArkwright), and effort in sharing this great offer.

Edited By: Smosekum on Apr 05, 2014 16:37
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NewsDemon Newsgroups 1TB Non-Expring Block Account Fire Sale £22.13

NewsDemon has now launched a limited time special on their 1TB block account. Normally priced at $87.00, the 1TB non-expiring block account is now available for only only $35.00! The 1TB blo…
moozoo Avatar3y, 4m agoFound 3 years, 4 months ago6 Comments
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Good solid service, used them for over a year now. The only niggle would be they're VERY fast is taking action on take down notices...

Also keen to know how they compare for speed of DMCA takedowns with Astra/NGD?

I only have 400GB left :(

They're one of the fastest. Items gone within hours.
Good solid service, used them for over a year now. The only niggle would be they're VERY fast is taking action on take down notices...

Also keen to know how they compare for speed of DMCA takedowns with Astra/NGD?

I only have 400GB left :(
Very interested in this as 1TB would last me quite some time. Little worried about the DMCA comment. How do these compare to Astraweb?
That is a bargain. Hot Hot Hot.

Couldn't agree more - heat added!
That is a bargain. Hot Hot Hot.

Newsdemon Super Unlimited £4.47 normally $19.95 then £6.39/month there after

+ Unlimited Speed + 30GB Secure Online Storage + Free News Reader Software + 50(256-Bit) SSL Connections 1265+ Days Binary Retention i got this last time round and is excellent value
will65mcmanus Avatar4y, 11m agoFound 4 years, 11 months ago33 Comments
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I don't think "filthandfurry" is part of the one percent - must try harder!:p
Piracy losses are massively overestimated. How many things that a pirate gets a hold of would've been bought if were no alternative to buying it? They suck up everything for a look because it's free. A pirate may download an Xbox360 game that gets slated in reviews, but if they had to buy their games, they'd be a lot more selective, and the commercial owner wouldn't be getting any sale anyway on stuff that wouldn't be bought.

When a non-commercial pirate downloads a film/game and get fined or locked up longer than a drug dealer then something is very wrong with law enforcement.

Usenet generally maxes out your line on downloads. If you have a 10 megabit connection you'll get 10 megabits/1.25 megabytes download rate if your line isn't doing anything else on the side.
per month, anyoen had any experience with them in regards to speeds, i currently use astraweb and speeds are always maxed, what about these ??

Hi Nathand.

I have used them for about 2years now, get my maximum of around 600-650kb/s.

Getting fibre soon 34mb so hoping it matches it :)

I use these guys on a 50Mb line and nearly always max it out. Virgin are upgrading us to a 100Mb for free in the coming year, That'll be 12MB/sec :D

12.5 meg actually lol
im a pirate lol and never have a problem getting what i want , as for speeds i max out on my 100meg
it seems it does work with the student discount so 1st month 3.35 then 4.78 awesome.

Newsdemon umlimited usenet access $8.00 per month (£5.20 approx)

as above,and if you have to ask, the first rule of newsgroups is you don't talk about newsgroups. this is a ltd deal for black friday so get in quick.
boabbyrab Avatar5y, 1m agoFound 5 years, 1 month ago17 Comments
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Same as recording off the tele or radio but tivo and built in hard drives in media equipment are ok. Double standards maybe :P
Adidas Addict
as above,and if you have to ask, the first rule of newsgroups is you don't talk about newsgroups.

My ****, it's not 1992 you know. Everyone knows it's just another way of COPYING media & software without paying for it.

Stealing/Copying still illegal
Lotta drunk posting in this thread :p
Newsdemon aint good for DMCAs though...
Adidas Addict
as above,and if you have to ask, the first rule of newsgroups is you don't talk about newsgroups.

My ****, it's not 1992 you know. Everyone knows it's just another way of COPYING media & software without paying for it.
Have got the £4.70 paypal offer, unlimited usage. If paypal group server becomes a problem will go back to Frugal.

3 Month Unlimited NewsDemon Access - No Obligation to Stay After Trial! £12.85

With the news that Newzbin is being taken to court in a bid to try and get it shut down, now seemed like a logical time to start trying other newsgroups to see if I could find one for a decent price.
craigmcintosh_2 Avatar5y, 6m agoFound 5 years, 6 months ago23 Comments
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i uses this firm and have done for a few years never had a problem and some nice speeds stretching my 100mb broadband to its limit or there a bounce no problem
Not voting in the deal but personally I wouldnt recommend them as I have problems connecting to the majority of newsgroups I wish to download from i.e a.b.g xbox 360. For accessing other groups it's fine and great retention, just not suitable for me.
Not so sure now...a while later....not for me.

Edited By: simate on Jun 28, 2011 14:04: added another link
Picked up an Unlimited Newsdemon deal from here a few months ago. £4.44 for life. Tremendous service so far.
I think someone has forgotten the first rule :{

How to get News Demon Plus £5.54/month for life

Unlimited Plus £5.54/month for life! Unlimited Speed • 50 SSL connections + 1000+ days binary retention + 1,265 days text retention + 99% completion rate + 30GB Online Storage i made
will65mcmanus Avatar5y, 8m agoFound 5 years, 8 months ago48 Comments
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yep still showing unexpire
This shouldn't be expired. I just clicked through from nzbmatrix and the £5.54 unlimited plus is still showing.
I didnt even realise that people still used newsgroups.

not for text discussion like their original purpose,
it's now just another outlet for piracy via binary groups.

Oh here we go, this will no doubt end in piracy is killing the music industry. Whereas in fact crap music is killing the music industry, special thanks must go to Mr S. Cowell for that one! (_;)

I don't get your point.

You are saying it's justifiable to pirate music that is crap, and you listen to it?
Looks a stonking deal to me. Maybe not quite to my use as I pay for chunks of data rather than time, but for slightly heavier or more regular users this is a bllon' corker!

$7 a month unlimited downloads- newsdemon £4.44

Newsdemon - $7/mo for Unlimited plan / 50 connections, SSL, etc - Expires 15/03/2011 Select Unlimited Plus Use coupon code- cd10083757 Unlimited
jobbers Avatar5y, 10m agoFound 5 years, 10 months ago37 Comments
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annoyed i never got this - anyone got any more codes?
I'll have a look when I get a chance, I do remember it being a bit weird!
Really pleased with this so far but not having any joy installing sickbeard, seems a right nightmare to set up.
Happy to help :)

Have made two more posts to the other forum, will repeat them here too.

I can't see any free trials offhand, which is strange as everyone used to do it! Giganews do one that you can cancel within the first 14 days for free but thats not quite the same. In this case I'd suggest looking at your ISPs free offerings first (as said earlier I use Virgin as my primary server), and maybe buy a block of data for the things they don't have. Newsdemon do 50Gb for £6ish, or 200Gb for £14ish. If you are just having a look go for a small block til you know you'll use it, I expect you will though.

So, you can download stuff, but its no better than torrents really is it? Well yes it is, they run at full speed all the time and the files are always available if within the retention limit (around 910 days at present and always growing). Things also get reposted, there are lots of old files still being put online, so the date of actual release isn't too relevant. So what else can this software do? If set up correctly you can control it through your phone for a start (or indeed anywhere with a net connection), you can set it to read RSS feeds should you have a site that provides them (nzbmatrix does), meaning you can bookmark a file and it just downloads at home even without external access to your PC. You can also run addons that search for you, grabbing the latest files you specify as and when they are released. I'll go into this in my next post as I have to dash again.

There are many more things you can do, but I need to reinstall them myself first before I can offer advice as its been a while! The most useful 2 I can remember are:

Sickbeard lets you choose a TV series, and IIRC HD or SD copies, and it goes off and finds all the episodes for you. You can either just let it grab new ones, or ask for entire past series. It buggers off and finds them, then integrates with SABNZB to start the downloads. No interaction whatsoever from yourself, when new stuff appears on usenet it appears in your completed folder.

CouchPotato is the same but for movies, tell it a film you want and it tries to work out what it is (not sure how, maybe IMDB? Been a while). You then tell it what type of copy, from cam to ful DVDRip, and as it appears online it starts the download. I had something sat in here for 3 months that I'd forgotten about and then suddenly its waiting for me to watch when I got home from work, again fully integrates with SABNZB for the downloads.

With these 2 apps you are suddenly a lot less reliant on search websites, and also on remembering when something comes out.

Hope this all helps someone :)

Edited By: tek-monkey on Mar 12, 2011 19:14
Thanks for that tek Monkey. Think I've cracked it. I've followed your steps and all appears to be working.

Newsdemon Usenet Unlimited Plus only £6.25

Newsdemon currently have a Black Friday offer on. There Unlimited Plus account is only £6.25. I've been with Newsdemon for over 2years now and never had any issues with them. "For a limited
DarrenBolton Avatar6y, 1m agoFound 6 years, 1 month ago21 Comments
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Nice one on that, and this is still available and an excellent deal IMO, I didnt use usenet for a couple of months, stopped paying my bill to Simply Usenet of £2.99. That's now £4.99. I asked for it to be reinstated if they'd said no, pay the £4.99 now I would def have gone for this. I'm still in two minds, but I don't rly mind how long things take to come down.
Anyways, nice deal mate :)

Edited By: Rom on Jan 26, 2011 14:00
How does this compare to Rapidshare and such for downloading of items?
Here is one I've used in the past at full 50mbit speed:

It's £58 for a year on 50mbit package with unlimited downloads and 370+ days retention.

They even have a free 3 day trial and you don't have to enter any bank or card details for it.
Ive used newsdemon on a talktalk line sync'd at 11Mb and was getting 1100kb/s
I'm on the AstraWeb unlimted DSL for $11 p/m, but which has no online storage that I'm aware of and only 20 connections. However I get download speeds of 1800kb/s on my BT line whih I'm happy with. Anyone else on a BT 20MB/s line using Newsdemon like to share their experiences?

edit, but Blocknews looks VERY interesting. Might try 5GB with them first to see what speeds they achieve.

Edited By: Liddle ol' me on Nov 29, 2010 16:22: edit