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Seneye USB Home Solution for Aquariums - £49.15 @ Seapets


Seeing how expensive water testing kits are these days (or how deadly to the fish it can be if the heater packs in), I thought this looked like a pretty good investment?

A Seneye device allows you to monitor your water to ensure it doesn't become toxic for your fish.
Understanding what is happening inside your Freshwater or Marine Aquarium is vital to ensuring that the aquatic life remains healthy. This revolutionary water monitoring device allows you to continuously track the changes in the water parameters, alerting you to the problems before they affect the fish. Protect your fish with a seneye monitor.

The Seneye monitors five important areas of your aquarium, temperature, light, water level, pH and Ammonia, note that the last two require a consumable slide for monitoring which is supplied but being consumable will need replacing.

This is the easiest way to test your aquarium water, no longer any need for manual tests, set up your Seneye and just connect to a PC or use the optional power supply.

About the slide, this is for monitoring pH and Ammonia, very important, one slide is supplied, however replacements wil be required or they are sent free once the unit is registered with Seneye and a small monthly subscription is taken out with them. The subscription offers all the benefits shown on the website plus email and text warning messages in the event of a problem.

The downloading of the program we found very easy and it appears to work very well.

Purchasing from Seapets you can be sure we will carry all the accesories available annd will have our own free advice line supporting this product.

The Home Aquarium Solution is supplied complete with the Seneye Display unit on 2.5 metres of cable with a USB for computer connection and a slide for pH and Ammonia reading

A power supply is available should the computer not be permanently connected.

Other spares include a float unit and extension cables.

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    Monthly subscription? How much? Oh can't easily find that one - so sod off!
    Edit: note: I don't mean sod off to you mamboboy :) Thanks for posting. I mean to Seneye, nice idea but I don't like anything where you have to "subscribe"

    Edited By: VDisillusioned on Jul 11, 2012 01:42: My mother was a Valkerie!
    Ah yeah, didn't notice the monthly sub. Seems to be £6-7. Bit rubbish now then! This post needs a Seneye because it's about to go freezing :D
    Not so much the cost, all it seems to be realistically is a thermometer and light senser, I can see the light and water level by looking at the tank. So really its a £50 thermometer, I reckon that can be sorted cheaper.

    As for testing the water, it needs doing manually with this, so may as well stick to the chemicals
    It's only testing for ammonia and not nitrite or nitrate so would still need manual tests!! Seems a waste of money IMO! But thanks for posting as just setting up cold water aquarium
    Looks really expensive for what it does
    It's only testing for ammonia and not nitrite or nitrate so would still need manual tests!! Seems a waste of money IMO! But thanks for posting as just setting up cold water aquarium

    Well AFAIK they are bringing an update out that tests for those as well. Not sure if it's been released or not yet...

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