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T-Mobile Pulse £7.50 a month (24 months Contract) £180.00


Today i called t-mobile on behalf of my friend and he got this deal
T-Mobile Pulse with 100 minutes,100 texts,UNLIMITED internet and a Flexible Booster for 7.5 pounds per month (24 month contract)... so after this 3 of my friends went for the same deal....

i think every one wud be knowing about the mobile specs..its a pretty good smartphone specially at this price..

May be it helps some one who wants to go for a cheap contract...
Call 0800 956 2208

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    Why not hot? I think it's a cracking deal.
    Anyone else managed to get this? Just called and the best they could do was £10 a month and £35 for the handset for the deal above.

    Wasn't too pushy but she was adamant that's the best they could do. Might try again later.
    I was looking to upgrade on T-Mobile, and the cheapest they could give me Pulse was on £15p/m. The funny thing is that I was for few years on £25p/m plan although I was only using about 50-100 minutes a month. This got me flagged as a low spender in their computer and I can't get none of the t-mobile deals mentioned on this forum. So I moved to sim only monthly 10p/m, maybe they will offer me better deals now :)
    awt4 years, 8 months ago #4Show comment tools Reply
    I dont understand why they refused to give you this deal... Me and my frnds are new customers and this deal was given straight away without any hassle....
    I took the deal a few weeks back when it was £5 for 1st 12 months, £10 for 2nd 12 months (ie same 24 month price). IMO the internet works fairly well, though the paperwork suggested it was only free for 18 months - haven't rung T-mobile to check. I don't think 'UNLIMITED internet is strictly true, but the limited download speed probably keeps you within whatever limit they have.
    Sounds like a hot deal
    But has anyone as a new customer (aside from op) actually got the offer yet so far?
    PR14 years, 8 months ago #7Show comment tools Reply
    this is hot, the second I hear any other confirmation I'll call them....
    My sister had got this deal on friday

    but it was

    100 mins
    100 texts
    unlimted internet

    free phone / 5 pound a month
    anyone who got this got a name i can mention when calling as they maybe more inclined to let you have it if you can drop a name. If anyones interested drop me a pm.
    Good deal. T-Mobile Pulse is a good entry smartphone I think - I have one so I can try Android out. Will be upgrading in June/July but its a perfectly good handset! Battery life a bit poor though.

    Cheapest Pulse has been on payg is £100 so even then this would work out about £3.50 for the mins, texts + internet.
    100 minutes,100 texts

    Sorry what? Why even have a phone if that is the amount you use it?
    Here is the deal guys,

    As the OP has posted but I'll break it down like this

    Option 1:
    Unlimited internet
    Unlimited T-mobile to T-mobile calls
    100 any network minutes
    100 Texts

    Option 2
    Unlimited internet
    Unlimited texts
    100 any network minutes

    I went with option 1. Trying to get T-mobile to give me a blackberry instead of the Pulse.
    100 minutes,100 texts

    Sorry what? Why even have a phone if that is the amount you use it?

    Maybe the poster has a life a likes to talk to people face to face,has free minutes on there landline...isnt sombody whoes first language is text......probably a few more reasons but cant think just now
    Beware T-mobile service is shocking!!!
    Captain Hook
    There is a known bug with this phone, nothing too serious but you might find you predictive text packs up every other month (just needs a couple of files deleting to get it going again for a while)
    Captain Hook
    My sister had got this deal on friday

    but it was

    100 mins
    100 texts
    unlimted internet

    free phone / 5 pound a month

    I was offered this deal when I phoned up but it is only for the first 12 months, then it goes up to £10.. so it's the same price over £24 months
    very good deal..heat added
    Don't like the touchscreen much on this phone, find it too unresponsive for my liking, though there's a mod involving tinfoil that's meant to help!
    The pulse is one of the best mid level (yes mid) i have used. Same hardware as the magic/hero/etc but a bigger screen. Just load it with a decent home replacement, Steel browser, and Weather Widgets for that HTC look and its great. Make sure you remove the near impossible to see screen protector and the screen is fine. OK battery isn't amazing but keep the backlight down and gps off and it'll last as long as any other smart phone. I'm only selling mine as I've now got a Desire. It's far better than the 5800 it replaced.
    T-mobile i brilliant! I a similar deal as a new customer 3 months ago
    100 mins
    Unlimited Texts
    Unlimited Internet
    With Tmobile Pulse - the phone i wanted was out of stock so they gave me it free.

    However it was £10pm not £7.50

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