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UK Paintball Deals & Discounts


BOGOF on gift packs £29.99 with ukpaintball

Buy one get one free on the Christmas gift packs. Nice gift for Christmas as its for 5 people.
Naylaaaa Avatar11m, 3w agoFound 11 months, 3 weeks agoAdd Comment

£5.00 -- UK-Wide Paintball Day inc Gear, Balls & Lunch, 75% Off

50 Paintball parks to choose from Full day entry Gun hire Cammo outfit Gas refills Ammo pack 100 free paintballs + Lunch EACH VOUCHER IS VALID FOR 6 MONTHS Minimum age 15
boozyfloozy Avatar5y, 10m agoFound 5 years, 10 months ago11 Comments
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bloody hell thanks for the heads up guys.....had no idea and wished I'd not posted this now (or agree to go next weekend on my other half's experience day).....:-(
I got gifted a paintball day for Christmas... 100 free paintballs and then I spent a further £70 on paintballs JUST FOR THE MORNING... went home at lunchtime because I couldn't afford any more.

I wasn't even going crazy either, the exact opposite if anything....

Best searching out a package that includes 1000 balls online if you can. Least that way you know exactly what it will cost you.

My local place does a full day with 1000 balls for £50. Would recommend that and then just go, use the 1000 balls... might not last you all day but should most of it.
I gave up paintball when they stopped allowing you to bring your own paintballs for that very reason.
2000 balls was the minimum for the day. Would rather pay more and bring your own.

Airsoft - it's the future!
I used 2500 paintballs oO was good fun tho

I dont think i've ever spent less than £100 on a full day of paintball.

If you wanna have fun it will cost you a small fortune especially if you go for the 'nades. If you want to hide behind a tree all day it will be cheap!
I used 2500 paintballs oO was good fun tho

Bloody hell!!!!! Glad I wasn't on the opposing team when you were there!!! I've never been before and a bit nervous about going next weekend :-(
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£5.00 Paintball Deal. Book by January 28th. 75% off

This is my first post so I hope that I've done this right. 75% off a full priced ticket. Locations all over the UK. Minimum age for entry is 15 years old. Offer includes: Gun Hire. F…
Yorkie1962 Avatar5y, 10m agoFound 5 years, 10 months ago5 Comments
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Have you used this yourself?

No, I've never been paintballing but I might give this a try if I have the time.
I went to the Thetford site.....rubbish, worst paintball i've ever been to. Not many battle fields, over 60 people per game. Was very crowded. Like shooting ducks in a barrel. Turned up as requested by 9;30 didn't start playing until after 11:30.

Better off finding a small independent site.
Its a pretty good deal, better than what they offer in shopping centres and can be used for members of the ukpsf just need to have the money to go... lol
the problem with Painball deals is they only give you 100 balls, whereas you will need approx. 200 per game... and the dearest part of doing this activity is buying the etra balls. So make sure you check the price of etra balls before booking...
Have you used this yourself?

Paintball Days Across the UK £5.00 UKPaintball

Paintball for £5 - book by 5th April 2010 Offer includes - Full day entry - Gun hire - Cammo Outfit - Lunch - Gas Refills - Ammo Pack - 100 FREE Paintballs Each voucher is valid for 12
ryansonic Avatar6y, 9m agoFound 6 years, 9 months ago4 Comments
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asked and they charge £7 for 100 balls - def with lunch a nice deal. Hot.
Most places if you actually contact them will give you free entry, but 100 paintballs are normally charged at 7-7.50 each unless you buy in bulk, plus lunch this isn't a bad deal at all (I would know, I used to work at a site)
Most places charge £10 Entry though and give u 50-100 paintballs so this is still 50% cheaper
As anyone who has ever been on one of these knows..... 100 paintballs wont even scratch the surface and you will have to buy the additional paintballs through the company. This is where they make their money.

£5.00 for a day of Paintball fun with UK Paintball

Offer includes; Full Day Entry Gun Hire Cammo Outfit Lunch Gas Refills Ammo Pack 100 Free Paintballs EACH VOUCHER IS VALID FOR 12 MONTHS & ADMITS 1 PERSON TO ANYONE OF OUR 40 VENUES
Tophlar23 Avatar7y, 2m agoFound 7 years, 2 months ago6 Comments
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You're never going to get a 'cheap' day at paintball because the ammo is so expensive. But £5 for the basics is a good price. We'd normally pay around the £20 mark and then anything up to £40 for the paintballs when we're there.
Its a good day out though - for the price of a footy ticket :)
£12.99 !!!!! where is the £5
Be careful, as you may find yourself spending a fortune on paintballs. Particularly if, like me, you find yourself given a gun thats faulty and keeps wasting balls by making them explode inside the barrell. Either that or the balls they give you are warped from moisture and explode in the gun. I ended up paying £40 for balls last time, I didnt consider myself that Rambo trigger happy either. Better to pay a bit more upfront and make sure its a decent site with good reviews, tho this may be one of those sites, i havent researched it.
£12.99 for me?
Glasgow shows as £8 per 100 so not too bad.. normally need a minimum of 500 more so take into account a £40 bump up at least.
Doesn't stop it being tempting though :)

Paintballing - full days fun only £5.00!!!

First post to these forums, so don't be too harsh :P I was reading through the paper this morning, and noticed what i thought was a rather good deal, for only £5 you can enjoy a full days paintball…
Forbez Avatar8y, 10m agoFound 8 years, 10 months ago54 Comments
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I went on a stag do with these guys:
Once you look at their pricing including the paint it is a pretty good deal, especially if you go for 500 or so balls to start with. They just mark them off as you take each 100 so you don't need to store them anywhere.

Very good field as well with LOTS of variety.
These "tickets" really are just a form of advertising to get people interested. If you find a site near you and call them they will often do a reasonable deal with you. There are LOADS in Essex (for the previous posters who were asking) and even an indoor one on the Isle of Dogs if you care to venture that far into London.

Paint does cost money, but the mark-up is ridiculous. The reason for this is that the insurance required to run a paintball site is sky high and they have to break-even somehow. With legislation on imitation firearms in the UK there's even the possibility that we'll lose this sport/pastime altogether. Anyway, to keep costs down, you should always club together and buy in boxes of 2000. Agree a price beforehand - if you tell the owner that you're planning on bringing 12 mates and will buy at least 3 cases of paint then you'll be surprised how much it will come down. Paint has an expiry date. If they need to get rid of stock to make way for new, you will get a better deal.

Everything that FlyingFlea ^^^ said is true. Don't buy grenades, DO wear gloves and a baggy top. I wouldn't wear more than one thick layer though (I've seen people turn up in 3 or 4 sweaters!) because it'll slow you down and once you start running about, you'll roast. They really don't hurt anywhere near as much as people claim unless you get hit on the knuckles. If you get hit anywhere else then you're stepping too far out from behind your bunker! Never pick up paint off the ground and load it back into your hopper. All it takes is a tiny amount of debris/moisture to clog up the gun and next you know you'll be shooting soup. That WILL ruin your day.

Lastly, paintball isn't cheap. If you want to have a good day out then you have to expect to pay for it. I will happily shoot 2000-3000 rounds in a day. £5 will not get you an enjoyable experience - if you just turn up, shoot 100 rounds and then go home after the badly-cooked burger then you may as well go down Burger King. At least the burger will be hot...ish.

Voted hot because I want as many people to try it as possible, but just be aware that this isn't necessarily the cheapest deal. :thumbsup:
I joined the university paintball club when I was at university in the States. We went paintballing every other weekend ALL DAY. It was extremely exhausting the first couple of times (you could barely walk the next day!) but a lot of fun. I just wanted to say add my 2 cents...

Firstly you will easily use about 500 paintballs if it's your first time, you'll be VERY trigger happy but I found 500 paintballs when I got good.

Paintballing in the US is serious stuff, and the average age in a tournament is about 13. We had kids about 10 or 11 join in our games sometimes (they lived locally to the paintball location we used) and all they ever wore was a loose jersey. If you play properly, you are out if you get once. So you should only get about 10 times MAX in a day. The guns you'll be using will be SLOW single shot rifles. I was quite unlucky in that the pro's all had their own modded guns which would fire 20 paintballs a second and a lot further and harder, so when you got hit, you certainly wouldn't want to pretend you weren't hit.

Paintballing in January is great providing it's not wet. You'll be running around and pumped full of adrenaline so the cold shouldn' be an issue. These centres usually offer some protection anyway. Loose clothing works best, jeans are NOT recommended.

WEAR HAND PROTECTION!! The gloves shouldn't cost more than a tenner. I once got shot on the knuckle and it bled and made it very uncomfortable to use my gun.

Lastly, don't waste your money on paint grenades, it's a lot more satisfying SHOOTING someone than having a bit of paint spray your victim from a rubber condom. We never used smoke grenades so can't comment on those. Both can be dangerous if you slip and land on them (I've seen it happen!)
I went on one of these paintballing days two months ago in warrington and it was brilliant. Similar deal, but i noticed that one the booking confirmation had been made, they let you add as many other people to your group for free.... I think this is because they know they make most of their money on the paintballs you buy.. typically £7.00/100 £30/500 or £55/1000. Depending how trigger happy you are obviously, It can be a bit more expensive than you think it would be. In a full day there are on average five games with two halves and would say on average you will get through AT LEAST 100 balls a game BUT PROBABLY MORE....


Great day out ... but be prepared to spend £50+ quid
My hubby and his mates love a bit of paintballing... so this is good for them.

Go Paintballing For £5.00 (usually £20) Time Limited

Go Paintballing For £5 in association with The Sun. Offer available untill 20th August 2007. Includes: One day entry pass * All equipment hire * 8-10 Games * Lunch / refreshments * 100 free pain…
acid Avatar9y, 4m agoFound 9 years, 4 months ago21 Comments
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I haven't phoned any site but looking at websites of most paintball venues the starting price seems to be £15, so I can't see how this can not be a hot deal.

so, it is a hot deal?? :oops:
I've been paintballing about 50 times and never once have I ever worn anything other than camos. As far as i'm aware that's the norm for all paintball companies.

And i'm afraid the deal isn't too good - these new voucher type deals are a bit of a con. Better off ringing a paintball company and haggling. We paid 35 for 700 paintballs each, 2 smoke grenades and all other equipment etc last time.

Hi ddavis

Can you quote the company/link/phone to contact & get the same deal: 35 for 700 paintballs each, 2 smoke grenades and all other equipment etc...
I'm very very interested :-)
I haven't phoned any site but looking at websites of most paintball venues the starting price seems to be £15, so I can't see how this can not be a hot deal.
Where can you find out which Paintball places his voucher is can be used in?

Click the map on the deal
Proper camoflage and not pink lycra

I've been paintballing about 50 times and never once have I ever worn anything other than camos. As far as i'm aware that's the norm for all paintball companies.

And i'm afraid the deal isn't too good - these new voucher type deals are a bit of a con. Better off ringing a paintball company and haggling. We paid 35 for 700 paintballs each, 2 smoke grenades and all other equipment etc last time.
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