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Massive 33% off first health supplements/vitamins order @ YourHealthFoodStore

Posted nearly a year ago but expired for no good reason. If it's your first order with YourHealthFoodStore just request the 33% discount during checkout. There are Ts & Cs but nothing too onerous. Fre…
jj5678 Avatar3y, 8m agoFound 3 years, 8 months ago3 Comments
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Sorry - new to this!

Don't you worry about it - someone else seems to have corrected your oversight :3

In text-only mode I cannot see the retailer, which is why HUKD reminds you to include this detail in the thread title... (_;)
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33% of Natural Health Supplements/Vitamins on first order @ Your Health Foodstore

0 are offering a whopping 33% of your first order. Today is the first time I have used them so can't comment too much on service/quality (although reviews seem to be good).
Tigerbright Avatar4y, 7m agoFound 4 years, 7 months agoAdd Comment

ESI Aloe Fresh Toothpaste 100ml (NON-Fluoridated SAFE toothpaste) - £3.00 @ Your Health Foodstore

Sodium Fluoride is INCREDIBLY poisonous, in tests in children of 5yrs of age the children who drank fluoridated water for their 5yrs they have been alive had a 10-15 point lower IQ, it also gives you
hajj_3 Avatar6y, 2m agoFound 6 years, 2 months ago57 Comments
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Still think i'm crazy? or are all the U.S govt scientists wearing tin foil hats?

Well I don't think you're crazy, but you have to expect people to resist when you approach an issue with all guns blazing :)

Personally I'm opposed to fluoride, as there is no good evidence that it actually benefits teeth (except as a mouthrinse that you spit out completely) and plenty of reasons to think it harmful - but I've learnt the hard way that you can't heavy-handedly force people to believe the things that you believe.

I found this thread as I was searching for xylitol chewing gum of all things, which has far stronger evidence of its efficacy in dental hygiene than fluoride.
Why do you guys think i'm crazy when i've spent 100's of hours researching these things and you guys clearly have spent none. If you had researched or watched the documentaries you would know that fluoride is poisonous.

Because I suspect you even use the word research in an uninformed way! Do you mean you've spent hundreds of hours reading OTHER PEOPLES' RESEARCH or performing research yourself?

When I say performing research, I mean designing experiments, testing the power of your statistical analyses, ensuring randomness of your samples, performing the actual experiments in a controlled manner, measuring the results, analysing the data, drawing conclusions, comparing your findings with those of others and finally subjecting your work for review by experts in that field prior to having your work published in internationally respected journals? No? I thought not...

Yeah, and in anticipation of your next question: yes I have, and have a doctoral degree earned from five years work to prove it. One of the many things I learned along the way was how to judge the validity of information I found, so let me give you a tip by distilling that down into a single sentence: the likely accuracy of information published in journals like the Lancet, BMJ, New England Journal of Medicine, Cell, Nature or Science et al. is going to be as much as a million times higher than anything that any Tom, Dick or Hajj_3 can just slap up on the internet.

Your understanding of scientific "proof" is, TBH, less that the square root of b*gger all if you really think that something is true if it's been broadcast as a TV programme (albeit dignified with classification as a documentary). I bet you believe everything in Wikipedia as well...

Conversation now closed - unless you manage to find me those five citations I asked for...

But you won't...


   /rɪˈsɜrtʃ, ˈrisɜrtʃ/ Show Spelled[ri-surch, ree-surch] Show IPA
diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories, applications, etc.: recent research in medicine.
a particular instance or piece of research.
–verb (used without object)
to make researches; investigate carefully.
–verb (used with object)
to make an extensive investigation into: to research a matter thoroughly.


The U.S govt has now decided to lower the fluoride level in water from 1.2 ppm to 0.7 ppm due to side effects, the UK govt uses 1.0 ppm with a max allowed level of 1.5 ppm.

Still think i'm crazy? or are all the U.S govt scientists wearing tin foil hats?

Edited By: hajj_3 on Feb 14, 2011 22:26: .
That pileoshite guy knows his stuff X)
you bumped a 6 month old thread for that! oO

Wow, oops you're right! For some reason I thought it was a new deal. Must be the fluoride .

lol ;)