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I think constant neg reppers should be named and shamed!
You haven't annoyed Joshanna to that extent have you grdesign???
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You haven't annoyed Joshanna to that extent have you grdesign???

Most probably, though as always, unsure what I done! :-D
I hear you grdesign. The way to combat this is to keep encouraging people to vote. If enough people are voting then a few malicious people will not be able to swing things like that. If you see a thread that is lower in temp or higher than you think it should be, cast your vote!
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I could do with some sympathy rep(!)
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Cheers! *very sad face* more sympathy!
all this rep stuff dont bother me to tell the truth if its a gud deal il always give positive rep but i sus theres some sad users on ere who havent got a life (:
I agree with grdesign about that laser - I nearly even said so in the thread. Why you would vote a colour laser at that price delivered as cold is beyond me. But then it happens with some of the others too - e.g. which muppet voted a £5 of £35 HMV code as cold? Or a 80gb 5th gen ipod for £186 cold just because they are too lazy to get off their arse and get a Boots Advantage card even though it's saving them over £30!
Strength in numbers guys, vote vote vote ;) There's enough of us that we can keep temps on track by voting where it needs it, as I said even if some people try to mess it up.
I think that's becoming the case with reputation votes now too, there are enough members to move it in the right direction, whichever way that needs to be :)
...they are too lazy to get off their arse and get a Boots Advantage card even though it's saving them over £30!

it's not really saving is it, that's what i don't like about boots. It's saving money off your *next* purchase. Meaning not only have they made a sale this time, they've already made another sale!

p.s. it wasn't me who neg repped that deal :)
Theres some fool following me around, negging me and voting cold on all my deals.

What's up with this place? Makes me wonder why I bother?

Post a bargain colour laser up, and it goes into the depths of freezing straight away, even though it's £30 cheaper than you will find it anywhere else. Post a phone up, goes into freezing just because its 'expensive still' even though it's £200 cheaper than anywhere else.

Never leave a comment with the neg, never a comment as to why it's such a bad offer.

What's up with this place?! Can't be just me surely.

Rant over!

seems to me your doing alrite on rep....are the boxes grey ? if so that means your getting poss rep if its red then its neg

ill pass some lovley rep on to you !!!
ive got 2 negative reps in the last 2 days, too cowardly to leave a comment though. or should i say, they are leaving a comment but not leaving there name - thats pretty poor, if youve got something to say, say it but also have the balls to own up to who you are.

Admin, i thought you were doing away with negative rep, i didnt deserve it for the deal ive posted today, which i got it the comment was "begging for rep, poor" i didnt beg for rep, i felt i deserved it.

Plus, its also cold voted.

If your not doing away with it, can you please start naming people.
Im not afraid to admit ive negged in the past, but i dont think ive ever left a comment.
Ive only negged if someone has actually been rude.
Is there a way where admin could set something up so that there is a user name next to every rep given? I've only made 3 posts an alredy hav been given 1 neg rep, not quite sure wat the problem with the post was but never mind hey. Anyway, I'm a member on a different forum which I visit every day and the same problem was occuring there with rep so the admin managed to set up the rep system where every rep left shows a username and a comment has to be left.
I've started adding my username on here to the end of comments, just so folks know who left the feedback. Would be nice if this could be automated i agree, til then, that's my way forward, would be nice if other's followed :)
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I got a funny feeling someone has a vendetta out against me :?:shock:
Now someone is leaving negative rep under other members name...hmmmm.
Please pm me if you think that's the case.
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I'm more annoyed at people voting cold when clearly it isn't.

There was a free perfume sample yesterday that got to -8.6 - nothing bizarre about the post - and from a regular member - but voted cold - probably because people had to go to john lewis to get it!

Now it may not be red hot but it isn't cold - this person has went out of his way to find a freebie (not posted on any other site) for members - how is that cold?

As for rep - there are many people on this site who do give rep when deserved - but many others who give negative or don't give any when they have clearly benefited from the post.

Grrrrrrrr - I think I got pmt or I'm thinking why do I bother. I'll just keep the deals, freebies and competitions to myself.
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What's this neg rep thingy - how do U get it? What is it? Me, I'm off out for a days shooting.
Someone is deffo leaving it under someone elses name. I got two for this post. One saying 'Idiot!, Joshanna'.

Now, Joshanna does NOT call herself Joshanna when speaking to me! She uses her pet name, or use's something far more appropriate and insultive than 'Idiot'!!

Ahh well. All we can do is moan it seems, but when we do, we get more negs, lol!

Excellent, here I go....'Bring em on!!'
No grdesign, it wasn't joshy. Thanks for pointing it out.
:shock: I cant believe someone is leaving negative rep and posing as me,


Seriously, i havent left negative rep for ANYONE for days, possibly a week, seriously, if youve recieved any negative rep supposed to be from me - please contact admin/mods who will confirm it isnt actually me!

This is now beyond a joke, and this is more than likely the person who is negging me.
Don't worry joshy, I've PMed admin with the details.
Thanks alot emma, just worried how many people this has been done too by someone posing as me :-(
The same person has done the same thing - I checked it out in themanwithnoname's rep as well. If anyone else appears to have received a negative rep from joshanna, please let us know.
Yep, someone been doing it to me too.
Cheers for having a look Emma.
This is all getting rather silly..the sooner neg rep is abolished the better...and those that have abused it should be shown the yellow card...or as in rugby sent to the sin bin.
Maybe some rules should be set down on how to use the rep system, if it isn't going to be removed.

As it stands people are getting in trouble for 'abusing' it...which as unfair as what they are doing, seems unfair to me...the system is there and with no rules or guidlines I think people should be free to use it as they see fit - even if it is to be an arse/cause trouble.
The user giving negative reputation under other member's names has been banned.
Interesting. GRdesign has negged me for my post because of my reference to going out shooting - to put food on the table. How self righteous is that? We live in a democracy, I am entitled to a lifestyle - hey 1 other neg was on the Humas Set Top box I posted - I luurve this one - quote 'If I wasn't skint I'd buy one' Well, if you saved your money instead of spending it on line the person responsible might accumulate some money. Similarly, the time spent on line could be spent working for a wage.(no, please no hard luck spin to follow, about incapacity etc. etc.)

I'm busy living life - and enjoying doing so - party on.
And you only know because I left my name in the neg. I have nothing to hide and you constantly try to get reaction from this fox hunting thing, and are doing it yet again!
The user giving negative reputation under other member's names has been banned.

If they have been banned, can you tell us who it was? Even via PM? Would like to know, as I was effected by it, as was Joshanna and at least one other user.
And you only know because I left my name in the neg. I have nothing to hide and you constantly try to get reaction from this fox hunting thing, and are doing it yet again!

You are entitled to your opinion, old chap, and that is all it is. I am simply stating a fact or facts. I have a lifestyle, as everyone does. You have not addressed the neg vote, preferring instead to bring Hunting with Hounds to the forefront. I do hope you are not trying to let prejudice and hate rule the day, my friend.
I addressed it above. Your so wrapped up in trying to make a sentence sound posh you haven't read friend.
errrr... have I missed somat or wot? You introduced Fox hunting as a specific item - quote from your post 'you constantly try to get reaction from this fox hunting thing' You are guilty, as found. Not me matey but you.
Ok take it back to PM if you have a problem, this aint the place for it.

Funny you should mention 'Hunting with hounds' to raise peoples backs even more, when all this was about was 'shooting'.

How bizzare, sooooo unlike you
Please respond properly and explain yourself. Why do you now wish to walk away, some may say this is the easy option for you. Me, I would wholeheartedly agree. There was no real point of view ever from you, Eh. Is a PM not a Private Message?
Look, you know full well what this is about because you PM'ed me about it earlier on, then you decided to post it here.

Yes I negged you. Simply because you have to keep on constantly going on about Fox Hunting, Shooting, putting your own dinner on the table etc etc.

I'm not walking away, but this thread is not the place for your problem with me. I said if you want to talk to me about this, PM me, but you want to drag it out here.

I'm not the only one who has a problem with cruel sports which you wish to keep pushing in our faces and your 'I'm off to go shoot' comments etc. It's not big, it's not clever, do as you wish, but stop rubbing our faces in it.

You clearly like an argument on here, from other threads about it, we all know about it, so give it up.

What do I need to respond properly to and explain myself for? You got a neg for your 'I'm off to go shoot' thing which was not needed and was looking for a reaction. You got it. I got bored of all your references to a cruel blood sport. Get over it.
banned 1 Like #40

Yes I negged you.

Thank you. What an admission, my friend, in view of your previous posts I find this admission quite remarkable.

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