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DS Games and Others

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Hello, I've decided to sell most of my DS games collection to raise a bit of extra cash. I am also selling some Wii and Xbox games. Prices are open for negotiation but I would like close to asking …
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7y, 6m agoPosted 7 years, 6 months agoFeedback:0 Positive/0 Neutral/0 Negative

I've decided to sell most of my DS games collection to raise a bit of extra cash. I am also selling some Wii and Xbox games. Prices are open for negotiation but I would like close to asking price unless you feel it is far too high.

Games are all in good condition with booklets, I am a collector and take care of my games. I can take pictures of the games upon request if you want to see the quality of a product.

Thanks for looking, I hope you find something you're after. I will later post a large collection of Retro Games. If you are interested before hand, please ask for a list.

DS Games
Advance Wars Days of Ruin £15
Advance Wars Dual Strike £12
Band Brothers [JAP] £12
Band Brothers DX [JAP] £15
Castlevania Portrait of Ruin £15
Children of Mana £6
Chocobo Tales £10
Contact £10
Docomodake Boing! £18
Dragon Quest IV £15
Exit DS £12
Feel the Magic £10
Final Fantasy IV £15
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 £15
Henry Hatsworth £15
Jump Ultimate Stars [JAP] £10
Kirby Canvas Curse £15
Kirby Squeak Squad £15
Magnetica £10
Mario vs Donkey Kong 2 £12
Mario Hoops 3 on 3 £15
Metroid Pinball £12
Metroid Prime Hunters £15
Pac N Roll £8
Picross DS [JAP] £10
Point Blank DS £8
Pokemon Diamond £18
Pokemon Trozei £12
Rub Rabbits £12
Slither Link [JAP] £15
Sonic Rush Adventure £15
Starfox Command £8
The World Ends With You £12
Tony Hawks Downhill Jam £12
Touch Detective £12
Touch Panic [JAP] £8
Trauma Centre £12
Wario Ware Touched £12
Yoshi Touch & Go £12

Xbox Games
Blue Dragon - £8
Left 4 Dead - £22
Guitar Hero 4 - £22
The Orange Box - £15
Virtua Fighter 5 - £12

Wii Games
Dewy's Adventure - £7 (box damaged - originally bought like this)
House of the Dead 2 & 3 - £12
Dragon Quest Swords - £12
Excite Truck - £15
Zack and Wiki - £12
Payment by Cheque or Paypal (gift)
Postage will be first class within UK only.
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7y, 6m agoPosted 7 years, 6 months agoFeedback:0 Positive/0 Neutral/0 Negative

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I will offer £10.00 for the world ends with you if its in mint condition with book, box etc and you would have to post first due to having no feedback

I will offer £10.00 for the world ends with you if its in mint condition with book, box etc and you would have to post first due to having no feedback


£10 is fair, I accept your offer. I understand about having to post first as I have no feedback here.

I can assure you the game is in mint condition, I played it for an hour or so but didn't enjoy it. I have taken and uploaded a photo of the game, box and contents (two leaflets and the manual)


If you want any more pictures or details, please let me know.
ok cheers mate its a done deal ill take jump ultimate stars as well if that ok

ps , what retro games do you have, any on gameboy/ gba ?
also, if you can do me - World ends with you - jump ultimate stars and Henry Hatworth for £30.00 Id take all three, if not just the first 2

cheers again lol
Hmm, i'd ask £35 for those three as Hatsworth is almost new and hardly played, as is TWEWY, also, I'd do recorded postage on those.

I have a ton of retro games for the NES, SNES, Mega Drive, N64 and Dreamcast. I do have some GB/GBA games, not too many. Here is a quick list of what I can see without digging.

Wario Blast (boxed, good condition)
Mario Tennis (boxed, counterfit)
Kirby's Block Ball (boxed)
Mole Mania (boxed)
James Bond 007 (boxed)
Pokémon Red (boxed)
Kirby's Dream Land (boxed)
Duck Tales (following are cart only, in cases)
Duck Tales 2
Mario Golf (gbc)
Zelda Oracle of Seasons
Zelda Oracle of Ages
Fortress of Fear
Game & Watch Gallery 2
Dr Mario
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Land
Tetris 2
Zelda Link's Awakening DX
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land 2
Super Mario Brothers Deluxe
Bubble Bobble
Mario & Yoshi
Grand Theft Auto

Drill Dozer (boxed)
Astro Boy (boxed)
Denki Blocks (badly boxed)
Yoshi's Island (boxed with stickers and markings, no booklet)
Sonic Advance 2 (boxed)
Bubble Bobble Old & New (boxed)
Doom (badly boxed)
Zelda Minish Cap (mint)
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (mint)
Advance Wars (boxed)
Metroid Fusion (mint)
Mario Kart Super Curcuit (boxed)
Kuru Kuru Kurukin (boxed)
Bit Generations - Dotstream (mint)
Bit Generations - Orbital (mint)
Bit Generations - Digidrive (mint)
Legend of Stafy 2 (mint, japanese)
Tomato Adventure (mint, japanese)
Wario Ware Twisted (badly boxed)
Zelda LTTP Four Swords (boxed)
Zelda NES Classic (boxed)
Chu Chu Rocket (boxed)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (boxed)
F-Zero Maximum Velocity (following are cart only)
Pokemon Pinball
Super Monkey Ball Jr
Donkey Kong Country
Super Street Fighter 2 Revival
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Banjo - Kazooie Grunty's Revenge

I have more but those are the only ones I could find quickly.
jesus, puts my collection to shame !

How much for all the gba and all the gameboy games ? :D

im joking but i would if i could

im after

super mario land 1 & 2 and deluxe
zelda or of seasons & ages
kirbys deam land
donkey kong & donkey kong land
zelda link awakening dx
duck tales and duck tales 2

on GBA

minish cap
also Doom 2 if you happen to have it

maybe Zelda lttp

and maybe more, depends on your prices tbh mate
You think that's a lot, wait till I post up the other collections...

Super Mario Land 1 £4
Super Mario Land 2 £5
Super Mario Bros DX £8
Kirby's Dream Land (boxed) £6
Donkey Kong £5
Donkey Kong Land £3
Zelda Link Awakening DX £8
Duck Tales £3
Duck Tales 2 £4
Minish cap, make an offer, it's rare in this condition.

Let me know what you think.
you missed some out like oracle of ages/seasons

bit overpriced tbh mate mario land 1 & 2 are only really worth 2 quid each as are duck tales 1 & 2

best prices i could do are

Links awakening DX - £4.00
Mario Land 1 £2.00
Donkey Kong Land £3.00
Duck Tales 1 & 2 - £4.00
Kirby Dream Land - £5.00

Ill def take jump ultimate stars and twewy for a start anyway mate
How about this then,

Mario Land 1/2 - £4 for both
Duck Tales 1/2 - £4 for both
Donkey Kong Land - £3
Kirby's Dream Land - £5
Donkey Kong - £5
Zelda Links Awakening - £5
Mario Bros DX - £7
Zelda Oracle of Ages / Season - £15 for both

£12 each for the Bit Generation games, mint and don't think I ever got round to playing them.
i can offer

mario land 1 &2 - £4.00
Duck Tales 1 & 2 - £4.00
Donkey Kong Land - £3.00
Kirbys Dream Land - £4.00
Zelda LA dx - £5.00
Oracle Of Ages - £7.50

total - £27.50

also wouldnt mind kirbys block ball, just had a look on youtube, looks fun ! , do you have any game and watches?
I'll accept those prices for,

Mario 1&2
Duck Tales 1&2
Donkey Kong Land

Total £11

The Kirby games are rare, especially fully boxed so wanted more for them. The Zelda games I gave a good price because you'd be buying them all for £20 in total.

Game and Watches, I have Parachute, Donkey Kong Jr, Popeye and Zelda which is Signed by Miyamoto.
ok well i already have seasons so best i could do is £12.50 for Zelda links awakening and ages which is about the going rate imo , id be happy to pay the £5.00 you asked for kirbys dreamland

how much for the other kirby?
how much for the game and watches ?
Just picked up the Kirby game, cart isn't in it. I have the rest of the carts so will look for kirby in the morning. I don't want to sell the Zelda games for that price, sorry. The other Kirby game is actually quite rare as it's fully boxed so wanted around £15 for that.

I am happy to sell the Mario, Duck Tales (good taste) and DK Land games for £11 total.

I'm not sure of the value on the Game and Watches so would ask £10 each. The Zelda one I would want a really good offer on, for obvious reasons.

If you want the games above (for £11) and the 3 Game and Watches (not Zelda) I will do the lot for £35.
what sort of conditoin are the game and watches in ? any boxed ? you have to state your price for the zelda one if your lookin to sell mate, any ideas?

Ill take the two marios and duck tales and dk land for £11.00 and the kirby if you find it also interested in the game and watches dependant on condition, also interested in the miyamoto g&w dependant on price


still offering for the zeldas if you change your mind cheers
I will take macro pictures of the G&W's tomorrow but none are boxed, they're in decent condition and i'm pretty sure they all still work since I played the before taking the batteries out before storing them.

I think I will hold onto the Zelda G&W for a while.

So, The above mentioned GB games for £11 and then the 2 DS games for £20 so far.
Ill leave twewy if that ok as i didnt know id be buying so many gb games ! im sure you wont have nay trouble selling it as its quite rare these days

Ill take the GB games £11.00 the jump ultimate stars - £10.00

and can offer you £9.00 for oracle of ages as i need it to complete seasons !!

if not how about

tetris 2 - £2.00
Alleyway £2.00 to make it £25.00 ?


ps not really interested in the game and watches mate theyd be better going to a collector and im sure you could get more for them
i take it youve nodded off lightweight ill haggle further tomorrow, cheers
Would you be interested in trades?

If so anything here take your interest:

Star wars force unleashed,
Gears of war 2,
PGR 4,
Top spin 2,
PES 08.

All xbox 360

I am interested in your Left 4 dead
what game and watches do you have i have some in loft :0 and what price are they?
what is happnening then mate as I see youve been online today but not replied???

Sorry for a late reply, been called away everytime I get back here!

£20 for, Mario Land 1+2, Duck Tales 1+2, Donkey Kong Land and Zelda Oracle of Ages.
£10 for Jump Ultimate Stars.

£30 total for the games, do you think postage will be expensive?


Not interested in any trades, sorry!


Look on the previous page, £10 each and there's a list of the ones I have.
Hi mate, unfortunately I was made redundant today so im going to have to withdraw my offers as money is going to be tight. I could still buy the two duck tales games for £4.00 if your selling but thats about it, sorry.
now closed @ OP Req, do not relist anything from within this thread for at least 7 days

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