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Dual 22" samsung monitors, water cooled Quad core gaming pc, win7 pro, 2tb HD, 6gb ram £800.00

BigPun11 Avatar
7y, 1m agoPosted 7 years, 1 month agoFeedback:8 Positive/0 Neutral/2 Negative
Looking to sell my current PC as i'm looking at moving abroad in the next few months so need to start clearing out my possessions.

Full specs:

Dual 22" Samsung Widescreen monitors
Intel Quad core Q6600 processor (@3GHz)
6GB Crucial (2 x 2gb Ballixstix and 2 x 1gb Crucial premium) ram
GeForce 8800GTX 768Mb PCIe graphics card
ASUS P5k Deluxe Wifi Motherboard
1TB Samsung F3 drive (VERY fast)
2 x 160GB 7200rpm drives in RAID array - Total 320Gb
500Gb Hitachi drive
Kandalf Coolermaster premium case (cost me £200 for the case alone!)
Watercooled CPU (system can be upgraded to watercool the GFX card also - I have the block for this which i'll include, I just never got around to fitting it)
Corsair 620 watt modular PSU
DVD writer

10 x USB ports
2 x External SATA ports
Digital optical out for sound
Built in WIFI
Gigabit LAN x 2

Windows 7 Professional proper legitimate license.

I have this machine rigged up to my home cinema system using a 10m DVI>HDMI cable which i'd also include, as well as a 10m Optical sound cable.

This machine has nothing but top quality parts in it, and anyone who knows about PC's will know this from the specs above.

Not really sure on the pricing for this so i've put £800 as a guide but happy to hear feedback on that.

I'll include a wireless microsoft mouse and keyboard too.

For the right prices I'd consider splitting items.

http://www.dabs.com/products/thermaltake-black-kandalf-case-liquid-cooling-system-4QT3.html this is a link to the case that the pc is in
- BigPun11
May need to be collected as it'd be pretty heavy and a lot of parts involved.
Other Links From Samsung:
BigPun11 Avatar
7y, 1m agoPosted 7 years, 1 month agoFeedback:8 Positive/0 Neutral/2 Negative

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really good deal and price, good luck with your sale, as you said some of those parts are top quality, including the box, the cooling, the psu, hardrives and monitors are probably worth that alone. I don' t have cash atm for that or else I would go for it :P

p.s. how much for a monitor ? and do they have HDMI ?
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Got any more feedback? it's a lot of money to trust with someone with only 3 feedback.

I'm very interested, wouldn't need both montiors though. Only one at most. What model is it?

Wouldn't be able to pay until approx 12th January though and you'll have probably sold it by then :(

If you're willing to wait until then let me know :) As I'm very interested

Oh and is there any warranty on the rig itself, montior, case or individual components?
Where would collection be from?

Hi, thanks for the replies.

I'm based in Nottingham so collection would be from there.

I've also got an eBay account and have 100% feedback on there also. My username on there is

In terms of pictures I can certainly get a load of pictures together for anyone that's interested.

The monitors are 22" Samsung Syncmaster 226's and I beleive they have 3 years of warranty.

In terms of warranty on respective products, the CPU has 3 years warranty, RAM has a lifetime warranty, the motherboard will be out of warranty I beleive now, the GFX is 3 years warranty, case I think was only a year warranty (going off memory), the Samsung f3 hard drive is either 3 or 5 year warranty.

I've got the receipts for everything at my work so apologies for having to go off memory on this.

In terms of delivery or collection, obviously collecting would be a lot easier but I'd be happy to get it delivered at the buyers cost also.
Thanks :) I had a rough estimate, but asked some experienced tech guys from a computing forum I frequent and (these guys know their stuff) a mod said, with both monitors £600-£650 (Another said about £500 but I thought that was a little bit low)

As nice as the components are they're all outdated now, what with the i5 and i7 processors, new graphics cards, fater ram etc. I was also reccommended to remove the 2*1gb RAM if I buy it and replace it with better ram. It's a shame computer components lose value so quickly. My brothers rig he bought new 2 years ago for £1,400 is probaby barely worth £500 now!

How much would you want for just the Rig + 1 monitor? :)

I was thinking £560 plus postage

Can pay now it turns out :)

Would have to be courier which I'd happily pay
Hi mate, if I were to round down on all parts, let's say:

£100 for each monitor
£80 for the ram
£100 for the case and cooling
£50 for the psu
£80 for the cpu
£60 for the mobo
£150 for all the HD's (remember 2 of them are in a matched paid RAID array)
£80 for the GFX.

Plus also there's a legitimate version of Windows 7 Professional.
Plus around £40 for the 20 metres of cable that i'd include (15m DVI > HDMI and 15m optical)

Remember these are really rounded down figures that i'm putting together to get the price of £800 which I thought was extremely fair. I think £700 plus delivery would be a very fair price to us both mate?

(You might need to give me a hand in looking for delivery companies as I wouldn't really know where to begin on that!)
Mate I'm not after both monitors though. You could sell the other to the guy above who wants one :) It's a nice monitor and got good reviews too.

I'd go upto £600inc delivery for the rig + monitor.

Couriers: DHL, Parcelforce, DPD, etc

The £700 price was for it including one monitor! :-)
£600 may still pretty low mate. I'll see what other offers arrive before deciding one way or another. Might be more economical to split it up and sell it all individually.

The monitors are really lovely to use, excellent for gaming and day to day use.

Lordpt, if I sold the pc to Ouenben, i'd let the second monitor go for £100 and no less :)
I wouldn't need the DVI/optical cables either so you could sell them to someone else.

But £600 for the rig is still a little high considering what you can get on sites that build pc rigs for you like [url]www.yoyotech.com[/url] etc. As the cpu, gfx, ram are all outdated now.

From the PC experts I asked:

I'd say £500 with both monitors.

Bit of an odd setup though, with 2*160GB drives in RAID and 2*1GB of RAM, I'd ditch both of those straight off.

As it includes two monitors, I'd say around £600, maybe £700 at the most

I'm sure that'll probably be too low for the person you're buying from because that kit would have cost a lot new, but you've got to consider it's quite outdated now.
Not an odd choice in the slightest, it's 2 x 1gb and 2 x 2gb sticks (in matched pairs) to ensure that the RAM remains working in Dual Channel mode. If it were simply 3 x 2gb, this would actually have a detrimental effect to the overal operating speed of the ram as it wouldn't be running in DC mode. To anyone who knows their stuff about computer hardware, this is the most logical way of using ram in DC.

Also, the RAID array - i'm not sure why that's been marked as 'odd'. Sure, if the machine just used one massive RAID array it would be all faster, but then you lose an element of redundency in the event of a drive ever failing in the future. This way, you get speed accross the RAID array, and the primary Samsung F3 drive (which is blisteringly quick) without the drawbacks of having everything on a single array. Plus this was the most economical way of doing it at the time.

Your so called experts seem to be taking a very narrow minded approach to systems architecture i'm afraid mate. And the figures they've quoted seem plucked out of literally thin air! The case alone is still selling for almost £200 and a quick google search put the monitors still on sale at around £200 each.

Wanna take to pm if you want to talk about the techie stuff, as that's probably a bit out of the scope of the main forum?
I don't think it really matters as its still related to the topic and its regarding price. plus others may be able to put their input in. I don't mind really.

I understand you must have paid a bomb for this when you got it and want to get the most back, but on the other hand I'm a student so the fact I can even afford £600 is a dream :P

I do want this rig but for not a whole much more I could go for a newer faster GFX card and newer i5 or i7 core. etc

Edit: Another PC enthusiast has given me advice

The processor and graphics card are a good 3 years old each,

Also, I can only find a Thermaltake Kandalf case, not a CoolerMaster one.

Depending on the condition of the case and monitors, I'd plop at £600 if it's all mint (ie no dents, scratches, or stuck pixels). I'd then immediately come back, and sell the 2x1GB RAM, the 160GB and 500GB hard drives, and the GPU block if you don't want to use it, on here.

One of their pricing:
£100 for each monitor
£50 for the ram
£100 for the case and cooling
£50 for the psu
£60 for the cpu
£50 for the mobo
£80 for all the HD's (remember 2 of them are in a matched paid RAID array)
£70 for the GFX.
That'd be what I'd label them as. Maybe my first estimate was a bit low, £550-600 all in a pile, because component prices != built prices.
I've edited my post above :)

My mistake, it is a Thermaltake Kandalf, not Coolermaster (was a bit late when I wrote the initial post!).

All of the parts are literally MINT. No marks, scratches, dents, blemishes etc at all!

This thing runs Crysis and anything else i've thrown at it no problems :thumbsup:

The ram has been valued at £50?!?! Lol!

Ballistix 2GB (2x1GB) £47.14

Ballistix Tracer 4GB (2x2GB) £88.54

The total retail of it brand new from Crucial is £135.68 :) And it's a lifetime warranty
added a coulpe more quotes to my last post.

Yeah the 'odd' bit I wish he had explained more. but oh well I think he was just quickly replying.

These guys do know their stuff, or I wouldn't ask them. I'd pay £720 + courier for everything inc both monitors. how about that?

Edit: but you can still sell the optical cable + dvi cable as I dont need that.
I had some Samsung 226BWs before.. Can't remember whether they had HDMI tho, think they did.. Does yours?
Would you stretch to £750 mate + courier inc both monitors? If you can do that we've got a deal :)
Edit: Actually nah I really should stick to one monitor dont need 2. £640inc courier and you have a deal.

The cables + montior should get you £120-£150
How and when would you be able to pay?
once im sure it's all safe. today.

paypal obviously isnt an option due to fees (it never lets me send as gift for free)

can you send bank transfers from the bank themselves? only done it online before and i no longer have my details to it
I had some Samsung 226BWs before.. Can't remember whether they had HDMI tho, think they did.. Does yours?

Nope, they have:
1 x 15 pin D-Sub
1 x DVI

...source? Im sat in front of one!
once im sure it's all safe. today.

paypal obviously isnt an option due to fees (it never lets me send as gift for free)

can you send bank transfers from the bank themselves? only done it online before and i no longer have my details to it

I'm with Lloyds and any time i've ever had to do a transfer i've always called them up and done it over the telephone.

I'll need to call up some couriers tomorrow to confirm what sort of price they'd charge for sending to you. Do you want to PM me your address so I can get an exact quote?

Awoodhall2003 - thank you :)

I'll contact my bank shortly. I wish paypal was free though as its instant.

I'll contact my bank shortly. I wish paypal was free though as its instant.

Paypal gift is normally free to send if you have money in your paypal or are sending money from a backup bank account. If you use a credit card as athe backup source it will cost you to send via paypal gift
PM'ed you back ouenben
Hey mate I asked a few more people about the price because yesterday I was looking around at deals for i5/i7 cores which are what I really want as opposed to a Q6600 and was seeing good systems with better graphics cards and cpus. etc for £700 or so.

But basically £650 with the one montitor is a bit much for this unfortunately, plus half of me is leaning towards going for newer tech anyway, because I don't upgrade very often so I'd like a big higher end equipment if I'm spending alot.

We don't know what the water loop is like. It might be naff, or a mixture of metals.

If you can get him to drop to £600 inc, and then sell the non-essential parts, you might take it down close to £500, which would be about right.

Hardware would be.

Intel Q6700 Quad (not OC'd so at stock)
2x 2GB OCZ platinum low latency RAM
MSI P7N SLI (750i)
2x 9800 GT's factory OC'd (512mb)
2x Seagate 7200.12 in raid
FSP 700 wat PSU.
DVD/RW + Coolermaster Cooldrive 6 + card reader.
Thermaltake Kandalf LCS case.

Custom Water loop
Nexxos CPU block > Double rad > 9800GT's > Tripple rad > Pump & res.

Also included would be a copy of Vista Ultimate.


I also had a copy of vista installed (32 but legit)

I could have got £500 + on ebay.

But I was happy with that.

titanium angel
Seeing as the case can be had new for £150 i dont even think its worth the £100 they think it is tbh.

I cant seem to find any reviews that compare it with any other water cooling products, a £50 case with a corsair H50 would probably provide better results.

Its the monitors that are the selling point, because whilst im sure we could all build an i5/i7 rig for the money, i highly doubt we'd get 2 monitors and still be in budget.

If you could get it for no more than £550 then it seems like a okay deal, but i suspect the seller would be outraged at that price.

Sorry mate but I'l have to leave it :( Just don't think it's worth that much. Probably gonna save my money (money would have been tight if I had bought 0 which is another reason I shouldn't buy it) and get a nice I5 or i7 core with Radeon 5850 next year.

Sorry for all the hassle and good luck with the sale.
Ok mate, no probs!

Any other offers??
As the guys I spoke to mentioned if you really want the most £££ out of this you'd be best selling items individually. :)
To be honest mate, I reckon it's a great setup as it is and would make a great system for a power user as it is. On this occasion I do really think the guys you've spoken to don't seem to really know what they're talking about (but that's another matter :)).

Either way, i'll see how it goes on here and if there's no takers i'll probably strip it down and sell pieces individually.

Cheers again
Hi there mate, im interested in this system as i wanted to build my own with a q6600....(edit...read older posts) Have you had any problems with it? Thanks!
Hiya mate, no problems with it whatsoever - runs like a dream. In fact, had a really good game of Left4Dead 2 on it with some mates last night. The only reason I'm selling it is because i'm planning on moving to Japan in the next few months so will need to sell it.

Where are you based? Ideally it'd be collection so you can have a good play with it before taking it away (and the fact that it'd be heavy to courier) but alternatively id be happy to have it couriered at your cost
Im currently in luton at the moment, oh wow good luck in Japan ^_^, How much would you accept for just the PC on its own? Has the processor got G0 stepping?
Where areyou for collection?
Thanks h2k92!

Im in Nottingham so relatively accessible for anyone who wanted to make a trip especially as i'm just off Junction 24 on the M1.

I'd sell the pc just on it's own without monitors for £600 as I am thinking of giving maybe one of the monitors to the folks when I leave and then could sell the other on here or ebay. Would still prefer to sell together as a package though

Edit: i'm not actually certain of the stepping, but can confirm i've got it to run at 3.2ghz no problems and anyone with a bit of confidence and know-how in overclocking with a bit more time to spare would be able to get this higher by tweaking the vcore and ram timings.
Just to add my 2 pence worth I think this is a great system, I do think the HDD set up is a bit weird. I always tend to stick with identical drives when building systems with a couple in Raid and a backup drive.

Possibly slightly overpriced as build prices are always lower than component prices so I'd say worth £740, but nice machine hope you sell it!
if you do split, after xmas i might have a bit of cash and might be interested in buying one monitor off you as it would match my current one...half the reason i havent gone dual screen again as ideally id love identical screens. Cant say i could afford £100 though, but see what happens.

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