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For Sale: A large collection of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 models. £75.00

thelagmonster Avatar
7y, 7m agoPosted 7 years, 7 months agoFeedback:3 Positive/0 Neutral/0 Negative
I no longer play these games, so the armies are just sitting around gathering dust. I have three armies of various sizes and conditions.

40,000 armies:
Eldar - average condition, mostly painted (badly)
Tyranids (new model range) - good condition, partly painted (reasonable)

Fantasy armies:
Empire - good condition, fully painted (reasonable)

There are too many models in each army to list here, but if you are interested, please [POST IN THREAD] and I will give you further details.

As requested by moderator, I am listing the Eldar army for £75. Others will come when I have more time. Offers considered (if that's allowed!)

It contains the following models:
1 x Falcon Grav Tank (poor paint standard)
1 x Fire Prism (poor paint standard)
1 x Seer Council (average paint standard)
5 x Jetbikes (poor paint standard)
5 x Dark Reapers (poor paint standard)
13 x Striking Scorpions (5 unpainted newer models, 8 painted poorly old models)
10 x Swooping Hawks (poor paint standard)
10 x Guardians (unpainted)
1 x Avatar (average paint standard)
6 x Warlocks/Farseers (poor paint standard)
9 x Howling Banshees (poor paint standard)
10 x Warp Spiders (poor paint standard)
19 x Dire Avengers (poor paint standard, 9 unfiinished)
5 x Fire Dragons (unpainted, new models)
1 x D Cannon with crew (poor paint standard)
5 x Rangers (poor paint standard)
1 x Wraithlord (average paint standard)

The tanks, guardians and jetbikes are plastic - all the remaining figures are metal.

One or two of the models have damage, but on the whole the models are in good nick apart from my painting 'talent'...
- thelagmonster

As requested, here is the Tyranid army:

1 x Hive Tyrant (painted reasonable paint quality, metal)
3 x Carnifex (painted reasonably well)
1 x Brood Lord (reasonably well painted, metal)
9 x Warriors with various fittings (7 are reasonably well painted, 2 are undercoated)
9 x Ripper Swarms (unpainted)
1 x Ravener (undercoated, metal)
1 x Lictor (undercoated, metal)
20 x Genestealers (older model design, painted poorly)
32 x Termagants (various stages of painting, none finished)
32 x Hormagaunts (all unpainted)

Apart from the Genestealers, all these models are the newer designs (as far as I am aware). Not really sure what price to set for this army, as it's in excellent condition and the painting is a reasonable job (in my opinion), so I'll set the price at £125 - a huge discount on the Games Workshop prices.
- thelagmonster
thelagmonster Avatar
7y, 7m agoPosted 7 years, 7 months agoFeedback:3 Positive/0 Neutral/0 Negative

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What's your asking price for item(s) delivered?
(6) You MUST specify a legitimate asking price for every item in your listing, this includes items for trade only and is for comparison 'like for like' reasons. Sellers listed price CANNOT be altered once offers have been made. Items already listed must NOT be listed in ANY other active thread. This is NOT an auction site, bidding on items is strictly NOT allowed.

thelagmonster, can you please supply a price for your collection - as a lot or individually depending on how you intend to sell them. Please note that once a price is set you cannot increase it afterwards, only reduce it. Once your price has been added please use the report button beside your avatar to let us know that the thread can be unlocked for trade again.

Update : Price added & thread now unlocked.

Could you also a personal photo of the item - there's a help link in the following post :
(5) Please Post Images (click for details) including a piece of paper with your user name and date next to the actual items for sale. This helps your sale or trade by showing the condition, establishing validity and also that you have the items in your possession. If you post an eBay image or are unable to post any images, we may pull the listing immediately to request further information.

Thanks again & good luck with your sale :thumbsup:
Thank you - I think I'll need it!

I will try to take some pictures this weekend and post them.
Hi mate, what other types do you have. I know someone after some warhammer stuff, il point him in this direction.
Thanks for the interest. I have a large, painted Fantasy Empire army (to a much better standard than the one detailed above), and a large, semi painted Tyranid 40K army (again, what figures are painted are done to a better standard).

I'm happy to list them out here if you need, or alternatively, please message me and we can make further arrangements from there (if that's not allowed, please let me know moderator - my intention is to sell the Eldar army in this listing, but the others may get further listings in the future).
Cant deal in PM, your better off just editing the listing for this post and adding things to it ^^
What figures r in the tyrnaid army? And how much are you after?
Kinda interested in the eldar army too. How old r the figs n is there much damage?
can you post up some photos of each "army" so we can see what you are getting and a price for each set?
I will take some pictures today and post them.

I have updated the list to show what Tyranid stuff I have.

As for the Eldar army, I believe they're the newer figures (except the scorpions which I have detailed already). The army isn't all that old, but the painting quality on most of the models is pretty poor. The pictures should show you all you need.

EDIT: The Dark Reapers are the older models, and I think the weapons team is too. The Seer Council are newer models (I think), but the other Warlocks/Farseers listed are the older figures. The Dire Avengers are the older metal figures, and the Jetbikes may also be old, but the tanks are the newer designs I believe.

EDIT: Pictures have been taken and uploaded, and are awaiting approval. As requested, the prices for the two armies for sale are as follows:

Eldar Army: £75
Tyranid Army: £125

These prices are not set in stone, but I think they're quite fair given how much Games Workshop stuff costs, and the rules require me to set prices. I don't know if you are allowed to make me an offer, but if you are, feel free to. Obviously, those prices do not include postage (but collection would be preferable, due to the delicate nature of the models).
Update - pictures added:

Eldar Army:
More pictures, this time of the Tyranid army:
Final pictures - mix of Eldar and Tyranids:


Wow! Is this how much the stuff costs! Haven't bought any of this for years, how have they managed to survive! Only wanted the figures to mess about with after playing DoW. Bit too much for me i guess but if i get some money i'll make an offer on the eldar. As Arnie would say i'll be back.
Yes, it is rather expensive, but the RRP on those armies is two or three times what I'm asking for (a very expensive hobby)!

As I said, if you want to make an offer you can (although obviously it will not include postage costs if you don't live near enough to collect).
Where ya located?
Horsham, West Sussex.
Too far for me to pick up.
How much would p&p likely be?
well painted:thumbsup:
According to the Parcelforce website, it won't be more than £15 per army (not sure exactly how much either army weighs, so it may be less.)
I reckon even your cheapest army will be too much for me anywho.
Are you after any trades or anything?
I'd take a PS3 in trade for both armies! :thumbsup:

You, or anyone else, is welcome to make an offer, though. The prices I came up with were just round figures, I haven't actually bothered to add up all the stuff.

Link to Eldar stuff on the GW website:

Link to Tyranid stuff on the GW website:
A thing a ps3 might be an unlikely trade. Not that it mightnt be worth it (after checking that site its expensive lol) but it sells for signifiicantly less then new on the bay. And i can't see anyone offering a ps3 for trade.
I realise that, but unfortunately I'm not really after anything else in trade!

As I said, people are more than welcome to make any offers, in trade or cash.

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