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WANTED: Warhammer models / paints

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Im looking at starting up a warhammer collection, mainly for the painting purposes, so if anyone has any of the figures, preferably unpainted then i'd be pretty interested. Also any of the citadel pa…
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8y, 7m agoPosted 8 years, 7 months agoFeedback:1 Positive/0 Neutral/0 Negative
Im looking at starting up a warhammer collection, mainly for the painting purposes, so if anyone has any of the figures, preferably unpainted then i'd be pretty interested. Also any of the citadel paint lines or similar paints would do nicely too.
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8y, 7m agoPosted 8 years, 7 months agoFeedback:1 Positive/0 Neutral/0 Negative

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I have tonnes of this.

I have a mish mash of all sorts though, If you want I can do just a job lot in a box for you? Good for practice or a base.

I have 14-15 Space Marines all painted badly. I have 1 large Space Marine Dreadnought which cost me £26 alone! Its been basecoated in black and has knees painted white but can be easily covered. I have a Space Marine Veteran squad which is 5 'hardmen' semi painted, but metal so can be stripped. Cost £8 alone.

I also have a very rare promo Zombie from a long while back. Never been painted, just like new.

I have 2 starter paint sets, but Ive put them into 1 box.

And finally, about a billion little bits and bobs, included choas berserkers and a nearly complete lotr ork army (35+figures)

If your genuinly interested Ill get them all out and photo them.

i use to have loads of these blue marines was mine red was my bros got the tanks and jet pack squads good little army
I assume you're after fantasy rather than 40K?

I kept buying more, Then getting bored, Then buying more. Its like a drug haha
i have loads, currently listing them on ebay.
i have them photographed and ready to rock, but not listed yet.
pm me your email addy and i will send you pictures and details.
im not overly bothered whether the models are 40k or fantasy as I haven't had much experience with either and they both seem like good models. Like I said the main reason I want to buy some is for painting purposes rather than the actual gaming aspect, so all are welcome, though I suppose it would make more sense to have a set which is linked rather than putting a dragon with a futuristic space marine :)

@Joel: Ye im interested, it just depends on the price :) I'm not overly bothered about rare pieces etc, im abit low on cash so I cant be going all out crazy buying loads of models. I got abit addicted to buying MTG and VTES cards once and have no idea how many I have have, maybe like around 5k, who knows. So I gotta put myself on a tight lead lol.
Oh and I live in Hull if anyone has any available around there, to save on postage. thanks
joel you got a price for those warhammer items? Not had any response from your first post
I will have a look to see what I have and let you know tomorrow sometime
Apologies for the late reply.

Ill pull them out of the cupboard tomorrow and take a photo. ;)
cheers oh and thanks for the photos chumsut, but im not too interested in the ones you had. At the moment all I have is 5 grey space marines and some other space marines, so im also interested if you have the rulebook or the codex (if they are worth having as I was reading that they aren't needed)

By the way I have alot of heroclix models available and a few computer games on the PC like crysis, frontlines, Unreal 3 and the Wii - Zelda, Mario Strikers, Dragonball Z and possibly No More Heroes to trade for Warhammer items, mainly to just try and stem my cash flow :)
I can't find much of my stuff at the moment but will have another look later. Somewhere I have lots of the orc army stuff from the fatasy warhammer and that includes the army book. I can only find a few bits from the LOTR stuff at the moment but I have some more of this aswell.


The two metal figures in the picture are Aragorn and Lurtz. One of the plastic sheets of figures is the uruk-hai. Not sure what the others are at the moment. The magazine was part of a partwork and I have some more of these somewhere. Each one contains details on playing the game, one particular scenario game, a painting workshop and a modelling workshop. The painting workshop for this issue is how to paint the aragorn figure and the modelling workshop covers making ruins. If you would like I can get you some pictures of the inside of the magazine so you can see what its like?
To be honest ive decided im more interested in the warhammer models, as I was just looking through my LOTR collection and found I have quite afew of them, mostly from the battle games magazine :) Thanks for uploading the pics though.
ok, no problem. I'll try to find my other stuff. As I said I know I have lots of orc stuff and I also have some empire stuff aswell
Took me forever to find these! I dont know why but they ended up in the loft.. I couldnt find some of the boxes which annoyed me, I was always very **** about keeping everything, I still have blister packs lol! And I seem to have lost my entire LOTR Orc army.

Few points, The Rulebook and Codex are only needed if you intend to play the actual tabletop game. I like the Codex anyway as it provides some fluff, but thats just me. If you like I can email you the ebook of the SM Codex?

Lastly, Pics are below. As you can see, some very dodgy painting but I have a few points. The metal figures can be easily stripped of paint, I hear that the plastic figures can be stripped in oil; You should check a model site to be sure! All figures are complete and undamaged unless noted otherwise.

Without further ado, Lotso pics.

Veteran Squad; Cost me £15. Easy to strip paint. Not damaged at all, Just disassembled.


Space Marines; Just a standard pack. Used for painting practice. Undamaged.


Space Marine Dreadnought; Cost me £25. Basecoated, Ready to paint on. Has been removed from base, looks damaged but I assure you its not. Missing knee pads. (I have a pic of it on the base if you want?)


Necron C'Tan Nightbringer; Cost me £15, Acts as a god unit. Basecoated, Taken apart. Missing tip of blade. Very tall!

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v602/shdwhntr/Picture005.jpg (When I had him painted)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v602/shdwhntr/DSCF2374.jpg (Now)

((Sorry for any poor quality shots!))

Necron Lord; Cost me £8. Taken apart, Missing tip of blade (I have 2 replacements I can chuck in)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v602/shdwhntr/Picture008.jpg (Then)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v602/shdwhntr/DSCF2376.jpg (Now)

Rare Zombie Man; No Idea on value, I should imagine £20-ish. Hard to take a photo of him!


Games Workshop Modelling Putty (Green Stuff); Cost me £5. Only used about 10mm worth.


Poly Cement; Like liquid plastic. Used for assembly. (Ill chuck in for free)


Collection of Starter Paints; Can mix just about any color with them. Cost over £24. (May need watering)


Paint Guide;

Chaos Mutatiom Sprue; Ill chuck in free with the Space Marines


Few Undead Parts; Also free with SM


Aaaannd! Space Marine Transfers; Obv free with SM.


Thats all Ive gathered up atm, But I also have a massive pile of spare bases to slot figures into. Anything you want just lmk and make a sensible offer? Im not really sure what theyre worth. Sorry for massive posts!
Hey Joel, thanks for spending some time to post the pics well im interested in the Veteran Squad Space Marines, normal Space Marines, Dreadnought, Necron C'Tan Nightbringer and the Necron Lord. I'm going to get my own vallejo paint set so not too interested in the paints you have or the zombie guy as ive not much interest in whether something is rare or common at the moment, so it would probably be worth someone else buying it. Though i'm curious as to what the modelling putty is for though?

Also does the Necron C'Tan Nightbringer just have to be glued tback togeter as he is in 1 piece in one picture and apart in another. Also the dreadnaught guy, you say he isnt damamged but his feet look like they have broken away from his body, is this the case or is this jsut how the model is? Oh and finally is the necron lord missing his orb as ive seen pictures and he has his hand the other way round with an orb in, plus his staff/sword seems a pretty big part of it, is the replacement you have similar to the original part?

As to an offer on price im not overly sure to be honest due to the fact they are used and without boxes (im a pretty big keep the boxes type of person lol) some are damaged and some require me to get extra things to remove the paint . Would it be fair of you to suggest a price and we can see, as you probably know more about this stuff than me and what kinda depreciative value they have.

No problem on posting everything. Im just wanting these to go to home where they'll be appreciated.

The modelling putty is like play-do when malliable. You put it into any shape you want and apply it to the model and it sets like plastic. You can make whole new limbs or just touch up damage. Its really good stuff.

The C'Tan does have to be glued back together. Standard super glue works fine but if you want a professional, permanent and seamless finish then use the modelling putty like blu-tac till it sets.

The dreadnought. His feet look broken because of the ways theyre stuck to the base. The safest way to remove him from the stand is to cut with a scalpel below the knee joint to create a break, then pull away and the 2 sides of the foot bracket come away. These parts arent usually exposed which is why theyre not painted. EDIT. Just use the poly cement to tack them back together. 30 second job.

The necron lord was available in 3 limited edition moulds at the time, and as I ordered online it was a lucky dip as to which mould you got. The replacement tips are like glowing green tubes (Gauss Flayers in the fluff) and they ARE the actual original part from the box. BTW: The C'Tan does have the original box, I just didnt photo it. Same with the Lord. I will try and find the space marine boxes too.

The modelling putty can be used to tip the blade as well as replace the nightbringer blade. It is as easy as making play-do and sticking it to the model.

I think that covers all your concerns?

Now. Prices :S

Ill say first off that Id much rather send these all in one box (however big) and dont have an idea of postage atm, so thats NOT included in these prices.

Dreadnought - £15
Veterans - £8
Marines - £4
C'Tan - £6
Lord - £4
Modelling Putty - £2

So, £39 for the lot. Including sprues, transfers and glue. Made me cringe when I thought how much Ive spent on my whole collection lol.

Remember, These are just initial offers. If you dont like prices offer away although I dont really think you'll find them much cheaper. And finally, Postage isnt here. Shouldnt imagine it'll be anymore than £5 recorded..
sorry for late reply, havent had much of a chance to be online.

Well £39 is abit more than I want to spend to be honest.

I dont really need the putty or the glue but I the most I really wanted to spend was £25 delivered at this time. I can imagine its going to be an expensive hobby for me though considering the cost of new models at GW :P
For £25 I can do the dreadnought, the veterans and the marines?

but there will have to be postage on top. prob about 2.50 ;)
Joel thanks for the time to post the images and all but I managed to buy a big blood angel army with about 80 figures (inc a dreadnought) for like £36 on ebay so that should last me for quite some time. if im ever in the need for more though i'll know where to come

have a few minitures i'd be prepared to sell to you they include; Battle sisters, transporter-rhino, Eldar army(2000 pts approx), Bretonnian Knights(500 points) and Empire army (points over 2000). All are well painted.
If interested in any of the above let me know.:thumbsup:

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