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WWF/WWE WrestleManias For Sale!

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WWF WrestleMania I (31/03/1985) (118 mins) (original VHS) - £2. 50 1. Gene Okerlund performs The Star Spangled Banner. 2. The Executioner .vs. Tito Santana. 3. King Kong Bundy .vs. SD Jone…
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WWF WrestleMania I (31/03/1985) (118 mins) (original VHS) - £2. 50

1. Gene Okerlund performs The Star Spangled Banner.

2. The Executioner .vs. Tito Santana.

3. King Kong Bundy .vs. SD Jones.

4. Matt Borne .vs. Ricky Steamboat.

5. Brutus Beefcake .vs. David Sammartino.

6. Intercontinental Champion - Greg Valentine .vs. The Junkyard Dog.

7. WWF Tag Team Champions - Barry Windham & Mike Rotunda .vs. Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik.

8. John Studd .vs. Andre The Giant ($15, 000 .vs. Career Slam Match).

9. Womens Champion - Leilani Kai (with The Fabulous Moolah) .vs. Wendy Richter (with Cyndi Lauper).

10. Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff .vs. Hulk Hogan & Mr. T (Guest Ring Announcer - Billy Martin - Guest Timekeeper - Liberace - Guest Referee - Muhammad Ali).

Comments - Watched 3 times only, very good condition.

WWF WrestleMania III (29/03/1987) (166 mins) (original VHS) - £2. 50

1. Aretha Franklin performs America The Beautiful.

2. The Can-Am Connection .vs. The Magnificent Muraco & Bob Orton.

3. Hercules .vs. Billy Jack Haynes.

4. Hillbilly Jim, The Haiti Kid & Little Beaver .vs. King Kong Bundy, Lord Littlebrook & Little Tokyo (Guest Commentator - Bob Uecker).

5. King Harley Race .vs. The Junkyard Dog (Loser Must Bow).

6. The Dream Team .vs. The Rougeau Brothers (Guest Commentator - Bobby Heenan).

7. Adrian Adonis .vs. Roddy Piper (Hair .vs. Hair Match).

8. The British Bulldogs & Tito Santana .vs. The Hart Foundation & Danny Davis (Guest Commentators - Mary Hart & Bob Uecker).

9. KoKo B. Ware .vs. Butch Reed.

10. Intercontinental Champion - Randy Savage .vs. Ricky Steamboat (with George Steele) **classic match**.

11. Jake Roberts (with Alice Cooper) .vs. The Honky Tonk Man.

12. The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff .vs. The Killer Bees.

13. WWF Champion - Hulk Hogan .vs. Andre The Giant (Guest Ring Announcer - Bob Uecker - Guest Timekeeper - Mary Hart).

Comments - Great condition, watched 3 times only.

WWF WrestleMania IV (27/03/1988) (233 mins) (original double VHS) - £3.00

1. Gladys Knight performs America The Beautiful.

2. 20 Man Battle Royal (Guest Commentator - Bob Uecker).

3. Robin Leech interview.

4. Jim Duggan .vs. Ted DiBiase (WWF Championship Tournament First Round).

5. Dino Bravo .vs. Don Muraco (WWF Championship Tournament First Round).

6. Greg Valentine .vs. Ricky Steamboat (WWF Championship Tournament First Round).

7. Butch Reed .vs. Randy Savage (WWF Championship Tournament First Round).

8. The One Man Gang .vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (WWF Championship Tournament First Round).

9. Rick Rude .vs. Jake Roberts (WWF Championship Tournament First Round).

10. Hercules .vs. The Ultimate Warrior.

11. Andre The Giant .vs. Hulk Hogan (WWF Championship Tournament Second Round).

12. Don Muraco .vs. Ted DiBiase (WWF Championship Tournament Second Round).

13. Greg Valentine .vs. Randy Savage (WWF Championship Tournament Second Round ).

14. Intercontinental Champion - The Honky Tonk Man .vs. Brutus Beefcake.

15. The Islanders & Bobby Heenan .vs. The British Bulldogs & KoKo B. Ware.

16. The One Man Gang .vs. Randy Savage (WWF Championship Tournament Semi Final).

17. WWF Tag Team Champions - Strike Force .vs. Demolition.

18. Ted DiBiase .vs. Randy Savage (WWF Championship Tournament Final - Guest Presenter - Robin Leech - Guest Ring Announcer - Bob Uecker - Guest Timekeeper - Vanna White).

Comments - The cover isnt in the best nick, a friends little brother tore a few chunks out of it and although I put it back together its still noticeable however, both tapes have only been watched 4 times each and are in good condition.

WWF WrestleMania V (02/04/1989) (169 mins) (original VHS) - £2.50

1. King Haku .vs. Hercules.

2. The Twin Towers .vs. The Rockers.

3. Ted DiBiase .vs. Brutus Beefcake.

4. The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers .vs. The Bushwhackers.

5. Mr. Perfect .vs. The Blue Blazer.

6. Run DMC perform The WrestleMania Rap.

7. WWF Tag Team Champions - Demolition .vs. The Powers Of Pain & Mr. Fuji (Handicap Match).

8. Dino Bravo .vs. Ronnie Garvin.

9. The Brain Busters .vs. Strike Force.

10. The Brother Love Show - with Morton Downey Jr & Roddy Piper.

11. Andre The Giant .vs. Jake Roberts (Guest Referee - John Studd).

12. The Hart Foundation .vs. The Honky Tonk Man & Greg Valentine.

13. Intercontinental Champion - The Ultimate Warrior .vs. Rick Rude.

14. Bad News Brown .vs. Jim Duggan.

15. Bobby Heenan .vs. The Red Rooster.

16. WWF Champion - Randy Savage .vs. Hulk Hogan.

Comments - Watched 4 times only, very good condition.

WWF WrestleMania VI (01/04/1990) (167 mins) (original VHS) - £2.50

1. KoKo B. Ware .vs. Rick Martel.

2. WWF Tag Team Champions - The Colossal Connection .vs. Demolition.

3. Hercules .vs. Earthquake.

4. Brutus Beefcake .vs. Mr. Perfect.

5. Roddy Piper .vs. Bad News Brown.

6. The Hart Foundation .vs. The Bolsheviks.

7. Tito Santana .vs. The Barbarian.

8. Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri .vs. Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire (Mixed Match).

9. The Rockers .vs. The Orient Express.

10. Dino Bravo .vs. Jim Duggan.

11. The Million $ Champion - Ted DiBiase .vs. Jake Roberts.

12. Akeem .vs. The Big Bossman.

13. Rhythm n Blues perform Honka, Honka Honky Love.

14. Rick Rude .vs. Jimmy Snuka (Guest Commentator - Steve Allen).

15. WWF Champion - Hulk Hogan .vs. Intercontinental Champion - The Ultimate Warrior.

Comments - Great condition, watched only twice.

WWF WrestleMania VII (24/03/1991) (170 mins) (original VHS) - £2.50

1. The Barbarian & Haku .vs. The Rockers (Guest Commentator - Jim Duggan).

2. Kerry Von Erich .vs. Dino Bravo.

3. The Warlord .vs. Davey Boy Smith.

4. WWF Tag Team Champions - The Hart Foundation .vs. The Nasty Boys **very good match**.

5. Rick Martel .vs. Jake Roberts (Blindfold Match).

6. Jimmy Snuka .vs. The Undertaker.

7. Randy Savage .vs. The Ultimate Warrior (Career .vs. Career) **very good match**.

8. Genichiro Tenyru & Koji Kitao .vs. Demolition.

9. Intercontinental Champion - Mr. Perfect .vs. The Big Bossman.

10. Earthquake .vs. Greg Valentine.

11. The Legion Of Doom .vs. Power & Glory.

12. Ted DiBiase .vs. Virgil (with Roddy Piper).

13. Tito Santana .vs. The Mountie.

14. WWF Champion - Sgt. Slaughter .vs. Hulk Hogan (Guest Ring Announcer - Alex Trebek - Guest Timekeeper - Marla Maples - Guest Commentator - Regis Philbin).

Comments - Watched four times only, very good condition.

WWF WrestleMania VIII (05/04/1992) (168 mins) (original VHS) - £2.00

1. Reba McEntire performs The Star Spangled Banner.

2. Tito Santana .vs. Shawn Michaels.

3. Legion Of Doom & Paul Ellering interview.

4. Jake Roberts .vs. The Undertaker.

5. Intercontinental Champion - Roddy Piper .vs. Bret Hart.

6. The Mountie, The Nasty Boys & Repo Man .vs. Sgt. Slaughter, The Big Bossman, Jim Duggan & Virgil (Guest Ring Announcer - Ray Combs).

7. WWF Champion - Ric Flair .vs. Randy Savage **very good match**.

8. Rick Martel .vs. Tatanka.

9. WWF Tag Team Champions - Money Incorporated .vs. The Natural Disasters.

10. Skinner .vs. Owen Hart.

11. Hulk Hogan .vs. Sid Justice.

Comments - Watched 4 times only, good condition.

WWF WrestleMania IX (04/04/1993) (197 minutes) (original VHS) - £2.00

1. The Countdown to WrestleMania IX (04/04/1993) - Bret Hart-Yokozuna recap / Money Incorporated-Mega Maniacs recap / Shawn Michaels-Tatanka recap / Undertaker-Giant Gonzalez recap / Lex Luger-Mr. Perfect recap / Crush-Doink The Clown recap //.

2. Opening ceremony.

3. Intercontinental champion - Shawn Michaels .vs. Tatanka.

4. The Headshrinkers .vs. The Steiner Brothers.

5. Crush .vs. Doink The Clown.

6. Razor Ramon .vs. Bob Backlund.

7. WWF Tag Team Champions - Money Incorporated .vs. The Mega Maniacs.

8. Lex Luger .vs. Mr. Perfect.

9. Giant Gonzalez .vs. The Undertaker.

10. WWF Champion - Bret Hart .vs. Yokozuna.

11. WWF Champion - Yokozuna .vs. Hulk Hogan.

Comments - Watched 4 times only, good condition.

WWF WrestleMania XII (31/03/1996) (197 minutes) (original VHS) - £2.00

1. Free For All (31/03/1996) - The Body Donnas .vs. The Godwinns (For the vacant WWF Tag Team titles) / Ultimate Warrior recap / Diesel-Undertaker recap / The Nacho Man .vs. The Huckster (Geriatric Match - Guest Referee - Billionaire Ted) / Bret Hart-Shawn Michaels recap //.

2. Vader, Owen Hart & The British Bulldog .vs. Yokozuna, Jake Roberts & Ahmed Johnson (If Yokozunas team wins, he gets 5 minutes in the ring alone with Jim Cornette).

3. Roddy Piper .vs. Goldust (Hollywood Back Lot Brawl).

4. Steve Austin .vs. Savio Vega.

5. Hunter Hearst Helmsley .vs. The Ultimate Warrior (Warriors WWF return).

6. Diesel .vs. The Undertaker.

7. Roddy Piper .vs. Goldust (Hollywood Back Lot Brawl).

8. WWF Champion - Bret Hart .vs. Shawn Michaels (Iron Man Match).

Comments - Great condition, watched twice only.

WWF WrestleMania XIII (23/03/1997) (168 minutes) (original VHS) - £2.50

1. The Godwinns .vs. The Head Bangers .vs. Doug Furnas & Phillip LaFon .vs. The New Blackjacks (Four Team Elimination Number One Contenders Match).

2. Intercontinental Champion - Rocky Maivia .vs. The Sultan (Guest Commentator - The Honky Tonk Man).

3. Hunter Hearst Helmsley .vs. Goldust.

4. WWF Tag Team Champions - The British Bulldog & Owen Hart .vs. Vader and Mankind.

5. Steve Austin .vs. Bret Hart (Submission Match - Guest Referee - Ken Shamrock) **very good, bloody match**.

6. The Nation Of Domination .vs. The Legion Of Doom & Ahmed Johnson (Chicago Street Fight).

7. Sid-Undertaker-Bret Hart angle.

8. WWF Champion - Sid .vs. The Undertaker (Guest Commentator - Shawn Michaels).

Comments - Watched twice only, very good condition.

WWF WrestleMania XIV (29/03/1998) (198 minutes) (original VHS) - £2.50

1. Free For All (29/03/1998) - Gennifer Flowers video / Kane-Undertaker recap / Paul Bearer interview / Shawn Michaels-Steve Austin recap / Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Chyna & Mike Tyson interview //.

2. The D-Generation X Band perform The Star Spangled Banner & America The Beautiful.

3. 15 Team Battle Royal.

4. Light Heavyweight champion - Taka Michinoku .vs. Aguila.

5. European champion - Hunter Hearst Helmsley .vs. Owen Hart (With Chyna handcuffed to Commissioner Slaughter).

6. The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust & Luna .vs. Marc Mero & Sable (Mixed Match).

7. Intercontinental Champion - The Rock .vs. Ken Shamrock (Guest Ring Announcer - Gennifer Flowers - If The Rock is disqualified, Ken Shamrock wins the title).

8. WWF Tag Team Champions - The New Age Outlaws .vs. Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie (Dumpster Match).

9. Kane .vs. The Undertaker (Guest Ring Announcer - Pete Rose).

10. WWF Champion - Shawn Michaels .vs. Steve Austin (Guest Enforcer - Mike Tyson).

Comments - Very good condition, watched once only.

WWF WrestleMania XV (28/03/1999) (180 mins) (original DVD) - £5.00

1. Boyz II Men perform America The Beautiful.

2. Hardcore Champion - Billy Gunn .vs. Al Snow .vs. Hardcore Holly (Triple Threat Match).

3. WWF Tag Team Champions - Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart .vs. D-Lo Brown & Test.

4. Butterbean .vs. Bart Gunn (Brawl For All - Guest Referee - Vinny Pazienza).

5. Paul Wight .vs. Mankind (Winner referees the main event).

6. Intercontinental Champion - Jesse Jammes .vs. Val Venis .vs. Goldust .vs. Ken Shamrock (Four Way Elimination Match).

7. Kane .vs. HHH.

8. Womens Champion - Sable .vs. Tori.

9. European Champion - Shane McMahon .vs. X-Pac (Greenwich Street Fight).

10. The Big Bossman .vs. The Undertaker (Hell In A Cell).

12. Mr. McMahon-Commissioner Michaels angle.

11. WWF Champion - The Rock .vs. Steve Austin (No Disqualifications Match - Guest Referee - Mankind).

Extras - Cool Stuff - WWF Champion - The Rock .vs. Steve Austin (No Disqualifications Match - Guest Referee - Mankind - alternative commentary from both The Rock & Steve Austin) / WrestleMania XV weblink / WrestleMania XV open / Fan Comments / Tech Talk / WrestleMania Rage Party recap / WrestleMania XV music video / Get Personal - 30 WWF Superstar bios //.

Comments - Great condition.

WWE WrestleMania XIX (30/03/2003) (226 mins) (original VHS) - £2.00

1. Cruiserweight Champion - Matt Hardy .vs. Rey Mysterio.

2. The Big Show & A-Train .vs. The Undertaker (Handicap Match).

3. Womens Champion - Victoria .vs. Trish Stratus .vs. Jazz (Triple Threat Match).

4. WWE Tag Team Champions - Team Angle .vs. Los Guerreros .vs. Chris Benoit & Rhyno (Triple Threat Match).

5. Shawn Michaels .vs. Chris Jericho **very good match**.

6. Limp Bizkit perform Crack Addict.

7. Torrie Wilson .vs. Stacy Keibler .vs. Kitana Baker .vs. Tanya Ballinger (Four-Way Catfight).

8. World Heavyweight Champion - HHH .vs. Booker T.

9. Mr. McMahon .vs. Hulk Hogan (Pride .vs. Career) **very good match**.

10. The Rock .vs. Steve Austin **very good match**.

11. WWE Champion - Kurt Angle .vs. Brock Lesnar.

Comments - There is a slight tracking issue for the first seven or eight minutes (but that clears up just in time for the opening match) and a couple of times thereafter but other than that its in very good condition, watched only once.
Basically Ive decided to sell my collection of WWF Raw Is Wars from 2000. All items are sent 2nd class via Royal Mail so please include £2.50 for postage and packaging if you are ordering 1 tape, £3.00 for 2 tapes and £4.00 for 3 tapes. If you want to order more than 3 tapes let me know how many and I'll find out how much P & P will be depending on how many you want. If you want a DVD it's £2.00 extra. I do accept pay by cheque and postal order but would prefer Paypal. I also accept VHS/DVD trades so if anyone wishes to trade something instead of paying feel free to let me know and Ill get back to you. Full tape/DVD listings are above so if anyone is interested please leave a reply or private message me.
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