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    The HUKD community has flagged this deal as reeking of spam, therefore the deal has been incinerated. While you're here, you may find another deal you like. Check out some related deals below.

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  • PS4 + Watch_Dogs + The Last of Us Remastered: £364.98 at Amazon

    Order the PS4/Watch_Dogs bundle from Amazon for £349.99 and they will send you a code that gives you £20 off The Last Of Us Remastered, bringing it down from £34.99 to £14.99. . So you get the console and two games for £364.98 in total. . Not bad? 11 Comments

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  • Alto Live 61 Midi Controller Keyboard + Sonivox 88 VST Instrument £79.00 (RRP £229.99) at GuitarGuitar

    A 61-key midi controller keyboard with quality aluminium body and semi-weighted keys. These Alto keyboards have dropped in price everywhere, but nothing matches this deal (Dolphin Music sells the 25-key version for £60 and the 49-key for £99). . There are no knobs or pads for tweaking parameters and laying down beats, but combine it with an AKAI LPD8 or something similar and you'll have the full setup (the LPD8 should sit on top of the Alto quite nicely). . So, the 61-key Alto Professional keyboard cheaper than other places are selling the 49, PLUS you get the SONiVOX Eighty Eight Ensemble grand piano VST instrument. This alone is worth decent money, so if you want you can slap it on a certain auction site and make some cash back. . http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EightyEightE2/. . The Live series is a line of MIDI keyboard controllers purpose-built for live performance, housed in rugged, aluminum casings for maximum durability night in and night out. The perfect addition to any backline, players can select 25, 49, 61 and 88-key models to use individually, or in combination, to create their optimal playing environment. Live 25, 49 and 61 each feature velocity sensitive, semi-weighted key action with pitch bend and modulation controls for expressive, musical performance. Live 88 adds fully weighted action for the feel that piano players demand. . Each model in the Live series provides both traditional five-pin MIDI and USB-MIDI connections for use with a full complement of sound-generating devices including software and hardware synthesizers, sound modules, samplers and software plug-ins. Keyboardists working with computers will appreciate the controllers’ single-cable USB connection, which supplies power and is class compliant, eliminating the need for software driver installation. 5 Comments

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  • More To Share Bigger Bags of Maltesers / Revels / M&M’s Peanut / Minstrels Pouch (230-300g) - £1.49 (Half Price) @ Co-op... Plus Sweet Sundays Vouchers...

    More To Share Bigger Bags of Maltesers / Revels / M&M’s Peanut /Minstrels Pouch (230-300g) are now £1.49 (Half Price) @ Co-op until 16th September 2014... . Price Comparison:. . £2 @ Morrisons. £2.50 @ Sainsbury's. £3 @ Tesco. . Hope this deal is useful to some of you... :) 34 Comments

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  • Calypso once a day sun cream £2.99 in Aldi!

    Aldi have calypso once a day sun cream factor 10, 20 or 50 for £2.99 for 200mls 5 Comments

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  • Cadburys Fingers Toffee Crunch - 50p at Tesco

    Most other varieties are £1.00 per box but for some reason the Toffee Crunch ones are 50p 1 Comment

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  • Babyway GripFast Home Safety Set - 30 piece safety set £1.68 @ Morrissons (in store)

    This is my first post, so please be nice ☺. . Bought this today at Morrissons (in store). Seems like a good deal if you have baby/toddler. . A complete 30 piece safety set. - 2 door finger trap protectors. - 6 cabinet/drawer locks. - 2 multi purpose locks. - 8 corner cushions. - 12 socket protectors. . Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. 1 Comment

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  • Asda protect kids sun lotion SPF 50 reduced to 50p.

    Asda protect kids sun lotion SPF 50 5star protection reduced to 50p. . All the other factors were reduced too but they were mostly £1.00. Great bargains I think considering asda own is 5 star UVA protection oppose to some of the leading brands which are not & were all still full price. Hope it helps someone 4 Comments

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  • Fairy fabric softener 83 washes £2.50 @ wilko

    Found this in my local store (hounslow) was priced at £3.20 but scanned at £2.50. Not sure if nationwide. 3 Comments

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  • Superdrug kitchen roll £1.50 for 12 rolls ( 2 x 6 pack )

    Hi all went to buy superdrug kitchen rolls 6 pack for £1 ,then thought for that price I'll get 2 .only to find that it was 2x6 pack for £1.50 bargain was not advertised in store but came off at till .so got four 8 Comments

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  • Garnier Ambre Solaire sun creams various £1.87 instore in Tesco

    Seen In Tesco Durham this morning various suncream reduction labels being put out (yellow labels so National). Major items noted were:. Garnier Ambre Solaire Resisto Kids 200ml SPF30 £1.87. Garnier Ambre Solaire Wet Skin 200ml SPF30 £1.87. Garnier Ambre Solaire Wet Skin 200ml SPF20 £1.87. . Also :. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration 180ml SPF15 £1.87. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration 180ml SPF10 £1.87. Calypso Once a Day Sun Cream (Suitable for kids) SPF40 £1.87 6 Comments

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