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  • Now TV Box with 3 Month Sky Movies Pass. £12.50 @ Argos

    Had a quick look around and plenty of stock in London and surrounding areas. Also Available 4 Months Entertainment package and 1 Day Sky Sports Pass options. . http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/1338829.htm. - covforce 21 Comments

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  • SEAGATE Expansion 3TB External Hard Drive SGR39212 USB 3 £79.99 @ Currys_PCWorld ebay

    Have been looking for an external 3TB USB 3 for under £80 for a while so decided to get one of these. . With a huge 3 TB of storage space the Seagate Expansion SGR39212 External Hard Drive is an ideal storage solution for any user. All you need to do is connect a USB 3.0 cable from the hard drive to the computer and plug your hard drive in via the mains connection and you're ready to transfer your data at ultra fast speeds. Just drag and drop your files for safe and secure storing. The SGR-39212 hard drive features a power management system that automatically optimises performance.Store your files safely and speedily with the 3 TB Seagate Expansion SGR39212 External Hard Drive. 8 Comments

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  • Fallout 3: GOTY (Steam) £3.40 @ GamesPlanet

    PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE™. . With Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition, experience the most acclaimed game of 2008 like never before. Create a character of your choosing and descend into an awe-inspiring, post-apocalyptic world where every minute is a fight for survival. Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition includes all five of the Fallout 3 Game Add-on Packs:. . Operation: Anchorage - Enter a military simulation and fight in the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska from its Chinese Communist invaders. The Pitt - Travel to the post-apocalyptic remains of Pittsburgh and become embroiled in a conflict between slaves and their Raider masters. Broken Steel - Increase your level cap to 30, and finish the fight against the Enclave remnants alongside Liberty Prime. Point Lookout - Embark on a mysterious and open-ended adventure in a huge, murky swampland along the coast of Maryland. Mothership Zeta - Defy hostile alien abductors and fight your way off of the alien mothership, orbiting miles above the Capital Wasteland. KEY FEATURES. Limitless Freedom - Take in the sights and sounds of the vast Capital Wasteland! See the great monuments of the United States lying in post-apocalyptic ruin! You make the choices that define you and change the world. Just keep an eye on your Rad Meter. Experience S.P.E.C.I.A.L. - Vault-Tec engineers bring you the latest in human ability simulation — the SPECIAL Character System! Utilizing new breakthroughs in points-based ability representation, SPECIAL affords unlimited customization of your character. Also included are dozens of unique skills and perks to choose from, each with a dazzling variety of effects. Fantastic New Views - The wizards at Vault-Tec have done it again! No longer constrained to just one view, experience the world from 1st or 3rd person perspective. Customize your view with the touch of a button. The Power of Choice - Feeling like a dastardly villain today, or a Good Samaritan? Pick a side or walk the line, as every situation can be dealt with in many different ways. Talk out your problems in a civilized fashion, or just flash your Plasma Rifle. Blast 'Em Away With V.A.T.S. - Even the odds in combat with the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System for your Pip-Boy Model 3000! V.A.T.S. allows you to pause time in combat, target specific body parts on your target, queue up attacks, and let Vault-Tec take out your aggression for you. Rain death and destruction in an all-new cinematic presentation. Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence - At Vault-Tec, we realize that the key to reviving civilization after a global nuclear war is people. Our best minds pooled their efforts to produce an advanced version of Radiant AI, America's First Choice in Human Interaction Simulation. Facial expressions, gestures, unique dialog, and lifelike behavior are brought together with stunning results by the latest in Vault-Tec technology. Eye-Popping Prettiness* - Witness the harsh realities of nuclear fallout rendered like never before in modern super-deluxe HD graphics. From the barren Wasteland, to the danger-filled offices and metro tunnels of DC, to the hideous rotten flesh of a mutant's face. 11 Comments

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  • R-Type II 59p @ Google Play Store

    SALE: Enjoy R-Type II at reduced price during the Google Play Summer Sale. A CLASSIC OLD-SCHOOL GAME. R-Type II is a horizontal scrolling shooter arcade game developed and published by Irem in 1989. This classic old-school game is the sequel to R-Type and the story takes place two years after. The player controls a ship called the R-9C which is an improved version of its predecessor, the R-9. The Bydo Empire is back! Take it down with power-ups, two new types of weapons, the Search Laser and Shotgun Laser, and a new anti-ground unit bomb. WITH ORIGINAL FEATURES. • Unlock six levels each with its own unique boss. • Upgrade to new weapons, power-ups, and attachments to fight wave of enemies. • Keep original graphics or choose improved ones thanks to filter and scanline options. … AND NEW FEATURES TOO. • Choose between three difficulty settings: unlimited (unlimited lives), normal (same as original) & insane (more challenge!). • Two control modes: Touch and virtual D-Pad. • Customizable controls. • Auto Fire ON/OFF. • Available in 10 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Portuguese. • Play in full-screen, or keep the game’s original screen ratio. • Google Play Game Services: 11 unlockable achievements + online leaderboards (normal & insane modes only). • Compatible with the MoGa Wireless Game Controllers, NVIDIA SHIELD, Xperia Play & more. • Available on M.O.J.O. • Tablet support. Are you looking for challenge? R-Type II is the perfect game. . Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. 11 Comments

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  • Kurio Angry Birds Accessory Pack now £1.99 @ Argos

    Silly RRP, but great value at £1.99. Should hold other similar size tablets:. . Protect your Kurio and keep it in tip-top condition with this Kurio Angry Birds accessory pack. The carry bag is ideal for when travelling or going to a friends house while the screen protector and fascia will protect your Kurio from any accidental bumps. The pack features everyone's favourite Angry bird - red bird - with his iconic yellow beak and striking red plume. . Size H28, W8, D20cm 5 Comments

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  • PS Vita Mega Pack - £130.00 @ ASDA Direct - inc 10 games and 8GB memory card

    http://m.direct.asda.com/PlayStation-Vita-Mega-Pack/003702049,default,pd.html?dual=0. . Save £20 with voucher code. CONSOLE. . 10 games and 8GB card. . The PlayStation Vita Mega Pack includes:. PlayStation Vita Console 8Gb Memory Card Voucher For 10 Games. PlayStation Vita You will need to purchase a memory card to save games / store videos as the memory of the PS Vita is small and will only be used for System Updates. In addition, with Wi-Fi support, PS Vita will draw consumers deeper into the gameplay experience and enable them to connect and play with the world around them, including their friends and other PS Vita owners through native PS Vita applications, near and Party. A variety of social networking and communications services such as Facebook, foursquare, Skype and Twitter will also be available on PS Vita. Includes:. PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi model x1 USB cable x1 AC adaptor x1 Power cord x1 Printed materials x1. Specification: CPU: ARM Cortex-A9 core (4 core) GPU: SGX543MP4+ Main memory: 512MB VRAM (Virtual Random Acces Memory): 128MB Screen (Touch screen): 5 inches (16:9), 960 x 544, Approx. 16 million colors, OLED Cameras: Front camera, Rear camera Frame rate: 120fps-320x240(QVGA), 60fps-640x480(VGA) Resolution: Up to 640x480(VGA) Sound Built-in stereo speakers Built-in microphone Wi-Fi location service support Wireless Memory card slot. Supported Formats:. Music: MP3 MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer 3, MP4 (MPEG-4 AAC), WAVE (Linear PCM) Videos: MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC), H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High/Main/Baseline Profile (AAC) Photos: JPEG (Exif 2.2.1), TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG. 8GB Memory Card A Playstation Vita Memory Card will be essential for everyone who wants to play games or watch videos on their PS Vita! With the internal memory being so small in the PS Vita, only system updates will be saved internally and as a result you will need an external memory card to save any user data such as saved games and videos. Voucher for 10 Games: LittleBigPlanet PS Vita - PEGI 7 WipeOut 2048 - PEGI 3 MotorStorm RC - PEGI 7 Little Deviants - PEGI 7 Frobisher Says! With Frobisher Says! Fun pack Ecolibrium with Ecolibrium Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum game packs Ratchet and Clank Size Matters (PSP game) - PEGI 7 Lemmings - PEGI 3 Hungry Giraffe - PEGI 3 Rotating Octopus - PEGI 3 21 Comments

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  • Wii U Pro Controller £24.99 instore at Argos Clearance Bargains Walsall

    Popped into Argos Clearance Bargains in Walsall this morning and spotted 6 Wii U Pro controllers (Black) on the shelf by customer services. Asked how much as no price by them and was told the the price on the till was £24.99. . I've already got one but thought a bargain for anyone after a one.and local to Walsall. 11 Comments

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  • SoundMAGIC E10 Earphones £23.98 delivered on Amazon.

    Cheapest price ever on Amazon according to Camel Camel. Decent earphones, in fact I'd suggest there is none better at this price range. Just ordered a set myself. Hope this helps someone! 25 Comments

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  • ** Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset now £7.49 @ Argos **

    Was £22.49. . Build your own cars using this amazing Hot Wheel Car Maker set! The set includes pre-built chassis that you can attach your creations to and stickers to decorate them. Insert the wax and the mould of your choice into the Car Maker, and in less than 8 minutes you will have the vehicle body in the colour of your choosing. . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKY13Eyl7kM 32 Comments

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  • Toshiba TransMemory 16GB White USB 2.0 Flash Drive 3.99 Delivered @ eBuyer

    Seems like a pretty decent price, cheaper then before and free delivery. USB2 but still good for many uses. I am buying one for the car. . Can't see the 16gb decent brand cheaper anywhere else, but I am sure someone will prove me wrong. 8 Comments

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