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  • 4 shirts for £72.00 (£80 - 10% code) + possible 10% cash back @ TM Lewin

    good shirts .. . 4 shirts for 80 -. 10% further of on code "FIRST" (80-8 =72). 10% quidco cash back(72-7.2 =64.80). . makes it £65 for four quality shirts not bad ... . Applicable on everything else other then shirts to 14 Comments

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  • Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition £2.50 (Steam) @ Gamersgate

    With Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition, experience the most acclaimed game of 2008 like never before. Create a character of your choosing and descend into an awe-inspiring, post-apocalyptic world where every minute is a fight for survival. Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition includes all five of the Fallout 3 Game Add-on Packs:. . Operation: Anchorage - Enter a military simulation and fight in the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska from its Chinese Communist invaders. The Pitt - Travel to the post-apocalyptic remains of Pittsburgh and become embroiled in a conflict between slaves and their Raider masters. Broken Steel - Increase your level cap to 30, and finish the fight against the Enclave remnants alongside Liberty Prime. Point Lookout - Embark on a mysterious and open-ended adventure in a huge, murky swampland along the coast of Maryland. Mothership Zeta - Defy hostile alien abductors and fight your way off of the alien mothership, orbiting miles above the Capital Wasteland. 7 Comments

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  • Verbatim 1TB Store 'n' Go USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive £39.99 @ Ebuyer

    Sub £40 1TB USB3 portable hard drive... I can dig that. 65 Comments

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  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor REDUCED AGAIN (XBOX ONE ONLY) £32.85 @ SimplyGames

    XBONE ONLY. PS4 is still £34.85. . Dropped again by £2 so great for anyone who held out (like myself) and they do next day delivery in 99% of cases if ordered before 4pm. . Direct link: http://deals.simplygames.com/p/middle-earth-shadow-of-mordor-xbox-one. . Game Details below:. . Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (incl Dark Ranger DLC) on Xbox One Product Description. . *Please Note - Strictly one game per customer on this offer. . Includes Dark Ranger DLC:. Playable Character Skin. Test of Power Challenge Mode. In Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, gamers take on the role of Talion, a valiant ranger whose family is slain in front of him the night Sauron and his army return to Mordor, moments before his own life is taken. Resurrected by a Spirit of vengeance and empowered with Wraith abilities, Talion ventures into Mordor and vows to destroy those who have wronged him. Through the course of his personal vendetta, Talion uncovers the truth of the Spirit that compels him, learns the origins of the Rings of Power and ultimately confronts his true nemesis. . Every enemy that players face is a unique individual, differentiated by their personality, strengths and weaknesses. Through the Nemesis System, enemy relationships and characteristics are shaped by player actions and decisions to create personal archenemies that remember and adapt to the player and are distinct to every gameplay session. Gamers are able to craft their own battles, enemies and rewards within the dynamic world that remembers and adapts to their choices, delivering a unique experience to every player. 11 Comments

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  • Large Smarties Santa £1.00 @ Asda

    just come from asda and these large 180 g smartie santas wew £1 and the small 100 g ones were £1.50 good if your buying early for the kids stockings 4 Comments

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  • Mcvities gold bars x 9 39p at tesco

    9 pack of gold chocolate bars in tesco reduced to clear to 39p with all the other biscuit bars, found in tower park, Poole 10 Comments

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  • Yorkshire Tea 240's Only £3.00 @ ASDA

    240 Yorkshire Tea Bags on 'Rollback' at ASDA for only £3 almost half previous price, £5.98. . Ideal for these windy Autumn days!! 13 Comments

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  • Tales of Symphonia Chronicles - £14.85 - Simplygames

    Simplygames have been very competitive on price recently, this is likely as cheap as a physical version of this will get. 3 Comments

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  • EE 4G 6GB Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband Combi Sim £14.99 @ Amazon/prepaymania

    Pop it in your 4G Tablet. Works out at £2.50 Per GB. Valid for 90 Days from activation. Also I believe it can be shared (Tethered) out if your device can act as a hot spot. The best deal I could find for mobile broadband, even cheaper than EE Themselves. Free UK Delivery. I think when it runs out it is cheaper to Buy again rather than top up with EE. (your device must be on the EE network or unlocked!). You can check uk Coverage on the EE website. http://ee.co.uk/ee-and-me/network/4gee/coverage-checker. . Correct Link:. http://www.amazon.co.uk/6GB-Pay-Mobile-Broadband-Combi-White/dp/B00FSDAMT8/ref=sr_1_9?m=A3HAMIP8045H2M&s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1414007172&sr=1-9 28 Comments

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