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New Misc

Tesco games preorder

Anyone know if you would get the game on release day if you preorder form tesco? Thanks 4 Comments
Mr jim e bones AvatarMr jim e bones3y, 7h agoPosted 3 years, 7 hours ago

Why would someone buy a PS3 super slim ?

I have been tasked with buying a family member a PS3, looking around there are obviously several different models. HD size and physical size seem the only differences but price varies considerably.… 14 Comments
abfmdf Avatarabfmdf3y, 9h agoPosted 3 years, 9 hours ago

Hey, what about that Black Ops 2!

Do you love lamp? I love lamp. 8 Comments
unquestioned Avatarunquestioned3y, 1d agoPosted 3 years, 1 day ago

Which Resident Evil 4 Platform is the best to play on?

Which platform is the best to play resident evil 4 on and why. Also do you think resident evil 4 is still good to play now? Thanks! 10 Comments
TheBoss96 AvatarTheBoss963y, 1d agoPosted 3 years, 1 day ago

Where will black ops 2 be cheap on release day

title says all , anyone got any idea ? hoping for less than £35 standalone no Gift card etc 16 Comments
seanlfc125 Avatarseanlfc1253y, 1d agoPosted 3 years, 1 day ago


Okay, soi I know they don't have the best reputation here but just wondering when I go to sign up for an account I get towards confirming and on one of the steps it says if I press continue i'll have 8 Comments
Buyt56 AvatarBuyt563y, 1d agoPosted 3 years, 1 day ago

Resident Evil 4 Wii

Is resident evil 4 on the wii worth getting if I have played about half of the games campaign? Also where is the best price to buy the game online. Thanks! 3 Comments
TheBoss96 AvatarTheBoss963y, 1d agoPosted 3 years, 1 day ago

Play station move starter pack????????

does any one know if there is any thing different between the play move starter pack and the play move starter pack 2 as the only difference i can see is the 2 does not come with a starter disc but is… 3 Comments
shamus1975 Avatarshamus19753y, 1d agoPosted 3 years, 1 day ago

Simply Games Xbox Gold Instant Code

http://www.simplygames.com/info/19724/Official-Xbox-360-Xbox-Live-12-Month-Gold-Membership-Email-Code-Xbox-360/ Has anyone bought this? Seems more legit than ones off ebay but i ain't to fond of… 5 Comments
ZelentchukUK AvatarZelentchukUK3y, 1d agoPosted 3 years, 1 day ago

Borderlands 2 Shift Codes

Just a heads up really, Gearbox have been posting Shift codes on their twitter feed for Borderlands 2. Anyone can use the codes, but they do expire. shift codes grant you access to the chest near 7 Comments
steve019 Avatarsteve0193y, 1d agoPosted 3 years, 1 day ago

FIFA 13 Online Pass Code - FREE

Giving away a free online pass code for FIFA 13, drop me a PM and I will message it across to you. I decided in a rage-fuelled millisecond to volley my Xbox so I am now in possession of an extra co… 7 Comments
TheMiiGhtyBoosh AvatarTheMiiGhtyBoosh3y, 2d agoPosted 3 years, 2 days ago

xbox fifa servers?

Anyone else having problems with ea servers/ ulimate team tonight? 20 Comments
spobby Avatarspobby3y, 2d agoPosted 3 years, 2 days ago

Problem with Xbox 360 Console

Hoping someone may be able to help out with a problem on an elite console I've recently sold to someone (not on HUKD). Ok, it's an Xbox 360 Elite 120gb which I'd bought new and had never used prior to… 17 Comments
whizzkid Avatarwhizzkid3y, 2d agoPosted 3 years, 2 days ago

pro evolution soccer 2012 trade in

best place to trade in pro evolution soccer 2012 towards 2013? 5 Comments
jammy180 Avatarjammy1803y, 2d agoPosted 3 years, 2 days ago

Fifa 13 Question

Im going on holiday for 2 weeks... and as ive got Fifa 13 Ultimate Edition can i still get the 2packs when im back ? 3 Comments
TheGiLLHD AvatarTheGiLLHD3y, 2d agoPosted 3 years, 2 days ago

Anyone got a 48 hour XBox live code?

I don't normally ask, but can anyone PM me a code? Thanks 9 Comments
bazzaric Avatarbazzaric3y, 2d agoPosted 3 years, 2 days ago

Oh dear Amazon..... (About Resident Evil 6)

Ok seems to me that Amazon are only offering trade in price of £1 on a gift card ha ha! Borderlands 2 as well is only £7. And another thing I noticed is they have displayed the BBFC rating as age 1… 10 Comments
TheBoss96 AvatarTheBoss963y, 3d agoPosted 3 years, 3 days ago

Anybody Facing FIFA 13 Problems????

I been facing problems whilst playing fifa 13. First day went well no problems faced but after a few days i began to see the game crash and the ps button being unresponsive so had to hard crash the ps… 28 Comments
FreebieJeebie AvatarFreebieJeebie3y, 3d agoPosted 3 years, 3 days ago

new ps3

my ps3 just ylod for the second time so i need a new ps3. anyone have any ideas where i can get one, ijust need the console and on a very tight budget. 5 Comments
dannyryan Avatardannyryan3y, 3d agoPosted 3 years, 3 days ago

where is the resident evil multiplayer dlc ? *xbox 360 only*

it was advertised as release day DLC but still doesnt seem to be on the marketplace 6 Comments
Havince AvatarHavince3y, 3d agoPosted 3 years, 3 days ago