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  • currys sale games £9.97 reservations

    i have reserved many games as i had loads of £10 currys vouchers and i reserved more as some stores have incorrect stock. i have these reservations left over. GAME price match so you could build th... 1 Comment

  • do game or gamestation still price match CEX ?

    And is it them that do the trade in plus an extra £1. got 3 games i got in the currys 97p offer that finished/dont like and i can get £25 at CEX wanting to get Metal gear HD collection tomorrow 15 Comments

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 X360

    I've preordered FFXII-2 from Game, but I'm on the fence as to whether to buy it tomorrow. Especially with MGS out the same day. Is anyone aware of any preorder bonus for it if bought from Game? 5 Comments

  • Are GAME about to close down?

    Seems like Game are in difficulties. Might be time to spend any loyalty points/gift vouchers you have. Link in first post. 47 Comments

  • Club Nintendo Points 4 CODES

    M3TBOTIMYXA6781V. TT8XFDO0SFTPX5SN. J3CO78UL75GEX7IS. 01A389F391ABAGVG. Just say if you took one so others know. Enjoy 2 Comments

  • psp question(not vita)

    morning all. looking for some advice on the psp as I fancy getting one both for emulation and also as a cheap thing to watch iplayer on. Is it fully internet capable via wifi and if so, do the sites... 1 Comment

  • FT MK9 SCORPION AVATAR for Xbox360

    MK9 SCORPION AVATAR for Xbox360 will swap for another Xbox360 avatar, avatar item , stright swap, post your offers please, many thanks 5 Comments

  • do these look legit? paypal, facebook etc......?!

    seen ps3 games foe 4 quid and up, and wondered if anyone else used these guys?. paypal checkout....worth a go? 1 Comment

  • Capture Cards

    Best capture card to buy?. Preferably not a Hauppauge as i personally dont like them even though they produce amazing quality. so is there any other capture cards that a good? links would be helpfu... 4 Comments

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 Xbox 360

    Just noticed on ebay some seller selling Final Fantasy XIII-2 for £31 free P+P, seems a good price... he has a load of individual auctions at that proce, so he seems to have plenty of stock. I dont ... 4 Comments

  • Counterstrike source 3 day pass

    Hope I don't get banned because I just want to give out my 3-day passes for counter strike source, so you can play for free for 3 days, I only have 3 of them so just PM me your steam name or comment h... 1 Comment


    Had a look at the device yesterday. whats the deal with the memory cards, is it correct that the games like uncharted need a memory card for 3gb of data to play it. 14 Comments

  • FIFA 12 TOURNAMENT (Xbox 360 Style)

    Quite simple really. Pick a 4.5 star or less team and stick your name down below. I'll then randomly draw the tournament using a big hat and some paper (plus I have no idea who's any good) and we'll g... 221 Comments

  • Have Nintendo stopped making DSi XLs?

    Just looking for a Nintendo DSi XL for my mums birthday and noticed that not many places are stocking them anymore. Amazon was my first port of call but none available direct from amazon, Argos als... 4 Comments

  • Played on the PS vita today

    Very underwhelmed. Played uncharted. Graphics were reasonable nothing to write home about. Played another game, a beat em up where you can take a photo and use it as the backdrop. Gimmicky and pret... 29 Comments

    Elton ChongElton Chong
  • Best Place & Deal to Buy Xbox 360 INSTORE

    Tomorrow I want to go and buy an Xbox 360, I want a Kinnect with it and will get an extra controller too and am planning to buy instore, anyone have best place, best deal that they could suggest. 1 Comment

  • BBC iplayer problem on ps3

    I've just tried to use the iplayer on my ps3 and got a page which says:. GET YOUR FREEDOM. "we need your email address to check service status ". there is a box for my email address but no optio... 4 Comments

  • Steam problem

    I changed user in steam and changed back but my game on it which was empire total war dissapeared from library and i try to reinstall but it dnt work says duplicate wthh 9 Comments

  • help with buying xbox live membership

    I am Wanting to know if i buy a 12 month sub from USA will it work in the UK or are they they like the points and region specific 11 Comments

  • PS3 Online Codes

    Hi. Can anyone help me work out how to check if an online code has been redeemed or not without actually activating. I've seen people post how to do this on XBox 360 but need to know for PS3. Thank... 2 Comments

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