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Get answers about how to use the site and get the most out of the community.

Posting Deals

Who can post deals on HotUKDeals?

This website is for people who want to share good deals with others, and for our community to ask and share advice. Anyone can post a deal here as long as they're not an advertiser or merchant: HotUKDeals is not a promotional tool for businesses to abuse and anyone found posting items for the purposes of personal gain, or promoting products or companies to whom they are connected will be banned from the site. Frequent self promotion will result in the merchant involved being suspended. We may occasionally remove deals if we feel the merchant in question does not have adequate contact and/or registration details. Generally speaking we only allow UK based companies (allowances on non-UK sites will always be made for merchants who have a strong reputation with our members) and we need to check out a few things such as company accounts, reviews elsewhere and trading status before adding merchants to our database. We'll use who-is to ensure the company in question is registered as a business and we'll check the history of the company via Companies House. We'll also look into feedback on marketplace sites.

What kind of deals can I post here?

Any deals can be posted, but the site is all about the hottest deals available in the UK, so run a price comparison check before posting and ensure its not been posted within the last 4 weeks or itll be deleted as a duplicate post.

What are the different types of deals?

Deals can be any product or service people can buy for a bargain, including two-for-one sales, reduced prices, and clear out sales.

Vouchers are additional discounts on products. Sometimes a voucher is a code you can provide at the time of purchase, or a discount earned by doing a survey. Vouchers usually involve a promotional code, so be sure to provide that when you post the deal.

Freebies are things you can get for free! Whether it's a free download or a free pair of socks, you can post it here. Free items included with a purchase are considered deals, since a purchase is still required.

Competitions can be anything you can enter for free online or in a store to win a prize. The cooler the prize, the hotter the competition will be. We do not allow raffles or soliciting votes for a competition which you've entered. (Eg, you cannot post asking for people to vote for your child in a Cute Kid contest!)

Ask is an area to post in if you are looking for a deal on something specific, or if you are wondering about a previously posted deal you are unable to locate.

For Sale/Trade is an area of the site where you can post items you would like to sell or trade. In addition, HotUKDeals member accounts will work on, a for sale/for trade community with additional features to help you sell and trade safely.

Miscellaneous is a place to list anything that doesn't fit into the other categories, including questions, general chat and links to deals or opportunities that do not involve products or services.

Feedback is a good place to discuss any problems, concerns or ideas you have for the website or the community. The feedback forum is monitored by moderators and we use your insights to help improve the site.

How do I Post a Deal?

Click SHARE to post a new deal

Step 1: Choose the type of deal you are submitting

Step 2: Enter the URL (the link to your chosen deal) then add some information about what you've found. Your title should be a summary of the deal including price and merchant name. Make sure you fill in all the required fields.

Step 3: Please add a picture to your post if possible by including the image URL.

NOTE: You can locate the image URL by right clicking on the image (ctrl + click on Mac) and choosing 'copy image location', just paste the image location directly into the field. You can also upload pictures that you've saved to your computer by clicking browse to find the relevant image.

Finding Deals

Using the search feature

Use the search bar, top right to locate a specific deal, thread or merchant. Once you start typing the name of a store or a deal you want to see, suggestions will appear in the drop down box. If you want to search for Tesco voucher for example, type and select "Tesco" and you'll automatically land on the Tesco voucher page. You can then use the filters on the top of the page if you need to, or jump over to Tesco deals on the right- click where it says "See More".

How to use advanced search

Use advanced search features to search by keywords in the post or title, specific merchants or users, and other details that can help you narrow down your search. To use advanced search, simply click 'Advanced' beside the search tool and define your search terms.

Using voucher codes

You'll notice a lot of deals have available vouchers attached to their opening posts. Members may be able to use these to compliment the respective deal and get themselves an even bigger bargain. Each deal on site will also give you a quick link to all available vouchers for that merchant, look to the bottom left of each deal post. You can also search for vouchers using the search bar at the top right of the HotUKDeals home page. So for example if you wanted to find a Domino's Pizza voucher, just type in "Domino's", select the merchant and you'll be shown the vouchers available at that time. If you need to, you can filter the results to show in heat order, or in order of the most recent content. Another option is to just view the vouchers section ( which will show you all the vouchers which are currently listed on HotUKDeals.

The way you add a voucher at checkout can vary from site to site, generally you'll see a box before or during payment which will invite you to add a voucher / coupon / promotional discount code. You can usually copy and paste the code over from HotUKDeals into the voucher field at check out which, if you're eligible to use it, should deduct a value from your final basket total. Not all vouchers work for everyone, please check the terms, and where possible, the source to ensure you're eligible to use the discount. Occasionally, merchants will reject your purchase if you use a code you're not entitled to - we encourage you to let us know if you have any problems with any vouchers at all.

How Voting Works

The HotUKDeals temperature gauge (the little red and blue arrow next to each deal) is used by members to show their opinion on the deals, competitions, vouchers and freebies on HotUKDeals. Members vote "hot" for those offers that seem pretty special. Enough hot votes and the deal will go front page.

Deals which don't quite hit the mark tend to be voted cold - remember if you're voting a deal cold, it's in the interest of the community to leave a constructive comment within the thread.

If you're a new member, you may notice that the temperature only changes by a very small amount when you vote - this is completely normal and the amount will increase once you've become an established member of the site.

Posting hot deals yourself has the biggest impact on your vote power, and helping out other members will also give you a boost. So vote fairly, be constructive and helpful and by doing so, you'll establish yourself as an important part of our community.

Deal Types

Hot Deals

A Hot deal is a deal thats been voted hot by a lot of members who agree its a really good deal. Once hot, your deal will go onto the HotUKDeals front page. Sometimes, a hot deal will be pinned- pins and sticky threads are used to showcase deals that have already been voted hot by members and that are generating a buzz within the community. You'll know which ones are pinned deals as they show a box saying "HotUKDeals PICK". We might charge advertisers for the increase in exposure. You'll soon be able to hide these pinned deals if you don't want to see them, and you can of course use the custom tools to tailor your view and see exactly what you want to see on HotUKDeals.

New Deals

A New deal is a deal thats been posted recently. It may not have a high temperature because its new, but the New deals area is a great place to find out about fantastic offers before anyone else.

Discussed Deals

Take a look at discussed deals to see the deals people are talking about.

Setting up Custom Deal Lists

You can set up a custom deal list that only displays a certain product, deals from specific merchants, to see deals only between certain temperature thresholds, and much more. You can also be notified by rss or email when a new deal is posted that falls into your list category. To customise a deal list, click Customise Tab Settings in the top right (the small down arrow beside your avatar), indicate how you would like to customise your deal list and click Save.

For Sale, Trade and Wanted Forum Guidelines

For Sale/Trade

Selling or trading in this forum requires a few extra guidelines and rules. For the full run down please read the rules posted here: FS/FT Rules and Guidelines.

The forum is for personal sales only (similar to local newspaper classified ads).

  • No selling or trading of copyrighted materials or media.
  • No dealing by PM only, all interest of acceptance or not should first be posted in the thread.
  • If you are not interested in buying or trading with users, please dont post there as your posts will be deleted for thread spoiling.
  • Should you have a query about a trader, please do not post in the thread, use the report button or PM a Moderator.
  • Accusations or interference without good cause will be deemed as thread spoiling and posts will be deleted.
  • If you have a link to a better price for the item for sale, one post is sufficient, additional posts on this subject will be deleted.
  • Never post your personal details in threads, either send them to the person youre dealing with or PM them to a Moderator.
  • You can now list your item on HotUKDeals if it is for sale elsewhere This includes ‘Wanted’ threads. The onus is on you, however, to ensure all threads listed here and elsewhere are managed efficiently, and any potential buyers are kept notified of progress. You must clearly state within your thread that your item is listed elsewhere
  • Selling multiples of the same item will be classed as bulk sales and will be removed at the Moderators discretion.
  • Business or eBay style sales will also be removed without warning.
Leaving Comments

Why leave a comment?

HotUKDeals is a community of like minded individuals, searching for the best deals on the net. Making constructive comments and contributing to the community makes HotUKDeals a better, more resourceful tool for everyone. You may have expertise in one or more of the main topics and perhaps you'll be able to help other members who are seeking further information on a specific deal. Or perhaps you've managed to source an offer cheaper elsewhere. If so, it helps everyone if you can provide a heads up or link to the cheaper price. Always remember that it takes time for members to source and post deals, so it's always worth thanking those who make the effort.

How to leave a comment

It's really simple, once you're signed in, just click on the discuss or comments links that you'll see on each thread. You can then enter your reply in the text box below all the other comments. You can use the tools above the text box to personalise your font, add smileys, links or quotes.

Removing a comment from a deal you've posted

If, for whatever reason, you decide to delete one of your comments, you simply use the cross button to the right of your post.

Replying to comments

To reply to a specific post within a thread, click the reply to this comment button to the right of the comment you wish to quote. This will copy the quote and the poster's username into your text box at the bottom of the page, in which you can then type your reply and submit. You can reply to multiple comments, just click the reply to this comment for each comment you wish to quote.

Your User Settings

Changing your display information

Go into your profile settings by clicking the small down-arrow to the right of your avatar at the top right of the screen. You'll have the option there to edit your description and location. Just click the pencil to add in what you want to display, and save when you're done.

Changing your avatar

Going into your profile or settings by clicking the small arrow beside your avatar, top right of the screen, In your profile page, you'll see your current avatar to the top left. Click the small pencil image to edit your avatar and you'll be given the option to browse for an image file from your computer. Choose the file and save, remember to only use images that are less than 5mb in size, and HotUKDeals no longer supports animated avatars. Oh yeah, and keep it family friendly!

Change or reset your password

You can change your password in your settings. Go into your profile settings by clicking the small down-arrow to the right of your avatar at the top right of the screen. The first option you'll be presented with will be to change your password. If you have any problems doing this, please contact us.

View or change privacy options

You are in control of your own account and you are entirely responsible for everything you post or publish on HotUKDeals. You are able to delete your own posts, change your own email address / password at any time and edit your security settings within your own profile settings. Click the profile option by clicking the down-arrow beside your avatar, which sits at the top right of your screen. Scroll down to privacy information to change your settings at any time. Click the right hand arrow to view the options and opt in or out of private messages. You can also use invisible mode and opt to remove the "follow" option from your profile if you wish. If you subscribe to our weekly or daily emails, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button within the body of the email. Your data will not be stored once you've done this.

View or change your thread display/subscription options

Your subscription options are also in the member settings page. You can choose whether to receive email notification for subscribed threads.

View or change your private messaging options

In your user settings page, accessible from the button top right, you can scroll down to change your private message settings.

For sale/for trade settings

Please make sure you follow site guidelines before entering into a transaction on FS/T. You can view your own feedback by looking at your profile and clicking the Feedback tab. You can also view other members' FS Feedback by clicking their avatar and going to view feedback.

To view your For sale / trade activities, please click the settings button top right and then the tab marked for sale/trade.

People you're following

You can follow any member and add them as a buddy by clicking their avatar and then the follow option. To manage your buddy list, simply look at your settings and scroll down to the Following (buddy list) option. It'll display your entire list there and you can unfollow any of your buddies at any time.

Inappropriate Content

Please ensure you read the Hotukdeals code of conduct for more detailed information on the guidelines we follow.

What is inappropriate content?

Usernames: It is not permitted to use a name which is offensive, attempt to impersonate another user, or create multiple accounts without permission from Admin or Moderators.

Spamming: This includes empty messages, hidden text that matches the background colour, quotes with no new content, repetitive questions, meaningless content, pornography, pornographic images, sexually offensive material, self promotion of a business, auction sites, personal sales on other sites, links to personal websites, requests for referrals, referral links, third party affiliate links, and advertising for personal gain. These activities are considered spam and will result in an account being suspended or terminated.

Trolling, Trolls: Users or groups of users who post inflammatory comments, disrupt normal, on-topic conversations or choose to attack other members because of their views and opinions, attempting to beat them down or demean them. Posts by trollers will be deleted and trolls may be banned from the site.

Racism, Religion, Sexuality, Background: Attacks on a persons faith, race, colour, sexual preference or social background will not be tolerated and will be dealt with at the discretion of Admin and Moderators without prior warning to the offenders.

  • A persons religious, sexual or any other orientation in life should be respected at all times
  • Any replies to a discussion on these topics must be respectful and constructive.

Profanities, Foul Language, Rudeness: There is a word filter in place to help remove profanities from posts.

  • Anyone attempting to get round the word filter by any means may face a ban.
  • Rude posts or images are also not acceptable and will be deleted without warning at the discretion of Admin and Moderators.

How to Report Inappropriate Content

Members have the ability to report posts made by others if they think any of the rules have been broken and we thank you for using this feature.

  • A report button is placed to the left of every post in the form of a red triangle in a white background and containing an exclamation mark.
  • Reported posts will notify Admin and Moderators of the offending post. Please include a brief description with your report.
  • Do not reply to an offending post, leave it to Admin and Moderators who will deal with the situation as soon as possible.
  • Responding to offending posters in any thread with aggressive replies, or inciting them to continue will be considered as an offence in itself.

What To Do If You Get An Infraction

Rules are enforced by a team of Admin and Moderators at all times.

Moderators keep the forum as user friendly as possible. They are members with extra privileges that enable them to carry out their tasks. Please remember they are human too and do occasionally make mistakes.

If you disagree with a Moderator decision or infraction, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the forum to send a brief description.

Admin will have the final say in any disputed decision and on all aspects of the forum.

Connect with the HotUKDeals Community

Feel free to communicate with other members in the Feedback forum. It's a great place to find help or ask questions if you're not sure about something. Remember to be respectful!