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Amazon just cancelled my Nintendo DS order!

TomWilko Avatar
8y, 11m agoPosted 8 years, 11 months ago
Anyone else just get a message similar to this from Amazon?

Dear Customer, We wanted to give you an update on the status of your order #order number. Unfortunately, an unexpected delay from our supplier may prevent us from delivering some items in your order by Christmas.

The following items have been delayed: "Nintendo DS Lite Handheld Console (White)"

[Video Game]Estimated arrival date: 01/02/08 - 06/02/08

Absolutely shocking. Was only the other day raving how good Amazon were...what a way to destroy a customers confidence.

Other Links From Amazon:
TomWilko Avatar
8y, 11m agoPosted 8 years, 11 months ago

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When did you order it? Thats pretty shocking right before Xmas
Ordered it Tuesday (18th), was guaranteed Christmas delivery on the website and it stated it was in stock direct from Amazon.

Was beginning to wonder where it was and then this email dropped through in the last hour. Fully removed the chance of getting this for my girlfriend before Christmas now.
What rotten bad luck - I imagine there are a whole heap of people in a major panic now trying to source last minute presents. I hope you find one somewhere.:thumbsup:
That is seriously bad from Amazon and not their normal practice.
I would complain strongly (but politely) stating that this was a special Christmas present and I think you will have good grounds for some sort of compensation.

Keep all emails and evidence in case they want copies etc. I'm fairly certain you don't have legal redress but Amazon have always been good in the past with genuine complaints.

Good luck.
Ordered it Tuesday (18th), was guaranteed Christmas delivery on the website and it stated it was in stock direct from Amazon.

Was beginning to wonder where it was and then this email dropped through in the last hour. Fully removed the chance of getting this for my girlfriend before Christmas now.

Have you checked your local Argos ? You can check online here:
Its really bad considering I saw they had black ones in stock about 3 hours ago, and they had white ones in stock last night
I ordered from Amazon on the 18th when it was showing in stock, after a few hours
amazon said it was preparing my order for dispatch. I sat back and smiled thinking
everything would be ok. Not so, after calling them today it seems their supplier
has no stock (so why did they say it was in stock) and is is unlikely they can fulfil
my order. Really shocking, as i cancelled my order at thinking amazon
would get it to me quicker. so much for trusting in amazon, there going to be a lot
of disappointed people when they realise amazon advertised as in stock, when they
had no stock, just to get peoples to order through them. I could have gone to johnlewis,
shopto,, or any of these but assumed amazon had them in. Im not sure if wii
is also affected. I find it shocking amazon advertised items as in stock, when they
didnt have stock.
Did you order the white aswell?

Cause it looks like people who ordered the bacl DS will be getting them.........
hi, yes, it was the white one that i ordered.
ring your local ASDA see if they got them in stock - lots are up here in NW - i put it on here earlier
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I ordered a white one on Tuesday from and it arrived yesterday. They are using couriers, so if they still have them in stock and you order now, you should receive it on Monday. All the courier firms are delivering on Monday (I checked with a few of them). Hope you manage to get one.
I ordered a white one on Tuesday from and it arrived yesterday. They are using couriers, so if they still have them in stock and you order now, you should receive it on Monday. All the courier firms are delivering on Monday (I checked with a few of them). Hope you manage to get one.

Welcome to HUKD vixstone, it's nice that you used your 1st post to try and help someone out.
Lately people have been registering just to say they are disgusted with the new site and are taking their 'custom' elsewhere.

Have a nice christmas. :santa:
same thing happened with my silver d.s - ordered on the 17th. Amazon told me that they have people who ordered them on the 11th still haven't had their orders
I had exactly the same thing! I saw them coming and going from shopto, but I rested on my laurels safe in the knowledge that I had one guaranteed before Christmas. Then last freaking night I get a 'You can expect it in February email'.

I called them up to tell them that they had ruined Christmas and their response was 'I'll tell you what we can do for you sir, we can cancel the order and you will get all the money back'.

Nice customer service, eh?

Shopto have some at the moment. Go.
OH has just mentioned my birthday/xmas present (ordered in Nov from Amazon) has been delayed - and another parcel which should have arrived today hasn't.

Maybe Amazon are deliberately messing up deliveries so that people have to buy their Prime service.....
I emailed Amazon customer services as they cancelled 2 of my DS Console orders, my Brother, who never shops online is now convinced they are crooks and I was trying to show him how good online shopping could be, stating Amazon were a reputable company!!. It looks like Amazon has put him right off.
My Email was polite and mentioned that I have felt a bit conned and email stating my displeasure at their blatant lying ( In Stock, Delivered by 24th Dec) And that two people now have no chance of getting the gift they wanted, and were told they were receiving!.
This is the reply I received, I am now apparantly the one to blame, The DS Consoles I ordered were apparantly Marketplace Seller items!!!!, I had misread the information.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting with your request.

We have checked your account and can confirm that order #203-6338033-
5043523 has already been cancelled. It appears that you were able to
cancel it yourself via our website.

Please note that the item "Nintendo DS Lite Handheld Console
(White)" is not available with us and it's mentioned on the website
that the item is available only with the Marketplace sellers. I'm
sorry, if you haven't noticed this at the time of placing the order.

Please understand that our inventory is constantly changing based on
information we receive directly from our suppliers, and
occasionally, unexpected fluctuations in supply can add time to your

Please rest assured that the order will not be dispatched and you
will not be charged for it.

Please note, we do not debit money from your bank account until just
before your items are dispatched. If an order is cancelled before it
enters our dispatch process, no charges will be made.

We hope that this answers your question. Thank you for shopping at

Please let us know if this e-mail answered your question:

If yes, click here:
If not, click here:

I like this bit : "Please understand that our inventory is constantly changing based on
information we receive directly from our suppliers, and
occasionally, unexpected fluctuations in supply can add time to your

***** "Please understand the phrase "In Stock" generally means that you have the item in stock, not in transit from a supplier, or based on information from a supplier, or indeed anything to do with a supplier, In Stock generally means we have been supplied, we have them, we can confirm your order, Suppliers indeed.
No Idea what this was all about by Amazon they truly are ***** with rubbishy mixed excuses, and misleading adverts, and no apologies, I better get my Transformer toothbrushes after this farce.:x
I received exactly the same email for the 2 DS lites I had ordered (White) so I called them the next day and they apologised over and over again. I ended up speaking to a supervisor who couldn't have been more understanding. But they have been told to let all customers know that they will not receive any compensation. I asked if this was a bit strong and what managers discretion would be in place, but the party line is that you get nothing. I then complained that I was seriously losing out on the package deal where for another tenner you could get a game included, so now I would have to pay full price for the 2 games (My Sims and Animal Crossing). I was told I would need to wait until the delivery date (1st Feb 2008!!!) so I could receive the deal. They would not discount the games. I'm very unhappy with Amazon and have noticed that they are getting slower at deliveries, is this because of the Prime package? So I've emailed them with my complaints and I await their response which I will take as far as I can.
In the meantime, I've missed other deals at my local ASDA, Argos, Curry's and Comet but I managed to pay a total of £260 for 2 DS's on ebay from the same seller. They are promised for Monday with a parcel force delivery.
If anyone else can advise what complaints process they have had with Amazon, it would be much appreciated. They've left a bad taste in this mouth......

An apology would have done for me, how could a dept with the title "customer services" come out with a reply basically telling me
"Well it's not our fault really, if you had read it properly you would see it was someone else selling it, "in Stock" doesnt mean we have it in stock, We're really sorry you cannot read and understand stuff like this, oh and while you are here please also take a note that our inventory changes as we get information from suppliers, and unexpected fluctuations mean that the term "in stock" means based on information, fluctuations, and indeed "in stock" means nothing really, and you may get delayed items as well.
But thats ok cos we weren't going to take your money anyway, and you can rest assured that the order will never be dispatched and we won't take your money cos you aren't getting anything anyway"
We really hope this answers your question thank you for trying to shop at Amazon.

As a member of the Ambulance service in close contact with the public every day I have learned a few things about people and stuff... so before casting my intelligence into doubt, and doubting my understanding of basic phrases such as "In Stock" "Your item will be dispatched soon" it may help your stance if:

1. You actually understood what your job title is, and how some basic manners and a bit of empathy may actually go a lot further than your comedic attempt to address my concerns ., others such as I understand why you feel this way, it's a bit more humanistic than your description of yourself as some kind of collective "We are sorry you do not seem to understand" the whole we thing is well creepy or have you a few personalities
At least try to empathise with whoever has complained, try to understand why that person may be a bit miffed (DS Console, blatantly mislisted, girlfriends present gone, how would you feel). Sorry is a pretty good start in this situation I believe.

2. The start of your reply "We have checked your account etc etc, it appears that you see I cancelled the order once I was told you had nothing to deliver, the startling revelation that "It appears that you were able to
cancel it yourself via our website" is just stating the obvious, but thanks for claryfying this for me, it does in fact appear that I did such a thing.

3. Feeling pity at my apparant lack of understanding is rather patronising, you do not know me or my level of understanding, If indeed I was misunderstanding the information displayed, (which is fairly hard to do with phrases such as "In Stock") perhaps a suggestion that this may be the case , allowing me to think, re-read the info Indeed it appears at this point in your reply that "We are not sorry" this time you state "I'm sorry" what about the rest, do they not share your sorrow, what I mean is You are either a Collective or an person, do not switch without explanation to then launch an attack on my intellect. Especially as others have been affected by this in a similar manner.

4.This section says nothing, I have already ascertained that others have had similar experiences, with differing responses, so your attempt to question my understanding has fallen flat, Google, Forums, the World Web means I can do that now. Anyway I have no interest in your suppliers, I have entered into a deal with you. Do you or your collective care who pays my wages to pay for my purchases on Amazon, If I owed you money, do you believe information about how my wages are applied, and a couple of factors affecting my salary would answer your query. Again think about it, I remember asking where my "In Stock" DS was, not what your suppliers problems, supply and demand info, fluctuating this and that. Again pointless information.

5 The reassurance at the end of your message is not needed, Obviously you will not dispatch my order, as you stated at the beginning that it was "A marketplace seller not actually Amazon who I placed the order with" so why would you dispatch anything to me, If you must try to pull the wool over my Eyes, and twist the truth at least do it with some style, again pointless information which only seems to contradict your earlier statement.

6 "We hope that this answers your question" again pointless, by actually reading my message you will find you answered none of my questions, but have indeed created a lot more.

"Thank you for shopping at" now your advanced customer skills seem to want to give me your thanks, A litle bit of thought and you may have replied "Thank you for attempting shopping at"

"Please let us know if this e-mail answered your question" I will leave that to your collective to decide. Perhaps by now you should just stop talking.

An apology, accepting responsibility an intelligent reply, more human approach (as opposed to the strange "We are sorry you do not understand" thing going on to my concerns), a promise to make sure this situation will not happen again, perhaps even an offer to put me top of the list for the next batch and with all your massive profits knock a fiver off the DS when in stock, all little things to your company. Anything at all but that reply, "we are sorry we cocked up, it won't happen again, your future orders are safe with us... etc etc.

But no with Neanderthal like Customer Skills, you basically talk the biggest lot of **** and manage to insult me, I have heard a company ever come out with a surreal attempt at hoodwinking me and others I have spoken to, you really should work on the social skills, and don't let your "customer services team" anywhere near a real person they are liable to get beaten up.
At the end of the day if youreally have no other way of replying than that I received, It may be better just not to reply at all and just go home.
Surely they are obtaining money by deception claiming its in stock when it isnt? At the end of the day some people are on restricted budgets and may have used saved up cash to order these? In that case they would have to wait on a refund from amazon before being able to buy another one, I dont know how long amazon take before a refund appears on a card but some places have taken over a week, in which case thats someones main present for christmas gone!
So much for Christmas spirit!
I havent ordered one so have not been affected but those who have then I feel sorry for you with this dubious service you have received!

Amazon don't take payment until dispatch.
Just to add another point, I was receiving my item from Amazon themselves, not a marketplace trader. I try to use Amazon themselves where possible as they are supposed to be more trustworthy and cheaper however, in this case, I may have been better off on ebay......:w00t:
Hi I ordered a white Nintendo ds Lite from Amazon on the 18th at 11.00 at night and it arrived on the 21 December.
So you want to ask them why you did not get yours?
Interesting, we ordered ours on the same evening at around 6.00pm! The person at Monkey HQ (aka Amazon Customer Services) said that it was on a first come first serve basis.

protoceratops, really enjoyed reading your post and many of those thoughts, along with a few more will be included in the letter I send them next week. I won't let them get off with this from me, my family as a collective must spend over £300 in a year with Amazon on books, electronics etc. After this fantastic mess I will be recommending to them all to look elsewhere. I may also mention, but havn't decided, that being a trainee teacher of ICT and Business I use Amazon as a great e-commerce Business model...think I might drop this line now.

Incidently, and fortunately, we walked into Toys r us in Derby this morning and purely by chance they had taken delivery of 80 Nintendo DS's the night before...felt so lucky!
I honestly can't believe it,i've had the same thing happen 2 me,ordered a white DS onn tuesday like urself only to check my email expecting them to have dispatched it but wait,no,they've only gone and cancelled the order but decided they would send the accessory pack and game that i ordered via 'EXPRESS DELIVERY'!!!!!the only reason i took the 8BUCKS express delivery was so i had the DS intime for christmas!!!needless to say i shall be phoning them tommorrow(after i've calmed down) to cancel the whole order and i will never use them again-EVER!!! My girlfriend is gonna be most disappointed. Gutted doesn't even some up how i'm feeling at the moment.Poor,POOR service.


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