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  • Nokia 625 EE 4G Pay as you go inc £10 top up £109.99 on EE for all you Windows lovers

    Nokia 625, 4G compatible - I moved to an EE SIM only but didn't have a 4G compatible phone, was going to grab the Alcatel Idol S but that seems to have gone so got this one instead, £99.99 plus a £10 top up. Phone was £119.99. After years of Android, time to give Windows another go. 5 Comments

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  • Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth (New) Wii U £4.99 @ GAME

    Great price and another game to add to the wii u collection. 10 Comments

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  • Wild Turkey bourbon whiskey 70cl £15.00 (RRP £23) @ Tesco

    No hurry - priced at £15 until May 13th. To answer a few expected questions - is this better than Jim Beam/Jack Daniels? Yes to both. How does this compare to Wild Turkey 101? It's a pretty sad comparison, the awesome kick of 101 is lost, but a good flavour still remains. Is it good in a manhattan? Actually yes, generally you should use a rye whiskey for a manhattan but WT has a pretty high rye content for straight bourbon so it works. Drink up y'all. 20 Comments

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  • (PC) Toilet Tycoon (Might Be A Flush Sale) - £1.58 - Greenman Gaming

    Toilet Tycoon is an unusual economic simulation in which you can prove your skills as a leader of the saniterian installations of a whole town. . On your way to the top, you have calculate wisely and should always keep an eye on your opponents - else you simply will be flushed... . New features of version are improved graphics, better game balance, special events at turn end as well as support for Windows XP functions like multiuser installation and much more. . The game is mainly aimed at beginners as well as at "normal" players. . How would you like to be in a line of business that’s totally crisis proof? You can see for yourself that money doesn’t stink as a MANAGER of pay toilets. . When you start up as a toilet cleaner, you will need to make sure that your SEED CAPITAL of 500,000 euros is wisely invested. Therefore, you purchase your first allotment and equip it with only what is absolutely necessary: basic model toilets and paper... . But that’s just the beginning; with competitors that never sleep and the escalating tastes of your customers, you will need INNOVATIONS to increase profits. Next stop: Golden bowls, silk toilet tissue and seats with handy cup holders. . Your goal is to monopolize every john in town and rake in the DOUGH on your way to becoming a total “Toilet Tycoon”. . Choose from a wide variety of components to create the most outrageous toilets imaginable. Research new technologies that will make your customers want to buckle up before they flush. Have saboteurs trash other people's toilets and send in the authorities to take them down. Spy on the facilities of your rivals and spread vicious rumors to chase their customers away. . Use code : O3H7FE-D4NFO0-F0LIGK 9 Comments

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  • Optoma HD 3D Projector Cheapest I`ve ever seen. £499.98 @Scan plus p+p or free collection

    WOW! Bought this last week in their Daily Deals page for £515.00. Just looked today and its £499.98 and its not deal of the day, just the normal price. I know you don`t get any glasses with it but you can get DLP ones for about £25.00 each or the RF ones with emitter for about £75-£80. Both work fine with the one I bought but the RF ones seem to give more depth and better "pop out" Great quality picture on my 5ft projector. . HD131Xe Is the model number. - gemmmaaa7 7 Comments

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  • Borderlands 2 GOTY £8.74, COD 4: Modern Warfare £3.49, Bioshock Infinite £4.99, Borderlands 2 £4.99 (All Steam) @ GetGames

    All games listed here are Steamplay and work on Mac & PC. . Borderlands 2 GOTY (Steam) £8.74. COD 4: Modern Warfare £3.49. Bioshock Infinite £4.99. Borderlands 2 £4.99. Bioshock Infinite Season Pass £6.99. . . If you have the ability to order via a US proxy server, then Borderlands 2 GOTY can be had for $9.99 = £6.14 when paying via Paypal. - pgregg 12 Comments

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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 White 10.1" now £179.00 at Asda Direct

    The tablet wars are really hotting up! Is this the best price ever for the 10 inch version (apart from Very's misprice at Christmas)? 22 Comments

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  • Samsung Plus 32GB micro SDHC Class 10 48MB/s UHS-I £13.00 deivered@svp

    **Genuine Samsung packed in a Jewel Case, dont be caught out by buying fakes or cheap equivelents** Here at SVP we have been selling Samsung products for almost 20 years, this stock is in limited supply , dont miss out at this amazing Price**. . Add greater storage to your smartphone, tablet, camera or video camera with this excellent microSD memory card from Samsung. . The 32GB microSD Plus Class 10 allows you to save high-quality media files, including music libraries, photos and HD video clips to your mobile device without compromising on speed. This memory card lets you download large amounts of data, media and apps with read speeds of 48MB/s 4 Comments

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  • Martini Asti 75cl 2 for £10.00 @ Asda (£5 each!!)

    Cheapest I have seen for over a year now.. £5 per bottle is good!! Seen in store aswell. . link is: http://groceries.asda.com/asda-webstore/landing/home.shtml?cmpid=ahc-_-ghs-sna1-_-asdacom-dsk-_-hp#/product/18968. . im pretty sure they normally £7.75 each reduced to £6 but now 2 for £10 5 Comments

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