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"Battlefield: Bad Company 2" & "Killzone 3" HotUKDeals Clan Roll-call

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6y, 10m agoPosted 6 years, 10 months ago
As featured in "HUKD Community News: The Burning Issue - September 07, 2011":
Elsewhere the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Killzone 3 clan thread started by fanpages continues to buzz with over 20k comments (admittedly not all on-topic). If you want to join a clan or find other HUKD members playing this is the thread to hit up.

Also nominated in the "Best Deals of 2011" awards in the "Community Thread of the Year" category...

[ http://www.hotukdeals.com/bestdealsof2011 ]

We play a wide variety of other titles such as "Blur", "Burnout Paradise", "Gears of War 3", "Massive Action Game" [MAG], "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2", "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves", "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception", "Warhawk, & "Starhawk".

Suggestions for further titles to consider very welcome, although please note that we do *NOT* actively play any "Call of Duty" series titles on a frequent basis. If you are interested in this franchise, please visit the thread mentioned in comment #1.

Thank you.
fanpages Avatar
6y, 10m agoPosted 6 years, 10 months ago

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Totally agree Scar & Adam, the conversation was extremely unprofessional.
FP will be a loss to this site and frankly the lack of respect, gratitude shown in the transcript is appalling.

One by one long standing members are being forced to leave or have no reason to stay. Shame.

Edited By: [email protected] on Feb 03, 2013 22:24: Where did their posts go?
Make sure you watch the whole thing:

Don't know if anyone is interested but you can now apply to participate in the Dust 514 closed beta.


DUST 514 is a PS3-exclusive first-person shooter with intense infantry combat augmented by powerful vehicles. Uniquely, it is set in, and connected to, the player-driven MMO universe of EVE Online™.

By registering for the closed beta you become eligible for selection as a DUST 514 tester. Suitable candidates will be contacted by email.

NOTE: Registration does not guarantee entry into the DUST 514 closed beta.

"Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception" is my first Platinum Trophy!

(At bloomin' last!)

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15 Likes #1
[ http://www.battlefieldbadcompany2.com/vip ]


Nelson Bay - Rush
Laguna Alta - Conquest


Laguna Presa - Rush
Arica Harbor - Conquest


Nelson Bay - Squad Deathmatch
Laguna Alta - Squad Rush


Atacama Desert - Rush
Port Valdez - Conquest


Nelson Bay - Conquest
White Pass - Rush


Panama Canal - Squad Deathmatch
Laguna Presa - Squad Rush


Oasis - Rush, Conquest, Squad Rush, & Squad
Harvest Day - Squad Rush, & Conquest
Heavy Metal - Conquest, & Squad
Cold War - Rush, Squad Rush, & Squad

--- See Also ---

"The Official Battlefield 3 Clan Thread (PS3) - BFN" (flamingcarrot)
"Dark Souls General Discussion (will contain spoilers)" ([email protected])
"The Official BC2 Squad Rush Tournament 2010 - sponsored by BFN" (flamingcarrot)

"Lets make a call of duty clan" (NAMEOFTHE GAME)
23 February 2011:

Another year... another recruitment drive. This time for "Killzone 3". PlayStation 3 players only this time, though, sorry.

Apply below. Thank you.
23 February 2010:

A number of HotUKDeals.com members have expressed interest in starting a "clan" ("squad") for the new first-person shooter video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE [DICE] (& published by Electronic Arts) for Microsoft Windows, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms, "Battlefield: Bad Company 2".

Officially released in Europe at the end of this week (& already on sale in North American territories), the game is a direct sequel to the previously available "Battlefield: Bad Company".

This "Misc" thread is to collate the details of all those members who wish to play online & to record their platform of choice, their user name (PlayStation Network Id, Xbox 360 GamerTag, PC Screen Name), the days/times available to play, & to initially organise into one or more clans for each platform as required.

Subject to interest, & if the posts become too unwieldy to maintain, we may have to break-off into dedicated PS3, Xbox 360, & PC threads, but for now please add what you have to play on & when you are able to play. Please also add information about which in-game solider Class you would prefer to play (so we can balance squads with choices of "Medic", "Assault", "Engineer", &/or "Recon" [sniper]).

We need not seek officially matches against other (probably more-organised) clans initially but if we just swap log-on details so that we can communicate online & invite each other to games we are participating within then games will be easier to find & we can get to know each other's strengths & weaknesses... but most of all having fun playing alongside (or against) other HotUKDeals members.

Anybody who has pre-ordered the title may well have received their order already. If you have & wish to brag by posting a "Got mine" type comment, please do so (as it will 'bump' this thread back up to the top of the first page of recent discussions & may attract more members to enlist for duty).

Hope to see you on the battlefield soon...
If you wish to contact any of the players listed below, &/or exchange "Friend" requests on the platform of choice, please refer to HotUKDeals & include your own HotUKDeals member name in the accompanying message rather than simply sending a blank request (that may be deleted without confirming the "Friend" addition). Thank you.

"Killzone 3" - Clan tag [GDNA]


Platform / HotUKDeals Member Name (Platform User Name, if different) / Week Day Availability / Week End Availabiity / Favoured Class(es)

PS3fanpagesWD: After 10pm preferred (can do after 7pm) / WE: After 10pm preferred (earlier an option) / FC: Engineer
PS3 [email protected] "Capt_Darling"WD: Anytime / WE: Anytime / FC: Unsure
PS3 adamipswich "Firmsky"WD: Shift worker so varied times / WE: Shift worker so varied times / FC: (to be confirmed)
PS3 r3tract "jsgill1987"WD: Most weekdays (bar Wednesdays) after 6pm / WE: Some weekends / FC: Tactician
PS3 arcangel111 "i_am_starkiller"WD: Times vary due to shift working / WE: Times vary due to shift working / FC: Medic, Infiltrator
PS3 dog_cop "lego-jon"WD: Anytime; shifts dependent / WE: Anytime; shifts dependent / FC: "no idea" (Medic then!)
PS3 Scar "Boogalicious"WD: ~9:00PM onwards / WE: ~8:00PM onwards / FC: Tactician, Medic
PS3flamingcarrotWD: Most weekdays after 10pm / WE: (Not available) / FC: Tactician, Engineer, Medic
PS3 adammegsue "massive-swell"WD: After 8pm / WE: After 8pm / FC: aint really bothered
PS3 akkennan "beri00"WD: From 6pm-8pm; after 11pm / WE: Unavailable / FC: (to be confirmed)
PS3 Paddy Charlie "paddycharlie"WD: Most weekdays after 8pm / WE: Some weekends / FC: Engineer
PS3sennasnitWD: After 6pm, unavailable Mon/Tue / WE: After 5pm / FC: Currently Engineer, but planning on trying all eventually
PS3SyzableWD: (to be confirmed) / WE: (to be confirmed) / FC: (unknown)
PS3 alex-_ "Alex-160391"WD: Most weekdays after 7:30 or thereabouts / WE: Saturdays are unlikely, but Sundays i can be on around 7:00 / FC: (to be confirmed)

+ other players from my [TSR] (Three Speech Regulars) "Killzone 2" clan.

Most recent recruits:

PS3"JASPER-212"WD: Most weekdays after 7pm / WE: Some weekends / FC: Engineer/Infiltrator
PS3lainuxWD: Most of the time I am on / WE: Most of the time I am on / FC: (unknown)
PS3 antony4462 "lixgambitxil"WD: (to be confirmed) / WE: (to be confirmed) / FC: (unknown)
PS3 runcorn "NoIamSparticus"WD: Usually after 10pm but times change due to work) / WE: No set times / FC Tactician

Edited By: fanpages on Feb 03, 2013 19:28: Updated
3 Likes #2

"Killzone 3" Ranks/eXperience Points/Skills

Rank / XP Required / Skill Unlocked / Unlock Points Awarded
Private I / 750 / (not applicable) / 1 point
Private II / 2000 / (not applicable) / 1 point
Private III / 3750 / (not applicable) / 1 point
Lance Corporal I / 6000 / (not applicable) / 1 point
Lance Corporal II / 8750 / (not applicable) / 1 point
Lance Corporal III / 12000 / (not applicable) / 1 point
Corporal I / 15750 / (not applicable) / 1 point
Corporal II / 20000 / (not applicable) / 1 point
Corporal III / 24750 / (not applicable) / 1 point
Sergeant I / 30250 / (not applicable) / 1 point
Sergeant II / 36500 / (not applicable) / 2 points
Sergeant III / 43500 / (not applicable) / 2 points
Sergeant-Major I / 51500 / (not applicable) / 2 points
Sergeant-Major II / 60500 / (not applicable) / 2 points
Sergeant-Major III / 70500 / (not applicable) / 2 points
Lieutenant I / 81000 / (not applicable) / 2 points
Lieutenant II / 92750 / (not applicable) / 2 points
Lieutenant III / 107000 / (not applicable) / 2 points
Captain I / 123750 / (not applicable) / 2 points
Captain II / 143000 / (not applicable) / 2 points
Captain III / 164750 / (not applicable) / 3 points
Major I / 189000 / (not applicable) / 3 points
Major II / 215750 / (not applicable) / 3 points
Major III / 247500 / (not applicable) / 3 points
Lieutenant-Colonel I / 284250 / (not applicable) / 3 points
Lieutenant-Colonel II / 326000 / (not applicable) / 3 points
Lieutenant-Colonel II / 372750 / (not applicable) / 3 points
Colonel I / 424500 / (not applicable) / 3 points
Colonel II / 481250 / (not applicable) / 3 points
Colonel III / 548000 / (not applicable) / 3 points
Brigade-General I / 624750 / (not applicable) / 4 points
Brigade-General II / 711500 / (not applicable) / 4 points
Brigade-General III / 808250 / (not applicable) / 4 points
Lieutenant-General I / 915000 / (not applicable) / 4 points *** Source possibly incorrect; I jumped the three Lieutenant-General ranks & went straight to Major General I
Lieutenant-General II / 1031750 / (not applicable) / 4 points
Lieutenant-General III / 1168500 / (not applicable) / 4 points
Major General I / 1325250 / (not applicable) / 4 points
Major General II / 1502000 / (not applicable) / 4 points
Major General III / 1698750 / (not applicable) / 4 points
General I / 1925850 / (not applicable) / 4 points
General II / 2192950 / (not applicable) / 5 points
General III / 2500050 / (not applicable) / 5 points
Commander I / 2957150 / (not applicable) / (no points)
Commander II / 3714250 / (not applicable) / (no points)
Commander-in-chief / 5000000 / (not applicable) / (no points)

"Killzone 3" Maps

On the "Killzone 3" Blu-ray Disk, the 8 online/multiplayer maps are as follows (with the various game modes of play):

"Corinth Highway" (Warzone)
"Pyrrhus Crater" (Guerilla Warfare, Warzone)
"Bilgarsk Boulevard" (Guerilla Warfare, Warzone)
"Turbine Concourse SE-6" (Warzone)
"Frozen Dam" (Guerilla Warfare, Warzone, Operations)
"Akmir Snowdrift" (Guerilla Warfare, Warzone, Operations)
"Mawlr Graveyard" (Warzone, Operations)
"Kaznan Jungle" (Guerilla Warfare)

The "Retro Map Pack" (subtitled "Reclaimed Territory" in the US) adds the following 2 maps (from "Killzone 2"):

"Salamun Market" (Warzone)
"Blood Gracht" (Guerilla Warfare)

Details of two of the new maps from the incoming "From The Ashes" Map Pack:

[ http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2011/06/17/killzone-3-from-the-ashes-map-pack-launches-next-week/ ]

Posted on 17 June by Aryeh Loeb – Producer, Guerrilla Games

Killzone 3 ‘From The Ashes’ Map Pack Launches Next Week

...Lente Missile Base, a Warzone map for 24 players set inside an abandoned missile base at the edge of the Kaznan Jungle. One of many outdated defense facilities abandoned after the discovery of nuclear Petrusite, Lente Base is slowly being reclaimed by Helghan’s strange plant life. But when warring ISA and Helghast forces stumble across the remains of the facility, they find that most of its systems are still operational. As both factions vie for control of the base, the facility begins firing its missiles – frying anyone caught in the underground exhaust vents…

...Mobile Factory, a Guerrilla Warfare map for 16 players set aboard one of the largest vehicles from the single player campaign. Part resource production facility, part moving fortress, the Mobile Factory is a strategic asset that both factions desperately want to seize control of. Combatants need to watch their step as a single mistake can cause them to plummet into the heavy duty scrap metal shredders at the bottom of the facility. Those looking to do some shredding of their own will be able to wield one of two portable miniguns found in the Mobile Factory.

DLC Pack 3 “From The Ashes” will be available from the PlayStation Store on 22nd of June for €4.99\£3.99. But that’s not all! Those of you new to Killzone 3 will be interested to learn that we’re simultaneously releasing the DLC Bundle Pack. As the name implies, this pack bundles the Retro Pack, the Steel Rain Pack AND the From The Ashes Pack – a total of eight maps – for the low, low price of just €9.99\£7.99. . Stay tuned to Killzone.com and the official PlayStation.Blog on Monday, because we’ll be posting preview videos of the other two maps in the From the Ashes Pack.

"Killzone 3" Ribbons

You gain additional points for killstreaks (at the end of the round/match).

The ribbons gained for killstreaks are as follows:

Bullet Damage (Earned by gaining five assists in one match) - Lasts the entire match

Grants a 25% damage increase for all bullet weapons. Explosives are not affected.

Faster Reload (Earned by gaining ten kills without aiming in one match) - Lasts the entire match

Reduces reload times for primary weapons (to about half the time taken without the ribbon).

Increased Accuracy (Earned by gaining five melee kills in one match) - Lasts the entire match

"From the hip" (non-sight/scoped aiming) is more accurate for all primary weapons.

Double kill XP (Earned when you complete an in-game objective) - Lasts 60 seconds

Doubles the amount of experience points gained for kills, & assists.

Faster Aim (Earned by gaining ten kills whilst aiming down the sight/scope) - Lasts all match.

Reduces the time taken to sight a weapon (to about half the time taken without the ribbon).

You do not gain spy planes that show the enemy on your radar, helicopters with mounted gatling guns, cruise missiles, "rolling thunder" bombing raids, dogs that run at you, or any other kind of weaponry.

Useful References for "Battlefield: Bad Company 2"

Bad Company 2 video - how not to be a n00b - see you on the battlefield! (HotUKDeals.com thread created by flamingcarrot)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Official site: BattlefieldBadCompany2.com)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Leaderboards (BattlefieldBadCompany2.com)

Electronic Arts UK Community > Popular Games > Battlefield Series (Forums.ElectronicArts.co.uk)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Maps (PlanetBattlefield.GameSpy.com)

Bad Company 2 - How to C4 Buildings (Break.com)

Ultimate Prestige - BC2 (UltimatePrestige.com)
(Official 'Top Secret' site, with some good playing tips, full maps and nicely presented vehicle/weapon info)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Maps @ Gamespy (PlanetBattlefield.GameSpy.com)
"good map overview, showing game modes for each map too (note the Part Valdez conquest mode, which has not yet been announced - probably part of Map Pack 4?)"

DrWeeden's Clan Site (hukdbfbc2clan.webs.com)
"the website for the Hotukdeals Battlefield bad company 2 Clan"

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Stats (bfbcs.com)

Guide To The Recon Class (JoinAClan.com)
"Recon is not all about sniping”

Edited By: fanpages on Aug 23, 2011 23:04: .
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xbox 360

souljacker eel

Day/Dates/Times available or unavailable
most days: mainly after 10pm

Favoured Class(es)
no idea until i get the game :thumbsup:
got mine on a pre-order from amazon for £23.99 :-D
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Format: PS3
PSN: tony_dudz
Favoured Classes: Recon/Engineer

Play when im available usually in te evenings, and weekedns i dont know what times
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Format: PC

User ID: TBC (Probably Retro89)

Day/Dates/Times Available:
Week Days: After 11am (Thursdays and Fridays I wont be on until 4pm due to college)
Week Ends: 10am to 2am

Favoured Class(es): Mainly Engineer, but sometimes Sniper for when the time is right.
1 Like #7

Xbox 360



Day/Dates/Times available or unavailable:

Really varies but usually weekends only

Favoured Class(es):

Mix of Assault, Engineer and Sniper, it's all good fun!
Sweet - flamingcarrot + BC2 = WIN!


BC2 tonight anyone? :-D
Sweet - flamingcarrot + BC2 = WIN!...

BC2 tonight anyone? :-D

Two of the same (err... two games, not game + comic, of course) delivered just a minute ago here.

Looks like we have a squad of four already established for the PS3... count me in :)


Just woke up from nights and mine is in the kitchen! Good times!
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I'm still waiting for a price drop or payday.

Format: PS3

PlayStation Network Id: madeofstars

Day/Dates/Times available or unavailable: Shift-worker so varies.

Favoured Class(es): Medic or Assault
1 Like #12
On the lookout for a nice shop owner to sell me an early copy..


PK the DJ

Day/Dates/Times available or unavailable
Most weekdays after 8pm
Most weekends (depends on the other half's mood)

Favoured Class(es)
It'll depend on the map really but usually start off as Assault and then move onto Recon once i get my bearings. If it's close quarters with muppets hiding/taking cover in buildings out come Support to rain down the mortars
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Got my name for PC version - Retro89 - Just played through Singleplayer and loved it. There are a few bugs e.g. when i stabbed the first guy in the first mission his body went flying lol.

Going to try multiplayer, using [HUKD] as a clan tag. Someones got to represent this website on the PC version :thumbsup:
Thanks for all of the responses so far.

I have added "rep" to each of you as a 'thank you' for your support.

PS3 players ("fanpages", "Firmsky", "flamingcarrot", "tony_dudz", "madeofstars"): I have just sent each of you (apart from myself, of course, & "flamingcarrot", who was already in my "Friends List") a "Friend Request" via the PS3 XrossMediaBar so we can meet-up & invite each other to games in an easy manner than hoping we turn up online at the same time. You may also like to do the same so that everybody is in your own “Friends List” too.

Xbox 360 players: May I suggest you also do something similar either by the LIVE.Xbox.com site, or within the console's Dashboard interface? Hopefully we can find another interested party to make up a squad of four for you.

PC players: Still only two of you... so we could really do with some more numbers but you can still look out for each other's Screen Names whilst playing in the meantime.

As the game is officially released in the UK tomorrow we may well find more people enlist over the coming weekend, so please keep subscribed to this thread & once we have played a few (hundred) games between ourselves we can start to challenge other teams to tournaments & matches (if you wish to).

Although, like I said initially, this thread is really just to swap user names on our consoles of choice in order to have fun. Please don’t think there is any pressure to compete.

Good luck out there & please report back on your own battles with hints & tips for playing each map if you have the opportunity.

Thanks again.



I'll be on today and accept your request. Thanks for setting this up FP!
banned 1 Like #15
This all depends on when I buy the game...could be a while...if at all!

PS3/360 - Unsure as of yet

PlayStation Network Id
XBL Gamertag
ODirtyB 69

Day/Dates/Times available or unavailable
XBOX - Most weekdays after 8pm and some weekends
PS3 - varies but generally early hours of weekends

Favoured Class(es)
Can play anything if needed but Sniper preferred

I have time now and again so I would say just use me for occasional cover if someone is off

However anyone feel free to add me, I'm about on the 360 more than the PS3
There is a great new trailer here:

New Bad Company Launch Trailer

Damn it, it makes me want to go and play right now...........must resist............must do some work!.................

Seriously though, the game is immense. Some stand out moments for me last night:

Night time level. Two guys driving in to to attack B on an ATV. I popped out into the road, sprayed them with my LMG - the ATV keeps on driving past me, just with two bodies slumped over it now...............;-)

Second great BF moment - Apache helicopter wreaking all kind of havok on Port Valdez. One shot from my RPG, drifts up slowly, drops a bit and bam! Chopper and three guys are history. I NEVER manage to hit the choppers with an unguided RPG, so that one was very sweet indeed.

Succesfully defending the tiny island at Isle de Whatever from the entire attacking force, choppers flying all over, jetskis zooming up, snipers on the hill. Could they defeat the might HUKD clan? (well, me and fanpages..........) Not a chance. Then we flipped around, attacked, and had them beaten in about 5 minutes - with a little help from the rest of the squad/team :-D

Tips for success?
Spot all the time - not only do you score a shedload of points, you help out all your team-mates.
Don't loiter around in the open - find some decent/less-destructible cover and work from it
Don't stay in one place for too long - no place for campers here, too many people to spot you, and far too many ways to die if you stay still!
Stick with your squad - you aren't going to get very far on your own..............

Hope to play later tonight (if I'm allowed!)
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Not sure what format im gonna get probably 360 but hey feel free to add me on both systems

PS3/360 - Unsure as of yet

PlayStation Network Id
XBL Gamertag

Day/Dates/Times available or unavailable
XBOX - Most weekdays evenings
PS3 -Most weekdays evenings....i'll be on one or the other lol

Favoured Class(es)
all rounder I guess...well I am on MW2 and COD5 so we'll see never played battlefield until this latest demo
ok, everybody on ps3 add me
xbox 360 and PS3

xbox: tommy o montaro
PSN: t0msiculus

Day/Dates/Times available or unavailable
most days: after 7pm

Favoured Class(es)
haven't used them all yet!
Received my copy today so will confirm later today my ID.
Hi, got my copy yesterday (5/3) and really enjoying it. Other than problems connecting to EA online account at busy times. (Even thought PS3 hardwired to 20Meg Broadband)


Playstation Network ID

On most nights from 7.30pm on wards (Wifes Soap time)

Only really played as engineer so far (sadly had to work today, so no chance to experiment :x), as that was my preferred choice on the older PC battlefield games.

Hope to see some of you online & will send out some requests tonight.
this game is 12 snipers vs 12 snipers its a shame as its ruining the game
I think that is indicative of the MW2 crew moving over to the game at the moment, thinking of their K:D ratio, and not trying to win the game. The number of people standing around doing nothing, whilst a crate needs disarming never ceases to amaze me. If you get a decent squad of 4 though, or even just 2 or 3, who actually move on the crates/targets, no amount of snipers are going to stop you (imho).

I will admit they are a pain, but you can usually work out where they are ('sniper hills'), and if you keep some cover between them and you, their sniping is pretty worthless. If you see one, remember to 'spot' them (select button) which will reveal their location to all your team-mates, and means they won't be there much longer!

for years i've said that any shooting game should limit thye ammount of snipers on a team ie as soon as 2 snipers are chosen it should lock out the option
for years i've said that any shooting game should limit thye ammount of snipers on a team ie as soon as 2 snipers are chosen it should lock out the option

That's not a bad idea. Shame that people can't use their common sense though, and see that there already enough snipers on the battlefield without needing their input.

Personally I prefer to play as Engineer or Medic. I can often outsnipe a sniper with a LMG anyway, if I know roughly where they are.......;-)
Occasional online player
Unfortunately I can't guarantee to be on at certain days/times as the missus may be hogging the TV, or she has not gone to bed yet. Although you could always message me to see if I will be available at a certain times/dates.

Xbox 360

PlayStation Network Id
XBL Gamertag

Day/Dates/Times available or unavailable
XBOX - Most weekdays after 10pm and some weekends.

Favoured Class(es)
Bit of anything, although my favoured would be Engineer or Recon.
Spot all the time - not only do you score a shedload of points, you help out all your

Sorry to be a noob, but how do you do this on the xbox 360 version? I.E. what buttons do you need to push.
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Sorry to be a noob, but how do you do this on the xbox 360 version? I.E. what buttons do you need to push.

Hey - on 360 you need to press the 'back' button when there is an enemy in your sights to 'spot' them. If you are looking into a mass of jungle/trees, you can spam the 'spot' button whilst looking around to see anyone there. Even better, the triangle stays over their head for a few seconds, so you can track their movement :thumbsup:

Check this video, it has some great tips for playing BC2 - should probably come as a tutorial video with the game! ;-)

Hey - on 360 you need to press the 'back' button when there is an enemy in your sights to 'spot' them. If you are looking into a mass of jungle/trees, you can spam the 'spot' button whilst looking around to see anyone there. Even better, the triangle stays over their head for a few seconds, so you can track their movement :thumbsup:

Check this video, it has some great tips for playing BC2 - should probably come as a tutorial video with the game! ;-)


Thanks for that, rep given for help and link :thumbsup:
My username is Birdyboyuk. I have also added the Clan tag of 'HUKD'
Won't get on tonight, but hopefully tomorrow! :thumbsup:
any body wana play now?

Jetpac UK

Day/Dates/Times available
Most evenings after 8pm

Favoured Class(es)

It'll depend on the map.
Usually Medic or Recon
SuperCanaries - Xbox 360 - most evenings/weekends
Just an update. If anyone has received a friends request via XBL under the GT of XI R3CLAIMER IX, that will be me :thumbsup:

F.A.O. flamingcarrot, that spotting tip you told me about is a god send :thumbsup: I can't help but spot anyone and everything now lol. Even if they are at close quarters, I'm like do I spot or shoot lol.
Decided to go with the 360 version had a bit of porblem at first as my 360 didnt recognise the disc...but all is ok now and installed...need to practice a wee bit before I can have a go with you guys first I think...dont want to look terrible...
Game purchase and had a quick blast Friday night before heading away for the weekend.

Has the HDUK clan been set up for the 360 yet??? Anyone fancy quick bast tonight???

As previously stated, snipers did get on my nerves the other night but i'm quite happy to assalt the f**k out of any camped sniper Japenese style, charge.................
Decided to go with the 360 version had a bit of porblem at first as my 360 didnt recognise the disc...but all is ok now and installed...need to practice a wee bit before I can have a go with you guys first I think...dont want to look terrible...

Lol, you can't be any worse than I am, Im on a K/D ratio of 0.76 currently, that's roughly after 6-7 hours online time. I'm not too bothered about it.
It's one of those games that you can jump straight into and enjoy, so I wouldn't worry to much about how good or bad you will be. As long as your enjoying the game and having fun what more could you ask for.
I would agree that K:D ratio is not really important in this game (although it is nice to maintain a decent one still). More important are things like reviving/healing team-mates, spotting enemies, fixing stuff, and resupplying your squad/team, and just generally having a blast!

A large proportion of my deaths come when I am desperately trying to guard a crate, either disarming it or stopping it from being disarmed. At times like that you have to forget your K:D ratio and just throw yourself into the mayhem. I also tend to blow myself up with C4 lots when I am taking out tanks as recon - it is sure worth it though ;-)

..........I should hopefully be on later tonight, if anyone wants a game - probably after about 10:30 pm ish........
still to many snipers and not enough people attacking the targets this game wont have the same life that bad company had i really liked that game but this is nowhere as good imo infact i'll be selling it here by the end of the week
still to many snipers and not enough people attacking the targets this game wont have the same life that bad company had i really liked that game but this is nowhere as good imo infact i'll be selling it here by the end of the week


yep the game has frustrated me that much dont get me wrong i can sit there with a sniper and do very well but when i'm playing rush i dont want to be the only one attacking ..... i was playing yesterday on the night snow map and on my way in there where 6 of my team on 1 little hill sniping

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