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big norman .com

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4y, 6m agoPosted 4 years, 6 months ago
Has any body used bignorman .com because the cheapest lumix camera is from them from a link and never heard of them , they are a gibraltar based company, and do you have to pay vat.
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4y, 6m agoPosted 4 years, 6 months ago

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Thanks Zilina. Done that and now awaiting action.
[quote=Worried600]Just ordered a canon 600d & 18-200 lens kit from big Norman as it was way cheaper than other places I had viewed , but I apparently failed a security check? This how ever did not stop them taking the money from my account £850, I had to send a copy of my driving license as proof of address, which I did. Now the have e-mailed me to say there warehouse has been broken into, and will have to cancel the order, ok fine but I'm still waiting for thr re-fund to arrive, I did however pay through google wallet which I hope will give me some

All google wallet told me was to get in touch with Big Norman and big norman said google wallet had everything in hand... Catch22. Still no joy so now Ive gone to Visa for them to help. In future pay with credit cards as this is really the only hope when dealing with sh..te companies like this
been searching the web for info on these guys, as I came across a topic on Talk Photography forums. Bought a Canon camera from them awhile back, and now worried the 3 year warranty they offered isn't worth the proverbial paper its written on! Anyone here tried to claim warranty repairs from them of late???

Gonna be asking questions if they try to using the burglary excuse.....
Your 3 year warranty is with Big Norman and they do not appear to be underwritten by an insurance company.
So unfortunately if Big Norman disappears so will your 3 year warranty :(
You can of course go back to the manufacturer in the first year and some offer even longer.

In the case of Nikon cameras, if you buy a Nikon camera for the UK market you will receive a 2 year warranty (once registered with Nikon).
If like me you receive a Nikon not for the UK market, the most you will get is a 1 year warranty (in my case none).

After my experience I wish I’d initially paid the few more pounds and bought my Nikon from a well know UK retailer.
Fortunately I’m getting a refund so I’ll get a second chance :)
It’s far less hassle if/when things go wrong ;)
Cheers Zillna for the feedback :)

I think mines an import.....so right now I am worried with just the first year! I didn't mind the import status given price and warranty coverage was too good to pass up , but now I'm regretting it!

Hoping all is well though and I start hearing stories they are honouring the warranty. Haven't hit that hurdle yet....still praying the cam holds up just so i don't have to deal with the hassle!
I ordered canon 7 d but not easily I received after 2 weeks. When I placed an order it gone through and after few days then send me a mail they can't delivers in my work address then they agree to deliver to my home address. I received different bag then I ordered and they send me low quality memory card. I called them many times and suggest me to send mail and send 2 times but never get replied then I left to contact them. Overall service is very poor. Don't trust them better order from London based company.
I received a surprise letter from South East Regional Crime Unit today!
It would appear that bignorman.com have been very naughty monkeys and are being investigated by the police.
P.S. I managed to get my money back last week :)
I received a surprise letter from South East Regional Crime Unit today!
It would appear that bignorman.com have been very naughty monkeys and are being investigated by the police.
P.S. I managed to get my money back last week :)

you say you managed to get your money back . How! and from who?
I received a surprise letter from South East Regional Crime Unit today!
It would appear that bignorman.com have been very naughty monkeys and are being investigated by the police.
P.S. I managed to get my money back last week :)

you say you managed to get your money back . How! and from who?

From my credit card company MNBA :)
I received a surprise letter from South East Regional Crime Unit today!
It would appear that bignorman.com have been very naughty monkeys and are being investigated by the police.
P.S. I managed to get my money back last week :)

Very pleased to hear, it's about time these cowboys were taken out of circulation.
Got Canon camera from them in March 2012. Was fine.
It's has been going a little wrong lately and have contacted BigNorman several times and have received no reply and I do not expect any after seeing these posts.
Seems to me they are going out of business and perhaps the directors quickly out of the country after what I've read here !
Managed to register it with Canon but I feel that , as others have said, my 3 years' guarantee is pie in the sky.
I would not trust this lot at all. When a company does not answer e-mails it reminds me of Mesh Computers and others like them.
Burglary my a*** !
A friend of mine lives in Gibraltar. They have a local newspaper there. I will check it out to see if it is mentioned.
BigNorman is not now on Amazon (all comments are months old there) and Google seems to have banned them. Even the wonderful comments on their own website are months old. So what are we to think ?
Hopefully I am wrong and will get a reply but I will not hold my breath.
Beware of this company.
Hi Zilina and co. I am in the same situation as you after having bought a Nikon D5100 kit from BigNorman.

I'm very glad you managed to get your credit card company to pay your money back. I am pursuing the same kind of refund.

Every single flaw you described applies to me as well: European charger with a cheap UK adapter, manual had been changed for a laser printed English copy, the warranty card was missing, the reference manual CD was missing and all external barcodes and labels had been removed from the box.
May I ask you what was the exact argument you used to fill your dispute form?

Many thanks everyone
Hi Bonestruka,

First call Nikon and have them check your serial number on the camera.
Your main communication with Nikon is through a support portal, so you’ll be able to print of all your communications as proof.

If your serial number is a fake Nikon will request you send them photos of the camera, serial number and box etc for them to confirm this is the case.
Kindly ask Nikon to state their findings in detail in their communications (tell them why) and then contact your credit card company for their procedure for pursuing a refund.
If you camera is legitimate and your serial number is accepted by Nikon and your warranty activated then I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to request a refund.

I needed the following:

1) Detailed photographs of the camera including the box, contents and any serial number stickers.

2) Proof of delivery in the form of delivery notes, courier SMS’s etc.

3) Copies of the original invoices/receipts (Google Checkout e-mails) which stated exactly what I had bought.

4) Proof that I had returned the camera to bignorman.com.
I send mine by insured/recorded delivery through my local Post Office.
When it had been received, I printed off the delivery confirmation and a copy of the receiver’s signature from the Post Office website.

Once you’ve collected all the information and followed the procedure your credit card company requested, fax/send all the documentation off to them and they should do the rest.

Good luck and I hope it all works out well for you :-)
Hi Zilina,

Thanks very much for your prompt reply!

I contacted Nikon and after giving them the serial number on my camera, after explaining the lack of warranty card and serial number stickers on the box, and after showing them a number of pics of the battery, etc, they stated in written that it all points towards the camera being a grey import and not destined for sale in Europe.

As far as I see, my case is essentially identical to yours except for the fact that your camera was counterfeit while mine is "just" a grey import. Actually I have proof of all the documents in your list 1-3 (not 4 as I haven't returned the camera yet, not knowing if BigNorman exist anymore).

Do you, or anyone else, know, whether I am entitled to a refund from my credit card provider (Barclaycard) due to the camera being a grey import (not counterfeit)?

I am quite new to photography therefore any extra help/advise would be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks again!
Hi Bonestruka,

My camera was an original Nikon, but the warranty sticker on the bottom had been replaced with a counterfeit one.

Were Nikon able to ratify the warranty number in any way?
Did they say that the warranty sticker looked different to a genuine one?

They did mention to me that they couldn’t check serial number for units that are not destined for the European market.

I went into my local Jessops store and had a look at a genuine warranty sticker on the bottom of their P150 and it was quite different to mine both in print quality and layout.

I would suggest that it the box label has been removed then your serial number is counterfeit. Where the serial number sticker had been removed from my box it had another barcode and written above said P150 (EU) RD.
This meant it was a model for the European market, but they’d tried to mask its true identity (serial number).

Surprisingly Nikon cameras don’t have their serial number hardcoded within the cameras, so once the stickers have been removed there is no was of identifying the cameras true identity.

In September they were being investigated by the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit and goods were seized (including my camera), you could try contacting them.

Their address is:
Hurst Road
West Sussex
RH12 2DJ

Remember that if Nikon can’t register your cameras serial number, you have absolutely no warranty.

Personally I suspect your camera has also has a fake serial number, so keep liaising with Nikon until you have the information you need.
If you can prove that your serial number is fake then you should have no problem claiming your money back from the credit card company.

Good luck :-)
After a bit of persuasion I have finally managed Trustpilot to open-up their closed comments for BigNorman.
Please everybody have your say now to spread the word.
I'll be having mine soon about this crooked company.

Try : http://www.trustpilot.com/review/bignorman.com
Finally the BigNorman website appears to have been taken down.
The URL http://www.bignorman.com will now immediately redirect you to the Google search engine.
Following Zilina's message on Friday, I took a number of pictures of my camera, box and reference manual and sent them to Nikon Support for them to double check. They came bal to me yesterday saying that "Having viewed the images provided I can say that the serial number sticker present on the base of your camera body appears to not be genuine. This can be seen in a number of different ways including type font used, information present on sticker and shape of sticker itself. It is highly likely that this sticker was not placed on the camera by Nikon. This combined with the photocopied users manual and lack of warranty card indicate that the sale may not be genuine."

I immediately returned the box with its contents to BigNorman (actually to their returns address at Dotcom Logistics c/o Interlink, 5 Murdock Road, Bicester OX26 4PL) and I can confirm now that it was delivered this morning. I will next email BigNorman asking for a full refund, pursuing it with my credit card company (Barclaycard) in case BigNorman keeps ignoring my emails as they did in the past.

I will keep everyone updated of any progress, hope someone can benefit from this thread.

Zilina - thanks a million for your advise, I appreciate it hugely.

PS: The website www.bignorman.com seems to be back up again.
Hi Bonestruka, how'd it go? Hope it worked well for you in case i need to go down this route...
Hi iansummers79, apologies for the delay in coming back. I just returned from my holidays and only saw your email on Sunday.

Before going away I filled and sent to Barclaycard (the credit card company I made the payment to Bignorman with) a dispute form attaching all my communications with Bignorman (showing that they have ignored my emails since mid September) and my emails with Nikon (where they finally agreed that the sale may not be genuine).

Barclaycard did not get in touch with me after I sent the dispute form (not on my mobile, email or postal address anyway) so I called them yesterday. They basically claim that, for them to be in a position to dispute the transaction with Bignorman's bank, I need to be able to proof that Bignorman agreed to a refund (an email would do, for instance), where they specify the exact amount and my Barclaycard account number.

I basically cannot proof such thing because Bignorman keeps ignoring my emails. And in fairness I struggle to believe what Barclaycard told me: it appears that all a merchant has to do to get away with selling non genuine stuff to Barclaycard customers is to avoid replying to their customers agreeing to a refund to a specific Barclaycard account for an exact amount. It can't be that easy!

Or am I missing something? Has anyone been told anything similar from their credit card company?

Zilina - did MNBA request such thing when they refunded you? Apart from proofing that the serial number is fake, did you have to show MNBA any subsequent emails from Bignorman agreeing to a refund for an exact amount and stating your MNBA account number?

I will follow up with Barclaycard as soon as I have a chance, in the meanwhile it would be good to read your thoughts guys.

Many thanks everyone.

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