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[hackukdeals] - Custom skin, Cashback links, old skin like notifications + activity feed

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realblendersuspended2y, 10m agoPosted 2 years, 10 months ago
to improve layout, search, cashback, price comparison/tracking, top page numbers, hide/show top comment, google powered search option, visible actions, BIG AVATARS, subscribed threads widget, .....

This is a browser add for Firefox and google chrome. It was made for my own use to improve hotukdeals with some simple changes. Sharing it here for anyone interested.

Installation instructions in comment #1

*Links from an individual deal to the relevant merchant site for QUIDCO and TOPCASHBACK
*Link to google shopping price comparison for deal item
*Link to the old layout provided in title bar of new layout
*Topbar search is powered by GOOGLE of HUKD - you choose
*Direct Link to Merchant Reviews and display of temperature on deals
*Added page numbers at the top of the page for the new layout
*Permanently Visible Comment Actions (under development)
*Hide/Show Top Comments (default hidden)
*Top menu on new skin is revised to ensure visible sub-categories
*Floating sidebar - recent activity always visible when scrolling
*Big Avatars in comments
*ignored users have avatars hidden
*"subscribed" and "following" sidebar widgets
*nectar links on amazon deals
*old skin like notifications + activity feed sidebar

*Sidebar - newsletter, blogs, advertising banners, local deals
*Deals - Mobot/Dealspawn feed , like, tweet buttons.
*Listing - Inline advertising, icons.
*love hearts (under development)
*Local deals tab

If you are interested, you can look at my initial play but I would be interested in what you can come up with. Apparently lots of other sites have scripts like this but I had never heard of it.

Installation instructions in the comment #1


Google Chrome:
Step 1: Install "tampermonkey" from the chrome store

Step 2: Install "hackukdeals" script selecting ok so that it runs with tamper monkey

Step 1: Install "Greasemonkey" addon

Step 2: Install "hackukdeals"

New Script: Comment deleter
Automatic deletion of your comment history
See here ........ http://****/scripts/show/152473


Try this (realblender's latest improvement to HUKD)


Saves having to install scripts on each computer you use. Clicky link in post 75 if you need it..
- dunfyboy
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realblendersuspended2y, 10m agoPosted 2 years, 10 months ago

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splatsplatsplat 7 Likes
joe999 7 Likes
but if there are no badges, you wont be able to tell the scum from the cool/important/awesome people?

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dj_urbanbanned 1 Like #1
Cool il give this a try later
vbnmu 1 Like #2
Scripts do such a nice job. I uninstalled them  due  to concerns about memory consumption. Anyone  has any idea about this?
splatsplatsplat 1 Like #3
google/turtle power!
Admin[admin] 3 Likes #4
Awesome. Very happy for people to do this to make it what they want.
splatsplatsplat 7 Likes #5
Admin[admin] 3 Likes #6
I think it's better if someone customises to what they want. There is never going to be one solution that is perfect for everyone.
joe999 7 Likes #7
but if there are no badges, you wont be able to tell the scum from the cool/important/awesome people?
Nailez 1 Like #8
I think it's better if someone customises to what they want. There is never going to be one solution that is perfect for everyone.

True however I think many would agree over header options/looks and less squashed comments the badges would be a remedial "option" for a few to remove.
realfriendlyman 1 Like #9
This sounds great, as the Admin said, no formula works for everyone and this was his vision to produce what he thought was best but it's great to see people can adjust the site to however would suit them best.

Good work OP.
berni888 1 Like #10
Thanks :D
gizmouk 1 Like #11
Excellent stuff, well done RB
splatsplatsplat 1 Like #12
yeah, and to say once again, plenty of fixes on the laptop/desktop, but not on mobiles/tablets where its needed? Tell me admin, how big in millimeters is this text im writing now on my tablet? Have a guess.........no? Ill tell you (again) 1mm, its carp big time...and you cant increase the size unless you lose the left/right hand of the screen. Carp i tell ye.
fanpages 2 Likes #13
Just for information; the efforts of one of our former members:

"VB1: HotUKDeals - VB1 Edition - Fix some UI issues, tidy up HUKD [Mod OK'd repost]"


dga 2 Likes #14
Just for information; the efforts of one of our former members:

"VB1: HotUKDeals - VB1 Edition - Fix some UI issues, tidy up HUKD [Mod OK'd repost]"


I see some acknowledgement has gone astray here, don't worry I found it in Google cache ;)


I'm glad RB has taken the baton here, given the opposition to the new layout I'm sure it will go far :)
Mattitude 1 Like #15
Thanks for this, it looks interesting. :)

An alternative to installing Greasemonkey for Firefox is to install Scriptify, which allows you to "Create and manage add-ons made from Greasemonkey and Scriptish user scripts".

With that installed, right clicking on the Install link and selecting "Scriptify Userscript" basically makes it into its own add-on. :D

EDIT: Would it be possible to add an option to get rid of the "local deals" box at the side in the old layout and the local deals tab (whatever it may be set at) in the current layout, for those of us who don't wish to see that either please?

Edited By: Mattitude on Apr 26, 2012 01:41: Added to edit about the current layout too. 
deeky 1 Like #16
This is great, I'm impressed! Love the crap gone from the side and not having to scroll down to recent activity any more.

Good work. 
dga 1 Like #17
^^^ Mr Popular? X)

Anyone need an OSX Safari tester?
deeky 1 Like #18
When I opened Chrome today after being off overnight, everything had gone back to normal and Tampermonkey wasn't in my extensions list. I had to install it and the script again. Any idea why?

Love the pages back at the top. If it was so easy though, why couldn't they do it themselves? :|
Edited By: deek72 on Apr 26, 2012 10:45: . 
Mattitude 1 Like #19
Thanks again. :)

One small issue with the latest version (0.501) is the message display when it is has been liked by the user (see the screenshot below).


EDIT: And now 0.502 doesn't seem to be making any changes to the site at all.
Edited By: Mattitude on Apr 26, 2012 18:23: 0.502 
Joey Bloggsy 1 Like #20
I think it's better if someone customises to what they want. There is never going to be one solution that is perfect for everyone.

There is one solution that is not perfect for everyone    ;)   :D

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