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In need of a good web host

speedking Avatar
9y, 5m agoPosted 9 years, 5 months ago
Hello All,

I have always been using and/or recommending

I just came across a couple of new hosts and wanted some advice. I am in the process of setting up around 5-10 sites and therefore need a good reliable host for personal, business and ecommerce sites. seem to have very good prices and packages and seem to have reasonable packages also.

What is the general feeling towards aventurehost and qiq? Should I pick them over streamline? Are there any other good hosts out there?

speedking Avatar
9y, 5m agoPosted 9 years, 5 months ago

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[url][/url] are by far the best webhost i have come across in the 15 years i have been a web developer.

Brilliant service, excellent customer support.
what sort of service do you need - i have aload of hosting that i used for old sites that i dont run anymore - let me know your needs and we can talk

£1.99 a month, if your hosting a few sites they will most likely do a package deal for you - plus I'm sure I have a 10% discount code somewhere for them - let me know if you need it and I'll dig it out.

Fantastic service, 24/7 support, genuinley helpful, even helped me with setting up my first site!

I've never had a day where my site was down, plus if ever that happens you get given a mobile number to text and they sort it asap.

Highly recommended!
adept hosting
#6, there's some $97 off your first year codes kicking around so it's like £10 for millions of gigs space, millions of gigs bandwidth and the most reliable and long running service around :)
Try getting a host which has CPanel, as this tool is by far the best for the upkeep of websites/space.
iv always fancied it but what would i put in it lol

is it hard to design one etc and is there usefull tools to use on any of these sites?
With CPanel there are loads of tools to build a site and templates etc...

Here is a list what is in my Fantastico installer:
Fantastico Home
Control Panel Home

pMachine Free

Content Management
Mambo Open Source

Customer Relationship
Crafty Syntax Live Help
Help Center Live
PHP Support Tickets
Support Logic Helpdesk
Support Services Manager

Discussion Boards

OS Commerce
Zen Cart


ViPER Guestbook

Hosting Billing
AccountLab Plus

Image Galleries
4Images Gallery
Coppermine Photo Gallery

Mailing Lists

Polls and Surveys
Advanced Poll

Project Management

Site Builders
Pro Edition
Templates Express


Other Scripts
Noahs Classifieds

Side menu appearance
Email notifications
Installations overview [/LIST]
Fantastico is brilliant, I was having a play about and managed to set up a fully working OScommerce store within about 5 mins!!!
which ones have c panel?
Most will list it as a feature if they have cpanel, dreamhost doesn't have it but it has still got everything cpanel has, if ya get me, just named differently and stuff.
VERY reliable i was with them they have cpanel very cheap, barely any downtime
Try getting a host which has CPanel, as this tool is by far the best for the upkeep of websites/space.

The "Best" is not always the securest. It is scary how insecure CPanel is. Ensim is one of the best control panels. Ensim uses a true chroot jail environment, locking each website into its own filesystem with its own instance of php, perl and other applications. This means that each site is completely isolated and any actions, such as insecure scripts being exploited, can only affect that single website. Other panels do not match this level of security, which is why it’s not uncommon for exploited servers and websites on a shared web host to affect an entire server of clients
Worth opting for?

I am still unsure whether to leave as they seem to offer quite a lot for the 'Unlimited' package

Any thoughts on a host to use for setting up around 5-10 sites for personal, business and ecommerce sites.

Ive tried using this QiQ deal today (29th) and although its valid until the 30th it is coming back EXPIRED...anyone having any success with it?
I have hosting with 1&1 but they are expensive (£5.87 a month for home package) and their support leaves little to be desired, however I would like to keep my 20 domain names with them, if I was to choose someone else for hosting would this be an issue?
Money Spinning
I have hosting with 1&1 but they are expensive (£5.87 a month for home package) and their support leaves little to be desired, however I would like to keep my 20 domain names with them, if I was to choose someone else for hosting would this be an issue?

If you have paid for the domain names, they are yours...

All you have to do is transfer the domains to the new hosting company.
If you have paid for the domain names, they are yours...

All you have to do is transfer the domains to the new hosting company.

Yes, but I don't want to do that as many of these cheap hosts have expensive domain costs instead.

Ideally I want to keep my domains with 1&1 but host elsewhere, but I would need pop emails too.
Money Spinning
Yes, but I don't want to do that as many of these cheap hosts have expensive domain costs instead.

Ideally I want to keep my domains with 1&1 but host elsewhere, but I would need pop emails too.

Then all you have to do is refer the DNS servers to your new host within the 1&1 control panel...
What ammount of space/bandwidth are you looking for? I recently set up a private hosting company, I'm sure I could give you a competitive deal...

Here are the features, on the dell server

Domains Allowed Unlimited
Sub-Domains Unlimited
POP3 Email Accounts Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited
Site Backup Daily
Site Builder
99.9% Uptime
Fantastico (popular)
Preconfigured Scripts

Spam Filters
Virus Protection
Webmail Access
IMAP Support
Email Forwarders
Auto Responders
RoundCube Webmail
File Manager
MS Frontpage
Shopping Carts

PHP 4 & 5
Zend Optimizer
Shared SSL
Server Side Includes
GD Library
Directory Protection

PM Me if you have any questions mate :thumbsup:
Hi, I am hoping to get a website made shortly and looking for someone to host it with. Its only going to be a small site - maybe 10-20 pages with mainly information and contact details on there. Photos etc and a few video clips...which I dont need to allow downloads for. Possibly the ability to add shopping card/discussion board in the future. Traffic wise...I wouldnt expect to have more than a few people on it at the same time. It will just basically provide information for boxing sessions and sports massage.

Thinking of hosting with Qiq - at 14.99 a year with 25% discount code (normally 19.99) its a very good service but I cant work out whether if I make my site with Frontpage if I will be able to upload it. Could you let me know if I could, or suggets an alternative program to make the site with that QiQ will allow. It seems like a stupid thing to restrict as Frontpage is quite popular.

Any advice you could offer me would be appreciated.

Regards, Alix

**Edit** - was supposed to be a PM to 'TheDoc' - but hopefully will get answered here
Hey alixjames have you considered using Nvu? You can find it at

"Finally! A complete Web Authoring System for Linux desktop users as well as Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users to rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Nvu (which stands for "new view") makes managing a web site a snap. Now anyone can create web pages and manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML"

Back to the original topic. I have been going around in circles trying to find a good web host.

I started looking over the pond and came across and but was advised/told not to go for US hosting if the use is primarily for UK/EU related matters?

I am finding it hard to find a UK host that can offer as much as the US offerings? I did come across but being new to the web hosting game I am still unsure.

I also looked at:
Fasthosts -
Web Fusion -
Heart Internet -
Daily -

Can anyone recommend a good web host with generous offerings of webspace and bandwidth and maybe a good reseller account where possible.

Thanks again in advance!
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Hey JayBird I know in life you get what you pay for but UH's offerings in terms of webspace and bandwidth do not seem as much as the others I have listed above.

The 'Startup' reseller account @ £23 a month seems a little high? The single hosting also seems a bit weak?

I am new to web-hosting and maybe just unaware of webspace, bandwidth, support and what a good deal is!

What you need to remember is that if you're considering a serious site with customers visiting you need a host that doesn't promise you the world for low low prices. You won't get the speeds that you desire and as you'd expect the more sites that are hosted the slower its going to get. Unlimited addon and parked domains are very nice to have but these make the DNS database larger and means the queries take longer. Every MySQL database puts a load on the server to an extent where sometimes its very offputting. Lets not even get to point about the level of support you'll get. If you're considering ecommerce sites then don't go for the cheap hosting options.

With the amount of sites you're looking at personally I'd recommend signing up for a Reseller Package, this will give you a cheaper price and you'll be able to have individual control panels for each domain.

I've used two comapanies in the past - Although they are a UK based company their servers are located in the states, customer support was good but the server was quite frequently slow. - UK based company with UK servers. Great speeds for web and FTP. Support was good when I needed it. Can't go wrong for the price. When I joined they had unlimited everything too but they soon realised it was a bad move so SQL/Mail is limited for shared packages. I still host two sites with them.

Since then I've moved my own site to a VPS, much more of a headache lol. But I'm enjoying it. :D
hey saisho thanks for your wise words!

Being new to web hosting I never considered the negative aspects of a cheap host. I have done some more research and found that I ultimately have to think of the client and end user and thus a more stable and reliable host is required.

The reseller options found below seemed to good to be true and digging deeper I have found some very unsatisfied customers.

Fasthosts -
Web Fusion -
Heart Internet -
Daily -

The host that has received favourable reviews and endorsements has been United Hosting over at

I am looking to purchase the 'Professional' reseller package @ £28

I just hope everything goes well and I am not looking for another host in a few months time!

Where do please advise I get my domain names from? The host company or elsewhere?

Thanks JayBird for the original link as I had never heard of UH before!
Did you not like the sound of :


I know several people using them and Only heard good things.
Hello Iom-RF,

I did consider the host you mentioned but could not find anymore endorsements from others. I just found UH mentioned many times in a few design forums I visit.

I am open to being swayed as the prices are very similar whilst not claiming to offer everything but the kitchen sink!
There is one thread where Redfoxhosting actually talk on the forum, As someone asked why it looks like the company is operated from a house :

There are quite a few reviews dotted around the net, All good.
Where do please advise I get my domain names from? The host company or elsewhere?

I'd suggest you register your domains directly with a domain registrar such as UKReg rather than let a hosting company do it on your behalf. This gives you control over the domain. A member on a forum I use registered his domain through RyanHost, he's been wanting to switch his hosting provider but is unable to do so because the the support at RyanHost won't reply. The only way he's found of being able to change his domain IPS tag is thorugh Nominet and it involves quite a large fee. If you register directly with a registrar you're free to change your dns records whenever.

Also remember that every host will have both negative and postive reviews, people tend to have more to write about negative experiences. If you're going to need a bit of help with setting things up smaller hosting companies might be better because you'll get a better level of personal support. Have a look at the reseller packages at The guy's from a forum I use and has had many good revies on it, unfortunatley it's a private forum so I can't provide a link to the reviews. I think its still a month to month thing so you're not tied down for any large amount of time and there's no fee if you want to leave. You probably won't find any reviews through Google, because like I say he does most of his business via forums and word of mouth referrals.

Apols for the long boring reply lol
Thanks Ion-RF for the link but it seems rather dated. I do like the value of the middle reseller package though.

Hey saisho thanks for the information provided. I will have a look at UKReg and keep the domain name separate from the host accounts I create.

You are right about sticking to smaller hosts rather than giants like fasthosts because of the level of close support!
Out of interest what kind of sites are you specifically looking to host? I mean in terms of the technology being deployed and the purpose of the sites whether they're going to be static pages providing information or dynamic sites involving some level of processing or data manipulation?
Hey saisho,

The sites will have a mixture of static and dynamic pages. Some will make use of a CMS and others a shopping cart. Technology therefore is mainly PHP and MySQL.

I have just come across CS New Media tonight over at who seem to offer a good Linux based reseller package (Gold)

Anyone have any experiences with them?

Thanks again!
Unfotunatley no I've not heard of them, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! There's so many hosts out there. Site looks nice, might be worth joining the forum and having a glance at some of the posts. Prices seem fair. It comes with the Plesk Control Panel which is quite good, not sure if it comes with a script installer like cPanel (Have a google for Fantastico). Did you try the one I recommended, Flexi-Hpst? Might be worth asking them if they're willing to offer you extras, or a discount for first month. I tend to use webhostingtalk for reading myself, have a look on there. You'll also find that companies with UK based servers will tend to be a bit more expensive.

In terms of CMS, I'd recommend Joomla, but the best thing to do will be to have a play about with a few and see which one suits your needs best.

Don't go rushing into anything you're unsure of and tying yourself down for 12 months.
Hey saisho,

I had a look over at WHT forum and UnitedHosting was mentioned favourably in many UK threads!

Yes I am aware that UK hosting costs more but the clients are operating in the UK market and thus want servers close to home.

I have played around with many CMS's and wasn't really a fan of Joomla. I am more a fan of Textpattern, CMS Made Simple, Drupal and MODx.

No I am not rushing into anything major yet as I want everything to work properly!

Thanks again for your useful post :)
Hi speedking

So which host did you opt for in the end? Have you considered maybe having your own VPS server? If you're unable to do the administration you could always get server management who'd do it for you. What's your overall budget for hosting all of the sites you have?
Hey saisho,

My final consultation with the clients is not until the end of the month so nothing has been bought just yet. I am doing the research but they are paying!

In terms of 'Dedicated Servers' I have looked at:

The overall budget is around £50 a month. I am looking to do the maintenance. Can you have a reseller account with a Dedicated Server as I want to host more than one site?

I only looked at Dedicated Servers over the last week so am still unfamiliar with it over the shared hosting packages I had looked at. For that I will opt for UH or CS New Media if nothing gets sorted.


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