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LG KS360 ETNA - Free unlocking instructions, works for Orange network


I've wanted to unlock a family phone for free since Christmas, a Orange branded LG KS360 (or ETNA) mobile. I finally came accross the following link which gives full details on how to do it.

I have tested it on my phone and it worked fine, it finally displays the Network unlock code which you type back into the mobile to unlock.

I'm not sure of the post instructions and rules but this is the link to the site : http://pb4kn.co.uk/ks360_unlocking.htm

The full instructions are :-

Found 8/5/09 at : http://pb4kn.co.uk/ks360_unlocking.htm

LG KS360 FREE network unlocking!
This works without uploading anything to the phone. Just follow the instructions carefully.
You will need 4 bits of software to perform the unlock - get them all now
Download the USB flash loader driver here go the the download USB driver section and find the KS360 United Kingdom Driver.
Download the Orange Firmware here (it doesn't matter if you are on Orange or not - it does not get uploaded to the phone, it is just required to make the following software work).
Download the Extract program here
Download the LG Utils zip file at the top of the list here

You will also need the USB cable which came with the phone - but don't plug it in yet.

You should also make sure you have saved all your phone numbers just in case - I have carried this out several times without any problems, but you can never be too careful.

Follow these instructions very carefully:
1. Install the USB flash loader software (contained in a folder in the first download above)
2. Switch off the phone and leave it off. Do not switch it on until you complete step 14.
3. Plug the USB cable in the computer and phone - wait for it to install all the drivers loaded at step 1
4. Unplug the phone and leave it switched off
5. Create a new folder on your computer (I suggest c:ks360)
6. Double click the Orange Firmware cab file downloaded earlier
7. Select all the files in the cab file. Copy and paste them in the folder c:ks360 - you will need to click save file a number of times.
8. Unzip and run the extract program downloaded earlier
o Type c:ks360Inf_WebDnld.dll and press enter
o Type c:ks360V10G.wdb and press enter
o Type V10G_04 and press enter
o Press enter (and wait a few moments)
9. In the folder c:ks360, some new files will have appeared. Rename KS360AT-XX-V10x-ORG-XXX-SEP-23-2008_slb.flb to KS360.flb
10. Extract all the files from the LG Utils zip file downloaded earlier
11. Run KS360-Utils-EN.exe and choose option N
o type \.USB1 and press enter
o Type c:ks360ks360.flb and press enter
o Type STATIC_EEP (get ready to connect the phone)
o Press enter then within 1-2 seconds, connect the phone (still switched off) (timing is critical!)
12. If successful, a new file called STATIC_EEP will appear in the folder where KS360-Utils-EN.exe was unzipped
13. Copy STATIC_EEP to the c:ks360 folder
14. Run KS360-Utils-EN.exe again and select option O and press enter
o Type c:ks360STATIC_EEP and press enter
o The unlock code appears - write it down and close the program.
o (If you get an error message, repeat steps 11-14 - the timing at step 11 is critical to this working)
Now you can unplug the phone and switch it back on

1. Enter the following number (as if you were dialing a phone number): 2945#*71001#
2. When prompted for a password, enter the number you wrote down in step 14, press OK, restart the phone......SUCCESS!! Your phone is now unlocked
3. If this has helped you, kindly consider a small donation (see below!) - Many thanks :-)

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    that can not be found anymore
    any ideas where i can find it now ?
    src5 years, 8 months ago #2Show comment tools Reply
    Looks like the link has been updated on the page the extract link is now :-
    src5 years, 8 months ago #3Show comment tools Reply
    Forgot to say thanks OP for the link.
    Thanks Alot ^_^
    Is there anyway to debrand it too?
    Hi did you guys manage to unlock yours, let me know please.
    Hey, I cannot seem to download any of the extract files?
    Worked a treat for me, many thanks rep added!!!
    Hi, Im kinda stuck on step 8 as when i do this :
    o Type V10G_04 and press enter
    o Press enter (and wait a few moments)
    it closes down and doesn't generate the new files, am i doing something wrong as I've tried loads of times but get nowhere. Have u any idea why its not working or is there any chance u or someone else could upload those files.

    Thanks in advance.
    Worked Great For Me
    help please the link for the firmware aint workin and neither is the lg site can someone please help me
    does anyone know the Micro Sd card memory capacity limit for this phone ?

    I keep getting -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 as the pass code and when i input it on phone it says incorrect pass code, anyone got any advise, thanks x
    WOO HOO, I got it working xx
    been trying this out for two hours and finally got the gyst of it!

    Firstly, The OP has not put the \\\\\\'s in his post. I would advise anyone doing this to follow the webpage that he actually got it off. http://pb4kn.co.uk/ks360_unlocking.htm (click next at the bottom of page to continue the instructions)

    Secondly, For some reason when doing step 3 (plugging in phone to pc and waiting for drivers to install) mine didnt do it, in fact it come up did not install correctly, device may not work etc. BUT i carried on regardless.

    Thirdly, following all instructions and including the missing backslashes \, I finally got my unlock code!

    I have typed in the number it says to 'dial' 2945#*71001# But my phone says 'sim unlock mode' Then says 'Please wait, try again' Now im only assuming this is because i have no simcard in it (locked to orange and i only have o2 sim) so first thing tommorow im going to get an orange simcard, plug it in and try it again.

    So my phone is not unlocked yet will report back tommorow and let you know if it DEFINATELY works although i cant see no reason why it shouldnt!

    Lastly, THANKYOU to the OP, You may have well saved me a fair few quid getting my phone unlocked!
    Yes, I can definately confirm this works to unlock your KS360.

    I just put an unregistered orange simcard in it, dialled the number given, it then popped up enter password, entered the unlock code i was given and VOILA! it said password successful and ive now got my O2 sim card in it.

    The Dave Crave
    yea theres a link in the exstract program
    can some one give me the name of the file
    or a 3rd part site if could get it off ??
    Hi, Im kinda stuck on step 8 as when i do this :
    o Type V10G_04 and press enter
    o Press enter (and wait a few moments)
    it closes down and doesn't generate the new files, am i doing something wrong as I've tried loads of times but get nowhere. Have u any idea why its not working or is there any chance u or someone else could upload those files.

    Thanks in advance.

    I am having the same issue as you. When I press enter in the unlock program it doesn't generate any new file it just closes. I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on this???

    ah have the -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 thing too, how did you solve it?
    I too got the code as -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1, can anyone help with this?

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