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Show us your Photos! 2012 ..

chesso Avatar
4y, 6m agoPosted 4 years, 6 months ago
This is the place to post your very own photos of hols, scenes, wildlife and all things of interest. Accompanying descriptions and information, plus general photography chat are very welcome (but NOT so keen on 'just chat').

All the new camera owners --- get your pics in here. Pics from phones, point and shoots, bridge cameras, and D/SLRs - post them here and tell us about them. There's hardly anything as good as seeing that one in a hundred pic on your screen and we love them all.

This is our 5th year of 'the photo thread' but we love to see pics by new people so please don't be shy. If your pic is pro quality then ...brilliant .... but if it's a phone pic of your much loved dog then that's brilliant as well.

Not sure about something? You might find the answer in posts #1 – 9.

In the latest layout, there is the great list of liked photos etc in the Top Comments section - to get to the info posts you need to scroll past the Top Comments to the All Comments section i.e. the thread!!! lol .....
....... or you could use the old skin:

http://www.hotukdeals.com/?tsv=2011-09 direct link in #1

#1 how to post a pic
#2 monthly competition info - there are RULES , but no prizes!
#3 software for editing & resizing
#4 'Show us your Photos' annual calendar
#5 useful photography sites
#6 links to old threads and summaries
#7 links to 'interesting stuff' summaries in this thread
#8 misc
#9 misc 2

If, by any chance, you want constructive (ONLY constructive!) criticism and don't mind on what aspect of your photo it is based then type RIA (Rip it apart) next to it. If you are looking for specific feedback, then ask for that. If you want advice on how to do something then just ask!

PLEASE NOTE- the photos in this thread have been posted by the people who took them and they are very kindly sharing. Please ask if you have a specific reason for copying and don't 'use' them without permission.

Photo-contributors, if you don't want to risk your image being copied, then it's not a bad idea to post a low resolution photo, it won't look as good on screen as a high res. one but it will be pretty useless for commercial etc purposes.

The alternative, for lovely high res pics, is to watermark them in some way. Be careful though with watermarking, as we can't have business names or some-such that could be construed, in any way, as business names/self-promotion on HUKD. Anything doubtful in any way will be deleted. A watermark would generally be across the image, in order to render it useless to someone copying it.
chesso Avatar
4y, 6m agoPosted 4 years, 6 months ago

Top Comments

You stay defiant goonie! ;)

Thanks for the 'welcome backs' guys. I'll be here for quite a few weeks until our next trip! The garden thinks it has the upper hand at the moment. (It does - woe is me.) Sorrento was a good place to visit kaks - plenty of days out to be had. Truth be told it was a bit hot, even for me and I like the heat, but I am definitely not complaining.

Do we need to call out DIY SOS for rich?

I still have tons of holiday pics but I found this gorgeous moth today, on the outside of the kitchen window, so, as we are having a Raynox week ....
He was a bit camera shy and had a little march to and fro.


Edited By: chesso on May 19, 2012 19:37
Some great comp entries this month, well done everyone!! Back to planes for me I'm afraid and a free mini airshow just down the road today...






Edited By: pirate22 on Jul 01, 2012 20:46
Meet the newby... This is Nicholas! Weighing in at a strapping 8lb 15.5oz just before midnight on Wednesday. Mum and baby doing well, our other two girls are thrilled, as are we.
Zero hours old...

Sleeping (through the day! :( )

Must sleep now... night all :)
Great competition entries so far folks. What started as a famine for me has turned into a flood as a trip to the North Norfolk coast today has left me with 500 odd photos to shift thru. This one will have to do as off out again

Airbourne by grbush, on Flickr
Here's my effort....
[img]http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/7784/dsc0123im.jpg Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img]

All Comments

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#1 previous layout link ....http://www.hotukdeals.com/?tsv=2011-09

#1 how to post a pic


Edited By: chesso on Apr 30, 2012 11:15: update
#2 competition info
Monthly theme and competition is entirely optional!! Post your pics of anything on all but the competition day..

Monthly theme & competition: the theme for December is The FESTIVE SEASON chosen by pirate22, who said:

Thanks for the votes folks, there were some great entries this month. I don't think there can be any other theme for December than 'The Festive Season'. It was either this or 'Your Best of 2012' but I didn't think that would encourage people to go out and shoot, we could perhaps think about a 'Best of' comp separately if we can work out the logistics...?

There are RULES but no prizes

Post as many pics as you like on the theme in the thread during the month, as well as any other photos, of course.

Theme pics posted anytime during the month but only ONE comp pic. The competiton entry photo must be one taken during that month. Post pic for competition usually on the last day of the month. If there is a change to it being the last day of the month, it will be flagged in the thread title.
Vote by max of 3 likes per voter. Anyone can vote, only one like for each of 3 photos. Voting is on the first day of the next month and only votes on that day will count.

So e.g. take a photo in January; post it on the 31st January. Vote on 1st February.

Winner chooses the theme for the next month.

Edited By: chesso on Dec 05, 2012 14:21: update
#3 software for editing & resizing
Free photo-editing software:

word on resizing:
You can custom resize in photoshop and other editing software and photobucket etc have resizing, otherwise you can download a resizer.

This is good for windows but not W7 compatible
This is W7 compatible
Here's another one.
TBH I haven't checked that these are still good!

Edited By: chesso on Oct 03, 2012 20:14: update
#4 calendar
Info on the Calendar – this will be updated through the year
Hi Everyone,

The calendar (2012) is now complete and available for all to download - here is the link -

I've just tested the link from this post and it works fine.

Don't forget to download from the full size pics. and not the thumbnails (it has happened in the past).

The files uploaded enable 3 different styles of calendar to be created by printing out the appropriate pages plus one cover each for landscape and portrait mode calendars. For those fitting together the full-page grids with full-page pics. the filenames on the pics. will give the clue as to which month they represent. The pages have been designed to print out on A4 but any size of paper can be used although it is best to maintain the aspect ratio. A3, A4, A5 are all the same aspect ratio just different overall sizes. Best results will be obtained using photo paper which has a glossy surface for the pics. and a matte side for the grids (where separate grids/pics are used). For those pages where grid and picture sit on the same side glossy paper will give the best results. You can use any paper but the results may look a little dull on ordinary or matte paper.

For those wanting to have an online service print the calendar just upload the full page pics. plus the appropriate cover (13 files in total) and the company will add their own grids. I have used Vistaprint in the past and been pleased with the result - there are, of course, a number of other companies that will print calendars and in all cases they come properly bound, ready to hang, which can be quite useful even if a little pricey. Some services are offering discounts at the moment.

I think that's all I need to pass on for you to be able to print this bespoke calendar. Credit to each photographer is given underneath each picture.

Edited By: Pugwash on Dec 08, 2011 13:12

For info about printing see http://www.hotukdeals.com/misc/show-us-your-photos-2011-december-theme-840498?p=13044011 on
#7 links to summaries in this thread
Rocky will make a summary of things of interest from time to time and a link to each will ‘appear’ here.

summary 1

summary 2

summary 3

Edited By: chesso on May 18, 2012 10:47: update
#9 misc 2
free photo printing

Edited By: chesso on Dec 31, 2011 13:41: update
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Found you!! X) Nobody posted yet.... are we not meant to oO I never did do as I was told ;) anyway hope you all had a great evening & I bet theres some soreeeee heads about, enjoy the rest of your day & look forward to some great photos In the new thread <3
Reserved for 21st October !!!!
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Wow! New year, new thread. Hope you all had a great time? A quiet one for me as i'm off down that there London for a couple of days and wanted a clear head. A good chance me thinks to try out my belated Christmas present, a panasonic 20mm prime lens ...
Chesso - a link you may want to put above, http://www.dpreview.com/ a great review site with very active forums and competitions
I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of what i think are Commom Gulls, about as far away from the sea as it's possible to be in England.



4 Likes #13
Braver lot than me.

I wasn't going to be the first to post without being told to, thats for sure.:)



Edited By: rizla01 on Jan 01, 2012 10:11: z
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!! hAPPY nEW yEAR !!

anyone out there woke up with blurry vision......
movement by J9STL, on Flickr
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makes my eyes all screwy oO

I was hoping to get out & about today & take a few snaps, but its a wet, gloomy start to the year here !

Reserved for 21st October !!!!

what's all that about then flp ?

I like what you have done with the new thread chesso, very informative with all the links.

so another year is ahead of us & here is looking forward to some super pictures http://yoursmiles.org/psmile/photo/p0707.gif
Yes, welcome one and all ( said in a BBC Dickens production sort of way) to the brand new shiny thread.

Thanks to hottoshop for the 'How to post' tutorial.

J9 - I'm afraid that you are going to have to pay for that pic, sometime when you least expect it.
I'm a bit blleeuurggh. 8)

Have a good time in the Metropolis, herman.
2 Likes #17


£3 delivered has got to be a musthave.

Fits onto car window and allows hands free filming (Video).
6 Likes #18
Happy new year Everyone! Thought I'd share a couple of quick shots of my latest playthings. I decided to go retro!

Olympus trip 35 by Goonieman70, on Flickr

Holga by Goonieman70, on Flickr
10 Likes #19

By all means RIA, lol

Edited By: feed_me_chocs on Jan 01, 2012 19:38
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thought this might be worth an include in the links, Recuva, it allows you to recover files deleted from your computer (windows), recycle bin, digital camera memory card, it's a free! download, I've used it once with success, or maybe someone has used something similar.
Hi Rich.

I second that.

I have recovered the odd SD cards with it.

Edited By: rizla01 on Jan 01, 2012 20:57
Hi Rich.

I second that.

I have recovered the odd SD cards with it.

Hi rizla,yeah, I used it on my sd card to get my pics back, even though it said "are you sure" I still hit delete, oopps ! just looking at your pics, they look slightly blurry on my pc, but I'm wondering if its down to my net book as its only a 10" screen & I'm having issues with some of the sections on the site, with half the screen merging into the other half, it has been suggested it may be a screen resolution problem.
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Happy New Year everyone!

Took this pic couple of days ago when it was almost dark and you could just see part of a rainbow over the rooftops which looked strange against the darkness. Never seen a rainbow at night before so had to try and capture it (though not that great I'm afraid)

9 Likes #24
Bored yesterday so thought I would have a bash at reworking a photograph I'd taken earlier in the year, very seldom use Photoshop so quite pleased how it's come out

Original image can be seen here

Magic Dance by James_Farley, on Flickr
16 Likes #25
no prizes for guessing where I was earlier, with my mate danbo !

danbo of the north by J9STL, on Flickr
just taken down the tree & all the dec's, that's it for us, until next year. As I was "packing" it all up, trying to get rid of stuff we have never used, the wife was rescuing it ! I want to go minimal this year, like have nothing up (_;) but cant see that happening ! also is it a women thing to hold onto the old christmas cards ?

any gold at the end of it kaks http://www.btinternet.com/~jms101/basic_sets/misc/leprechaun/tongue.gif

super pic JF, what's the story behind it ?

J9STL looks like the statue behind could do with a coat of Hammerite & where did you get the small amazon man from ?
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just taken down the tree & all the dec's, that's it for us, until next year. As I was "packing" it all up, trying to get rid of stuff we have never used, the wife was rescuing it ! I want to go minimal this year, like have nothing up (_;) but cant see that happening ! also is it a women thing to hold onto the old christmas cards ?

any gold at the end of it kaks http://www.btinternet.com/%7Ejms101/basic_sets/misc/leprechaun/tongue.gif

super pic JF, what's the story behind it ?

J9STL looks like the statue behind could do with a coat of Hammerite & where did you get the small amazon man from ?

I was wondering where the litte amazon man is from too...he's cute <3

I save Xmas cards but only from family as I was 17 years without my family so they are precious to me. Same with birthday cards although I did save all my 40th birthday cards.

I've seen the end of a rainbow and was disappointed - no gold or anything! It was just coming 'out of the ground'.
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That little fella is Danbo, he appeared in a Japanese manga comic, and there's loads of pictures of him on Flickr. I More info here
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As Goonieman says ^^ he is a manga character. I made mine from stiff card & glue from a template I found on tinternet.

proper shot of the angel taken with a fisheye & then "corrected" in CS5 with a hemi plug-in

angel by J9STL, on Flickr
Love that one, but considering it's only 20mins from me I've never been down with the camera.
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danbo can also model ladybirds in flight !

bug-eyed danbo !! by J9STL, on Flickr

danbo template A
danbo template B
10 Likes #32
Hi Guys.. New Year....New Thread....... Hope it's as friendly and welcoming as all the previous photo threads.

I'm back after getting away for a few days.. Some nice pics to start the year..well done.

Herman..Black Headed Gulls I think......

Rizla I like the drill bit.. very nice.

Nearly recovered from the New Year celebrations....managed to get a few pics again of the London fireworks...


Love that one, but considering it's only 20mins from me I've never been down with the camera.

I am about 10 miles away and this is the 1st time I have stopped to look & take pics.
Loads of people there, I had to PP some bodies out of the pic.
Love that one, but considering it's only 20mins from me I've never been down with the camera.

I am about 10 miles away and this is the 1st time I have stopped to look & take pics.
Loads of people there, I had to PP some bodies out of the pic.

I love it, I think it's become a real north east icon.
3 Likes #35
Rocky those are terrible pictures ! I'd get your aerial adjusted :p
3 Likes #36
Angel of the north facts:

It is believed to be the largest angel sculpture in the world
It is one of the most viewed pieces of art in the world - seen by more than one person every second, 90,000 every day or 33 million every year
It is one of the most famous artworks in the region - almost two thirds of people in the North East had already heard of the Angel of the North before it was built
Its 54 metre (175 foot) wingspan is bigger than a Boeing 757 or 767 jet and almost the same as a Jumbo jet
It is 20 metres (65 feet) high - the height of a five storey building or four double decker buses
It weighs 200 tonnes - the body 100 tonnes and the wings 50 tonnes each
There is enough steel in it to make 16 double decker buses or four Chieftain tanks
It will last for more than 100 years
It will withstand winds of more than 100 miles per hour
Below the sculpture, massive concrete piles 20 metres deep will anchor it to the solid rock beneath
It is made of weather resistant Cor-ten steel, containing a small amount of copper, which forms a patina on the surface that mellows with age
Huge sections of the Angel - up to six metres wide and 25 metres long - were transported to the site by lorry with a police escort
The total cost of The Angel of the North was £800,000
There is unique species of daffodil named the Angel of the North due to its orange, rusty hue and lofty height. The Angel of the North daffodil has been verified and registered with the Royal Horticultural Society
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super pic JF, what's the story behind it ?

The original was taken on a workshop I went to in Stockport some months ago, purpose was to demonstrate how to freeze action properly using flash lighting, surprisingly to me at the time I learnt that studio flash is not up to the job of most things in motion as the discharge time of the flash is too long resulting in blurring, so this was taken using 3 Nikon SB-900 flashguns fired into an enormous parabolic umbrella to catch Emma mid-jump.

More of the set taken on that day here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamalfatty/sets/72157627208866587/
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A couple of my danbos from a while back.

You have to do this every day? by Goonieman70, on Flickr

Take me to your leader. by Goonieman70, on Flickr

Wtf is that!! by Goonieman70, on Flickr

Shrooooms. by Goonieman70, on Flickr

I really should take him out again, :D
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Rocky those are terrible pictures ! I'd get your aerial adjusted :p
Don't know what you're insinuating ....LOL....


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Rocky those are terrible pictures ! I'd get your aerial adjusted :p

I'm sure he pulled the same stunt last year!

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