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Simply Electronics - A Warning !!!


I recently ordered a digital camera from the above company, as having done quite a bit of searching, they came out the cheapest. Well after waiting 3 weeks for a 2-8 day despatch, I cancelled it and was assured of a refund within 7 days, 6 weeks later I'm still fighting for it, and am sending all the details to my solicitor. Be warned, never ever use this cowboy outfit, they make all the right noises but do not deliver - literally !!
p.s. Ordered same camera on Amazon and got it next day !!!!

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    How I wish I'd found this website before dealing with Simply Electronics.

    I ordered and paid for a camera from them on 1st May. Their website said that they had 9 in stock. I chased them up a fortnight after placing the order, and was told that 'due to the current workload experienced by our Dispatch Centre, they cannot guarantee that you will receive your order within this week. In this case, due to first in first out basis, we may not be able to have it dispatched on time. Currently we are unable to provide you with the estimated dispatch date so we are afraid that there will be further delay with the delivery of your order.' Their website at that time said that they still had 5 of the cameras in stock.

    I then cancelled the order and asked for an immediate refund, which, after numerous emails, I eventually received some three weeks later. So they had nearly £500 of my money for 5 weeks, for which I received nothing other than a load of grief. I imagine that if they do this to enough of their customers (and this and other sites suggest that they do), and then invest the money being held, it would provide a nice revenue stream.

    Their website boasts that customer focus is a priority, but their call centre is a joke, and their email responses, albeit polite and apologetic, are vague, evasive and unhelpful.

    What a miserable experience.

    You are VERY lucky you got a refund after 3 weeks. I purchased an item on 3rd March 2012, which incidentally was faulty, paid to retunn it and eventually they agreed it was faulty. It is now8th June, no replacement and certainly no refund. Item was a canon 5D Mk. II at over £1,300.00 so you can understand my total frustration. also found out it is regarded as a 'Grey import' which means it ain't covered by manufacturers warrenty. It just gets better!!
    Simply Electronics is a nightmare company to deal with STAY WELL CLEAR. I bought a£489 camera - it never arrived.. I had to wait six weeks for a refund. They hold on to your money for as long as they can possibly do. When you email them, you get pointless automated replies. The phone numbers to contact them either don't exist or never answered and your paying top premium call charges for the previllage. I eventually got my refund back, but it took having to pin them down under the Sale of Goods Act (1979). A terrible company to do business with TOTALLY AVOID THEM
    Read the reviews of Simply Electronics and have to simply say pay a little more and go somewhere else. Did not deliver my order and then took 4 weeks to get a refund. Joke.....dont touch with a barge pole!!
    Don't touch this company with a bargepole]. They take your money , have no goods to deliver (the camera happened to be damaged when they checked it prior to sale) and I am still waiting for a refund after 3 weeks. Unknown to me, my son fell into the same trap with exactly the same excuse that the goods were damaged!! How many companies actually open packages and check goods prior to sale - they are usually still pristinely wrapped.

    Be warned

    Uselessbuyer (for not checking reviews!!)
    I ordered an item 14may and it is now 11 June still waiting for my flipping phone. One week after purchase they were out of stock. After numerous phone calls AGAIN one week later I called and they say stock received was damaged and if I want to wait I could or choose a different phone. I chose a different one, one hundred dollars dearer and paid straight away. I wish I had have just gone down to Vodafone and bought a phone rather than going through this s***. I just called again to find out my phone hadn't been dispatched... To my suprise and was told they would follow it up. So far when they say they will email me with a answer to my concerns they do email right away however it's just the same email each time. It's on its way, sorry for delay all that jazz. They phoned me immediately when I said I wanted a phone more expensive and had to pay by credit card but since then just the same story. I'm sure I'll get my phone this week sometime. I hope to god it works !!!!!

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    I ordered from Simply Electronics despite the bad reviews as they were so cheap. Bought a mobile for my wife (Samsung Galaxy s2) and agree they are not the quickest but got the goods via DHL within two weeks. They were so mucb cheaper than anywhere else so I took the gamble and luckily it paid off.

    Their customer service kept me informed each step of the ordering process and even asked me to let them know once it had been received so maybe they are sorting themselves out
    This company is a scam. Do not consider doing business with them. They will take your money instantly then try all sorts of things to hold up the delivery. They will even ask for utility bills & photo ID. You may as well just give them your bank account access codes. Try to get a refund, you may as well forget it. They are based in Hong Kong. DO NOT USE!!!! they are bad news
    Oh dear. Ordered a Panasonic TZ30 from these people. Like all the other reports here, my order status never change from 'new'. Before I bought, i did do a quick look at there ratings, and noticed another review site giving them 3 out of 5 stars so decided to try them.

    When nothing happened, and they never replied to my emails, alarm bells started ringing. Thats when i found these reviews. I felt sick to the pit of my stomach! I checked my card and for some reason they haven't charged it yet. So I cancelled my card to prevent any monies from being taken.

    Hopefully I've had a lucky escape and learn't not to be too complacent when choosing an unknown internet shop.
    Simply Electronics - Not to be trusted.
    Placed an order with them on 22/05/12,had to cancel because they could not dispatch within 2-8 working days.Promised refund but would take up to 2 weeks to process. No refund,they were sorry and escalated to management owing to delay.Another week gone and
    still no refund.Over 3 weeks gone and still no refund....their latest email says still being chased up ! Don't trust them still haven't received a refund.
    Simplyelectronics Do not use this company Same problem as everybody else Ordered digital camera six weeks ago didnt arrive after three weeks .Asked for refund promised would have by first of June 15th today still waiting and no replys to emails I wish ihad read this site first!
    Simply Electronics DO NOT order from them. Have spent most of the day calling customer services what a joke system that is. After emailing them because I could not gain access to the sites web page 'my account' and login to see how my order was progressing. Even though I had to set up an account to purchase (as you do for a lot of online stores theses days) I've had problems. I even tried the ' forgotten password' tab three times just to gain access and reset but I'm still waiting for that request to come through as well as the email response. Like everyone else I was looking for a bargain and usually do a good job checking them out before I order, but this time obviously not good enough. All this for a camera for fathers day from myself and kids. Shame on them!
    Before telling my history here goes an imporant link, fill up this form on the cyber-crime department of Hong Kong police, its where this company is based:


    Soooo bad it hurts...
    I bought a item from this guys on 29th May...Im used to fast and reliable companies and the delivery was of 1-2 days....
    Today 7th June i canceled my order after reading the awfull reviews from this company. I received exactly the same mails with exactly the same evasive answers...I dont know if they have taken my money yet...if not is there is anyway i can stop them from doing it?
    Today 11-06-2012 even after i repeatedly cancelled my order this past days Simply Electronics, even before shiping, have withrawal 119 € from my account begining what it will be a nightmare for me ... and for them ...
    Ignoring my requestets was bad ... this is simply a crime ... Im sending this case to the Interpol and local Net Crime Department of police (who also connects with Interpool and European authorities)

    People AVOID THIS COMPANY BY ALL MEANS!! I placed an orrder for a kindle touch (119,5€) and cancelled after 5 days of no info whatsoever about the merchandise...Now this happens...First they told me they will give me a gift, bla, bla, bla, if i not cancelled my order... I told them NO!!! No and no and no... Now this...

    This is clearly a police case... You want a job well done buy from Amazon (i bought them a kindle last thursday and it will arrive tomorrow)

    Thats the difference between honest people and lyars...

    Today 11-6-2012 I received this email from them:

    REFERENCE NUMBER: LTK529021173555X Please use this ticket number in any correspondence with us.
    SUBJECT: Kindle Touch

    Dear Manuel,

    Thank you for your email and apologies for the delay.

    With regards to your order, we would like to confirm that the order has been cancelled and a refund is being processed by the relevant department. Once the refund has been issued you will receive a notification email.

    Should you have further queries, feel free to contact us again.

    Best Regards,
    Customer Service Executive

    This is the proof that this guys withrall your money before even knowing they have the goods on stock (if they do this before shiping was bad, this way its just a crime...)!! Total abuse of consumers confidence!!
    After they said to me they do this because of "price fluctuation" ... ehehehhe thats a wonderful excuse...
    You people who are rating high this company, or on a "so so" basis or finnaly just feel happy becaus "one day" your itens finnaly arrive let me tell you something, dont you think you are part of a scheme yourselfs? This company maybe is doing this trick, doing the right or the "so so" job with some of us while ripping off MOST OF US!!

    Just to inform you that i have just also filed a legal complaint against this company based on "possible fraudulent behaviour" on the national cyber-crime department of the portuguese national judiciary crime police. This complaint will be sent to the local authorities of the country where the company is based. Is a long process (like their services) but it will get to them...they only need to be patient :-))
    Hi manuel well done for your actions regarding SE, can you post on Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Reviews-of-Simply-Electronics/forum/Fx2L8YAWZTSCQUK/Tx2JDL36I8HDYBS/1/ref=cm_cd_fp_ef_tft_tp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=B00065GZL2 and also KwikChex who have helped many people get money back. http://www.kwikchex.com/ Hong Kong police were involved before when Canon refused to repair a camera after climing it was a counterfiet! So hopefully your actions will encourage them to look closer at SE who also have connections to purely gadgets and the purely group, chat and vision and eservices who are registered in British virgin Islands. Read here on Amazon and http://simplyelectonicsnot.webs.com a web site I dedicated to 'outing' SE 2 years ago!! How I wish the Chinese goverment would realise companies like SE bring shame and humiliation to their culture.
    Worst support ever. I am still waiting for a replacement phone. They always have an excuse to say. Two months now and I am still waiting!!!! **** them
    cancelled order and still waiting for a refund its been well over a month now beware dodgy dealers,3118jenniferb.
    we purchased alense form this company they stated they were uk based and lense would be dispatched in two working days. two weeks later and numerous attempts to contact have left us without resouloution we now have seen many posts with similar horror stories and even those who did get goods were saying they were not of good quality and broke after afew months. On eventually cntacting thier call center ( in Hong Kong) we got nowhere and were told they did not have a mangement team in the center . To anyone trying to purchase from this company beware they are not what they seem and because they are based outside the eupopean community it is more difficult to resolve issues or get refunds
    I ordered a Canon lens through this company but wish I'd checked reviews first... Several days after ordering I received an email requesting paper identification 'proof' for 'fraud prevention'. This was requested in the form of photo ID (e.g. driving licence) or paper proof such as a househol utility bill. I immediately became suspicious and telelphoned Simply Electronics. The operator (American sounding) informed me that this was a regular request, at which point I informed her that as a serving police officer I found it incredible that a company should request ID in such a manner on a 'Verified by Visa' credit card, and informed her I'd like to cancel the order.
    I was instructed to reply to the original email cancelling the order which I did, receiving a reply later the same day to confirm cancellation. Three weeks later and I am still awaiting a refund, having now contacted my credit card company to report it.
    I find it incredible that this company is trading after so many negative reviews and infuriating that they took immediate payment on goods which they appear to have had no intentions of delivering, without me providing Further 'ID'. For any potential customers considering using this outfit... DON'T!!
    Do not buy from Simply Electronics! I ordered an ipad which they said was in stock, they took the money immediately and then after it did not arrive, told me it was out of stock. I cancelled and they said they would give a refund; still waiting after many weeks! Is this not fraud? taking money by deception - how are they still trading? - BE WARNED!!
    I ordered a Samsung MV800 from these guys. Again the same BS about it being a very popular item and they are currently waiting on delivery. Anyway 2 weeks after ordering my camera finally arrives to, not the best service but much better than some people have gotten. Use these guys with caution.
    ...i have finnaly received my refund after i have done everything possible (even contacting hong kong police !!)
    Now im going to cancell my credit card because there are stories about people being robbed after dealing with this guys... be aware!!

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