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  • Reduce to clear American products @ Tesco instore

    Tesco extra Blackpool have reduced many of its American imported goods. Including cereals , puddings ,egg nog ,and sauces . . Picked up. Fruity pebbles . Cream of wheat. For a £1 a box . . A1 steak sauce was £2.75. . Also. Egg nog was £5. . Jello. Cheesecake were 50p each . And many more were also reduce to clear. . I'm not sure it's nationwide . But keep a eye out . 8 Comments

  • Bosch single multifunction oven, £159.00 (or £109) after Bosch's cashback, John lewis

    * Bargain 23 October-10 December 2014. *£159 original price at JL, but Bosch is offering £50 cashback on this and many other products during this period. *Other online retailers selling same product for over £250. *2 yrs guarantee included. *A(-20%) product which means 20% more efficient than normal A rated products. *67ltr capacity much bigger than other ovens. *built in. *Full details can be obtained from Bosch website. . My first post,so constructive advices are welcome 9 Comments

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  • My Friend Cayla £35.99 (40% off) amazon lightning, deal back again

    Cheapest I have seen this interactive doll. . My Friend Cayla is not just a doll – she's a real friend! Ask her any range of questions, from her likes and dislikes to general knowledge and tomorrow's weather, and she'll tell you the answer. Sync her with an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth and she'll use speech-to-text technology to look up answers online and speak them back to you. There's also a pre-defined list of 'bad words' and topics which Cayla will not talk about, for complete peace of mind. . Cayla can also play games, tell stories, and discuss photos. She has lovely hair to play with and is wearing a cool outfit. My Friend Cayla requires three AA batteries, not included, and is recommended for children aged 5 years and older. . What can My Friend Cayla do. . Answer questions. . Ask Cayla about all sorts of things, like animals, maths, countries, or spelling, and she will tell you the answer. . Understand and chat. . Cayla can chat about clothes, favourite foods, her family, hobbies, and lots more. . Tell stories and play games. . Cayla knows lots of stories – choose one for her to tell. She can also play noughts and crosses, and will encourage and congratulate you. Look through Cayla's photo albums and she will tell you about what she's been up to. . How does My Friend Cayla work. . Cayla uses an app on an iOS or Android smart device. When Cayla is connected online via the smart device, she can understand speech by sending it to the internet as text. . To enjoy Cayla's interactive capabilities, she must always be connected to a smart device via Bluetooth wireless technology. To answer general knowledge questions or give current information, connect the smart device to the internet. The speed of Cayla's responses will depend on the strength and speed of the internet connection, so WiFi is recommended, although she can also work with 3G or 4G. There is a lot which Cayla can do without being connected to the internet, such as playing games, telling stories, talking about her photo albums, and some conversation. . My Friend Cayla is safer than simply handing a tablet to a child for a number of reasons: there is a comprehensive in-built list of pre-blocked words which can be added to at home; it features online safe-search filters; and no websites or links will be shown on the smart device. . It's so easy to get started. . 1. Download. . Download the My Friend Cayla app to your tablet or smartphone. The app is free to download and compatible with iOS and Android smart devices. Users of the iOS app can ask up to 3,000 questions which require an internet connection – approximately 50 continuous hours back-to-back! An add-on can be purchased for a small fee. There's no limit to how much Cayla can talk about herself, play games, and so on. Android users have unlimited use. . 2. Sync. . Connect Cayla to your smart device via Bluetooth. . 3. Play. . Open the app, select an activity, and Cayla's ready to play! Please note, smart device required for all play modes (not included). . Some play modes require an internet connection speed 3G or faster, broadband via Wi-Fi recommended. For advice and technical support please call 01702 200660. 13 Comments

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  • Baileys Original 1ltr £10.00 @ Asda. Online and In store

    Baileys Original 1ltr down to £10 in Asda starting from Friday until Monday. . Online & Instore. . Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. 13 Comments

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  • Mars bars- 5 for 10p at B&M

    Mars bars 4+1 (5 total in a pack) for 10p. . -Showing on their site so its national, click the link. -Limited availability, worth a look in your local B&M 14 Comments

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  • Gunpoint £1.20 @ Steam

    Gunpoint is a stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people. You play a freelance spy who takes jobs from his clients to break into high security buildings and steal sensitive data. . To get past security, you'll need to make creative use of your main gadget: the Crosslink. It lets you see how all the security devices in a level are wired up, and then you can just click and drag with the mouse to wire them differently. So you can connect a lightswitch to a trapdoor, then flick it when a guard walks across to make him fall through. Key Features. Rewire levels to work however you want. Trick guards into trapping themselves or shooting each other. Throw yourself - and others - through plate glass windows. Investigate a noir-inspired story of murder and espionage over 20 missions. Choose what to tell your clients, including lying to trick them. Choose your own playstyle: quick, quiet, non-violent, no living witnesses, or any combination. Discover new solutions to levels that no-one else has thought of. Buy specialist gadgets to suit how you want to play. All story stuff is skippable. Hardest puzzles are optional. No bosses - everyone dies in one shot, including you 1 Comment

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  • JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker - Black £49.99 @ Currys/ PC World

    Down from £99.99 to £49.99. This piece of kit gets some very good reviews on Amazon where its currently selling for £75 in black. . Also available in white, blue, red & yellow. . - Bluetooth with NFC pairing. - Output power: 12 W. - Aux in & USB. - Up to 5 hours of battery life. . mercslkman provided a discount code for a further 10% saving. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Code: HOMEAUDIO10UNI24A 15 Comments

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  • Saints Row 2 £2.50, Saints Row 3 £3.24, Saints Row 4 £5.77, Saints Row 3 GOTY £4.24, Saints Row 4 GOTY £8.49 @ Steam (All DLC on sale)

    Saints Row 2 £2.50. Saints Row 3 £3.24. Saints Row 4 £5.77. Saints Row 3 GOTY £4.24. Saints Row 4 GOTY £8.49. . Also:. Metro Redux Bundle (includes Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux) - £16.99. Dead Island collection (£6.24):. Includes:. - Dead Island,. - Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC,. - Dead Island Ripper Mod,. - Dead Island Riptide,. - Dead Island: Riptide - Fashion Victim,. - Dead Island: Riptide - Survivor Pack,. - Dead Island: Ryder White DLC. + Check Steam dor details. - stvoritel 7 Comments

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