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  • Post disapeared???

    There was a deal on here for (Android Samsung IOS iPhone HTC Phone Mate New U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch Black). It was £18.36. I posted within the deal. Now I cant find it, nor is there a listing of my p... 2 Comments

  • Not getting push notifications on iPhone app anymore please help!

    For reasons unknown my HUKD app on iPhone has suddenly stopped sending me deal alert push notifications. I haven't updated or changed any preferences. Does anyone know how I can start receiving them... 20 Comments

  • HUKD Push Notifications

    Just upgraded to Lollipop on my Nexus 4 and for some reason a few apps now aren't sending me push notifications (HUKD and PlayStation as examples). I've tried reinstalling apps, setting them to priori... 10 Comments

  • Notifications

    Keep getting the same 3 notifications on my iPhone 5! Anyway to stop this? 2 Comments

  • HUKD App on iOS 8 - Deal Alerts not working

    Deal alerts dont seem to save in the iOS app (latest version) on iOS 8.1.1 on my iPhone 6 Plus. . Im signed in to the app, and noticed all my deal alerts are gone. I can create new ones but as soon as ... 1 Comment

  • Mobile viewing switched

    I normally view HUKD on my mobile using the desktop version of the site. . At 8:30pm, this switched to the new version (which is terrible by the way) & now the option has gone to switch between mobile ... 3 Comments

  • Any one know why the lovely SIM megathread is missing?

    The megathread on SIM card deals is missing! It says SPAM when I search for it.Really? after one full year on HUKD?! Am I missing something? It was so useful. 3 Comments

  • How do you change your profile picture for HUKD on iPhone?

    My profile looks boring as it has no profile picture. Does anyone know how I can put one on? 1 Comment

  • Are the retailer Antelife allowed here?

    Basically I'm asking because DealExtreme phone deals are posted often, and they are located in China. Antelife, are located in China and sell mobiles which are often at much cheaper prices than the DX... 6 Comments

  • No activity

    Hi. I can see notification on my hukd android app but whenever i tap it, it says that i have no activity. Other times i dont even received any notification at all. Now i have to rely on desktop hukd t... 2 Comments

  • "You do not currently have permission to use the Hotukdeals private messaging service"

    Why am I getting this error when I try to send a message to someone? :S. **** ********************************. TO PREVENT THE SAME QUESTION AGAIN & AGAIN...........YOU NEED A MINIMUM 10 FORUM POSTS... 47 Comments

  • HUKD Android App Auto-Updating?

    Has anyone noticed that their app doesn't auto update, and therefore doesn't give push updates? I've noticed this happens when I'm using two phones (Note III & HTC One M7), where it'll only work on o... 2 Comments

  • Windows Phone App

    Hey guys! Are you working on an app for windows phones? Just jumped ship from android, where your app was great!! The 3rd party apps currently available suck, so an official app with notifications wou... 1 Comment

  • iOS deal share crashes when posting instore deal

    This has happened for ages but i've never fed it back before. It used to happen on my iphone 4 (ios 6) and still happens on my iphone 6 (ios 8). . When I try to share an instore deal and click on the 'm... 3 Comments

  • mobile/tablet app

    mods, any idea when more features will be added to the mobile/tablet app. . meaning the ability to send and received PM's. 2 Comments

  • Hot deals are showing twice

    I can see the deals twice on my iphone app.can this be fixed 2 Comments

  • using hotukdeals on a mobile

    This site is terrible to use on a mobile. I'm going to ignore hotukdeals apps just now and concentrate on using this site in a mobile browser -. . For starters on the mobile site you cannot seem to acce... 9 Comments

  • Android HUKD app.

    Does the activity tab work for anybody with this App. It's never worked for me. Doesn't matter if I post from the website or from within the app itself. The tab is always empty. . Shared Via The HUKD... 3 Comments

  • hukd ios app

    quick q do fs/ft items appear as deal alerts on the app thanks 1 Comment

    the porterthe porter
  • Seriously? Three bumps in 6 days?

    Why does this post..... . http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/iphone-6-alternative-nokia-106-for-14-99-t-mobile-19-99-ee-including-10-top-up-argos-1999204. . keep getting bumped? Yeah yeah it's been member s... 14 Comments

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