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Last Updated August 19th, 2014
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  • How to opt out of being "followed" on HUKD

    We have introduced the ability for members to opt out of being followed by other members on HUKD. To do this:. . Go to:. . YOUR PROFILE > SETTINGS > PRIVACY OPTIONS. . Then tick - "Don't allow other membe... Read more

  • How on earth does one leave "Feedback" on a sellers page?

    I think the title says it all really. I've been looking on and off all afternoon and have finally given up. Can someone tell me how to do it? 5 Comments

  • HUKD reloaded - Preview the new design

    Over the past few months, our busy team have been working on improving the layout and functionality of HUKD. Following suggestions from the community, we've thought hard about the use of vertical spac... 593 Comments

  • help posting pictures on sale/trade

    at the moment have all pics on my hard drive and loaded into photo bucket and posted the link. I have tried posting the pictures direct by. locating the picture on hard drive, select properties. cop... 1 Comment

  • giving feedback?

    hi guys, purchased a lot of:. http://www.hotukdeals.com/profile/jamesjamesjamesjamesjames. which arrive fast and am very pleased, but unsure how to leave feedback, anybody got any pointers? thanks 3 Comments

  • How to upload picture on add

    Please can someone tell me how to post a picture on a for sale item using my iPad. Many thanks 7 Comments

  • Anyone had a problem with receiving the Newsletter??

    So was just wondering if anyone had a problem receiving the newsletter i haven' had one for a few weeks now! 10 Comments

  • 'Where Did My Thread Go?' Thread

    Use this thread if you want to know where your thread has gone. Mods may not always be around to answer your question but members might be able to help you out....be patient. If you want to know... 2069 Comments

  • Show Tools, Merchant Filter etc

    I'm probably being a divvy but I've only just noticed that the 'Show Tools' icon has disappeared and I'm currently at a loss as to how you 'quickly' filter deals by merchant. Oddly, the option is ava... 9 Comments

  • In-Store deals Classification

    I truly love HUKD and great place to find best deals. But I feel the place is being loaded with instore deals and thought of putting some suggestions 9 Comments

  • (howto) How to "verify" your deals before posting with minimum effort!

    Hi there. Let me explain how to post even better deals with minimum effort, or how to more easily decide whether to vote "hot" or "cold". 1. Go to google.co.uk. 2. Search for the subject of th... 9 Comments

  • how to add a picture

    can anyone help me and tell me how to add a pic thanks 2 Comments

  • Clarification on posting deals after 'heads up' deals

    Are they classed as spam? Most of the Currys deals have now been marked as spam as there has been a 'heads up' deal which didn't list any specific deal. So what's the stance of the site? 22 Comments

  • How to exclude particular categories?

    Is there a way to exclude particular category when browsing through the "deals" section. I love to monitor the deals section but it's usually cluttered with cd/dvd/games/etc. deals (at least to my... 3 Comments

  • Sorry, you can’t currently send PMs. Once you’re a more active member of the forum, the PM service will be unlocked for you.

    Im trying to PM a seller my details but it keeps saying this. Am i meant to make pointless comments on peoples posts to get to do this?!?. . ANSWER - YOU NEED 10 COMMENTS ON SITE. 71 Comments

  • Can't receive PMs, any ideas?

    I have the enable private messaging box ticked 10 Comments

  • Verifying my account

    When I go to submit anything on the site it asks me to verify my account from the original email I was sent when I signed up to hotukdeals forum, but I have already verified my account before with thi... 3 Comments

  • WHY hasn't my password been sent???!!! Grrrr

    I usually have HUKD remembering my login details, however now that I have a new anti-virus software I'm being prompted to enter my login details. . I can't remember my password and so have used the... 2 Comments

  • Bizarre moderating

    http://www.hotukdeals.com/for-sale-trade/xbox-xbmc-with-250gb-hdd-freecom-media-drive-500gb/949639/#post11448485. I bumped 3 times and then asked the mods to expire it. They never, and then someo... 24 Comments

  • 1 month xbox live codes/card

    Are they banned from being sold/requested on here again. http://www.hotukdeals.com/for-sale-trade/wanted-xbox-live-1-month-code/887774 14 Comments

  • Can Expired Deals & Vouchers Be Removed

    I search a lot for vouchers & deals on here & wish the expired ones would be deleted please so we just have active ones! 5 Comments

  • Do We Need Sticky's

    Do you think HUKD could either do with some stickies on each section, just the feedback section or even on the main page down the right instead of say the blog / bitterwallet. . The site seems to be a... 13 Comments

  • How many posts do I need before I can send Private Messages?

    I've only recently joined this website so am currently unable to send Private Messages however I need to reply to a private message I have been sent to arrange for the collectiom of an item. How many ... 7 Comments

  • Username

    Probably a stupid question but can i change my username? 12 Comments

  • How Do I Close My Account

    I want to close my profile off HUKD as have got fed up with the trolling and rude personal comments. How is this done, and that all my data is cleared. Cant find an answer on the site. Cheers 36 Comments

  • How Do I Delete My Account

    How do I delete my Hotukdeals account please? 129 Comments

  • How To Post and Host Images For Thread Submissions, Comments & Replies

    WARNING: If you use the original website's domain image location, web address or URL, they have been known to change and display pornography or spam images. That's why it's always in your best interes... 86 Comments

  • An easy way to filter out expired deals?

    Hi all. Is there any obvious way of filtering out expired deals. If there isn't, I think it is something that really would be a useful addition to the site. Personally, I'd rather not know wh... 5 Comments

  • HUKD Forum Code of Conduct

    HUKD Forum Code of Conduct and Board Rules. . We expect all members to abide by the HotUKDeals Board Rules, by joining our community you agree to follow the Code of Conduct set out below from the moment... Read more

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