I. General info about hotukdeals

How does hotukdeals work ?

hotukdeals.com is a community-based deals platform that allows everyone to share online or in-store offers, to share their insights and expertise and to find the deal content they love. It was founded in 2004 by Jen Nikkel and Paul Nikkel and went on to become the biggest deal community in the UK. In 2015, hotukdeals became part of pepper.com's global deal platform.

Our voting system, represented by the temperatures displayed on each of the deals, makes it possible to sort the offers that have been shared according to the voice of our community members; those users can vote positively when they consider that the offer is a hot deal or negatively if they do not. This helps to maintain absolute neutrality, the voice of the people who drive the site decides which threads sink and which sail.

Deals which pass 100° are automatically pushed to the hot tab, showcasing the best deals in the UK at any given time.

Hotukdeals deal hunters share the offers they uncover and deal lovers consume that content while validating it with their comments and expertise. This helps others to make a decision on whether or not to purchase, and in time encourages those users to post deals of their own.

Who can post deals?

Anyone can post a good deal and share their knowledge on hotukdeals. To do this, simply register (creating an account takes less than a minute). We don’t allow self promotion - if you represent a store or a brand you can not highlight its products or services or direct someone to do it for you. If you personally benefit from a deal being posted on hotukdeals, it’s best to check with our friendly admin team before posting. You can do this via our contact form.

Are deals moderated or edited?

Our community support team will check every deal that goes live on site to make sure it isn’t missing anything. They’ll fix links, add images and drop you a message to let you know what is it they've updated.

New members will sometimes see their comment or deal go into moderation - don’t worry if this happens! Our community support team are just making sure you don’t need help with your deal; it’ll be live again within a few minutes if everything looks good.

If you post a deal for a brand new merchant, or for a store which is based overseas, we’ll often check that merchants trade history and reviews. We’ll let you know if this happens, but be aware that if a merchant doesn’t pass our checks we won’t allow it on site - this is to help safeguard the community. We'll communicate that to you too.

How does hotukdeals make money?

Our running costs are covered by affiliate fees, which we sometimes earn if a user buys a product they saw on our site. Whether a deal earns commission or not doesn't influence how we describe it, or the votes it receives on our site.

Sometimes you’ll see deals pinned on the homepage. You’ll know it’s pinned, as it will show a small pin icon next to the temperature. These are either deals that are outperforming everything else on site - such as receiving a huge amount of views or clicks or bringing in a large quantity of traffic from search engines - or sometimes occupied by sponsored placements.

With this second category, only deals that are already proving popular with our users are put forward to go into sponsored placements. Content and community is the focus and we never compromise that regardless of how we earn our running costs. You can read more here about sponsored placements.

Are there sites like hotukdeals in other countries?

Yes! We’re part of the Pepper global platform Pepper. You can find the best deals in Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, India, Poland - there are more countries joining all of the time!

II. My account and registration

Why should I register on hotukdeals?

While you can browse hotukdeals without registering, you aren’t able to take advantage of the deal features we offer exclusively to registered users, such as tailored deal alerts, commenting / voting rights and our extensive private messaging system. Our platform is being built and improved with registered users in mind and as it grows, they’re the focus of bettering our user experience.

There are a couple of ways you can register - it’s really simple!

  • You can decide to sign in with your Facebook or Google account (we do not access your profile). In this case the registration is very fast and no information is required.
  • You can register via the traditional registration form of the site which has only three fields to complete: your username, your email address (you’ll need to use a real email so you can receive a validation message to activate your account) and whatever password you pick.

Is hotukdeals free to use ?

Of course - it’s completely free to use, as are our apps.

III. Using hotukdeals

1. The different deal tabs - what are they for?

We have four main sections on hotukdeals

Deals : The main event! Deals are what drive our community - from flash sales to seasonal clearances you’ll find a huge mix of content in our deal section. Take a look at the new deals for those offers that have just been discovered, hot to see which are currently popular with the community and highlights to see trending deals which are outperforming everything else on site

Voucher codes : Powered by Voucherbox, this is where you’ll find the freshest codes for your favourite merchants so you can save even more money when you shop.

Freebies : 100% free stuff!

Discussions : Here’s where you’ll find info about merchants, user stories and community chit chat. Whether gaming is your thing or you just want to ask about shipping costs, jump in and say hello.

What is the highlights page?

The hotukdeals highlights page shows you a snapshot of the best deals on our plaform right now, including content from our community and partners. You'll find a huge mix of categories and content, all featuring the information you need to help you decide whether or not to buy the deal. The highlights page is updated frequently to ensure you always find the freshest deals, including the hottest community-finds, partner exclusives, sponsored content and editor-curated features.

Why do I always land on the highlights page when I visit hotukdeals?

Our highlights page is the entry point for visitors as it shows the biggest mix of quality content and we’re confident the page serves something for everyone. However, if you’d prefer your default landing page to be a different place on site, you can alter that in your account settings. Once you’re registered and you’ve verified your account, take a look in your account settings at the Preferences tab.

Can I change the layout?

Yes. On each page, you can set the display of the list of deals by clicking on "Filter" at the top right. Here, you can change the card size, which gives you a compact view option or a full sized option. You can also view in tile option, which looks great on tablets :)

How do I filter by merchant?

For most brands, we’ve created a dedicated merchant page where you’ll find all deals and vouchers related to that specific merchant. You can find this by using the search bar in the site header (results appear under Merchant), or by visiting this page.

What does the word "Update" mean on certain deals?

If a significant change happened to a deal, such as a new price drop or additional discount, our team can add an update with this new information which re-pushes the thread to the hot page. This means our users don’t miss out when a good deal becomes even better.

What does the word "Sponsored" mean on certain deals?

Partners sometimes pay us to show their hottest deals to more people on our site. We use the "Sponsored" label so you can easily identify this kind of content.

Of course, despite these deals on site being part of a commercial arrangement, it is always up to the community to decide through the voting system whether a deal is hot enough to be promoted, and editors don't post any deals in the first place without being sure it is market-leading as well as meeting other quality criteria.

Because of this quality criteria, as well as our focus on maintaining a neutral platform, we don't allow merchants to post directly on site, except as part of the Verified Partner test. If you are a merchant and you want to find out how to work with us, you can get in touch via our contact form

How many times will I be served a sponsored deal?
These deals remain at fixed positions in our feed (eg, 3rd position on the Electronics page, or 6th position on the Highlights page). To avoid bombarding you multiple times with the same deal, we've set it so different deals can rotate to appear in these spaces at any time. So if you currently see a deal in one of these locations, chances are you'll see a different deal the next time you visit that same page.
It's worth noting that we may continue to "pin" deals or topics in certain lists without the title "Sponsored" appearing, when we consider that they are likely to be of interest to the entire community. In those cases, the threads are being showcased to users regardless of any commercial agreement.

Are the deals visible in sponsored locations the same for everyone?
No. We use certain types of anonymous targeting offered by Google Ad Manager to show you offers that are most likely to be of interest to you in those sponsored placements. We want to make sure that you find offers that suit you and in which you can find reliable and relevant information shared by members of the community. Of course, nothing is foolproof and we can't guarantee that these offers will always be totally related to your interests although this is our main aim.

Finally, despite the commercial nature of these locations, it is always up to the community to decide through the voting system whether a deal is hot enough to be put forward.

I don't want the content featured in sponsored placements to be personalised
You can simply withdraw your consent at any time from our Cookie Policy. Note that you will continue to see offers in sponsored locations on our platform, but these will be likely to be less relevant to you.

What are groups and how do they work?

We built out our categories so each deal or promo code is now assigned to one main group - this helps our users to search for and find content they actually care about. Each deal or promo code must be part of at least one main group.

Groups allow you a more refined sorting: the groups serve to display, according to your needs, all deals for a category of products. You can add your deals to multiple groups at once (such as "Video Games" AND "PS4 Games" AND "Destiny"), which will allow your deal to be visible wherever it's relevant, which helps the community interested in those topics to find what they’re looking for.

When you post a deal, groups are usually offered automatically based on the title of your deal. You can add additional and relevant groups manually while you’re submitting your deal if you need to - there’s a search box to help you with this.

2. How to post a good deal

Where can I read hotukdeals rules and regulations?

You can find our rules : on this page.

How do I post a deal?

To be able to post a deal or a discussion, you need to be logged in. Click the "+ Submit" button located at the top right of the menu bar, and choose the type of post you would like to submit. Deals are divided into 2 categories: Deals and Vouchers.

When you post a deal, fill in all of fields in the deal submission form and indicate where applicable any shipping costs, taxes or duties: you must always include shipping costs. You will also need to add a group to your deal: these are categories which make it easier for users to find the content they’re looking for (see Groups above).

If you’re posting a freebie, you can select “FREE” as a group using the same submission form. Freebies must be completely free and not incur any additional costs (such as shipping).

When you post a discount code, you will have to specify whether it gives you a monetary discount, a percentage reduction on the sale price or a free delivery.

Once your deal is posted, it will usually be checked quickly by the community support team before going live. If your thread doesn’t adhere to our site rules or regulations, we reserve the right not to publish it. We’ll let you know if this happens and the reasons why.

What should I check before submitting my deal ?

Run a quick price comparison and check your deal is actually a deal! Sometimes merchants inflate their RRPs to make discounts look bigger than they actually are. Once you’re satisfied you’ve found an awesome price, do a search on hotukdeals to make sure it wasn’t posted already within the last 2 months. If you don’t see it, you’re good to go.

If the seller isn’t from the UK, be aware we might need to make a few more checks before your deal goes live. From your side though, check there aren’t big import fees that could compromise the value of your deal, and make sure that the deal actually ships to the UK.

How do I choose the next best price ?

It’s good practise to use the next best price in your listing to indicate how good a deal your item really is. Don’t use inflated RRP to do this though; run a price comparison and stick to true values.

I can’t find my deal - is it in moderation?

Yes, but don’t worry, we usually take a quick look at the deals posted before they are published. This allows us to verify that the offer is valid and that there’s no critical info missing from the thread. You will receive a notification as soon as your deal is published. In principle, we try to get these checks done as quickly as possible (usually within a couple of minutes) but depending on the number of deals posted and during certain periods, it is possible that there will be short delays. There is no need to repost your deal.

Can I delete my deal ?

No - once a deal is posted and users start shopping for that item or commenting, they need an anchor point or reference to return to if things don’t work out well with their purchase. Our community are the most valuable aspect of our site, and removing threads when our users are actively engaging, commenting and sharing their insights would be detrimental to the users who took the time to get involved.

User rewards trial

From 10 May to 10 June 2021, we are trialling a new way to thank our members who contribute great deals to the community. We will be sending out £10 vouchers each day to the users who have posted the most popular deals in our main categories - so if you receive a PM from a staff member, congratulations (and it is not spam!)

3. Votes + temperature

What does the temperature mean on a deal?

The temperature indicates the opinion of the community on a deal: each member can give a positive vote ("hot") or negative (“cold") and their votes add up to give a higher or lower temperature. A deal with a high temperature is therefore acclaimed by the community: good value for money, best price for a given service, interesting offer. This temperature is subjective and indicative: you can often find an interesting deal for yourself even if the community did not rate it well, and vice versa. Remember, if you’re voting on someones deal it’s common courtesy to leave a polite comment, especially if you voted negatively.

Why does the word "New" appear instead of the temperature on certain deals ?

When a deal is published on the site, its temperature is masked by the term "New" for a duration of 10 minutes so that the votes are not influenced at the beginning. By this, we mean that sometimes a single cold vote on a new deal can encourage users to copy and vote cold en-masse without actually forming their own opinion on the deal.

How do the votes work?

You must be logged in to vote on the site. Click on one of the arrows on each deal, the + red representing a positive vote and the - blue a negative vote.

Votes can not be changed so be sure before you've voted you've taken everything into consideration!

Accompanying your vote with an explanatory comment is always beneficial and useful for the whole community, we strongly encourage you to do so ;)

As stated in our general conditions of use, if we believe voting privileges are being abused we'll be in touch and as a last resort these will be restricted.


My comment is not displayed, why?

Like deals, some comments are subject to verification by the moderation team before being published. This allows us to filter comments that do not respect our terms of use. However, this restriction only applies to newly registered members whose accounts are not very active: as soon as you are an active member of the community (and respectful of the rules), your comments are automatically published without prior verification. Sometimes we might moderate a thread to allow us to catch up on an issue but this is a last resort.

What are top comments?

When a deal gets a lot of comments, it can be difficult to find which ones are the most relevant or important (eg product details, delivery, feedback ...). Members can apply a “like" to comments. The most liked comments are highlighted and are at the top of the thread so that all members can see them quickly. In addition, community support team members can choose to manually highlight a comment if it seems important to them.

How do I post an image in comments?

The image adding system is simplified: you can upload an image directly from your computer, or specify the URL of the image if it is online. Accepted formats are jpg, gif and png.

5. Changes

Is it possible to edit my deal once it has been released?

Yes, you can edit your tips and discussions as much as you want. If a member of the moderation team is already modifying your deal, you will have to wait a few minutes before you can make any further changes yourself. When editing information in a deal or discussion, remember to mention the changes made so that other members know what you have added or removed. We ask members to not change the fundamental basis (price, merchant etc) of a deal as it is likely the votes already placed were not for that new information.

The changes are subject to a moderation audit just like the deals and discussions.

Is it possible to add information to a deal posted by another person?

Only the most active users can add information directly into a deal. If you have important information to add, you can click on "Add information" below the deal when it appears.

If you do not see the “Add Information” option, you can also add your expertise as a comment in the relevant thread. You can tag the poster of the thread and ask them to update their info as well, by typing @USERNAME

Why expire / re-activate a deal?

It is necessary to expire a deal when the offer is finished, for example it’s out of stock or there was a price increase. A deal will remain active as long as it is possible to take advantage of it. Some merchants like Amazon for example allow you to place an order while the product is temporarily out of stock, in this case the deal must not be expired as long as the price remains the same. In addition, a deal does not appear to have expired until two members have clicked the “expire” button or a community support team member has manually expired the deal.

The re-activation of the deals works in a similar way. Users can vote a deal as being reactivated, or they can use the report function to ask a community support team member to review and unexpired the thread

Deals shared more than 4 months ago are automatically expired by the site.

6. Alerts

How do alerts work?

To receive an alert for each new deal corresponding to a product you are looking for, simply go to your profile settings on the "My Alerts" tab. Enter a keyword (for example "PlayStation" or "PS4") and adjust the notifications you want to receive for that particular keyword. You’ll need to be logged into your account to create multiple alerts and to manage them.

You can choose to receive site notifications, email notifications, or both. You can also choose to receive an email alert whenever a deal is posted or a daily summary of all deals posted in the day corresponding to all your keywords.

7. Search

How does the search work?

You can search for a deal from the search bar at the top of each page. Different categories of results are displayed: deals, merchants, forum topics, groups and users. From here you can pick whether you're wanting to see all the deals based on the grouping of that search term.

Once you know what you're looking for you'll be able to decide which category you want to view from these selections. You'll always better results from one of these categories instead of a general search.

8. Subscriptions and follow-up

Can I subscribe to a deal?

You can track updates and new comments added to a deal that interests you. Click on the bell icon below the description of the deal and you will automatically receive a notification when clarifications and comments will be added. You need to be logged in to do this.

How do I unsubscribe from a deal?

If you have commented on a deal or clicked the bell icon under its description, you will receive notifications when new comments or information are added to this deal. Just click "Do not follow" under the deal description to unsubscribe from notifications.
If you never want to receive new comments on a deal, you can uncheck the box in the "Notifications" tab of your profile settings.

Can I save a deal to find it later?

Just click "Save" (or the bookmark icon) under the deal description

Where can I find saved deals?

Go to your profile by clicking on your avatar and then on "Saved Deals" to see all the deals you have saved.

Can I follow a member?

You can choose to follow the activities of other members. To do this, click on their avatar or their nickname and click on the "Follow" button that appears in their profile. You can subscribe to as many members as you want. If you cannot find a member it could be because that member has disabled this function.

How to ignore / no longer ignore a member?

Sometimes, in all walks of life, we’ll meet people we just don’t get along with. That’s true of forums as well, but we encourage you not to get involved in fights or squabbles. It is possible to ignore all activities of a member on the site if you really can’t get on. You will no longer see his comments, and you will not be able to exchange private messages.

To ignore a member, click the "Ignore this member" button from their profile.

9. Team

Who are the community support team and what do they do?

The community support team's jobs are administration of the site, and moderation of comments and deals. They are identified as such on the site thanks to a small shield (which marks the members of the staff without distinction of role) and on the apps with labels Admin and Community Support next to their nickname.

The community support team make sure that the deals posted are clear and valid, that the users are fair and friendly to one another and that our site rules are being respected at all times.

If you have any moderation questions, simply write a private message to hotukdeals_team

Note that our team consists of humans and not robots. Moderation is done in a human way, with an inevitable part of subjectivity, and humans sometimes make mistakes. Be lenient and let us know if you think we went wrong somewhere

Who are the editors and what do they do?

The editorial team consists of editors. Like other team members, a tag (on the apps) or a small symbol (on the site) indicates their role. In short, the editors are responsible for finding and posting the best deals possible.

Merchants sometimes send insider info, or upcoming deals content and the editors also have the task of sorting the junk from the jewels - they’ll share only deals that they feel are genuinely decent. They work on behalf of the community and don’t compromise.

Editors are not paid for the number of shared deals, so they have no interest in sharing bad deals on the site (they have a reputation to keep!). In addition, the deals shared by the editorial team are not sponsored. They are sometimes monetised exactly as a deal shared by a member.

This operation benefits everyone, merchants have an official way to submit their deals to the judgment of our editorial team and therefore learn that no one is interested in inflated RRP or junk, and from the point of view of the community it brings additional content quality, deals that are curated just for the hotukdeals users and exclusive inside info that would never have been published otherwise.

Most of the editors' work involves good, old-fashioned deal hunting. The only difference between a deal found directly and a deal offered by a partner is the source: one side is a typical “find”, the other is a kind of "newsletter" from the merchant. The editors remain totally independent from sharing any particular deal, whether it is from a merchant or not.

What do labels and shields look like for some users' nicks?

These tags allow you to identify team members. Beyond the administrators and community support team members that we see intervene every day, you will sometimes see other people working at hotukdeals:
You can find the list of all the members of the team on the page " Who are we? .

10. New Features

Is it possible to go back to an old version of the site?

No - once we test and release a new site version, maintenance and management on the old one stops. We try to innovate and evolve and welcome your input on new features and things you’d like to see. You can post these at any time in our Feedback section.

I do not like the new design of the site.

If you’d like to suggest improvements, we welcome those - you can send a private message to hotukdeals_team at any time or create a Feedback thread.

Where did the chat forum go?

The chat forum is now called "Discussions". You will find all the features of the old forum, misc and all conversations.

IV. My profile

I have not received a confirmation email, what should I do?

If you have not received the verification email from your account, check your spam and make sure you’ve added hotukdeals to your safe sender list. You can also request that you send the confirmation email from your account settings. Still no verification? Drop us an email - www.hotukdeals.com/contact

I would like to change my username, is it possible?

You can edit your username directly from your profile settings. You can only change your nickname once every 6 months, so choose wisely! This option is currently only available on the desktop version of the site but we hope to bring this to our official app soon.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

If you have forgotten your password, do not panic! You can reset your password on this page and enter your username or the email address you used to create your account. An e-mail will be automatically sent to you with a secure link allowing you to reset your password. Check your spam :) If you have any problems please get in touch.

I do not have access to private messages - is this normal?

Access to private messaging is limited by default to prevent abuse and spam sent through this feature.
This limitation is temporary, your email will automatically unlock when your account becomes active and you’ve passed our automated criteria checks. In the meantime, no manual intervention can be done to remove this limitation.

If you have restricted access, you are only able to reply to messages sent to you by other members. You can’t send out PMs of your own. This is to safeguard our users against spam.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, go to your account settings and open the "Profile" section, then click on the "Delete my account" button. Once you’ve confirmed, the deletion of your account will become effective after 30 days as long as you do not reconnect to your account in the meantime.

We're confident that any problem you're experiencing can be resolved so we hope you'll allow us the chance to help you out before you make the decision to delete your account.

How do I cancel the deletion of my account?

You can reconnect within 30 days of deletion, but after this point we can not reactivate a deleted account.

I created my account recently and I was able to post a deal, but now this feature is blocked, what's going on?

When you register, you can post your first deal immediately. However, it is important that your account is confirmed (just click on the link in the confirmation email sent to you at registration). This step is necessary to ensure that the email address used to create your account is yours. Once your account is confirmed, you will be able to post your best deals and promo codes again!

My account has been blocked or I've received a warning, why?
You may have been banned because you self-promoted, because you misbehaved towards another member or a member of the team or because you generally disregarded the rules you agreed to upon joining our site. You can find the site rules here . Anything that can affect the neutrality of the site and its user-friendliness are not tolerated. If you feel that your ban is unjustified, contact admin via the contact form and explain what you think has happened.

How do I change my avatar and description?

Once registered and verified, go to your profile by clicking on your avatar in the menu bar and then on "Settings". You can replace your avatar as much as you like. To make it even more awesome, load a square image! You can change your username just below, but be careful as you can change it only once every 6 months. Your username or avatar must not contain anything offensive or illegal.

What are badges for, how do you get them?

Badges are markers of your involvement on the site. They are rewards that can be attributed to all active members of the site. Some are very easy to get, others are almost impossible to keep hold of! The conditions for obtaining each badge, as well as your progress to obtain it, are indicated in the "My badges" section of your profile.

The badge that appears next to your avatar in your comments and deals is the one of your acquired badges which is the most difficult to obtain.

V. Notifications

How do I get notified when deals that interest me are posted?

Your alerts help you to get notified on everything you care about. We’ve made alerts very simple to configure: just go to the "Alert settings" section of your profile settings and you’ll be shown your keyword-alarm centre. Here, you’ll see a feed of everything related to the alerts you’ve set up in the past, and you’ll be able to set up new alerts. Just enter in the dedicated field a keyword corresponding to the product or brand you are looking for (for example "PS4" or "Samsing Galaxy S8" or "Adidas").

You can edit each alert with a minimum temperature (which must be reached by a deal before you are alerted.) You can also choose to receive these alerts via email or via browser notification.

To find all deals corresponding to your alerts, click on your avatar in the menu bar and then on "My alerts".

How do I unsubscribe from e-mail notifications?

You can unsubscribe either directly from one of the e-mails you have received, or by going to the "Alert Settings" by selecting the alert concerned and clicking the delete icon.

From one of the emails you have received, you can choose to unsubscribe for a single alert or for all alerts. If you choose not to receive emails from us at all, you will also be unsubscribed from the newsletter.

I can’t remember subscribing to browser notifications? How do I disable them?

This is an alert from your browser. This has been enabled from your device when you visited hotukdeals so you'll need to go in to your device browser settings and revise this notification setting to stop these alerts.

You can find instructions on disabling these here - https://www.hotukdeals.com/feedback/disabling-desk...

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can unsubscribe at any time from the newsletter. To do this, go to the "My subscriptions" section of your profile settings, or simply click on the unsubscribe link at the end of each newsletter.

VI. Deletions and Reports

My deal has been removed, why?

There may be many reasons that a deal you posted is no longer visible.
  • It may be in moderation: we check most deals before validating and publishing
  • If it is a duplicate, you are automatically redirected to the previously posted deal
  • When information is missing, we sometimes contact you to ask for more details - watch your inbox if you just posted your deal
  • Some merchants aren’t permitted on our site. If you post a deal for one of these merchants, you might see an error on submission. Alternatively, the community support team will contact you directly
  • We also automatically delete all deals that do not comply with our rules. You can check here .

If your deal is deleted you’ll receive a message from us to explain the reasons. If you have not received a message from us, but your deal has disappeared, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why are some merchants banned from the site?

Sometimes, merchants try to pose as users in order to promote their deals. This affects our on site neutrality, tricks our users and unfairly gives merchants a platform they therefore don’t deserve. This is strictly forbidden and any merchants trying to post or promote their deals unfairly will be suspended from site.

Some merchants may be blocked because their reliability or reviews are limited: merchants without feedback or without many positive reviews, brand new merchants or merchants who aren’t set up as a business yet, sellers whose accounts suggest that they have been hacked ... We try to be as cautious as possible without being too restrictive. We do this to protect the community.

I've seen illegal, annoying, insulting, off-topic content, what should I do?

You can report content that has no place on the site simply by clicking the "Report" button that is below each post and comment. Our moderation team will be automatically notified. We appreciate your help in keeping the site as friendly and informative as possible.

When should I report a deal?

If a deal is no longer valid you can simply click on "Expire" under its description: the other members will know that the promotion is no longer valid or that the merchant has exhausted his stock. You can also report this deal to the community support team.

It may be that despite all our checks, a dodgy looking deal has been validated. You can tell us by clicking on "Report" under the deal description and letting us know the issue.

What happens if break the site rules

We know you won’t do that, because you’re one of the good guys and you memorised our rules! Right?… If you “accidentally” broke a rule, the following will happen. If you really mess up, jump right to the end of this list..
  • removal of non-compliant content
  • community support team notification by private message
  • temporary suspension of your account
  • restriction of actions you can perform on the site
  • final exclusion of the site
  • If you have been permanently excluded, you will not be able to reactivate your account. Bye.

    VII. Contact us

    How can I contact hotukdeals?

    You can send all your questions and partnership requests directly via the site contact form

    If you want to give us feedback on a malfunction or a bug on the site, do not hesitate to create a feedback thread so that other members can also comment!

    I have a great idea for the site, can I send it to you?

    Of course, let us know in the dedicated section of the discussions! Remember to do a preliminary search to see if another member has already made the same suggestion ;)

    Where else can I find you?

    Connect with us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram . You can also write to us via snail mail at our office address in the heart of sunny Shoreditch. The address is at the bottom of the website.

    How do I become a member of the team?

    We choose our community support team and editorial team from the friendliest, most active and reliable members of the community, according to our needs and especially their availability. All of our staff are salaried, most work from home.

    All our job offers are published on this page . If you want to join the team, get in touch!