007: Goldeneye (DS) Pre-order - £2.99 @ HMV
007: Goldeneye (DS) Pre-order - £2.99 @ HMV

007: Goldeneye (DS) Pre-order - £2.99 @ HMV

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Fab preorder price, £25+ elsewhere


Must be a price glitch!!!

Original Poster


Must be a price glitch!!!

Probably - ordered anyway

Me too

Misprice for sure - but ordered anyway!

Ordered 20 for ebay. Thanks!

Thanks ordered 5

ordered! what is hmvs preorder policy?

Tony Harrison

Ordered 20 for ebay. Thanks!

What's the point of that?

Why would anyone ordrer 20????


Thanks, ordered for nephew & niece. Hope we get them. Fingers crossed. : / )

Just ordered 4 for £11.96 oO
Lets hope they send them out!

oO gggggaaahhhh I think they've done something to stop it before I had a chance. I can't add it to the basket

wont add to my basket????

Tony Harrison

Ordered 20 for ebay. Thanks!

Well done. It's greedy people like you who'll alert the shop that there's something wrong and they'll check and amend the pricing.

Into my basket it won't go....

Expired now.............don't worry though......HMV NEVER honour their misprices. They seem to make a habbit of them.

wont let me add it to my basket, shame but never mind. hope you get them if you have ordered one or 2 for people you know!


What's the point of that?


Obviously a misprice and will get canceled. HMV always cancel mispriced items. I wouldn't waste my time ordering 1 let alone 20.... jeez some of you are dense X) .

I ordered one just a while ago for my son for Christmas, he's just getting into shooting type games. These are good as there's no blood or limbs flying lol. I think I've ordered from HMV before with a misprice and paid and I believe they refunded the money. Mind you, did take them a week.

If they had taken payment then you should of received what you odered!

They had Shrek 4 DVD for pre-order at 1p!! but it wouldnt add to basket when you click on it! Boooo


Dear hmv Customer,

We are writing to you in relation to your order for the following item:

Cat.No: PRERELHC Barcode: 5000097904927


Title : 007: GOLDENEYE ;

We are very sorry, but it has come to our attention that the item appeared on our website with the incorrect price of £2.99, instead of £29.99. We will not therefore process your order.

The terms and conditions governing our online sales state that your order is only accepted, and a contract between us formed, when hmv receives payment for the goods you have ordered. hmv has not yet taken payment for the goods listed above, nor taken the final step of confirming the shipment of your order to you by email (please see point b. in the section entitled ‘The Contract Between US’ on the first page of our Terms and Conditions). We are therefore under no legal obligation to sell the item to you at the incorrect price.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this error. We don’t like having to take this course of action, and apologise that we have had to do so in this instance.

If you would still like to order the item at the retail price of £29.99, you may do so via the hmv website.

Kind Regards,

Cancelled as well. Expected really, but there wasn't any harm ordering a copy

Just got my email **sigh**. What ticks me off is that you order it and pay for it and they can still cancel it. If it was a mis-price in a store and you query it, it still has to be sold for the price advertised. The same rules should apply.
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