007 James Bond: Ultimate Suitcase Limited Edition  [Corgi] (Play.com Worldwide Exclusive!) was £129.99 now only £45.64 delivered @ Play.com!

007 James Bond: Ultimate Suitcase Limited Edition [Corgi] (Play.com Worldwide Exclusive!) was £129.99 now only £45.64 delivered @ Play.com!

Found 31st Mar 2008
Purchase a digital download for 65p and use the £5 off voucher code = £49.99 + 65p download = £50.64 - £5 = £45.64 delivered + Quidco cashback!!
Not a bad price for this. The lowest i have seen for a very long time.

Only available from PLAY.COM
Comes with certificate of authentication
A limited edition, especially created for a new generation of collectors
The best eight Bond film cars, all with a silver chrome finish packed in a quality metal 007 branded suitcase
Each case has a For Your Eyes Only wallet with technical specifications on each car
Cars approximately 120mm in length
Case dimensions 380W x 280H x 80D mm

The complete collector's set edition, each car is represented in polished Chrome.
These are the classic fully gadget loaded versions of each car,
That DB5, you know the one with the ejector seat, bullet proof pop up rear windshield, pop out machine guns.
Goldfinger's 1937 Rolls Royce, no it's not gold, we've already said it's in chrome.
The Lotus Esprit, yes that one, the submarine with firing missiles & pop out sea wings & rudder
The Z3, yeah we know, but it was in the film.
The Aston Martin Vanquish, with pop up shotguns & missiles in the radiator grille
The Jag XKR, pop up gatling gun & front firing missiles
The classic DB5, no gadgets but Craig won it, you know you want it.
Finishing up with the brand new DBS, no it hasn't got the defibrilator.

Here's a great tip
Set each combination lock to 007 and no one will ever guess it to steal your cars.
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Voted HOT
excellent, great price
Afaik it's always this price give or take a quid.

Edit: Actually reading through properly its the same as this post but with a voucher trick added :
Nice for what it is.

If it is a limited edition, as stated, of how many??. i.e 267 of 4000 etc, is it a real collectors set which will appreciate in value ??? If not they can make loads which devalues the originality (a bit like a famous mint I 'frankl*n' know of !!).
good price
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